FOUR GOOD  REASONS why we think RADIOLUCAS (Anti Gov supporter)  is  REALLY Ridiculous!  The reasons below have been posted by our regular bloggers in response to a blog by RADIOLUCAS .. Enjoy the banter we sure have..!!



First Question.

Do you think the current Electrol concept of racial communal seats (Fijian/Indian/Rotuman/Others) is DEMOCRACY??????

Please just a yes or no. No explanation needed. Just yes or no?

2nd Question

Do you think tertiary institutions entrance requirements where certain races score less marks whilst other races are expected to attain higher marks to enrol in the same establishment DEMOCRACY?

Just a yes or no Radiolucas please.

3rd Question

Blueprint affirmative action – Do you think this policy in regards to the business domain was DEMOCRATIC?

Yes or no



I doubt you are in Fiji at all. “Down the toilet rim”, “soldiers on the streets”, “army afraid of the people”, “government that does not know is arse from its elbow” …… On the back of a successful Mini Games, a 25% increase in exports, A great Vodafone Hibiscus festival and an improved building price index and record tourist arrivals for the first and second quarter of this year.

Where were the soldiers on the street? Far from Kabul or Kandahar…. Tadra Kahani kids expressing great optimism for a forward moving Fiji and improved remittances for the second quarter. The foreign reserves scare was touted 2-3 years ago and yet here we are still churning along wonderfully with the Australian Business Council optimistic and consolidating its business interest, inspite of the blacklist from the Forum Trade meeting….. In spite of all the negativity and the whingeing and the criticisms and the blacklisting we are doing well thank you as best we can and clearly no thanks to people like you..



Enough crap. If you were not conscious of what was happening to Fiji in the last 22 years, you’ll go round and round trying to find something or someone to your questions.

I suppose you start afresh. Go back in time and start digging at all government policies of the last 22 years and maybe you’ll see where Fiji was really going.

The removal of Qarase had to be done. Period. No other questions.

Qarase’s politics is the worst extension of the elitism created by the 1987 coup. I don’t know how to explain this but look at it from every conceivable angle, the footprints are all there.

What the current military leadership did was what Rabuka should have done after he executed his coup if he was really thinking of uplifting indigenous Fijian livelihood. Instead, the result of his coup was totally against his own coup ideology. He knows it, everybody knows it.

Bainimarama’s coup will bring indigenous Fijians on level par with the mentally needed to survive in the 21st century. As I said, FB’s coup will save indigenous Fijians.


@ radiolucas

There will be election in 2014, mark my word, unless doomsday 20th Dec 2012 becomes a reality.

It’s time to think outside the box. What I mean here is really thinking outside the box.

I don’t know whether you lived in Fiji all your life or not but most of us who lived in Fiji all our life and went through all the turmoil of the last 22 years know damn well why this coup had to be done.

The removal of Qarase by Bainimarama was, in my opinion, more to save the indigenous Fijian race than any other race. As an indigenous Fijian, I am in total agreement with the reason why Qarase had to be removed and the vision the military had in doing so.

I’m not in the military but I’ve spent the last 22 years studying and analyzing everything that has happened in Fiji and this has led me to the conclusion that what the military is doing now is absolutely necessary for Fiji. We just need patience to see the new Fiji emerge.

People are still talking about legal/illegal, for goodness sake, get over this stupidity of arguing about this. Let’s just work towards 2014. The current leadership is not going to go or run away. These guys are determined to see their vision through. One year from now we will already see the fruits of the reforms bearing.

Just get on the boat before you miss it and become miserable afterwards.


75 responses to “Real v Raw AND THE WINNER IS.. REAL!

  1. First?

    @ All

    I am so glad you have been so diligent in collecting these – posted in response to my queries I might add.

    I also didn’t realise this was MY blog, but okay. I will run it for a while. Can someone post the blog password please?

    I also have a new rule for everyone. From now on everyone has to ask and answer questions properly.

    I really wish I had the time to re-post my responses for you all but work calls [SOMEONE has to work around here right? Not everyone can run a blog like me].

    However, I note that I still don’t have any response to any of my questions? Why is this?

    Your silence speaks volumes.

    Maybe you should all get together, brainstorm and come back with a well thought out argument that will shock me with it’s simplicity and breadth.

    I know very well that I may be baiting you all into some sort of frothing madness but seriously, I am trying to start a proper dialogue, NOT trying to beat you down into a nonsensical rage.

    So do you want to start again?

    This will help us all… you know you want to have a dialogue with me and the rest of Fiji.

    Talking to yourselves is sort of pointless. Otherwise you just go back to touching yourselves in some sort of dark room, homo-erotic group sex thing and we don’t want that. If you have the time, I will spend the time, and we can agree to try to get this nation back on track.


    If the Military change their mind and say that there are no elections in 2014:

    [1] What will you do?

    [2] What you will say? and

    [3] Who you will be saying it to?


  2. Answers:

    1] HOPE….Hope and being optimistic unlike you gnashing your teeth and tearing your hair off your scalf, crying foul and poking your rectum with your index finger all at the same time Mr Pessimistic Radiolucas.

    2] Hope and being optimistic are feelings and cannot be uttered so this answers your question.

    3] Same answer as in 2].

  3. @ Brisco ha!!!!ha!!!!!!LOL qaratia ke!!!!!! ” o ma la tu mai tai???!!!!!! excellent answers my friend < u hit th nail on the head!!!!!

  4. Ia Baraca cola vina du riki. Sa kuca? Tam macala o Lautoka na qaratia na bilo (farebrother) i na varauleke sei lala….

    Na bilo me lesu leqwa me i na West…Sei kuca?

  5. That IF is 5 years away.
    You can sit on your thumbs and twiddle radio boy – everybody else who truly has Fiji at heart is going to work to common goal… a united and prosperous Fiji.

    IF we don’t, who will be to blame:
    [1] Us?
    [2] Our Children?
    [3] You?

    Is an election right now the topmost priority?
    – NO, unless you’re a broke politician.

    Is building a stable foundation for future growth and prosperity a better short-term goal?
    – In my mind YES.

    Do we need Democracy to attain Economic stability?
    – NO… See China.

    Do we need a Constitution to function?
    – NO… See NZ.

  6. brisco, e i ba lia na qaratava ko rl; typical arrogant attitude, refuse to accept reality!sorry be’a!!! na toso e i na toso ga, sei kuca bro???

    Kua ni leqwa! di masu vakaikai me lesu me na bilo!!!!

  7. @ BRISCO

    Thank you for your post. It is probably the best anyone can hope for – but you really haven’t tried to answer it. You have just repeated “hope” as an answer.

    Kua na leqa indeed.

    Hope really isn’t an answer – not when it is your future, your children at stake.

    To be honest, I could just leave Fiji. Never look back. Just say to my children: “No, Fiji is where I grew up, that is where my memories and family are from, but it is no longer there.”

    Yes, we could do this. I could sit back and “twiddle my thumbs”. A lot of people in this forum seem to be doing just that. I could leave Fiji to the wolves. Leave everyone else to suffer because of the arrogance and the ineptitude of a leader that will not negotiate, will not discuss and will not see any error.

    I know of close friends that have worked with VB in the government. I was at first upset with them for doing this. Then I heard stories – stories that make me worried that VB is not leaving politics to the politicians, that the army is not going back to barracks in 2014.

    This concerns me, for the future of my children and the future of my friends.

    So no, hope is not an answer, because I have always had hope.

    VB once took an oath of allegiance to the country, to us, the people he was meant to protect. He was a hero to everyone he saved from Speight’s madness. But he has betrayed us.

    What I, and everyone else, are now looking for now is an answer and a promise from a leader that has gone back on all the promises he has made to us.

    So why should we now believe that he will give back what he has stolen in 2014?

    If you have no voice, no freedom and noone to tell your story too – what will you do about a dictatorship in 2014?

    If you and the rest of the “thumb twiddlers” on the “REAL” Fiji News team would have their way, you would probably be sitting on the side of the road telling stories about how you should have done something, said something in 2009…

    This is not soothsaying, this is just a quick lesson from History – mark my words – the ONLY people who like this government are those who have a vested interest in keeping freedom from the people.

