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netani Rika

About this blog site

This blog was created to dispel the lies on anti government blog sites. It has served it’s purpose.  The war has been won; there is nothing left to say, except GOOD BYE and GOOD LUCK!

It is time we moved forward and put our energy into building Fiji into a great country.  It is time we took stock of who we are, what we are doing and where we are going.  It is a time for actions and not words, it’s time to put back and believe in our country.

To all those that have regularly contributed, added comments, and stretched our minds on this blog site, a BIG thank you.

To those that have given us a laugh along the way, thank you also.

To those that have fallen Naidu, Rika, John etc, stick to your day job. Or in the case of Rika leave your day job so we can move ahead, you are without a doubt the most evil  of them all, and your day is coming don’t worry about that, in fact we have one little surprise left for you.

To the ANIT GOVERNMENT bloggers. Give it up, you are destroying your own country, think about what you are trying to achieve. Let the hatred go, it’s time to take stock and let go

To the SDL party, good luck with RAW Fiji News, we have discredited you enough; anything more would be rubbing salt into to already gaping wound.

To the Methodists let religion be in your hearts and politics be left to Government.

To the Methodist leaders who blog on RAW Fiji News, give it up, look to god for salvation.

To Frank and Military keep going and don’t let the bastards get you down. Keep true to the vision you started out with in 2006.

To Australia and New Zealand, you have never understood FIJI, you refuse to listen to our unique problems and understand the complexities of this country. Step down from the pedestal and make the first move, you are only punishing the innocent.

To everyone else stop reading the blog sites, stop believing the lies they spread and stop contributing to their success by reading the RUBBISH they spew forth.


Real Fiji News

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  1. Blogs are sometimes good barometer to measure the “weather.” Many of our people surf by; take a quick peep and surf on to other blogs stops. Many of our people access from secondary terminals like Public libraries, net cafes or friends and relatives e-accesses.

    We know many cut paste on to word and send to friends who may have “limitation” to PC use.

    But thanks for being a bold voice of hope to many….God bless!!..was good meeting all cyber mates from all sides of the political cyber sphere, though cheering for the same Fiji Team.”all4fiji”

    Let’s trun our hearts towards home..and build for our children and grandchildren…..one day they will thank us..!

  2. thank you realfiji for posting alot of interesting informations which were certainly an eye opener for me!!! also nice meeting up with new friends like Semi Meo, vitivou & butadroka!!!!
    Lets continue to uphold Fiji to God Almighty for His blessings!!!God bless you all !!!!!

  3. Real Fiji thank you for giving us a place to vent our frustrations. it is a shame you are closing down but maybe one day you will be back!!

  4. Will miss this site. Thanks Real Fiji News for keeping us well informed and especially motivating all readers to remain positive and focussed on moving Fiji forward. Vinaka. God bless you and your team.

  5. Thank you Real Fiji News for the laughs and the informative discussions. Your site has been a release for most of us who have things to say, vent frustration as well as show support for the government and the path they have mapped for Fiji. This site has been awesome and has created a lot of discussion for like minded folks.

    My sincere gratitude to you and your team for this site and going against the rot at RFN.

    Many thanks and good luck.

  6. Vinaka Vaka Levu Real Fiji News for the bringing your followers together for discussion, debate and jokes.

    I’m sure we will all miss your daily visits to your site.

    All the best and we hope you come back soon.

  7. Ooops…should have read “we will all miss OUR daily visits to your site”.

    Not very happy about this…but … all good things must come to an end! I hope not forever and Realfijinews will be back with a vengeance some day.

  8. @jim, cut the crap, as we have said before, “na qai qo sa na qai ga” which part of this do u not understand???!!! god bless u my brother

  9. Dou qai ga yani nomudou qai…Dou qai tiko mada i vei…Dou jiko la i viti…Warai ni dua na ka dou se bau veisautaka…Sa tini tu mada i vei na clean up qori….Levu ga ni jamu..Dou vakaliailiai kemudou sara tiko ga vaka taki kemudou…O vuravura kei ra na lewe i viti e ra toso ga na nodra toso…Nomudou naki sa tini ga i vale ni po.

  10. isa…vinakavakalevu…realfijinews……bro….vitivou,s.raqiqi,and semi meo….and to those of you that hated me….l will always love youse all from the bottom of my heart….and may the good lord ..bless us all…….na qai qo sana qai ga….ni sa moce…na ….wekaqu….at the end of day,,we are all fijians..and no matter what…united we stand and divided we fall…from my self and family…ni sa moce…godbless….

  11. Sorry you’ve closing down. I’ll feel even more lonely out there with all the rabidly anti-government blogs. Why don’t you consider staying open but limiting your posts to say one a week on a specific issue?

    Readers, your support for Fiji: As It Was, Is and Can Be is now even more important, and later today I’m starting a new companion blog to encourage (relatively) unrestricted
    discussion on issues. It won’t replace Joe’s contribution, but it will help a little. Check it out on my main blog.

    Best wishes, Joe and Team.


  12. jim….ni sa qai ga mai..me tou mai qai vata….i love the way you fight on to the end….godbless you..my brother and not forgetting your family..take care..bro..

  13. Vinaka sara ga mo dou sa sogo laivi yani…Levu ga na ravisi ..Supporting a dictator thats all you have been doing….Where does history point to where all dictators end up….NO WHERE.
    Power To The People..

  14. Vinaka vakalevu Real Fiji News. All the best.


    Sa rauta na vakaduiduile. Ona mate totolo ga kina. Look around you, changes are happening. Come and join us before its too late for you.

