SDL Party seeking EU support

We just had to blog this story…. Can you imagine for just one moment the ‘factual and detailed view of the ground situation existing in Fiji as reported by Kinivuwai.. what a joke that would be!

Even though the SDL Party leader Laisenia Qarase was away on his island in Vanuabalavu, the party’s National Director Peceli Kinivuwai met with Mr Roger Moore, EU Director General for Development in Suva this week.

The EUROPEAN UNION representative wanted to get first hand information from major political parties and stakeholders on the way forward and how to assist Fiji’s precarious economic situation.

Mr Kinivuwai presented to the EU Team are very factual and detailed view of the ground situation existing in Fiji.


64 responses to “SDL Party seeking EU support

  1. Well well the Soqosoqo ni Dau butako Lavo machinery is back in action with the superfluous Kinivuwai, wow they must be scraping the barrel just about now being factual and all.

  2. Was Kinivuwai asked to turn out his pockets? Or correctly queried “Who paid your bus or taxi fare here”? The Duavata Initiative funds must by now be running low? Might he then have been asked whowould benefit most from this exchange: himself and his close associates or would his interests now maybe extend to Fiji’s people as a whole? Because the EU taxpayer is more ethically minded than previously as to who receives funding or aid these days. It does not go down too well with your average EU over-taxed punter if pockets are about to be stuffed with their hard-earned money solely for the interest of a chosen few. Quite right too! Calling people names is not exactly PC: “Weeds and grasses”? In Parliament too? Simply will not do! Who are they trying to kid?

  3. The problem with SDL is that they think they are the saviour of the indigenous Fijian people. A closer scrutiny of their policies and strategies clear shows a core group of elite people using the indigenous Fijian as cover to solidify and strengthen their stranglehold on the power in Fiji.

    Go back in years when the Fijian Holdings was formed and check closely who the Class A shareholders are. These very people form the core advisers of the SDL party.

    Look at how government funds are spread out during the SDL reign and you’ll see which chief is being targeted with sweets to get their support.

    The SDL ius nothing but a very deceptive and destructive political party run by deceivers, crooks, manipulators, adulterers etc. They cloak themselves in Christian messages and chiefly traditions yet underneath all that lies a snake slithering in the grass poisoning everything in its path.

  4. One word I missed out about SDL, a bunch of DECEIVERS of the highest degree.

  5. While surfing around the blog today, one thing seems to have stood out clearly. A group of anti-Frank or anti-IG group going around and spewing their venoms on anything and everything.

    The strategy is clear and loud – drown out any pro-government news or comment with anything and everything even if its an outright lie, bogus news sources etc.

    I have a message for these people. DRINK YOUR MEDICINE.


    See you losers in 2014.

  6. @Vitivou
    Yes but the numbers are dwindling especially as it is shown almost daily how false their predictions and comments are. Mark Manning, lastofthe polarbears and keepthefaith have redused their blogging time. I have also noticed how they expose themselves as very racist people when they are confronted. In coupfourpoitfive, a discussion on the PM’s speech became a request for Fiji Indians to ship out! On the same site, blogs about the dual citizenship policy of the government deteriorated into an allegation that the Indians were trying to destroy Fijian culture. And criticism of media bias on Crosbiewalsh became an attack on military coups without answering his allegation that the media and critics in reports such as Amnesty were deliberately deceiving people on the situation in Fiji. The anti-govt bloggers lack any kind of ability to argue a point when taken on in an intelligent way. They keep coming back to the evil dictatorship theory which is now wearing very thin. They are increasingly being exposed as racist, illogical, and unprincipled. If we press hard enough, they start to justify 2000!