  8. @radiolucas, let me tell u bro, there is a God that exist, he created the world and the world belongs to Him, we were only created to be managers of this world, so whatever happens , he is still in controll, Fiji is much better off than places like Iran, Iraq etc, where there is killing every single day, why don;t you try and live in places like this dangerous places and see for your self! You know what, there is not a country in this world that is free of any problems, every country has it’s fair share, my only advise, pray to God the Almighty to enlighten you, because my friend, you and I are only human and we cannot predict what will happen tomorrow, so do not despair as there is a loving God who is my HOPE!!

  9. Radiolucas:

    Why do you think Qarase and his cronies are good for Fiji?

    And don’t use Democracy as a basis for argument.

  10. @ radiolucas

    Go and find your answers somewhere else. Your questions have been answered over and over again on this blog.

    We don’t want to keep revisiting and restating ourselves to you.

    One thing I’ve noticed while surfing around the blogs reading comments from anti-government or anti-Frank bloggers. Most of these people have no clue about what happened to Fiji from 1987 to 2006.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why Frank Bainimarama did what he did on 5th December 2006.

  11. In truth we speak of Democracy yet aspire to live in a segregated and racist society all the while we speak of love and seek forgiveness in the Lord but infact are malignant hypocrites.

    We denounce with righteous indignation all that has occurred yet like ophidians we hiss from our hidden den to vilify those that has perspicacity and wisdom to correct the omissions of past leaders.

    We can argue till the cows come home but there are those who would sell their mother for Fiji to remain as it were the status quo.

    We must collectively nip these ophidians by the head and not allow them to spread their venomous ideals on a rejuvenated society.


    As mentioned earlier, contributors like you who narrate or give lengthy commentries when questions can be answered in a few sentences is an indication of the quantity of intelligence you possess.

    I have answered your questions….HOPE & BEING OPTIMISTIC. Now if you still can’t accept that than that’s your prerogative and you can go to hell. But if you want to put words in my mouth by giving you an answer to your satisfaction I’m sorry I’m not a “yes” man.

    Fellow blogger Vitivou has mentioned that we’ve answered your questions over and over again. Please pray for wisdom that may assist you in reading the answers. If the answers are not in front of you then for fark’s sake read between the lines!

    If you can’t accept the fact that the Military Council, VB and the IG have taken over the reins of this country then please do us all a big favour and vamoose to some place where you can find comfort and a piece of mind.

    You mentioned that you could go anytime you want. What’s stopping you? I’m not stopping you, VB is surely not stopping you, in fact the whole of Fiji is not stopping you from egressing this country. Is it because theres no jobs for lawyers overseas? No jobs for people like you? Or is it because you know that employers over the shores have no time for pessimists like you?

    You said VB betrayed us and this country after glorifying his triumph over the stooge Speight. Hello? Are you ok upstairs? VB did not betray us. Qarase your mentor and idol betrayed us by colluding with those behind the coup and eventually forming a partnership with them (CAMV Party).

    I’m no soldier but just a simple grassroots man but I tell you I am proud of what VB and the MC did. They had the guts to go against our leaders and our chiefs to see that we all be treated fairly for once as citizens of this country.

    So really if we have the elections in 2014 or 2024 I don’t really give a rat’s ass as long as we all live in peace and harmony.

    No one is denying the fact that the economy is low with imports overiding exports. But hey do you see us looting for food by the masses Radiolucas? Do you see us killing each other over food? NO.

    Stop your moaning and ranting Radiolucas, if you don’t have anything positive or constructive to say then just stick to your law firm and go to your other blog site and twiddle your fellow bloggers “peepees”.

  13. @ Radio Fiji

    Is your new name a form of jealousy? I know people say that imitation is the highest form of flattery but…

    Anyway. I never said Qarase was good for Fiji. But at least he had elections. Thank you for playing.

    I really do like your comments re the ophidians (snakes, for everyone without Google) but I am not sure what it has to do with anything. Did you have a bad dream last night? Who were you sleeping next to?

    I also like the way everyone keeps repeating that they are NOT soldiers. Come on ladies. Put your skirts back on.

    Ultimately I think that is the problem with all the posts in response to my three questions.

    Instead of simple answers, evidence or arguments based on anything at all (naughty Brisco, you said you are not a “YES” man but expect me to be just that) I get a shoal of red herrings such as:

    1. I am a lawyer, a pessimist and I write too much (compliments!!);

    2. You have already answered my questions too many times (once, you TRIED once only, and not very hard at all);

    3. Democracy is overrated (according to you military experts right?);

    4. My blog name is an anagram for SDL and RACIAL (impressive deduction);

    5. I aspire to live in a racist society (really? I hear a lot of talk here about race and very little about rights and freedoms…);

    6. I have no idea about anything (Yeah, well. sometimes I would agree with this);

    7. I like Qarase too much (Really? When did I say this);

    8. Jesus will save me from my questions if I just stop asking them; and (possibly my favourite)

    9. There are snakes on this plane!

    So noone, and this includes Brisco (who is getting quite enraged it seems) has answered them and I think we can all guess why. There is no answer that any of you can think of.

    So, you sit there protesting about my “moaning” and my frustrating questions, but look at your posts – you eat your own tails in anger and frustration because you know I have a point – you CAN’T know that you are not selling yourselves, your children and your own future down the river for the sake of a dictatorship that lies and WON’T have an election in 2014.

    I hope you are all proud of your Commander – because we, the people, are not.

    So I will give you all just the one last chance. One question only and you can use as many words as you like so long as you don’t bring Qarase, Jesus, Democracy, Racism or snakes into it. I tell you what, you can all get together and agree on an answer first, then post them at the same time together:

    * (1) If there is no election in 2014, how will you feel about that? *

    I wonder. Would you be disappointed? angry? or do you think you will just go back to licking eachother’s faces and say: “Don’t worry, I have hope, it will happen one day.”

  14. guys , pls do not waste yr time talking to radiolucas, i suspect he’s on a break from saint giles! let him sort himself out, he has a brain of a kindergarten……… !!!!

  15. There goes the the gibber again. As I said earlier and I hope this time it gets stuck in that thick skull of yours..

    I really don’t give a rat’s ass whether or not we have elections in 2014 or 2024, AS LONG AS WE LIVE IN PEACE AND HARMONY.

    I don’t waste energy being enraged by you and your likes Radiolucas, I just get confused with your type unable to fathom whats being said. I get confused with your type when this IG is still in control after 2 and a half years yet you still can’t accept it.

    Yes I am proud of my Commander and his loyal officer and troops. So what? Whats it with you?

    I admire courage and people who work hard for the betterment of the others and in this case the country as a whole.

    Radio Fiji spoke of ophidians. It was a figure of speech you idiot! Who knows you’ve probably got an egyptian asp up your arse!

    Why are you so concerned about elections in 2014? We will have elections for sure BUT at the appropriate time, whether you like or not.

    By the way mate, you’ll be surprised at the masses that have realised what this IG is doing and are supporting it. Perhaps the same could not be said after the coup but after whats transpired the last couple of years peoples mindsets are changing.

    HA HA HA HA @ your face Radiolucas. Stop hanging around with your bunch of wannabe intellectuals and join us over the grog basin, join us grassroots…..and maybe just maybe if you have the courage to get off your high fancy english horse you will start appreciating what VB, the MC and the IG are doing.

    Until then dream on buddy dream on…Qarase, Chaudhry are no no no more………….


  16. @ Brisco

    I see now that I won’t ever get an answer, yes, no or otherwise.

    Sure, you say you want peace but the peace you will get will be a desolation.

    You and your friends would sell yourselves to the very devil to have your peace.

  17. sayonara radiolucas!!!! ta ta, bye bye !!! to be honest u wasting yr time on this site, go bac to RFN morons!!!!

  18. Radio Lucas:

    Yes yes your maleficent benefactor has elections albeit corrupt.