  15. @jim, bro we all remembering you in our prayers, that God open your eyes to the reality of the situation!!! whatever it is “God is still in controll”He allows situations!!!so accept it!!!God bless

  16. You guys will never understand it…No matter what…The bottomline is…You overthrew a government voted by the people and i tell you now god has absolutely nothing to do with your over throw…Ke sa voleka tale ni mai oti qo na lima na yabaki ni veiliutaki ni SDL…Dua tale na matanitu vou me ra vote taka na tamata..Ke se flow vinaka tu ga na dovu na aid kei na vuqa tale..Marau tu na tamata…
    Na vakayagataki ni educational facilities kei na lotu me ra vakavulici na tamata me ra veilomani.
    Kemudou na sotia sa rauti kemudou tikoga na peacekeeping kei na veivuke e na vanua tale e so…
    Ia qo sa mai kasura na noda vanua,ka toso cake na veiqati e na cakacaka nona ni dua na tamata..
    Sa voleka ni oti tale qo e lima na yabaki se bera ga ni dua na ka e vakavotukana e na ka e cakava..Koya ga na veibeitaki vakailasu ga se cakacakava ga mai na gauna e lako mai kina se kitaka voli ga…O ira mai vanua tani sa ra qai vakayawaki koya sara..Sa sega mai na cakacaka kei na toso cake ni sau ni yaya…Na ka e mai cakava tu na tamata macawa qo sa mai kuria tu na leqa ni lewenivanua ka ra sa galu tu ga ka ra rere na vosa cake mai…
    Ni bau vakasama kemudou.

  17. All good things come to an end. Now it is time to channel our time into action of the right kind. God Bless Us All and Keep Us Safe!

  18. Vinaka freedom fighters for keeping up with these so called news site ..Real Fiji nEWS


  19. All,

    The fact that Fiji has not gone down the path of civil war after a succession of coups makes me believe that the PEOPLE are special – the majority are decent ordinary battlers who respect and accept each other. they just want to get on with life. The poison that is spewed on various blogsites such as RAW is not a true representation of the views of the majority.

    The real villains of the piece are the incompetent, selfish and corrupt leaders, in government, in religious institutions and in the vanua. Things will change in time for the better. I am confident of this.

    There is hope.

    Goodbye good people.

  20. You may have won the battle but not the war.Peoples heart are still crying out in silence and only time will tell when this illegal regime will fall.So please don’t count your chicks before they hatch.

  21. @semisi, get over it buddy, the battle has been won!!! we’re moving on…… pity on people like u that likes to dwell on the past….. because of yr selfish hidden agenda that is hellbent on destroying our beautiful Fiji…..take a good look at yrself!!!!! PATHETIC

  22. Whilst we must not condone the usurpation of any legitimate Government, we must also be knowledgeable of the fact there are times when such actions may be warranted.

    For once a man has stood amongst his peers with the proclamation that for a long time the grass roots people or the common people of this great country Fiji are slaves, the monopoly of their masters.

    Whilst we impute this regime for all suppositional ills the nation of Fiji has suffered let’s be cognisant of the fact there are those of whom with pernicious motives who lurks in the dark awaiting their next prey.

    These cliques of men are actually responsible for propagating racist ideals and instilling hatred among the young and old of our nation, these demented ideals are a pestilence at the heart of the nation; they are also responsible for the nation’s predations.

    They are scourges of our society; they systematically dismantle and divide society, for these coteries of men known only unto them are bloodhounds of money awaiting their victims.

    The state of all ills in the country must lay with Rabuka, George Speight, Qarase, the GCC and all other beneficiaries that thrive on the periphery of society plying the trade of their masters.

    This corrupt GCC must never see the light of day in any capacity or current or past state whatsoever other than to conduct all meetings regarding the Vanua in designated villages where the grass roots people can freely express their respective opinions.

    It must be understood the grass roots must never be made to work for their chiefs, it’s the chiefs and any honest politician must work for the people.

    The common people of our Country must never be salves unto their masters.

    The laws of our country were skewed to perpetuate the ideals of those of whom who claim supremacy and an output of a system which clothes the dishonourable bloodhounds of society in robes and the honest grass roots people in rags.

    “They rot the soul of a nation, they works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, they infect the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

    So long happy hunting.

  23. Thanks Avoro. That was a good read and everything you said is true.

  24. Long time reader, first time poster.

    Job well done, sorry you are closing down

  25. @Ex-Lelean….Deans Trophy going back to rightful home….again!!..true, sad to see this blogstop closing, but….mmm…….. like all greats, they come back fighting stronger then ever to reclaim the blog crown…..eh…..so, what shall we call the new political parties?……… suggestions??..may be LOSA!

  26. vitivou kei s.raqiqi……vinaka sara vakalevu na veitokoni…i will meet up with you guys one day, and will have a cold stubby together….may be in fiji….i will never forget you guys…also semi meo…vinaka sara vakalevu…….bro. godbless each one of you and family…..na qai qo sana qai ga….from buta and family…..dou qai moce toka na taciqu….godbless….

  27. sa kena gauna meda gole yani kina raw fiji news….its time to rock the boat…..ratou kila nodratou cala nikua….oi lei navua…..

  28. last two weeks my family just returnted from fiji….nadi airport…was full to the max…..there was 3 flights …one after another….back to melbourne….hey its all happening….vinaka frank…..keep it up….and godbless…..

  29. @buta, thanks for the enlightening news taciqu, isa! o noda viti lomani! …….. yes will certainly take up that offer, me tou yadua la na stubby, vitivou included !!! I look forward to that……God bless

  30. @ Semi Meo, oppss Deans belong to either QVS or RKS…just count who won it most.

    @Buta and s.raqiqi, vinaka vakalevu bros…just like they say, no pain no gain….We will have a little pain in order to gain for the good of all…all the best my friends and take care…

    Qori noqu email: ld49261@yahoo.com

  31. Real Fiji thanks for for being real lets with this favourite number , i’m sure we all love this. # 1 on fiji music charts.

    Blessing grant oh God of nations on the isles of Fiji
    As we stand united under noble banner blue
    And we honour and defend the cause of freedom ever
    Onward march together
    God bless Fiji

    For Fiji, ever Fiji, let our voices ring with pride
    For Fiji, ever Fiji, her name hail far and wide,
    A land of freedom, hope and glory, to endure what ever befall
    May God bless Fiji
    Forever more!