  7. If we accept that we Fijians want to preserve our cultural philosophy yet at the same time that we want to become economically self-sufficient and prosperous such that we can educate our children and ensure our survival anywhere in the world, then our policies under the Fijian Administration were bound to fail. We Fijians at present are only really comfortable in Fiji. We are not marginal men, comfortable with our culture wherever we go. If we were, we would feel less protective of our culture. Look at the Indian diaspora. It takes Indian culture to Australia, Finland and Mauritius.
    The key to our survival as a people is adaptation and learning to compete on others’ terms while maintaining the Fijian ethos. It is also learning to treat our most precious resource, our land, as an asset and not as a political football. How do we get the best returns on our land without alienating or reducing its long term value? Obviously the British institutions set up to “preserve Fijian culture” such as the Council of Chiefs, have failed to deliver anything but the strengthening of chiefly authority. In fact its partnership with successive governments has ensured its failure from the point of view of the Fijian community.
    What is needed is the democratization of the Fijian community, a greater voice of the commoner Fijian, better gender representation, and a more clever approach to handling resources. It is too easy and therefore too dangerous to sit around waiting for land rentals handouts and special entry requirements into universities. As for the NLTB, where do I start? In this current climate of change and reform, let us ask the government to dismantle these failed institutions that supposedly”protect” the Fijian community but which in reality have contributed to its weakness and inability to survive modern global trends, and replace them with more democratic institutions which will allow us to be Fijian no matter where we live. How can the world expect us to embrace democracy, when all we have been taught since birth is that the chiefs in partnership with the government will look after us as if we were unthinking and not very clever children?
    It’s time for us to grow up. Voreqe’s reforms are the answer. They are in the best interests of the Fijian people if only we can see that protecting our way of life is not the best way to guarantee our survival. The best way is to learn to adapt, to compete, and learn the value of a greater social equality. That is the key to our survival.

  8. “The key to our survival as a people is adaptation and learning to compete on others’ terms while maintaining the Fijian ethos.”

    I think the greatest fear is that adaptation will be at the expense of the Fijian ethos – that the mentality of dependence on traditional structures must be shed in order to embrace change.

    It is a paradigm shift in the Fijian culture.

  9. @kiti

    I disagree with your view that ” We Fijians at present are only really comfortable in Fiji. ”

    Fijians can adapt better than most in a totally different cultural environment. I have seen this happen in the last 30 years. The Fijian is a survivor, he is not gonna lay down and die in a changing landscape. I have seen guys who were raised in the wrong side of town in Fiji pull themselves out of the gutter and make it good in NZ and Aust. Don’t sell your countrymen short.

    Ratu Sukuna held the view that the Fijian in order to compete with his Indian brother in the world of economics must become like him, exercising thrift and changing his lifestyle. Not so. Diversity is the great equaliser in a dynamic world. Roadmaps must change with the times. Fijians excel in sports, hospitality and other areas – all worthy of supporting a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

    Lets not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

  10. Jim:

    Kinivuwai is a dipstick likewise his leader as for you we know what you do in between time servicing the both of them.

    Now cunts are very useful whats your excuse.

  11. Jim:

    No jim my M16 is pointed directly at your and kinivuwai’s orifice.

    Can you run?

  12. jim:

    well can you run?

  13. @soresore

    Yes I wholeheartedly agree with you statement on how Fiji’s sons & daughters bloom when taken out of their paradise home…

    We all have this potential within us… why we have to go overseas to discover it, I don’t know.

    Whether its because of the tendency to attract unknown relatives whenever we make a success of ourselves here, or if its the tall-poppy syndrome is worth a discussion.

    Fiji as a nation cannot change for the better by doing things the old way…

  14. @ jim

    Laurai sara tu ga vei iko na lala ni qavokavoka.

  15. @ jim

    Na vosavosa ca o cakava wavoki tu qo sa cegu kina na yalomu? Nodra cakacaka na tamata druka na vosavosa ca wavoki tu va qori. Na qai qo sa na qai ga o vinakata se sega.

    E vacava sa oti na koula kei na loli ena gauna nei Qarase koya o a kana loto tu kina? Buno tagane, buno mada.

  16. @vitivou bro sa vaka madua na mataqali tagane vataki Jim, you hit the nail on the head bro! au kila ni sa oti na koula kei na loli!!!!!ha~!!!!!!ha!!!!!!!! maleka!!!!!!

  17. @ kiti

    You took words out of my mouth. You wrote exactly what I’ve been trying to say to the world. Brilliant summation.

    Three cheers for you!!!

  18. @ soresore

    Can’t get you mind off the many soresore’s you’ve massaged or gobbled? That’s why you still call yourself soresore?