    You another of those beneficiaries which skim the periphery of society plying your dastardly deeds

  19. Thank God we finally have a short response from Radiolucas. 3 sentences….Hmmmm you getting there my foe you getting there…Keep it short and conscrutive. Thats the boy.

  20. constructive

  21. Radio Lucas long winded commentaries seem to have no impact infact it’s full of pseudo-babble.

    What would you do if there is indeed no election in 2014?

  22. @Radiolucas…. Good to have you on the blogs at least these exchanges will convert some fencesitters like yourself to get some redemption from your obstinate stupidity… Export of course figures are known to be against the previous year, secondly apart from SUgar Fiji does export manufactured goods and garments and lest you forget Water amongst other things….. Take your own advice and trip around the region Punjas, Pacific Foods and FMF are carrying our flag stacking shelves all around the Pacific with their products.
    Military dictatorships being fate worse than death? Well apart from Rabuka’s latter years experience, Poland, Pakistan, CHina, Phillippines, Nicaragua, to just name a few were good friends of the Democratic countries and were viewed as ok by them. Some even got military support from them. But in your smart ass cloistered ” I hate Juntas!” world of peace love and prosperity for democracy it is clearly obvious that you scratch your ass when your elbow itches to borrow your pun… And as our PM rightly stated at the recent UN GenASSem no band aid constitution or quick fix vote for Fiji if we want to move forward addressing and reforming built-in self destruct institutions… IUf the US was allowed to reach that state amidst great upheavals, deaths and genocide that what is five years compared to that… I am sure you can count five on your fingers at the risk of strumming your ass that is…

  23. Lol lol good one Reason….

  24. @ Reason and Brisco

    Another post, another red herring – do any of you read what you write before you post it? It is a little embarrassing – I feel like I fell into a pile of small wet cats – all this wailing, spitting and hissing.

    Anyway, I apologise in advance for the less advanced readers in the group, Brisco, the length of my replies are not done to hurt you.


    Exports are great. Everyone loves to look at them and even before the IG everyone complained about the Sugar situation so there was no great shock there for me.

    Yes, we still export – those companies are companies that belong to the PEOPLE in Fiji, not the IG. The IG is not a company and if it was, it isn’t doing very well. Listening to the latest figures alluded by the Reserve Bank, the IG is digging a nice, big, trade deficit – which doesn’t help the man on the street one bit.

    So why are you talking about exports at all? I mean, if the IG was doing awesome, well, clap clap clap – but they aren’t – they are just doing better than they did last year – and that is due in part to the sale of the government’s shares in Fosters. You didn’t really answer my earlier question in any event – where did the 25% figure come from?

    “Military dictatorships being fate worse than death?”
    Well, be fair young lady. I didn’t say this, but you did, so lets take that and run with it. I don’t think it is right because violence begets violence and there isnt anything on this planet that is worth a human life.


    I am not going to threaten you or anyone you know for the sake of “Democracy” because it is just an idea. But as an idea it is genius – it has outlived it’s creators before the birth of christ and has been reborn in countries all over the globe over and over again.

    In fact, the genius of it is that Democracy is the normal state of affairs – it is only when we have our rights taken away from us that we think to call it “Democracy”. People fight for democracy. People don’t fight for a Junta or a Dictatorship.

    Think about that for a moment before you all put your hands up again.


    The point is not that “I hate Juntas!” – I think they are just fine. Just so long as anyone that wants to have their own Junta, does so with consent and in the privacy of their own home. We would all be happy with that.

    In fact, you could all get together, late at night, and have a good go at showing each other your Juntas. Enough. I am being facetious and laboring the point.


    Normal governments and nations sort out their social problems with dialogue, struggle and elections.

    The point of democracy is the ability to VOTE for what you want – and if that doesn’t work, you get another chance in the next election – that in the end, who wins or loses is the will of the people.

    What the IG proposes to do (if, for the sake of argument, this is what they are doing – because if so they are doing it very incompetently) is to take a shortcut and TELL everyone what to do, now, on pain of grave injury and death.

    People necessarily fight against this – they “overthrow” oppression – they don’t overthrow democracy.


    My concern, learned friends, is that this violence, this “abrogation” of our rights and our constitution is no solution to any of the problems that Fiji has had with politics. It will merely start the cycle anew and sow the seeds of conflict, resentment and will continue to breed a lust for power in the hands of those who are ill-suited to relinquishing it: the military.

    You might (if I am incredibly lucky) acknowledge at this point that it is not five years we are talking about.

    The fear is that the IG will NEVER get around to doing anything – they havent done anything for the last three years (and before you put your hands up messing around with a crap “charter” in the highland villages is not “DOING” something).

    There is nothing to suggest that the pile of cretins that describe themselves as the self-appointed ministers for everything will meet the five year deadline. I don’t think any of them actually know which ministries they run.

    If you cannot see these problems then:

    1. You have some sort of blindness; or

    2. You have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

    So which is it?

  25. One thing is clear about radiolucas. She has never been to the villages, never seen the roads and bridges the Government has finally built for the Fijian people, never read the Domestic Violence Decree which will help ordinary women, and never seen the reforms made in Immigration, Titles and Births Deaths and Marriages. Hey I got my Daughter’s birth certificate last week at the post office in Korovou. No sweat, no hassle. That’s only a fraction of what this”junta”has done for ordinary people. Maybe radiolucas doesn’t notice because the only outing she gets is at Traps and O’Reillys eh?

  26. @ Ache Pigge

    Yes, Miss Pigge, there are plenty of things I don’t know everything about. We can ALL agree on that – I never said that I know everything.

    Governments are great aren’t they? They are always doing things like building roads, enacting law, building bridges, issuing birth certificates, cleaning the roads etc. Actually, no, strictly speaking those are public works and non-governmental agencies… so not really the IG’s doing [unless they were working secretly, behind the scenes, six years ago while the EU funded the new works… always possible…].

    So I am not sure what you are trying to say other than the line to get a birth certificate at Korovou last week was unusually short.

    Now, be good, get to the point and answer the question.

  27. Radioluka – do you dislike the IG / military that much, that you would ignore that they HAVE done good for the country. For the grassroots. For the commoners, who are waking up en masse to just how useless their previous governments were?
    And these accomplishments in the face of opposition from its big brothers! That deserves begrudging respect from you, surely! But instead you throw in falsehoods like the “sale of Fosters”?? Wha? You mean FHL’s sale TO Fosters? Am I missing something here? Is government FHL? NO.
    And guess what… my rights are exactly what they were before the coup. You think I give a rat’s ass that the media has to stay away from political reporting, and stick to facts? Hell NO. The air is FRESHER for it, and racial tension is palatably close to zero.
    This Democracy you speak of was nothing but an illusion. A façade.
    Does it irk you that the big fightback has not come? That the oh so spiteful wish of revolution against the gun by itaukei that the old guard had hoped for, is nothing but a fading fart?
    You ask your question, but you fail to hear the answer because its not the answer you’re looking for. The truth is, most of the population WILL NOT CARE. What they want is an improvement in their daily lot – and they are getting it from THIS government, and know it.
    Is there a possibility of your question occurring? Yes, of course there is. And the possibility of it NOT happening are equally valid. Is it conjecture that we need to worry about right now? NO.
    Take a deep breath, get over yourself, and stop using your brains to smart yourself up your arse.

  28. Radio Lucas:

    You dont have to say you know everything but by your statements you are implying you do.

    You not only charlie but a lair as well.

  29. Radio Lucas:

    It’s obvious you along with your ilks are building sand castles on the surface of an imaginary sphere now I would like you guys to place a solid foundation under them.

    If you are educated enough to deduce the above statement you would most probably find your benefactor had no solid foundation on which he build his castle in fact your benefactors idiosyncrasies was one of fraudulence, egocentrism and phantasmagoric.

    On that I do believe you had enough of a beating as it were unfortunately like the meathead that you are, you keep coming back for more.

    Say hi to Qarase.

  30. @ Radio Fiji

    My closest admirer is back! Great! I was thinking about how I would run this blog without someone to talk to and it felt depressing.