    Blessing grant, oh God of nations, on the isles of Fiji
    Shores of golden sand and sunshine, happiness and song
    Stand united, we of Fiji, fame and glory ever
    Onward march together
    God bless Fiji.

  32. @Avoro.In your first Paragraph you have just admitted that illegally taking over government is wrong so why are you harping on about trying to justify the wrongdoings.It is very simple what is wrong is wrong no matter how you put it.

    Anyway I would like to draw your attention to an anology of a tree,it will only bare good fruit if the tree is not corrupted.This regime has opted to take government by force which make the tree corrupted hence there will be no good fruit and nothing that will come out of this regime will be good for the nation at large.

  33. @ Semisi

    How many years have we gone past since 5th Dec 2006? Forget it, the rest of Fiji has already moved on. A government is already making the rules and laws now in Fiji. The rest of the country is following the decisions made by this government. You are just wasting your time trying to determine whether this government is illegal or legal.

  34. By the way, even Qarase’s political party was founded and funded through $8 million stolen tax payers money from the Ministry of Agriculture farming scheme.

    Good riddance the SDL is no longer leading Fiji.

  35. @semisi! bro what planet u r on ??? certainly not planet Earth !!! Mars ??? maybe…..mmmm

  36. Will the truth descend to the duration of time the coup happened,unfounded allegation,being in another planet and not conforming to the illegal government of the day.

    Well conventially it does not happen that way ,the truth will remain a sour thumb and sticks out .

    In addition there is no peace of mind and true rest in the soul when we conceal, hide and keep silent on our wrongdoings.The great king David experience the same and encountered misery in health and what ever he did was like a drought in summer because it came to naught.

  37. @ semisi

    You don’t make any sense. Please give it up. Move on. Rest assured, Fiji is in good hands now.

  38. @semisi ! yes sure King David sinned against God but God Almighty saw goodness in him! Give it up bro! it’s time to move on!

  39. @ S Raqiqi, No,no, no not one in this world is good and that includes King David,It was only by the grace of God that he confessed his sin and was made righteoues.

    Not only did David sin against God but he also sin against his neigbour by stealing Uraiah`s wife.That is an illustration of what this regime did by stealing power from an elected government.
    Freinds I pray that grace upon grace will be granted unto you ,so could grow in grace and realise that our current situation is in demise and we need to repent and give the power back to the rightful people.

  40. @ semisi

    We are also praying for you to come to your senses.

  41. @Vitivou I know that your prayers are not bounceing of the roof top because yours prayers have certainily awaken our senses to reveal the truth and nothing but the truth.

  42. @vitivou, vinaka taciqu, daru masulaki semisi mada, se va evi??? he totally needs our prayers!!

  43. @ semisi

    There are different versions of the truth but which version are we living in right now?

    Dream about your truth all you can, we are moving on regardless.

  44. @vitivou,There seem to be a great deal of confusion in your comprehension of the truth which in return gives you the abilty to keep asking for the truth.
    The truth will bring you out of darkness to light and eventually set you free.
    I gather you are moving on with this darkness that is hovering over our nation in which our future generation will suffer and be judged upon .
    The most disturbing fact is that, not only the individuals that carried out the evil act will suffer but the whole nation will.How inconsiderate and inhumane is this regime.

    The dream of truth is transforming into reality in your very eyes .We are not getting any better.

  45. Good riddance for this no use website to close. Too much bullshit and only the few same people supporting the boci Frank are the ones blogging.
    When they are under pressure from bloggers comments opposing the military regime, they reply to swearing and abusive languages showing their mentality. Sogo yani dou yavu boci, sorosoro rawarawa.

  46. sogo se dola, na qai qo sa na qai ga!!!in ur faces !!! bye bye!!! ta ta ta!!!!!

  47. I have to laugh surfing through the SDL site. Trying to be a multi-racial party huh?

    You guys at SDL should rest assured no one is blinded by your deceptive policies. The people have moved on.

    Sa rauta mada na lasu. E cava jiko mada qo?

  48. Voreqe, the Interim Govt and the Military Council will one day be remembered and commended for saving our beloved islands from the brink of bankruptcy.

    Voreqe will one day have his portrait hanging in every household’s sitting room, moreso with the grassroots of the country.

    Critics harp with gnashing teeth that Voreqe raped democracy by overthrowing an elected Govt. That Govt won the election by vote rigging!!!! Ask Qarase, Naisoro, Baba and Foster.

    Qarase whilst under the ambits of democracy was raping the country’s coffers. He had a 36 minister govt which included Ministers, State Ministers and Assistant Ministers. 36 Ministerial salary bands. Aust and NZ do not even have 30 Ministers in their govts! Compare that 36 with the current 7 Ministers. Shame shame shame on you qarase and company.

    Qarase set up his own company using the son’s name in Fijian Holdings and transfered A class shares. A class are only reserved for provincial councils!

    Frank’s Govt does not make a show of implementing stuff for the betterment of the fiji people. We only hear through the grapevine that this road or that road was opened…water tanks donated,….etc.

    In qarase’s govt the print media made tonnes of money through that govt with all the media exposure and press releases.

    Qarase treated prisoners like speight differently with speight and company having a bloody holiday in Nukulau whilst criminals of the likes of “chicken thieves” or “murqi chors” languishing in natabua or naboro.

    What did Frank do? Closed Nukulau and told speight “who are you ?” Get to the max to serve your time there instead of playing volleyball whole day and picnicing.

    Theres more to come. LONG LIVE FRANK, THE IG AND THE MC…..


  49. vinaka Brisco! more………. more!!!!

