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Lawyers running scared

Information just to hand.  Several of the lawyers who regularly blog on our least favourite web site are running scared over their identities been revealed. We have been given three names of well known lawyers who have been identified as Anti Government bloggers. Time to think about a career change boys.


Hot off the press

We have it from a VERY RELIABLE SOURCE that the main bloggers on Raw Fiji Rubbish have been identified.  One of the bloggers got careless with their laptop and passwords. We understand that the police and military have been logged in and recording all details of bloggers for the past week. That is how they got the information on Duvuloco.  Word from the top is they have an extensive list of users from the site. Looks like Raw Fiji Rubbish will be out of business soon!

From Raw Fiji Rubbish

We can confirm that Iliesa Duvuloco and three others are still detained by Teleni’s police.

Sources from Fiji say the group was taken in, accused as writers of a Fijian vernacular notice we received and posted on this blog.

Tell someone who cares!

Like we really care if an English QC is ‘very angry’
We have been reliably informed by those close to the English QC who argued for the President in the Court of Appeal against deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase that the QC is very angry with the abrogation of the Constitution.

Uprising No 4

This is our favorite one! Written by any one of the regular bloggers. Our guess is that this blog was written by Islandboy! Very amusing but hardly convincing. Keep going it gives us something to laugh about.

from Desperate Raw New

please let them know that we are all RFMF people under voreqe,mara , driti and co.
Also we are all experienced senior officers of the Police force under teleni.
Also senior and junior Navy officers under Kean.
Let them know that we mean business. They should restore the 1997 constitution, or they shall perish.take the former option.

We want to restore lost PRIDE ,INTEGRITY and HONESTY in the UNIFORM

Uprising No 3

You can see where we are going with this can’t you! So far there is absolutely no credibility to any of these stories. We would like to thank Mrs Qarase for her comments on Fiji One as quoted below.

From Really Raw Bullshit

To avoid censorship, ONE News broke the rules and met with Fijians in private.

One woman (Mrs Quarase) wished to remain anonymous due to feared repercussions of speaking up.

“I am hoping that we will remain focused that there is one common enemy and that is the military and their leaders.” (Well said Mrs Q, your husband must have written that for you).

“I do have fear, I do have anxiety about what they will do to me. I do not believe to be silent is the way out of it,” she says (There is nothing to fear but fear itself, relax and have another drink)

Uprising No 2

This one is from the overseas media, and of course they would also know what is going on in Fiji, NOT! I live here and didnt realise we were under martial law.

There are warnings of civil unrest in Fiji amid a climate of censorship and intimidation of people who dare to challenge the unelected government.

The Pacific nation is effectively under martial law after Frank Bainimarama dumped the constitution and the judiciary and delayed elections for five years.

Fiji’s political crisis doesn’t make local headlines in fact it is not in the paper at all.

Uprising No 1

More Raw Rubbish. Interesting that they have ‘sources’ in Fiji, kind of suggests that these people are living overseas! We suggest you come back home and see for yourself.

From Raw Fiji Rubbish

We are receiving reports from our sources in Fiji that dooms day is nigh for Frank. While details are still sketchy, we’re told that the peoples power resistance against Frank is beginning to gain momentum following the detainment of some hard-core nationalist like Duvuloco. Is the fat lady slowly finding her way to the stage to sing her thundering tune? We think so!