    Anyway, lets begin by taking a short look at some of your statements.

    [1] “you [sic] ignore that they HAVE done good for the country… the commoners, who are waking up en masse to just how useless their previous governments were” – Are you even in Fiji at the moment?

    [2] Tell me, give me ONE example of what great “good” this glorious Dictatorship has brought us? (No, you cannot use works completed by NGOs or Aid Agencies – it is plainly stupid to use an example of works that the IG has no involvement in.)

    Anyway, my point isn’t whether or not I like a particular government – I generally dislike all politicians. But this isnt the point either – even though I dislike politicians for being sneaky, conniving and slimy sort of characters, politicians balance each other because they are held accountable for their policies and public statements. Politicians will never commit political suicide. Otherwise they eat eachother – see Chaudry and Qarase. What has been taken from us (and you) is a choice – a choice as to which particular politician we have in power.

    So now what are we left with? Well, we now get a selection of inept cretins, that have no accountability (public or otherwise), making decisions that affect the freedoms and future of an entire nation.

    Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

    [3] “That deserves begrudging respect from you, surely!” – As discussed above, this is debatable indeed. The respect I do have stems from respect for their bravery in holding on to their power for so long – it must be hard but I also know that the IG know that once they hand power over to a civilian government, it all falls in a heap and someone will be looking to put them in jail for a very long time. It is clear that the only lesson to be learnt is that we need to give Speight more friends in Prison.

    Hence why the IG wants to use up as much time as possible – to let the passage of time and memory forgive their crimes. But I am not sure about whether this will work. As I have said before – having another coup has served only to sow the seeds for further violence.

    [4] “my rights are exactly what they were before the coup” – Come on, put your skirt back on. You can’t being saying this with a straight face: freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly. Do these ring a bell?

    [5] “The air is FRESHER for it, and racial tension is palatably close to zero.” – I am sure. Though after that statement the air is probably now full of farts.

    In fact, you guys talk about race all the time – I am not sure why but you use it as the bogey man to justify all sorts of criminal acts and label everyone with the term “racist” if they don’t agree with you. I have been labelled a racist at least four times so far for merely arguing with you – and I don’t even know what race you are!

    [6] “This Democracy you speak of was nothing but an illusion.” – As previously stated, Democracy is only a normal state of affairs – natural justice and all that – it is only when we have our rights taken away from us that we think to call it “Democracy”. Remember, people fight to obtain democracy. People don’t fight because they want a Dictatorship. [Unless you have a vested interest here…]

    [7] “Is it conjecture that we need to worry about right now? NO.” – My point is that we need to be worried now because if we have to start worrying in five years time, it is too late – the proverbial pig has left the building and has appointed himself minister for everything.

    [8] “Say hi to Qarase.” – Sure. Though I never said I liked him – like the screaming about my supposed racist views – you guys just like saying that I do.

    [9] “building sand castles on the surface of an imaginary sphere now I would like you guys to place a solid foundation under them” –

    Ideas really do frighten you don’t they?

    What sort of solid foundation are you talking about? What does this statement mean? Do you know what it means?

    “If you are educated enough to deduce the above statement you would most probably find your benefactor had no solid foundation on which he build his castle”

    Benefactor? Castles? Phantasmagoric?

    Oh I see. You just wrote all that because it LOOKED confusing enough to almost be a smart thing to say. Please explain what you meant to say (if possible).

    @ Ache Pigge

    “Looks like Law Schools don’t teach reasoning and logic any more?” – I think Law Schools probably teach Law. And writing skills. And probably where to put a question mark.

  31. @Radiolucas…Unlike yourself most of us have a vested interest which is the whole point. Taking that responsibility and going with it as concerned citizens and interested in moving forward, not hissing and whingeing like yourself.
    As you rightly described yourself this is just an exercise in “facetiousness” for you… and quite right as it explains your faecal arguments. In the mean time let out the angst you have, u’ve five years to do so and in the meantime let us do the work that moves us forward with passengers like you hissyfitting on our backs while we get there.

  32. RL:”People don’t fight because they want a Dictatorship. [Unless you have a vested interest here…]”

  33. RL: “People don’t fight because they want a Dictatorship. [Unless you have a vested interest here…]”

    Reason: “Unlike yourself most of us have a vested interest which is the whole point.”

    At least you are honest.

    As we both agree. I am being facetious. But it is a bit too easy when your arguments make my points for me. Now what have I got left to do?

    Oh yes, I remember. My job is to remind you that this is happening and that you were involved in aiding and abetting the creation of a military dictatorship – and the gall of it all is that you were proud of it!

    I hope your children will also enjoy serving in the military government… because if you have it your way, those are going to be the only “good” jobs in the future.

  34. [1] YES – but, what planet are you on?
    [2] By Aid Agencies, I presume you mean China? I guess that would rule out the just completed Navuso bridge, or even the works that the RFMF engineers were doing as far back as 2007. Am I allowed to count the humble potato? I’m pretty sure that one is all Fiji… For the first time ever, we’ve had action on reducing food imports. At trial stage yes, but that $20m saved on importing them, will directly translate to a $60m – $80m boost to the economy because the money stays HERE instead of being sent to NZ for substandard crop.
    Hell, even chopping the number of ministers from 38 to 11 is an infinite level of AWESOME. Less talk, more Action! That’s what we the common man can see on the ground.
    – Politicians in Fiji have NEVER been accountable. Again, what planet are you on? And no, my choice was not taken from me, because my list of choices was so piss poor anyway.
    [3] Shouldn’t we start with Rabuka – after all, it was him who got us into this mess. Bainimarama is simply trying to get us out. When he fulfils his vision (shared by more people than you know) he will be remembered as a hero, and in the coming years a founding father of modern Fiji.
    [4] All still valid except for in a political context… so, who cares.
    [5] In your room maybe, thanks to all your hot air.
    I challenge you to find ONE instance of me calling you racist.
    [6] We have our warrior fighting for our true democracy, and his name is Frank. You may look at the Charter and call it utopian, but tell me, is it a vision that holds more promise for our Nation than our old “Democracy”? And if your answer is Yes, then isn’t it a dream worth chasing?
    [7] You may worry about it, but NO, in the scheme of things it is not worthy of being in the same league as many of the everyday worries everyone in Fiji goes through.
    [8] & [9] were from Radio Fiji, your favourite friend.

  35. @ Son of Fiji

    [1] Great to hear!

    [2] China is foreign aid… yes… the IG didn’t make that, nor did they get that for free… it is called a loan from China, with strings attached (like who gets to build it sourcing parts and plans etc etc).

    Potatoes? Oh my god. Thank you for reminding me about this one.

    The IGs new amazing plans for the humble potato – to bring Fiji back from the brink using potatoes. [Sorry I can’t stop giggling at this point.]

    So how many potatoes and for what? To replace Cassava? I LOVE this plan. The best plan they have had yet. Almost as good as the: “We Must All Grow Food at Home Plan” (I thought we already were? I was! What was everyone else doing in their teitei?)

    Anyway, why stop there? The IG’s new vegetable plans should be extended! Why not grow something else, more suited to our climate, like… Sugar? Oh yeah. Sorry. I didn’t mean to bring that up again.


    Ah. And the saving of the Ministries. Has everyone heard about this?

    I will repeat it for everyone anyway. Frank, in his great wisdom and awesomeness has decided to reduce the number of ministers in his government by assigning eight (8) ministries to himself. BTW this had NOTHING to do with

    (a) the lack of volunteers for a position in his regime;

    (b) his need to keep more power to himself; or

    (c) his general lack of intelligence.

    Seriously, hilarious.

    [3] I am sorry but what has your response have to do with anything? Rabuka? Frank is not trying to get US out, he is trying to get HIMSELF out. You may remember this… end of 2006… some great big baboon leading a parade of soldiers around town… that was FRANK, not Rabuka. Poor guy, always gets blamed for Frank’s great ideas. I like Rabuka far more because at least he had enough brains to realise his own deficiencies.

    [4] Your rights are valid how? Which rights? Is it because you think the military isn’t after you yet? Tell that to the last jew in the warsaw ghetto. Are your answers getting short for a reason?