  50. oh pls SDL, you are dead and buried! we’re moving on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Restorativejustice

    Vinaka Briscoe
    The inflated number of ministers were within the constitutional framework. It was to satisfy the whims of the other party.
    The Fijian Holding was at first mistrusted by all. Those who first went in werentreprenuers and business mind people who knew where the gold was. If remember when they were calling for share,many in the typical Fijian mentality stood aside watch others do it, and when they it blooming they then put their foot in.
    With FH, the Fijian complain, because
    “they miss the bus” so to say on the A Grade shares. And it is all in the Constitutional Framework and nothing is was or will be illegal with that chess move.
    The IG is trying to make that only them are building bridges, roads and helping the citizens.
    Mind YOU that it is all a days work in the office of any government it comes with territory. That is nothing new. Every governement of the day does that- but the diff is this governement was never voted in, it is running with gun tuck on our brains- and that is the picture that will be hung on the walls-if it is to dignify your exuberance.

  52. Restorativejustice

    Please note, I still believe that all will learn from these exchange of ideas, and I believe we will in the hearts of hearts stand across each and extend to each other our hands with an unclenched fist nd restore Justice and mercy to All in the civilised world.
    My entends to all and unclenched.

  53. Restorativejustice

    Vinaka vakalevu Fiji

  54. Shout it from the rooftop Briscoe, shout it. Throw it in their faces and let them eat their shit.

  55. @ restorativejustice

    It might be good for you to know that Siti Weleilakeba and is currently being taken to court by FICAC for forging the minutes of a board meeting back in the early days of FHL that allows him, Qarase and other elite Fijians at that time obtain Class A shares.

    This was what Adi Kuini Speed wanted investigated during their short reign in government back in 1999. They were cut short by the 2000 coup that happened masterminded by most of the Class A shareholders.

    It might be good for you to know that prior to the coup, a meeting was held in FHL boardroom between the shadow players who funded Speight and the rogue CRW soldiers soldout on a penny.

    The CRW soldiers don’t deserve to be called soldiers of my beloved Fiji. They are cowards just like Judas Iscariot.

    Bainimarama saved this country especially Fijians themselves from the corrupt elite.

    Qarase MUST never ever be allowed again to do anything with the leadership of this country. He is a liability to this country and especially to the indigenous Fijians. Same goes with Rabuka.

  56. Vina du riki Vitivou & S. Raqiqi. Yes Qarase and his likes must never be allowed to contest the elections.

    Restorative Justice I look forward to your response to Vitivou’s latest contribution about FHL and its dark corridors/conference rooms.

    What cheezes me off really that Qarase whilst calling out God’s name in the media on a daily basis was at the same time shamelessly pilfering the coffers of the nation i.e. the taxpayers hard bloody sweat.

    Laisa Digitaki called her “consultantcy” company “Just about anything”. Well well well she did truly live up to that name.


  57. Restorativejustice

    Thank You Briscoe and Vitivou
    The trend so far is that this Illegal Governement of the day has been filing court papers and the court has not been able to prove them of any wrong doing.

    The Constitution with Judaciary System is supreme and authoratative it even allows this IG to file against players of Constitutional elected cabinet and everytime the Judiciary System and the court cannot contradict and compromise the sanctity of it existence. It has always rule on law and order.

    I will have to wait and see if the Weleilakeba will be convicted, because with precedents staring at you and me, it will not hold.

    With the present government, justice and mercy should be the order of the day,because treason is a foregone conclusion.

  58. Come back Real! We miss the news!

  59. io man….. kerekere Realnews …….we miss this blogsite….. RFN is a disaster……. solivakasona is worse……….!!!!!!!

  60. Snoopy, s.raqiqi and others,

    If you miss Real, why don’t you visit my blogs Fiji: As it Was, Is and Can Be, http://www.crosbiew.blogspot.com

    And vote and comment on its companion Public Polls on Fiji’s Political Situation. http://www.ppfps.blogspot.com

    There are usually 1-2 new posts a day.

    This is an Open invitation, but I’d really like you to visit, vote and comment soon. Most voters on the ppfps site seem to be very anti-Bainimarama.

    Croz Walsh

  61. OK some patriotic song while we all hang around our favourite blog to come back to life.

    Watch the song again and follow the words and you’ll see the vision of the new Fiji which Frank wants for this beloved country emanating out of it.

    Vinaka vakalevu tavale Danny Costello for putting this song together. This song represents the pinnacle of your brilliance.

    Enjoy folks and god bless all of you.

  62. @vitivou, sa dina bro! malo sara vakalevu!

  63. Bula tale RestorativeJustice…As a person giving credit where credit is due I thank you for your contributions as they make interesting reading.

    However, I beg to differ when you mentioned that the Courts have failed to find course to convict those which the IG have filed against. Perhaps you failed or overlooked the Kunatuba case. There have been convictions alright and theres more to come for sure.

    It may take time but justice will be levied against those who have intentionally pilfered and abused their seats of power in the pre Dec 05th 2006 era.

    I also beg to differ where you said Justice and Mercy should be the order of the day in the present circumstances. Justice, yes of course but Mercy, no.

    There are laws in this country and if they are broken especially where trust is bestowed upon those who hold seats of power then those elements should face the full brunt of the law. Simple as that.

    Thank you once again and I look forward to a constructive healthy and thought provoking debate with you in the next round.

    Long Live VB, MC (Military Country) and IG!!!!! You have brought hope again in this country of ours. Vina du riki from the Burning West!

  64. Just perusing your earlier contribution RESTORATIVE JUSTICE…I do agree with you that the present govt was not elected. No one is disputing that.

    However, what VB and the gents in green did on Dec 5 ’06 was based on the Doctrine of Necessity. For goodness sake what else could be done?

    The SDL Party could not be beaten via the electoral system because they rigged it mannnn.

    The Supervisor of Elections was their guy, voters were enticed into voting for them when farming implements were given to them free of charge, boat engines and in some instances tractors!

    Now why on earth would our own ‘kai noda’ stage a coup against a ruling govt headed by our very own kin?