    Your argument against kiti are so shallow. You are still drunk on the past you forgot that we now live in the 21st century.

    C’mon leave those soresore behind and come to the 21st century and be uptodate with the times.

  19. Jim:

    All the profanities wont help kinivuwai or the SDL party and its leader unless we are missing something it appears they are asigned to remain insignificant.

  20. Whats REAL NEWS here on thise blog. Levu ga na jamu cant get real news. Bulagi qai tauvi nana.. E cava tiko mada. Nomudou na vica walega na blog qo? DOu vei druti…

  21. Voreqe Bainimarama

    This website too much bull..shit sprouting from it. Sa kua mada ni levu tiko na lasu you guys supporting my government. Your comments are not even close to the truth. I am just running the government to make my millions and save my ass. I dont care what else happens. Let Khaiyum handle all the legal stuff for me because Iam paying him good you suckers!

  22. @ would-be voreqe

    Sa rauta ga na lasu o iko. O vakalialiai cei tiko? Vakalialiai iko tikoga eh?…..vakaloloma nomu bula….

    Wilika vinaka na ka e veitalanoataki me tawa nomu mona….

    Keimami sa goleva na Vitivou….na Viti e sega kina na veivakaduiduitaki, kune kina na bula galala sega ni vesuki ena soo na vakasama makawa koya e ganita ga e vica na tamata…

    Da qai lai sota yani kei kemuni na tamata bula druka ena 2014 ni caka na veidigidigi vou….


  23. sore(::)O(::)sore vou


    happy now?

  24. hahahaha………tavutavu kadiri tale tu na soresore vou qori…..hahahahaha………me waqa sara dua na buka e rukumu me sa vesa mada vaka na ika..oti ya mo kania sara….kemudrau kei would-be voreqe, vu’ulaki kei jim. Me valevu sara na kei jim


  25. This is a comment I posted on Raw Fiji News on their article “Vodafone down when needed most’.

    I’m posting it here in case they edit and publish it to mean something else. Read on.

    How do you know Aslam Khan is pro-regime? He has been the CEO of Vodafone since the company was formed. He is running a business and what does that have to do with being pro or anti regime?

    Whoever wrote this piece is disgusting and it only goes to show the real intention of this blogsite. You guys are all about destroying this country at whatever cost.

    This blogsite is really just using the state the country is in to further destroy and undermine Fiji’s struggle to get out of the coup mentality.

    Shame, shame, shame, shame. Disgusting. Worthless piece of shit.

  26. It is so clear that someone from Digicel wrote the blog! Look, Digicel, so you have to fight to keep up in the mobile phone market. So does Vodafone. Get over it both of you. There are more important thing to worry about in Fiji other than who can best rip off the consumers. And we are not impressed by the character assassination. Low stuff. Too transparent to go for Aslam Khan.

  27. Below the belt attack on Aslam Khan. Isn’t he the guy who is sending all these kids to India for heart surgery courtesy of Vodafone? I get as fed up as everyone else when the network fails, but this kind of attack on a decent guy is worthless rubbish. If Digicel is behind it, get a life guys!! Focus on nation building and keeping the FRU honest!!

  28. So whats up at FRU? I mean that organization is nothing but trouble. Maybe a complete overhaul is needed. Keni needs an overhaul himself. What’s this about him, Pacific Connex and Ballu Khan. Does everyone have a hand in the till?

  29. @liga
    Too true bro. Love Ballu in camouflage but not too keen on his s__x life. A bit laid back if you get my drift?

  30. Ive got a confession to make to you guys…I admit that we have been supporting the wrong thing all along…As much as i support the reforms by Bainimarama, i sometimes think of the damage that it is doing to the nation..I think sometimes we have to learn to hear both sides of the stories..
    I just hope that were still on the right track

  31. @ would-be Vitivou

    You don’t have anything else to say and do so you resort to this strategy of trying to confuse what I think about the current leadership. Shame on you.

    Whoever you are who posted above using my nick, you can take your shit with you to wherever you come from. The only confession I have is that I support the reforms done by the current government to the core.

    There’s no two sides to the story because there’s only one which is REFORM and election in 2014. We are absolutely on the right track and ain’t no doubt about it.