    [5] You are right here – I don’t think you have! (My apologies – I was generalising and that wasn’t aimed at you in particular).

    [6] What charter are you talking about? Did I miss something?

    Frank is not a warrior. He was a nurse in the Navy who became Commander by default. He then lost his marbles in the teitei on the back of the QEB and then started killing prisoners.

    The rather depressing thing is that I don’t think he has any plan at all – he has just gotten so twisted into this mess that his options to proceed are very limited indeed. Ugly and sad is what he is.

    [7] I understand. You can go worry about chinese bridges, imaginary plans, magical plans and the potato plan.

    So you would leave everyone else to worry about where the hell our country is going. Good going hero. I wouldn’t want to have you on my side.

    ([8] & [9] Yeah. I do miss him though. I wonder where he went?)

  36. There are 3 kinds of people – those who don’t know what happened, those who wondered what happened and those who make things happened. Radiolucas is in the category of those who don’t know and wondered what happened.

  37. @RL
    [1] Still unanswered…What planet are you on?
    [2] Foreign aid / Loan – which is it? They are not the same. Please elaborate how taking a loan for infrastructure development is accepting Aid? And can you name one, just ONE instance of the last 3 Fiji governments doing this without NGO or Aid Agency assistance, let alone loans? Aid always comes with strings attached no matter which country it originates from…
    And for your scoffing about potatoes – potatoes replace potatoes fool. Why would they replace cassava? The whole point about growing more at home is we are a nation with some of the world’s most fertile land, and we IMPORT food that can be grown here. You might find that funny, but it isn’t. All these small steps that the IG is taking, are a necessary course in changing the mindset of our people to be more self-sufficient… something that we were prior to 1987.
    [3] Your call for more friends for Speight… I was merely pointing out that we wouldn’t be down this road if it weren’t for Rabuka – and Speight wouldn’t be where he is, come to think of it. Sure Rambo did try to make amends by backtracking on a previous nationlist stance, but the result was a watered down version of that recommendation from Reeves & Co, which the typically cunning slime ball politicians used to their advantage. Frank is for Fiji, no ifs ands or buts. Half of our population is cursed with a lack of identity in the nation of their birth. How is that fair? And what’s wrong with trying to fix that? In the last 2 decades, was there ever any indication from the politicians that they even WANTED to fix it?
    btw, what the USA has to do with that, I have no idea. Your rambling is an indication of your mental state.
    [4] What have the Jews got to do with this? Are you trying to point out that Frank is to Fiji what Hitler is to Germany? If you ask me, the idea of an elitist race at the expense of all others makes Qarase a more suitable bedfellow.
    [5] Wake up. There is a plan. Its a well broadcast plan. If detractors throw up road blocks, that make us stumble a little bit, that doesn’t change the goal – only the course it takes.
    As for your snide comments on Frank – your misgivings are thankfully something you have to live with. The army may not have liked it, but I guess Frank got to where he is because of his leadership qualities…and he is a leader. He may not express himself well, but he is a leader nonetheless. Trivialising a mutiny, and subsequent escape from intent kill is no laughing matter. What would you have done? Shit your pants and die?
    [7] As I’ve said before… get over yourself.
    Get a hint from vitivou – you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.

  38. Radio Lucas:

    Nowhere in my statement did I imply nor postulate this current stratocracy are good for Fiji, however my visit there some five weeks back I had observed mainly the Indigenous people in Fiji had regained their beautiful smile and their attitude is somewhat different as compared to governments of old.

    Am I a native Fijian? You bet your sweet old fanny I am.

    It is understandable why you (so intentionally written) are so full of hatred for this regime, there’s nothing more undignified than to be summarily dismissed from office and further subjected to the most inhumane treatment at the military barracks.

    Under these circumstances one has to make allowances for it is not an easy journey back to regaining ones dignity nevertheless that still does excuse the fact of lack of knowledge.

    Your leader (Qarase) has not the balls to fight his battles but rather recruit old wrinkled up ladies to do so, for the duration of time he spent in office he along with his cohorts were busy legislating policies that deprived various sectors of society to co-exist.

    They had imagine this sphere where elitist Fijian’s to which they were loyal would have the geographical area of land inclusively and be very influential hence the term imaginary sphere thanks to Bai and crew this did not occur or I would have lost all my freehold land.

    It goes without saying Qarase and his band of scalawags were indeed building sand castles in the air you included you all live in phantasmagoria.

    You keep denying being an associate of Qarase and his now defunct SDL party but we all know you lie.

  39. Phew….this highly esteemed cyber boxing ring is back to her usual , and dearly missed hype of cyber spraining activity again!!…we now enjoy and stunned by the straight in your face and invisible upper cuts by cyber sparing partners @s.raqiqi, vitivou, son of Fiji, Radio Fiji and others…eh…sadly, without warning some does a “rugby hapoate”….(not boxing hapoate) on the unsuspecting opposition from the Raw side of things.

    But this Real v Raw blood bath posted 6000 minute ago posted last month has become a slaughter house for the loosers…obviously we know who!!

    Why not we move on to topics like…….mmmmm…..say, the demise of SDL, composition of the next political parties, suggestion for voting rights, constituents, ..may be the variation to our VKB to include all Citizens of Fiji…or may be new land tenure system to allow maximum production/yield by landowners rather the present “teitei valaveitalia” with no credible document the over glorified landowners may take to the Bank.

    Or may my “tauvus” Brigadier Jone Baledrokadroka, Mr. Usaia Waqatairewa QC, Prof Ratuva may advise the present Fiji Government on the best alternative for our jobless soldiers the three and their cheer squads have been campaigning vigorously to deny UN deployments. Or have they done them a big favour by sending them home to form the largest, most effective and inclusive political party ready for the 20014 elections?

  40. correction….2014 election!!….20014 qori sa tu kece mai Paradaisi!!

  41. @ Semi…. Future political parties,, yes that is interesting and also impact of new electoral boundaries. Should we still have communal seats? Can we really rid Fiji of Race politics? Will it be at the price of anything or nothing at all? And the traditional FIjian structures like the GCC what kinds of role will they play in national politics and decision making? Should their roles be redefined? Do we need a Bicameral type of government or shall be restructure it to reflect the changes where we have a president instead of a PM? DO we need referendum and rid of the COmmissions? How can we engage our neighbours as partners in our development and change withot compromise? How do we reflect these changes in a COnstitution? Will an election really guarantee international support? How? International Support is for whose benefit really? On the economic and trade will things really change once we toe the line? How real and how exploitative are the small clique of elite? How can we control and manage them? Shall we start planning to move away from depency on Sugar as a major industry as it has not been for the last 10 years? What other industries shall we start diversifying to?
    Has the democratic system of government we have had since 1970 really offered solutions or created more problems?
    With all these questions then the final one is will an immediate elections under a hastily put together COnstituion for next year really help or exacerbate our problem?
    Now that is more interesting issues to discuss than to be caught in RL’s shit stirring.. What say?

  42. @ All

    Great to see so many responses – and everyone seems to be reading what they write before they post it (well, almost).

    I wish I had time to respond to each of you in kind but I have other things to do today. So, for the “Son of Fiji”, simply because his responses are more entertaining:

    [1] Funny. Hehe. You pick a planet and I will join you there.

    [2] No, they are not the same. But a government that signs these aid agreements in the full knowledge that they are not responsible for it is akin to being a thief in a bank – the IG. It is disgusting.

    You point (see previous post) was that foreign aid and the work of NGOs (e.g. the FWCC) were products of the IG’s infinite wisdom and hard work. Um. No. Foreign aid and NGOs did that, not the IG.

    Potatoes. Come on. It IS funny. This is not the work of a sane government, it is simply another example of the fumbling, haphazard approach of the IG. Amusing and distracting is what it is – draws everyones attention away from the rest of their disasters.

    [3] “Frank is for Fiji”. Right.

    Frank is for Frank ladies. Just because he talks about potatoes and tries to talk tough to Australia and NZ does not make him a leader of this nation. He is a coward, a usurper and a dictator.