    The answer is simple! What Qarase and his cohoots were doing against their very own blood was unthinkable and immoral.

    The coup saved you, me and this country from doom! Whether we like it or not that is the truth and the truth hurts.

    And I shall humbly reiterate that years from now VB’s pic will definitely be hanging on walls where our grandchildren will look at him in awe and say “this is the guy who had the courage and wisdom to do battle against his own to save our country”


  65. @ Brisco, vina valevu du bro!!! timakinia vina vuaru!!!!

  66. Restorativejustice

    Briscoe there’s rule of law, so much as I would like to put Qarase in gaol I cannot, since the same law that applies to him to put him in gaol is the same law that I would use to allow to frame a case against him.
    And as the Constitution reigns supreme, we should always allow to take its course.
    Your honorable view that this Illegal Govvernment has saved us from the brink of disaster that is the same song all Rabuka did when he was in the barracks.
    As your are a man of principle as it correct to believe that if MP do not do what we perceive to be right – a coup should be staged to put things right. Mind you this is the message, this generation, our generation is giving to the next generation and mind you they are taking notes.
    A constitution is self healing, and we might go down economically with SDL but we never should compromise the supremacy of the constittutions and it unwavering and endural principles.
    Now that the Ilegitimate Government have superseded the democratic process with a coup, there is no guarantee that this is the last coup – and I have heard that way back in the marketing of ” Theres no other way! and I did not believe then and not now
    But I have not lost hope. The hope that Fijians will know the meaning of vosabubului.
    With Kunatuba, the law has penalised him, not because of the SDL but he abused his position of responsibility. The rule of is so definitive it does not penalise what you think, it penalises what you do!
    As from here and on, we should be cautious in presuming or assumming,because its fact and law- elementary legal bullet points.
    Its been enjoyable conversing with you. I bid you farewell.
    Why? because people were never taught the sanctity of the constitution an

  67. Restorativejustice

    Oh Briscoe, as scholarly as you are, the Doctrine of Necessasity was doctored by the Coup takers.
    It was never heard in the House of Parliament, by the opposition.
    If they do call, it would be called a National Disaster and the Army would be called in.
    There never were such a call by the National Labour Party. You know why they believe in the system.

    The economy was fine, the Reserve Bank was fine ,jobs were normal , and suddenly there was a Doctrine of Necessity-for what reasons.

    I think the answer to that question can only be answered by one person.

    We can all speculate with the writings were on the wall but only he knows.

    But one think I know , if one cannot honour the Constitution. then one is not an honourable man/men

    Vinaka Briscoe

  68. @ restorativejustice

    Enough fancy talk. The SDL has to be removed for the greater good of this country.

    Forget the constitution of 1997. No one really liked it in the first place. Just go back in time and find out how Rabuka went about creating that constitution.

    The 2006 coup was necessary to save this country, everyone. Fijian, Indian, Chinese, Rotuman, Part-European etc, etc, etc.

    Analyse what happened to Fiji from 1987 to 2006. Study what the SVT were really doing to the country. Study what Qarase’s policy was all about.

    Qarase met his match on 5th Dec 2006 due to his arrogance and deceptive manoeuvrings.

    Go on Frank. We are persevering with you. We will make this country what it is supposed to be. A truly united and free country. God bless you.

  69. Restorativejustice

    Vitivou you have made sweeping statements and I commend you for your emotion.
    You stated that this Illegal Takeover saved Fiji. What is it exactly saving us from.
    You should know the business cycles, depression, mid-term depression , booms and midterm booms etc.. we were going to go through that cycle and mind you coup or no coup that cycle was going to come.

    If you study the manifesto of all political parties its summary is th same- rule with all existing laws in motion. If does not play by the rules, the rule of law will catch up with them, its the long of the law. In the political arena, thats the game that is played- its an honourable game and will always be honourably discharge with full disclosure of the law

    As this is a Illegal Military takeover Ican understand your sentiment and your level of energy of execution -which is what you are trained to do- execute.

    Put it this way- Ever since the army steps into the political arena -there is a oppression in the face of all development.

    One thing I know – the picture on the walls of grandchildren of the history Fiji will a framed picture of Democracy with a Gun to it heads. with this epitaph “Death to Democracy”

    Principles in the end will outlast our emotion.

    Vitivou!You are a good man,you speak your mind but full of emotions, remember, others too have their say.

    I bid you farewell.

  70. Business cycles, depression, mid-term depression, boom, mid-term boom, who cares? Some things needs to be straightened out first before we can have better business boom in Fiji.

    Without real democracy and justice, Fiji will continue to go into circles. To create the atmosphere for real progress into the 21st century, we need a complete overhaul of our society in Fiji.

    The coup of 87 and 2000 created the problems we are facing today. Qarase continued down the path set by the losers who masterminded coup 87 and 2000.

    In Qarase’s case, he made it worse and that’s why he needs to go. In fact, he needs to go to jail. A few weeks or a month before the coup of 2000, he told a group of people in Vanuabalavu about the impending coup. He had prior knowledge of the coup so he was a part of it. Frank made a mistake by following Dr Jona Senilagakali’s recommendation to have Qarase as interim PM in 2000.

  71. Vina valevu Vitivou qa nia o RestorativeJustice…

    My my my it gets more interesting conversing with you RJ via this mode. It is obvious to the naked eye that you do have a keen knowledge in the legal dept. A solicitor perhaps?

    You mentioned that the “Doctrine of Necessity” was doctored by the coup makers.

    Perhaps. But for your info this doctrine was first implemented in 1954 by the Chief Justice yes sir Chief Justice of Pakistan. It was also used in 1985 by another Chief Justice yes sir again another Chief Justice of Grenada.

    I beg your pardon but you cant tell me that it was doctored by our coup makers. That doctrine already existed!

    Secondly there is no registered in Fiji with the name National Labour Party. Fiji Labour Party yes but National Labour Party????