  32. @would be vitivou,replying above
    I just posted an honest comment about what is currently happening at the moment..Yes this is the real vitivou..I support the government to the core and the election too but i just honestly think that damage is beyond what we thought..
    So piss off and stop trying to confuse things..

  33. @ would be vitivou

    Where did you appear fro m? Every vitivou from the beginning of this thread is me. Motherfucker get lost. From now on I will change my nick and you will never have a clue who I really am.

    Try as you might, there are people here who know my email which is People like s.raqiqi, semi meo and others know who I am.


  35. Look at this this way Vitivou. If someone has taken the time to open a false account under your name you have succeeded in becoming a threat to someone!! It is a measure of your effectiveness as a correspondent!!

  36. sore(::)O(::)sore vou

    I have been forced to change my nick because vitivou complained it left a sour in her mouth.

    Now the shit is complaining about her nick being hijacked.

    Gobble gobble gopbble…

  37. Our Real @vitivou..tacina, who shouldn’t be too concerned with impostors….infact, they do a very bad job….not only do we the cyber populace know the patriotic passion, and resolve of you our Real “vitivou” heart is poised…we’ve also come to sense your honourable spirit between the lines.

    Unlike the impostor “Vitivou”…good try to copy the name, but made a slip and posted as capital “V”…even if she reduces her “v’..does not camouflage the sticking odour and nasty destructive spirit of a foreigner whose only ploy is to shoot down our genuine efforts to rebuild beloved Fiji in to a Real “vitivou” for the rare commodity allegedly passed around…paalisshh….let’s keep our hand to our own pocket!!…hand off!!

  38. Vitivou…what are you crying about your bullshit name for……There is nothing to cry over about your fake name and your fake objective…


  39. VUTUKI BAINIMARAMA……Look out for the coup of all coups…

  40. @ jim

    Qarauna ga de o qai lai lauvutu i na keba. Qai vutuki iko tale o soresore…..hahahaha. Vakaloloma nomu bula.

    I suppose you get orgasmic swearing at people on the blog eh?

    The biggest idiot here is you swearing at other people on a blog. Just take a look in the mirror and if you see a person, that’s the idiot you are talking about.

  41. This is a comment I posted on Raw Fiji News about the free bus fare for school children beginning Wednesday next week…..

    Hey Raw Fiji News, did you get smacked in the face again?

    For all your negative picture painting of Fiji’s economy, the government just shot you down with a brilliant decision. Fiscal surplus of $30 million? Wow, isn’t that prudent financial management? We wouldn’t get this under a democratically elected government.

    This morning I heard Bainimarama speaking on radio explaining what happened to FNPF and the abuses that was going on there by previous governments right from after coup 1987. He said never again will government interfere with the workers retirement savings.Now this is good governance.

    So Raw Fiji News, bye bye with all your bullshit.

  42. Voreqe Bainimarama

    vitivou I dont like people who support my failed regime and crybabies so pull out if you want to.

  43. Voreqe Bainimarama

    Well my government has no money thats why I have to use the FNPF money right now you idiots.

  44. Sa sega na news kei na comments dou sogota nomudou website sona ya…

    Sa vaka tu dua na motoka tu vena scrayard…
    Sogo yani na website dou vivutu kei Bainimaagana

  45. @ jim

    Crying over spilt milk? Do you have anything else to say Sona Levu? May be you need to read this story.

    People have moved on and are supporting Frank’s vision.

    Sa oti na loli koya solia vei iko o Qarase? Bye bye Sona.

  46. @ the max, vinaka vakalevu for the piece of wonderful news!!!! beauty & bravo!!!!!

    Let the sona levus continue to be sona levus !!!ha!!ha!!!!!!! & congratulations to our new HE The President of Fiji !!!!!!!

  47. Awa dou wawa tiko i keri..Dou na coup taki kei nomudou peresitedi suguraki qori..E na kakabasu ko viti e na kena valataki na dina kei na nodra vesu na suguraki…

    Waraka namaka…

    Vutuki Bainimarama

  48. fiji is moving on nicely…………na qai qo sana qai ga………


  50. Have any of you read the budget news?

    Looks like the Interim Incompetents gave themselves big budgets, took out huge new loans and banned the FNPF from making prudent investments.