    Lack of identity?

    What is this now. Is this something personal you have dredged up? How many passports do you have then? Identity in the 21st century is a problem that most, if not all, modern governments have. Due in part to migration (ahem) and changing cultural attitudes, there is an acknowledgement that the nationalistic urges of the past have to be replaced with a more egalitarian understanding of a “national identity”.

    So what is Frank going to do about it? Oh yes. His amazing plan. What is it again? Does ANYONE know what his plan is? Is it something similar to his potato plan? Everyone likes talking about these plans, but noone has seen them…

    As for your reference to the USA… I am not sure what you are talking about…? I suspect it is the word “us” in caps that has you stumped here. Thank you for expressing concern with my mental state. Nice to know you care.

    [4] No, Jews are not responsible for Frank. But yes, you have recognised my analogy – it is all very well saying “I have no rights, that is okay by me”. But the problem will be is that you will be the last in the class to finally wake up. The point isn’t whether or not you love Frank and his potato plan, the point is that the IG has taken away all your rights when you sit there, wide awake and watching it.

    And no, Qarase’s proposed policies were abhorrent and he was never going to get them through. But Frank used the “threat” of these policies as a reason to take power for himself. Go read the Court case.

    (copied from another post)

    “So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.” – Voltaire

    [5] What plan? I suspect that if you intend to have this conversation with Frank in 2014 it will go something like this:

    “Frank, what is your plan? Tell us your plan? What? There is no plan?!? BUt in 2009 I thought you said that you had a plan? Potatoes? Thats not a plan, that is a vegetable. A new plan? When? Oh. But I thought you said… Oh. Okay. No, I can wait… Another five years? Oh…”

    [6] (new numbering) I will take this as an acknowledgment of YOUR plan: sit back, watch the vegetables and hope it turns out okay. I am sorry if I am neither as trusting nor as cowardly as you.

    @ Radio Fiji

    My new best friend is back!

    “Stratocracy” huh? Reads pretty nice but I think the word you are looking for is “Dictatorship”.

    The fact that you know what happened to so many people at the hands of the IG is sad – because you know, you stay silent and acquiesce to any future crimes against you, your friends and family. It is a slippery slope my friend.

  43. The quotation from Voltaire is the only significant observation upon which to dwell at length. It should be made plain that those who speak up for Fiji internationally like Peter Thomson and former NZ Ambassador O’Brian deserve to have their names correctly spelled. Thompson with a ‘p’ is English. Thomson without a ‘p’ is Scottish.

    “Language matters”………(President Barack Obama). It does not matter WHICH language but what is said or written matters.

    What is DONE matters more.

    So…..back to Voltaire. This is three hundred years’ old wisdom and it is comment based upon ‘The Terror’. The terror which saw a King and a Queen guillotined and thousands of French men and women lose their heads and die in horrible circumstances.

    Tsunami are a natural phenomenon but since time immemorial they have also been regarded as divine portents in many cultures. Are we listening? Are we watching? Or is bickering getting in our way?

  44. “A military is an organization authorized by its nation to use force, usually including use of weapons, in defending its country (or by attacking other countries) by combating actual or perceived threats.” Wikipedia

    Ok forget that…. people will flare up when the dictionary is used because it seems. Hard facts aren’t welcome on this blog.

    So this person would like to know exactly why the hell does Fiji need a military?

    Is it to protect the coconuts? Or the potatoes of the future?

  45. Voreqe Bainimarama

    You bunch of idiots, everything will still be the same or will get worse, but never an improvement in the peoples lives or the state of the country. Nothing good has ever come out of a coup. At the military schools we study the psychological effect on the people when a coup takes place. We learned that right minded people feel that their rights have been taken away from them which is evident when they retaliated through the media. This was experienced in the early days when we staged the coup in 2006. Iam sorry that I have to order a crack down on all peolple who went against my coup, to instill fear in the minds of the people As os now I have staged all my agents at the media offices to edit what needs to be printed broadcasted to brainwash the people in support ing the military.But some of our actions went wrong when some civilians died. I have to save the actions of my soldiers in a way or another by releasing them from prisons or prolonging the cause of justice.
    I am not sure of you civilians supporting my coup if you are right in your minds in following the military blindly. At present I enjoy being in power and the first time in my life have I been in control of millions of dollars of the countrys money.

  46. @ Voreqe

    Sir! Us military officers and gum chewing ignorant buffoons love you! We are taking the easy and cowardly position of acceptance and submission as countless others have in… hmmm… every hostile military coup in history.

    Please, rest easy knowing we will confront and stall any genuine efforts by citizens to challenge your selfish and tyrannical hold on the country.

    (Personal note: if any of you consider that VM person cares about your rights and homeland, you are sadly mistaken and will enevetably be proven wrong. All tyrants in history have made attempts to calm and satisfy the people, but it’s not for you… It’s for them. 🙂 )

  47. Radio Lucas:

    Stratocracy or Military Government is six of one half dozen of the other, like wise with Monocracy or Dictatorship.

    Now let’s take a closer look at the word “Dictatorship” there are two forms of the latter in existence at any onetime within a modern Democracy.

    It was and is imprudent for you state unequivocally that Bainimarama is a Dictator, because “the fact speaks for its self” re: Constitution. Unless you are ill informed or have intentionally have skewed what was widely disseminated by various news medium.

    The truth be known whilst Bainimarama is guilty of overthrowing the Qarase Government which was widely disseminated he is not guilty (emphasis included) of abrogating the Constitution, you can draw your own conclusions however it’s all based on supposition’s.

    Unless I am oblivious to the facts and may have misconstrued the news items, I do believe on the day the Court of Appeal handed down its verdict the man in question had openly declared he was returning to the camp along with his troops, correct me if I am wrong.

    Based on the facts before us the culprit in this entire saga is the ex-President he is as elusive as the Scarlet-Pimpernel metaphorically speaking, so if there is indeed a Dictator then you ought to look elsewhere, infact most of what you and your sodomites disseminate is predicated on lies.

    The question to you “What is the difference between a legitimate Dictatorship and a illegitimate Dictatorship?

    Ponder this: Those newspapers of the nation which most loudly cried dictatorship against me would have been the first to justify the beginnings of dictatorship by somebody else. (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

    While I take umbrage to your accusations which are indeed odious, it is understandable how desperate you have become however that does excuse the precepts on how you behave for the most part all you propagate is the hatred for your fellowmen.

    With this in mind I am about to draw from the darkest cavern all the blubbered ophidians trying to justify their existence.

    Give it away the gravy to glory has reached journeys end.

  48. @Honda 4 and Alias VB…… Well firstly if WIKIPEDIA is going to be your bible then fine and good and Alias VB I think you have ID Crisis and should have been LQ ins stead.
    Both of you like RL (RadioLoser) thrive on being facetious, use juvenile “eat your own words” type of arguments and take at least several paragraphs to prove a point. Vakaloloma na nomu dou bula. Lusi wale nai lavo nei tamamudou na vakavulici kemudou. Embrace Change and if you are really that angry then I dare you to not accept your next paypacket, close your bank accounts, apply for refugee status, stop your children from going to school, Do not use the public health service, refuse to pay your taxes, refuse electricity from FEA and the Water and Sewerage dept cancel supply, build a fence around your house and protest, hunger strike mada…. Either that or use your education and skills to move our beloved country forward…

  49. @ Radio Fiji

    Ladies! I hope you all had a great weekend [I know I did].

    Anyway, back to business. I have chosen to address your post as being the most recent (not to say the earlier posts were any less amusing – but brevity is key and most of the others were pointless – Red Dragon what was your point??).


    I am not sure whether you are arguing that the IG is a dictatorship or not. Anyway, lets start with a widely available definition (to keep it simple so to say).