    Thirdly the economy was far from fine sir. Taking a loan from a world bank to give pay rises to civil services is indicative enough that all is not well in our national treasury.

    Fourthly you mentioned the Constituiton. How can you call a constitution which demarcates which races get what? A constitution should be fair to all citizens of that particular country.

    The recently abroagated constitution was racially biased in all aspects, simply put. I do not have to dwell further into that subject as I am sure you are well versed on the matter. Subsequently how can we honour a constitution that is racially biased.

    Being a native of this land I should be accepting of this constitution and turn the other way but it is not in my conscience to see it that way.

    In God’s eyes all are equal and it should be that way. VB sees that, the MC and the IG see that and a lot of kai nodas see that.

    In reference to your response to Vitivou’s contribution please allow me to state that this coup saved us from BANKRUPTCY.

    Oh by the way, since an army guy has taken over the police force the crime rate has fallen by 30%. Yes a 30% decrease in crime in this day and age is not easy to come by.

    Since an army guy has taken over our correctional services the number of repeat offenders has decreased sharply. This same army man (an old boy) is implementing commercial and revenue projects whereby prisoners are taught the basics of business and farming.

    So really I fail to understand your statement and I quote “Ever since the army steps into the political arena -there is a oppression in the face of all development”.

    Till the next round, I bid you RJ fare-thee-well!!!!

    O Nadi Ko!!!

    Vina du riki

  72. Congratulation for winning the game today against Northland. it has rejuvenated my interest in watching the Farebrother again. northland gave Nadi a good game but in the end, na timi qase conquered. let’s wait for the next game then.

  73. My apologies for not waiting for a response. I’m on a roll here so to speak.

    Rabuka staged the 87 coup due to the greed, power hungry politicians, and being brainwashed by some that the the “vasus” were going to take over the land in this instance native land.

    The 2000 coup by Speight was another result of the same mentioned reasons above. An added reason was the Hardwood cooperation saga and Speight’s career demise of head of Hardwood.

    VB trusted Qarase enough back then to hand him the reins in leading the country even though Qarase was a failed businessman (his service station of Nabua story). VB thought of giving Qarase the interim prime ministership because Qarase was apolotical at that time of course.

    How did Qarase repay VB? By colluding with those behind the coup and forming a partnership with the coup strategists party.

    So we cannot compare the same old song as Restorative Justice alludes to in staging coups.

  74. I do not understand why learned people like RJ continue to back Qarase and his leadership! for goodness sake buddy it’s time to move on! VB is not budging, come hell or high waters! I totally agree to the abolishment of the GCC, from the outset it was set up by a whiteman and besides it was getting so political, and never served it’s purpose perhaps it did when it was established but uptil today, it was becoming an emabarrasment!!!!!!!
    I believe that VB and his team are doing good for Fiji and I wish them all the very best!!!
    As we say in the west “moce qi sa la” se i kuca vasu (Brisco)!!

  75. Vitivou vina du riki na veinanumi baletia na wini. I must admit that we were lucky to win against the warriors from Northland.

    Watching the game this afternoon was quite nerve wrecking indeed. Perhaps its a blessing in disguise as we should be mentally prepared for next weeks challenge by Naitasiri.

    No tries from both sides was indicative of the damn good defence from both sides.

    Vina du

  76. S.Raqiqi….you hit the nail on the head about the GCC being scrapped. Yes you were right when about the GCC being set up by the colonial masters of that era.

    Since independence GCC has somewhat outlived its usefulness as corruption and greed cropped in. Besides we are more educated today than our ancestors (bless their souls) were.

    I remember years ago when a chief from Rewa known to all as a very humble gentleman uttering in the print media that the august body was no longer the Great Council of Chiefs but the GREAT COUNCIL OF THIEVES.

    Before RJ takes me to court for defamation of character that humble chief was none other than Ratu Mo Tuisawau. Obviously the late Ratu Mo had just cause to utter those comments.

    I personally feel that chiefs should only be in control and make decisions in their own villages for the betterment of people under his authority.

    Let the politicians decide matters that deal with the country as a whole as politics can be very dirty business.

    Chiefs should not let the politics of this country stain their nobleness.

    Sa donu SR….Qi se lai somi yaqona ro…Moce ro

  77. Briscoe, I truly agree with you about chiefs staying out of politics! Times have changed, previously the chiefs were repected whilst in politics but today it is different, people do not give a hoot about who you are particularly in politics!!! we must go with the change in times, perhaps it’s time our chiefs realise that first they are chiefs and they are responsible to their vanuas, they need to put in all their efforts in the development of their vanua. They must realise also that this is their power base, if nurtured rightly, it can be a powerful force, but today chiefs are not bothered about their people only for themselves, they must understand that without the people their is no chief. In Fiji today, chiefs must refrain from joining politics and concerntrate on their vanua!!!! there must be honesty and love for your people!! this is the only way that our Fijian(indeginous) race, culture and unity can be retained, otherwise we are lost.
    E i so boto va vakasama ya sewa vasu!!!!

  78. S. Raqiqi….Vinaka….Sa reva o Restorative Justice. Tam macala e la tu i vei. Ba nia na keba? lol lol

    Sa donu vasu…..

  79. e sa ba mataku tavu!!

  80. Restorativejustice

    Vinaka Brsicoe and Vitivou.
    1. Doctrine of Necessity- No need for it. It was never mooted in the Parlimentary proceedings by the MC or their learned Labour MPs.It was the situation application by this Illegal Government so as solidify or justify(??) their intrusion into the Democratice Process.

    2 TheGreat Coucil of Chiefs.
    This was a noble idea but it the people in that place abused the office. The previous constitutional recognised the sanctity of the body and the spirit behind the setting up of the body- its the Chiefs that mess or those who selected them from their respective Yasana or Matinitu or Village level.