    Oh yes. I forgot. There is no proper news anymore because the government is censoring everything. Good eh?

    Now everyone can be like you know-nothing, one-hand clapping cretins.

    You should all be ashamed.

  51. All of you anti-regime bloggers, get a life. Go earn your keep in the real world. I know you all…old Qarase cabinet members and SDL officials. Pack of crooks and bludgers.

  52. Ana Lagilagi
    Mimilevu yalewa dau kubu kulina bludger sega ni nomu vosa. Lesu mai kana dalo qai nanuma tale ni dau teivaki na duru ni dalo levu nomu cobo yalewa bona

  53. na gauna ga qo e rawa kina meda vakaraitaka
    na ka vinaka e dau cibitaki tu kina na noda Vanua talei “Na noda Viti Lomani”

  54. Blessed Christmas to each of you, and may God in Jeus name grant to each you your heart’s desire within His plan for 2010 and’re humble cyber friend. S Meo

  55. Semi Meo
    Where in the bible does it say Jesus was born on christmas day 25th of December. Do you have any idea what the origin of christmas is and that this practice is not of God, in fact God forbids it. Christmas is Satanic not of God the Creator. To exalt christmas is to exalt Satan worship. Santa Claus is Satan. Nothing about christmas has to do about Jesus. Jesus was born in Bethlehem but christmas has nothing to do with it. Christmas is the worship of Satan brought into the church.

  56. # Roman, madam, did not envisage offending ladies like you…my bad….BUT, we DO NOT celebrate the day..we celebrate the saviour…di I mention that “kumi duka”…NO!!

    Take your enthusiam and go preached to the unsaved!!…and stop being a super spritual Roman nut!!.

  57. Semi Meo
    That’s how christians like you speak in Fiji when they get offended. Bullshit.

  58. Madam, am glad you were convicted,hence, your spew, a probable demostration of your pride. You were the one offended and started this cyber ping pong.

    eh…I am a full blooded Fiji Citizen living in a foreign land..but regular visitor to Fiji…

    If you are no Fijian NOT living in Fiji then what is your “baini ena keitou kuro laveti”

    Traslated..mind your own business and take your warped Gospel else where….still, have a blessed new year,

  59. Fiji is is in the mess you are in today because of people like you meoow. Hypocrite full of shit. Spew rubbish most of the time. You only belong back where you come from. So piss off there

  60. @ Roman going to leave you alone , Madam, as your stuttering, hand shaking with fumes of anger shooting out your royal nostrils…we do not want to be blamed should you have cardio arrest etc.

    Oh…by the way, remember the widely renown unwritten Law of this cyber boxing ring, That is ; you cop ten times the curse you spew or, conversely showered 10 times the blessings and positive vibes you write..

    I guess some wilfully choose the former…what a life!!..but, for you God forbid and is forgiven. I end my reply now and tune off e-advise to my email address. Bless you heaps!!

  61. Meeooww
    keep your fijian voodoofor you and your own

  62. @ S & M.
    bula ratu – welcome back – while there thought you’d succumbed 2 the beauty of Natawa – forgottem all others. Good luck explaining Viti’s
    unique indigenous interpretion of Christianity (voodooo thing included) 2 Romans & Fundamentalists (of all persuations).
    From personal experience & observations – although as all such things are – still works in progress – it works – refined daily by good souls in villages everywhere – never confuse have with should have. Studied map Prepared With Assistantance Of – Fiji Dept of Lands & Survey – Bau’s somehow mysteriously disappeared but Nukulau now prominent?
    Reckon thats one of them sublime message things? Or just a case of going into tourist marketing? Don’t tell em but it would work better if he was back on it (born showman) – could arrange cruise & drive byes – back 2 back prisons tours – former on beach latter in garden … Be interesting? Appointed everyone else – sidelined those he didn’t… Race against time – worthy of a game – Trad v Rest & its raining.
    Have good 1.

  63. Book Of The Month.

    ‘The hidden pifalls of solitary Games – How 2 play Chess without Figures or Players”.

    V. Bainimarama. Gau.

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