    “A dictator is a ruler (e.g. absolutist or autocratic) who assumes sole and absolute power with military control but, without hereditary ascension such as an absolute monarch.[1]

    In modern usage, the term “dictator” is generally used to describe a leader who holds and/or abuses an extraordinary amount of personal power, especially the power to make laws without effective restraint by a legislative assembly

    Dictatorships are often characterized by some of the following traits: suspension of elections and of civil liberties; proclamation of a state of emergency; rule by decree; repression of political opponents without abiding by rule of law procedures; these include single-party state, and cult of personality.”

    So was it “imprudent” (say incorrect?) to say that Bainimarama (“VB”) is a Dictator?

    Well, since you have asked for it, lets look at the evidence.

    1. He instituted a Coup in December 2006;

    2. He has refused to allow the country to return to Democratic elections;

    3. He has refused and continued to refuse scrutiny of the legal and political situation (vis a vis the International Bar Association, the expulsion of international media, consular officials, temporary working residents, institution of the PER to universal condemnation and international sanctions).

    4. He has sought to obtain and retain as much personal power as possible via the appointment of Military Personnel to all government departments, including both the Legislature and Executive as well as appointing himself the minister for eight (8) ministries.

    5. He has used the former President of Fiji as a puppet, hiding behind the guise of “governance” to both enact his new legislation, crack down on opposition and abrogate the constitution when the legal systems did not go in his favour (good on those brave lawyers eh?).

    6. He commands and controls the Army, which he uses as a personal police force to keep the population and opposition, through threats and violence, fearful.

    The evidence is clear. VB is a Dictator.

    You either have to be wilfully blind to state that (a) VB is not a dictator and (b) there is “someone else” responsible for this dictatorship. Who Iloilo? Are you insane or just very stupid?


    To your quote: “Those newspapers of the nation which most loudly cried dictatorship against me would have been the first to justify the beginnings of dictatorship by somebody else. (Franklin D. Roosevelt)”

    I assume that you provide this in response to my quote from Voltaire.

    So what does your quote mean? The media is the Dictatorship? What was your point? Did you read this quote at all?

    It speaks volumes that THIS is the only quote you can find to help justify or bolster your weak argument (whatever it was).

    Have you heard of context? It helps in arguments. This quote was made about the US media by an elected President and I did not suggest that Roosevelt, despite his foibles, was a Dictator. He led a nation during a time of World War and was ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE FOUR TIMES. Don’t tell me you are trying to compare this great leader with VB? That would simply be ridiculous.


    If this was indeed a question, NO, I do not believe that there is any difference between a “legitimate” and “illegitimate” Dictatorship, not when it concerns the rights and freedoms of the people. As I said before, you are all welcome to gather together and have your own private dictatorship, just don’t inflict it on everyone else.

    You can call a spoon a fork if you like, but it doesn’t change the fact VB has created his own Dictatorship.


    Yes, my accusations are serious accusations. Possibly odious too.

    But not nearly as odious as the arguments by those that seek to defend this illegitimate Dictatorship from criticism:

    Those who revel in their gains under this criminal enterprise and those that gladly seek to enslave us all with cowardice and cretinous justifications for their own ineptitude and silence.


    You can all shout your propaganda and lies from the rooftops but you aren’t fooling anyone.

    Come on. This is your future you are enslaving with your smiling faces and stupidity.

  50. Radio Lucas:

    You argument is as weak as piss however wikipedia does wonder to bolster one’s imbecility does it not.

    Only imbeciles uses wiki.

    I knew from the get go I would drag out you of carven.

    Yes absolutistism or autocratism dont mean jack the fact still remains no matter how much of an arguement you put forward Bai “DID NOT ABROGATE THE CONSTITUTION” so therefore whatever argument to be had is void in that regard.

    Come back with a decent argument.

  51. Radio Lucas:

    You may take heed the effective method of conducting an argumment is to keep it short.

    Your verbosity and loquaciousness left me gasping for air, I had to summon my medical aid.

  52. @ Radio Fiji

    Nice red herring. I like the way you avoid proper argument.

    It reflects your cowardly nature the fact that you resort to insults and trivia to detract from any real discourse.

  53. Radio Lucas:

    Being around this arena many years, more years than I care to remember.

    Moreover whilst you may take pleasure in verbal retribution bear this in mind its an unjustified act.

  54. @ Radio Fiji

    “Unjustified” – who are you kidding. “I have been around… many more years than I care to remember…”

    Don’t shit a shitter.

    We have all been “around” – there is no need to call on your expertise when this is an open forum and you are free to keep or reveal your identity as you choose. I could say that I am the Queen of Sheba but it doesn’t make it so.

    I am not trying to be unreasonable – I am just trying to continue the dialogue in response to YOUR argument.

    Firstly, you make statements, that amount to either outright lies or distortions, then you refuse to provide evidence (“red herrings”).

    Secondly, if your outright bullying or claim to some “greater experience” fails, you try to detract from the issue by raising another issue – you refuse to address any real points nor make any argument that is based on evidence or events.

    Thirdly, if you make an argument, no evidence is provided, for there is none. Simple, basic research (whether or NOT wikipedia is used) have determined the truth of these matters.


    So to answer your red herring.

    You say that VB did not abrogate the Constitution.

    Strictly speaking, NO, he didn’t because technically, VB couldn’t and he has, when it has suited him, tried to adopt a thin veneer of legitimacy.

    So did VB order the abrogation of the Constitution?

    I put it to you that despite any public statement that the President “did it”, VB ordered the abrogation of the constitution. This event is evidenced through VB’s reorganisation of the legislature and crackdown on freedom and media JUST AFTER the abrogation of the constitution – it was orchestrated to coincide with orders to his puppet president to abrogate the constitution (who, to add insult in injury, has been ill and, when seen in public and on TV, was clearly suffering from a mental degradation of some kind and was unable to perform his office).

    This is all public knowledge.

    If VB was not afraid of the “truth” he would never have had to enact the PER because the truth would have exonerated him.

    So, despite your claims that VB “didn’t do it”, the trail leads to his door and the claim that he didn’t do so has never flown with anyone – so tell that story walking.

    To top it off, VB LIED to us all when he said that the Military were going back to barracks and we had a real government back in power.

    So what would you have me say or do in response to these outright lies? Shut up? Be quiet? Stop asking questions?

    Are you any better than the Dictatorship?

    You hide behind lies and propaganda.

    I would say that in some ways you are worse because at least VB is transparent about his intentions.

    What kind of person are you to ask the people of Fiji to enslave themselves to a Dictator that will bleed this country and enslave its people?

  55. Radio Lucas:

    Again speculative based mainly on coconut wireless.

    What exactly is your argument and what do you want from this regime?

    Be assured you were just a twinkle in your grand-daddys eye when I was up and about walking the floor.

  56. @ Radio Fiji

    I am not going to try to argue out whether or not I am older (or younger!) than you.

    My argument(s) are documented above. It adds little if you cannot be bothered reading anything and I have to copy and paste it all into one post. If you really want, I can, but it would be tiresome.


    You state that “the culprit in this entire saga is the ex-President he is as elusive as the Scarlet-Pimpernel metaphorically speaking”.

    Strictly speaking, you are correct – the President is the only person ABLE TO DO SO (and even that is arguable!).

    But you cannot show me any evidence to suggest that VB is not responsible for the President’s actions – indeed, the evidence is to the contrary.

    You say that the ex-President did it for reasons only known to himself (and because he was as adventurous as the scarlet pimpernel [seriously?]).

    Come on. I was in the door first.

    You cannot simply say “the naughty President did it, VB is an innocent bystander” and expect anyone to seriously believe that. The President has left the building and sooner or later VB will appoint himself President. Just watch. He is just plucking up the courage to do it.

    As for what I want the Dictator to do NOW? Here is a small list to begin with:

    1. Removal of the IG and an appointment of a caretaker government sourced from all political parties;

    2. Elections and or re-drafting of a constitution to be supervised by overseas observers;

    3. An examination of the ills and causes of the coup;

    4. A reduction of the RFMF as a standing military; and

    5. A public enquiry into the causes and perpetrators of the 2006 Coup.

    So tell me, what is it that leads you to believe that the IG is NOT a dictatorship? I note that you still haven’t addressed that at all?

    Do you have any comment or just more distractions?