    3.Biased Constitution
    The constitution was put in place so as to address the situation on the grounds in 1960. It was to be reviewed in a duaration of time(10/12years)knowing that the make up of the population would have changed. This did not happen. Why the players not the constitution was at fault. The constitution of Fiji was put inplace taking into consideration the major players in Fiji- Fijian own 83% or more of the land, Indian Origin owns over 90% of business and other marginalised community a meagre percentage. All this was to be highlighted or to be significant in the make up of the seats in Parliment. But real ball fame is whoever win more National Seats wins the Election- that is fair game.

    American is in total bankruptcy as of today. But they let the system work for itself, they borrow against their depleted funds and they still doing better. In term of world economy Fiji is just out by few a grands while other nation they are in red in Trillion and none of them is yelling from the roof tops- why they believe in the system because qualified people in that field runs the show. Not a show and tell kindergarten mavericks.

    4. On the Crime Rate
    The old boy at Naboro is being sidelined in Naboro and he is doing just like in the army -following orders. Are they doing this to justify their commarade Commodore K reinstatement to the Public Service again. Yes cime rate graph has to come down but on the whole its not, its only a section of the crime division- but crime has taken diffferent forms- ask the villages in Nadi / Ba/ Wanibuka / ColoiVitilevu / Lau/Kadavu/and in the North and the squatter in the town and city areas or better still ask your neighbhour. They have crime rate soaring

    5 Oppresion?
    When you disallow people to speak their minds, act freely and do things against what they believe that is not right- that is a form of oppression.

    Vinaka Vitivou and Brsicoe, I hope that a constitutional that is put in place will fully express the dreams.visions of the people.

    I will champion your constitution if its breaths and pulsates the pulse of the nation, but right now I still see this government as an Illegal Government and since we both hold our fort and I will always defend your right to do just that.

    Enjoy your rugby gentleman.

  81. So this cyber boxing ring is still open??..vinaka ragone..lako ga na veitavulaki..du na siga ena qai matata mai..

  82. @ Semi

    ‘auvu bula vinaka. Sa dede sara qai bai wavoki mai. Next time dara tiko mai nomu cyber boxing glove mai solia ga e vica na jab kei na uppercut vei restorativejustive oti ya toso tale.

  83. To: Restorative Justice

    1/ Of course the Doctrine of Necessity was never mooted in parliment. How could the MC moot the idea in parliment when they were never there in the first place????

    The reason I mentioned the DON was in response to your comment that the doctrine was doctored by the coup makers. Of the coup makers doctored the DON!!! BUT the DON was not a new doctrine as you assumed. My statement was that it was used before, simply put.

    You harped about the democratic process. What democracy is there when the opposition is outnumbered?

    What democracy is there when you have racial (communal) based seats?

    What democracy is there when you have policies that favour one race over the other races that make up FIJI?

    What democracy is there when entrance marks to tertiary institutions favor one race over the other races?


    This is why I although am an indigenous fijian admire VB and the MC for what he did. How can we call ourselves Christians when we condone this concept of democracy?

    2/ GCC should be scrapped. Simple as that.

    3/ Biased Constitution – What constitution are you harping about RJ?

    For your information we gained independence in 1970 and thus the first constution was in place. It was not put in place to address the situation in 1960!!! Perhaps you need to cease thinking through your arse and move forward not backward.

    4/ BANKRUPTCY- You RJ must be out of your mind to compare Fiji a dot on the map to America. America will of course bounce back because of their resources. Our export sector is nothing compared to theirs so again stop for goodness sake thining through your bloody arse!!!

    5/Crime Rate-It is sad that you do not appreciate the current decrease in crime. Rome was not built in one day and it will take time but a 30% drop is commendable. Speaking of neighbours I suggest you check yours first as he/she may be doing your partner behind your back.

    Oppression-How do you expect the IG when the media and some NGOs distort whats being said?

    I am beginning to seriously think you are just a Qarase sympathiser and perhaps you may have been on the take as well in his govt.

    Last but surely and definately not the least please improve on your knowledge of the English language.

    Its Constitution NOT CONSTITUNAL.

    Its the people NOT IT THE PEOPLE (2nd para line 1).

    I quote “recognised the sanctity of the body and the spirit behind the setting up of the body” unquote. (para 2 line 2) WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL US RJ?

    Its duration NOT DUARATION. (para 3 line 2).

    I quote “reviewed in a duaration of time” unquote. DURATION IS TIME, YOU CANNOT SAY DURATION OF TIME…DUH!!!


  84. dou bulla vinaka na wekaqu! Meo, Vitivou & Brisco! I trust that all is well with u guys!!!!sa vinaka ga ni da qarava tiko e dua na Kalou cecere, dau loloma!! We must never forget that He Is God, his thoughts and His ways are higher than us humans!!!The bible says “give thanks in all circumstances”……..yes in every circumastances………good or bad! Well, He is God Almighty !! what can u and I say?????????……….but give thanks!!!!!

  85. Restorativejustice

    Mr Briscoe you sound so sour and worked out.
    By your recent verbal outburst, I erred because I thought I was on dialogue with abled and reasonabled academic gentle-man.
    To say I was Qarase fan or VB fan is not gist of the matter- I stand on Principles of democracy-the Constitution of the land heals itself not matter now adverse the ride.

    **Opposition Outnumbered?
    That was the choice of the people, Honour it as you have stated in the PCharter- Constitution is Supreme

    ** Racial Lines
    If you care to understand the Constitution those who win the most National Seats wins the the election. All race is represented in Parliament in the last 2 Constittions

    You are correct and why the hoopla!!

    ** Doctirne of Necessity’
    You have the opposition to point us to that direction. They did not, they know Fiji can storm it out for the next 5 years, so that CONSTITUTIONALLY ,Qarase would be removed.They believe in the system

    You have highighted some of my typo errors, but as scholarly as you seem to be , I trust you will know the what is being conversed in its context.

    As you will now have rest your case, I am glad for the workout

    Remember principles cannot be compromised because in the last round it will come back to haunt US

    What I wanted us to see is that any violation of the Constitution will not have us in good stead.

    For example in the People’s Charter in it opening right on the first page it says

    We, the People of Fiji
    · Affirm that our Constitution represents the
    supreme law of our country, that it
    provides the framework for the conduct of
    government and the people.

    Now that is straight after Illegal Government abrogated the last constitution and now it talks about the its Supremacy.
    I hope you get the drift.

    If you cannnot honour your first calling, I see we lack honourable characters in the land, but I hope we can unlearn bad choice and I believe we can and also relearn honourable characters

  86. He is good in blaiming Australia and New Zealand for his own problem he caused it himself and his followers,that one day they will all end up in Naboro…and eat their own shit…bloody shit heads…the whole world know what kind of person you are,using the people of Fiji in your interview,you still cant get it into your shit head the major problems you!ve put our beloved Fiji into and now you cant get out from it. Ulukau ga na Ulukau….vuli vakavo.

  87. It is common knowledge that Aust & NZ are no genuine friends of the South Pacific Nations. They have allowed the tiny island nations to depend on them entirely instead of giving them the opportunity to be self reliant to some extent! Take for example, aust suffocated rice growing in Fiji so Fiji could continue to buy bulk from them! they also did this in the solomon islands, there are many many more instances where they have taken advantage of this island nations, PNG included!!!! VB and his govt is now showing them who we are! we are a sovereign nation that has had enough bullying and high handed attitudes handed down thru them by the colonial masters!!! They have now met their match!!!! good on you VB, Fiji is proud of you , and I know for sure the other island nations (excluding the NZ bakewa ones) are all for you!!!! SHOW THEM!!!!!

  88. Exactly S.Raqiqi!

  89. I realized one more thing about Raw Fiji News. apart from being just anti-Frank, they are really anti-Fiji under the cover.

    Secondly, why they called themselves Raw Fiji News is that most of the anti-Frank bloggers must have got a “raw” deal from Frank and the military so they resort to a blog to vent their anger.

  90. to be honest I have stopped reading RFN & SV. There is too much name calling and gutter level talk, they run people down as if they are the most perfect people on this planet. Bitterness, hate & self pity is so obvious on this blog sites. They are obviously a whole lot of sick people who have nothing better to do but spread hatred and lies about Fiji. E ra sa vakaloloma dina!!!!!!

  91. @ s raqiqi

    Dina o iko Bro.

    I’m amazed at how those bloggers denigrate anybody who works with the IG even when the people concerned are doing it for good intentions. It’s sickening.

    Anybody in his right mind who wants to get Fiji out of this situation wouldn’t stoop to that level denigrating others anonymously online.

    These guys on Raw Fiji News are the lows of the very low. to me they are no longer anti-Frank, they are anti-Fiji.

  92. I fully endorse your contributions S. Raqiqi and NewFiji.

    Perhaps the contributors were as corrupted as their then leaders and since the advent of the saviours of our Fiji their oxygen tank has been severed.

    What do they do? Vent their anger and frustrations on anyone that appreciates what our current leaders are doing.

    So what do we do? Let them carry on with their shit and lets continue to motivate each other and never give up the fight for a better Fiji for everyone.

    Life is tough right now with the rising prices of goods and services but as always there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Lets keep moving.

    If there is a time to curb corruption in Fiji this is the time. Once and for all.

    You will be surprised though that more than half of those that are anti-Fiji are of own race. E sa vakaloloma dina.

    Vina du….

  93. I find it quite amusing to find out about the USA’s sanctions against Fiji because of human right violations.

    Whilst they preach democracy around the world they are poking their noses in countries where they dont have any baigani.

    Talking about human rights violations they are the biggest violators around! One just needs to read their history to know the REAL human rights violations.

    Whilst still on the subject of sanctions I pray that good sense prevails amongst our 2 big Pacific brothers. The more tighter their noose around our neck gets the more we are going to look towards Asia for help.

    Common sense mannn!!!

  94. #

    Rudd has abrogated Australias role in the pacific by his stupid stand on Fiji .

    Come to our community in the NT and see how the Aboriginal people are taught , trained, housed , and listened to ..
    I call our school shit finger primary , our clinic gossip central and the white businesses are corrupt and the Aussie govt states that all this is none of their jurisdiction ?!

    Our education is grade 3 our life expectancy 47 years …if you talk against the whites you cant get anything in the shop (imagine driving from Vaileka to Lautoka for petrol , I have to do that in Rudds Australia !)

    Rudd can only comment on greenhoax effect (its natural , so dont attempt to solve it ) and other things such as spending all of his budget on silly things ….

    Bainimirama represents a real change for Fiji …

    Look When Aussie fixes things up in my community , then they can criticise Fiji till then the Aust and NZ govt should just shut their mouths , tikolo mada !
    All the best , frankie from your good mates in Elliott !

    Stand up to this bully who is full of his own rubbish and hypocrisy!(Rudd)

    Leave a Comment

    keith // April 1, 2010 at 2:32 am

    Rudd gets an F

    F for alienating Fiji and inviting China and others to take up the slack …

    F..Sihip , an indigenous housing intitative worth 800.million has produced 2 houses for an expenditure of 40 milli9on here in the NT ..

    F..Hes just a disaster ..

    Frank has censored the press , well have a look at our Darwin newspaper , crocodiles , Darwin , everywhere else doesnt matter , its the sister publication to the Fiji Times yet the Fiji times with its censor is streets ahead !(BTW , the current editor of the NT news was kicked out of Fiji , I can see why ..

    Rudd , F , Failed Fiji , Failed Elliott , Failed Australia …..

    I see what my Aboriginal family put up with in Elliott and I am ashamed to be a white aussie ….

    Lolomas to my family in Fiji .. ..



    Greetings to my family in Fiji , …

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