    Perhaps instead of facing up to an argument you will want to point out all the “good” that the IG is doing? Or the “progressive” aspects of the Dictatorship? Or how bad NZ and Australia are for Fiji?

  57. Radio Lucas:

    My dear now that you have my attention re: questions I will attemp to answer them within the next twenty-four hours as I have other commitments presently.

    I like you, for now have a blessed night.

  58. @ radiolucas

    Some of you people are so oblivious to what was happening to Fiji in the last 22 years that it is beyond comprehension why the insistence to get the old politics back in. It just goes to show how very short your memories are.

  59. @ vitivou

    I assume that “you people” refers to me.

    There is little point in going back over WHY Democracy is better than what we have now. Try to read the posts above to get a feel for what the point is – it is not that I want the old politics – I just want the choice to help decide how this country’s future is decided – not just close my eyes and let it get decided for me.

  60. @ radiolucas

    The choice is clear – no old politics from those discredited ideologies is needed to be involved in how the new Fiji is created.

    The third ranking guy in the military in 1987 sold his soul to the dogs and took Fiji on a very destructive road. As soon as the dogs got their chance, they started the manipulation and brainwashing of the minds of the indigenous Fijian culminating in the appearance of the SDL party built on $8million stolen money from the Min of Agriculture Rural Scheme.

    Recognizing the destructiveness of the ideology of coup 87, its only right that the Army comes back in and clean up the shit created by one of their own. Only this time, a Naval Commander rose up from the sea to clean up the mess in the land we call Fiji.

    Go on Frank. Never ever give these losers another chance. Wipe them all clean from the land.

  61. @radiolucas! now take a hike , no more garbage from u!!!!!

  62. Radio Lucas:

    Let’s take a closer look at your assertion’s and try and make some sense of them also attempt to educate you in the process also answer some of your concerns later.

    “You cannot simply say “the naughty President did it; VB is an innocent bystander” and expect anyone to seriously believe that. The President has left the building and sooner or later VB will appoint himself President. Just watch. He is just plucking up the courage to do it”

    The executive authority rested with him (the President) and no as I have stated earlier he (Bai) led the charge but to his credit and I will not repeat myself again on the day the Appeals Court handed down its verdict he retreated along with his Military personals’ back to base.

    This much you cannot deny and infact you and your ilk’s ought at the very least applaud him for his honesty only because he said he would return to base if the verdict was against him.

    The rest as we know is history or blame it on the ex- President, and no I doubt Bai has any aspirations for high office.

    “As for what I want the Dictator to do NOW? Here is a small list to begin with”

    And no he is not a Dictator as often misconstrued by the many detractors he was appointed by the ex-President to administer an interim Government as widely disseminated by various news organisations the world over, the list later.

    Is Bai culpable in all that has occurred after the abrogation of the Constitution?

    And the answer to that is an emphatic no; he may be guilty of reneging on committing to an election timetable and apart from the obvious as earlier stated he may also be guilty only a blind person would suggest otherwise.

  63. Radio Lucas:
    After a freezing night the sun is up and currently basking in one of the most scenic surroundings.
    Now let’s take a look at your list.

    1. Removal of the IG and an appointment of a caretaker government sourced from all political parties;

    Unfortunately there is currently a caretaker government in place appointed by the ex-President, the interim government existed pre-abrogation.

    2. Elections and or re-drafting of a constitution to be supervised by overseas observers;

    The date is set as far as re-drafting of the constitution I agree however they ought to employ constitutional lawyers with thirty or so years experience sourced from UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

    3. An examination of the ills and causes of the coup;

    I do believe this would be a hard “row to hoe” given it could open up Pandora ’s Box and may have to call into question the reputations of some notable people that are currently pushing up daisies.

    4. A reduction of the RFMF as a standing military;

    You must have your reasons do share.

    5. A public enquiry into the causes and perpetrators of the 2006 Coup.

    Why just 2006 why not 1987 and 2000? Why not let’s examine all the ills of the nation dating back to 1949?

  64. Radio Lucas:

    After a freezing night the sun is up and currently basking in one of the most scenic surroundings.

    Now let’s take a look at your list.

    1. Removal of the IG and an appointment of a caretaker government sourced from all political parties;

    Unfortunately there is currently a caretaker government in place appointed by the ex-President, the interim government existed pre-abrogation.

    2. Elections and or re-drafting of a constitution to be supervised by overseas observers;

    The date is set as far as re-drafting of the constitution I agree however they ought to employ constitutional lawyers with thirty or so years experience sourced from UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

    3. An examination of the ills and causes of the coup;

    I do believe this would be a hard “row to hoe” given it could open up Pandora ’s Box and may have to call into question the reputations of some notable people that are currently pushing up daisies.

    4. A reduction of the RFMF as a standing military;

    You must have your reasons do share.

    5. A public enquiry into the causes and perpetrators of the 2006 Coup.

    Why just 2006 why not 1987 and 2000? Why not let’s examine all the ills of the nation dating back to 1949?

  65. Radio Lucas:

    Don’t “shit a shitter” come again?

    How’s about “shit a Shirtlifter” more appropriate don’t you think.

  66. Radio Lucas:

    Now let’s take a look at your list.

    1.“Removal of the IG and an appointment of a caretaker government sourced from all political parties”

    Unfortunately there is currently a caretaker government in place appointed by the ex-President, the interim government existed pre-abrogation.

    2.“Elections and or re-drafting of a constitution to be supervised by overseas observers”

    The date is set as far as re-drafting of the constitution I agree however they ought to employ constitutional lawyers with thirty or so years experience sourced from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

    3.“An examination of the ills and causes of the coup”

    I do believe this would be a hard “row to hoe” given it could open up Pandora’s Box and besmirch some notable people that are currently pushing up daisies.

    4.“A reduction of the RFMF as a standing military”

    You must have your reasons, however it would be an hypothetical remedy for all ills, infact I would go as far as to say the nation ought to be very grateful that the military step in and spifflicated two of the most controversial pieces of legislation, otherwise the nation of Fiji as know it would most definitely revert back to good old days where cannibalism was the norm.

    5.“A public enquiry into the causes and perpetrators of the 2006 Coup”

    Why just 2006 why not 1987 and 2000? Why not let’s examine all the ills of the nation preceding and succeeding years of the NLTB and not to forget the most controversial of all the Vola Ni Kawabula.

  67. Real vs Raw…..

    Sa koya ga ya na news e rawa ni biu na website sona ya…

    News ni WWF…DOU CAITI BAINIMARAMA kei ira na vakailesilesi ni REAL RUBBISH NEWS



  70. @ Butadroka

    Boi ca indeed – what are you ever actually saying? Are you really as stupid as your statements make you sound?

    @ Radio Fiji

    Ironic. You try to point to the past to make your points, without addressing any real concerns.

    History will judge your statements (as I will now, a month LATER).

    You should hang your head in shame for your excuses.

  71. @ radiolucas.

    Does the goverments have a position on Ratu Epeli’s nomination for Vunivalu?
    Why is the Roko still in exile?

  72. @ Verani

    Not really a question for me and in any event, isn’t this something that the mataqali should be worried about?

  73. Not mataqali – Kubuna – Viti.
    That only leaves Q2?

  74. Could never comprehend what appeared sheer stupidity – tactics (strategy) employed by IR?

    Honestly – just ask yourself this?

    Who thinks it a good idea putting Ratu Inoke in a Suva prison? What could possibly go wrong?
    (remember the rugby?).

    recently inquired of a respected & knowledgeable friend renowned for his mimnimalist style – ‘why are these people so stupid – why are they continually attacking & persecuting everything & everbody?’.

    He replied simply ‘fear & retribution”.

    Inquired of a 2nd who’s answer perhaps offers deeper insight.

    ‘A talatala speaks of God – a mechanic cars – these people are motivated by fear of the simple undeniable fact that most of the time they really don’t trust anybody – including themselves – a natural reaction honed by constant training of both body & instinct – their bati – what did you expect?’.

    Great if your running a miltary force?

  75. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme.

    Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to
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