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Prime Minister John Key says…….

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says there is virtually no prospect of a resolution of Fiji’s military rule any time soon.

Mr Key says it is lamentable, but Fiji’s military leader, interim Prime Minister Commodore New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, intends to stay for the long haul.

During an official visit to Australia this week, Mr Key has ruled out imposing economic sanctions, saying such measures would only hurt ordinary Fijians.

He told the National Press Club in Australia’s capital of Canberra that New Zealand, like Australia, will not impose economic sanctions that would do so.

“Is there no more we can do? Well, look, not immediately, not easily. I think you’ve got a situation where you can’t force him to change, well certainly not easily and we wouldn’t propose that,” he said.

“So I do think you need to give him time and I think that’s the sense of the other Pacific leaders.”

– Radio Australia


Digicel hijacks Hibiscus carnival

From Timoci

News from reliable sources within Kadavu house has confirmed  that Digicel, the Irish mobile operator, is  plotting something during the Hibiscus carnival next week.
The details are sketchy but something is definitely  brewing up.  SCC has allowed Digicel the booking of Ratu Sukuna Park during Hibscus carnival and with people messing at Albert and Ratu Sukuna Park there can be enough space to cause disruption given the police won’t have that many resources to monitor properly.

It seems some Kadavu chiefs are colluding with digicel execs to plan a ‘bigger and better effects ‘ during the carnival.

Let’s hope common sense prevails and nothing sinister happens to disturb the carnival which everyone looks forward to every year.

Can someone ensure Digicel is not given the permit or better still SCC to cancel the booking to ensure stability . We all need to move on for a better  FIJI.

RAW Desperate to split the Military – RFMF don’t bite


They tried it with Driti now its Roko Ului’s turn.  Why would Ului make it public that he was going to remove Frank? think about it!!!

From RFN

We can confirm that majority of Lauans are backing Ului Mara to remove Frank Bainimarama and to take Fiji back to  election. (Really and where did you get this piece of information from, plucked it out of your asses again!)

But sources say (Can imagine what sources these are) that Frank will undoubtedly try to marginalise Ului Mara from his position of power within Fiji’s Military Forces, something he hasn’t been able to achieve so far. (Can you read this with a straight face, this makes us laugh right out loud)

There are also talks that Frank was to have been arrested upon his return from Vanuatu ( since when is the PM in Vanuatu???) but Ului Mara saved Frank telling him that from that day forward, Frank must realise that it is he, Ului, who is in control from behind the scene.

Will he do it? (Wasn’t this what they were asking Driti just a few weeks ago?)

We really don’t know! (Yes RAW you know NOTHING, at least you got that right, so why blog this rubbish)

Only Ului Mara can answer that one! (We doubt that Mara even knows this site exists, let alone reads it and what exactly would he answer??? )

Next story that is even funnier than the first!

Revelations from within indicate that tyrant Frank Bainimarama is very uncomfortable with Ului Mara’s recent attempts to win the people of Lau’s hearts and minds.

Frank knows that when it comes to real power, Ului Mara is no doubt the most powerful man in Fiji right now. (Can we move on from this ‘SPLIT IN THE MILITARY THING’ the rumours have been circulating for years and NOTHING ever comes of it, OUR SOURCE withing the Military Council says ‘THERE IS NO SPLIT, NEVER WAS A SPLIT AND WONT BE A SPLIT’

It is he who controls not only the troops at the military camp (Shit this guy is head of the 3FIR of course he controls troops.. idiots!)  but his birthright also gives him the added advantage of having pockets of support from his huge extended family.

Ravings of a Bitter and Twisted Lunatic

This attack on Roko Ului Mara is completely out of line.  Of course it was posted on THAT OTHER BLOG SITE.  What is wrong with people who blog this shit! Must have a big chip on their shoulders!!

by newbloodforfiji (wonder who this is .. hint hint!)

You are a mere soldier in the army – promoted to an officer – like all other sons of manufactured chiefs who could not achieve academically eg. E Ganilau, E Nailatikau, etc etc. Your mother is a real Gone-Marama-Bale, but your father’s chiefly status, though installed as Tui Nayau, is most questionable and almost a well known fact that he was not a biological son of the late Tui Nayau prior to him – Roko Tevita Uluilakeba.

As far as most of Lau is concerned and if you do not know, your father was only brought in to continue the late Tui Lau’s (Ratu Sukuna) ambitions. Your biological grandfather is not Roko Tevita Uluilakeba; it happens to be Borron, the once Mago Island “owner”, who most probably was a “thug” that came to Fiji to escape being an ex-convict in Australia ( the then dumping ground for British convicts).

So you are not a real blue blood descendant of the Vuanirewa chiefly household in Lakeba. You are a “manufactured” descendant of the Vuanirewa.

President of the YPCN… PLEASE READ THIS.

From Joe  (Nice come back Joe)

This one cant go unchallenged. Peter has got it all wrong. I will categorise it with quotes:

1)”purported abrogation of the 1997 Constitution”
WRONG, our head of state abrogated it in reality.

2)”military rule”
Our last bastions of law and order, again mandated by head of state.

3)”gagged our nation’s media”
Responsible reporting enforced.

4)”quashed any form of opposition”
Quashed any form of incitement.

5)” limited freedoms of the Fiji citizens”
No such thing, except in the case of politicised methodist heirachy with ulterior motives.

6)”disengaged the people of Fiji from power”
Disengaged the CORRUPT from power.

7)“The People of Fiji are given a false impression of what is happening with our nation’s government, economy and freedoms”
The people of Fiji know exactly where we are headed under the able Captaincy of our PM.

8)”injustices supposedly done by the Interim government”
It is a legitimate govt mandated by the head of state, not interim. Justice to Fiji and its people is what is being unfolded by this govt.

9)”What future is this Government leaving for us the youth of Fiji”
This govt is all about the future of Fiji and its people.

Finally, may I say that if this is an authentic young people’s mindset, there really is no hope for the future. Our future leaders can do much better than what their president is preaching.

U.S.A Claims that Australia and New Zealand are experts on the Pacific..!!!

statue_of_liberty1Outgoing Acting US Ambassador to NZ Dr Dave Keegan was interviewed by NZTV1’s Mark Sainsbury on Sunday. He had this to say about Australian, NZ, the US and the Fiji “situation.”
Keegan: The role of the US in the Pacific I think is longstanding, you know out of Hawaii which is our Pacific state, out of American territories, Guam, American Samoa, and others, but we’re also not going to step in and try to recreate the kind of expertise that Australia and New Zealand bring to the table. You have a degree of knowledge and a degree of understanding of how to make things work there that we want to take advantage of and be the beneficiary of, and figure out how we can add value.

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Blogging the economy



To read the anti-Government blogs you’d believe the Fiji economy is in a state of total collapse. Every economic setback in Fiji is applauded in Sydney and Auckland. This is a none-too-subtle way of turning economic news into political news, with Bainimarama “responsible” for the world recession, the decline in tourist numbers, years of neglect and machinery failures at the sugar mills, increased unemployment, rabid inflation, and increases in the cost of living and poverty.

Come on, bloggers. Let’s have some more balanced comments. It’s your relatives and friends whose lives you play with, and your country whose future is at stake. Focus positively on the wrongs and shortcomings of the Bainimarama Government by all means, but forget about a return to pre-coup Fiji. Make some realistic suggestions on the “way forward.” And drop the occasional compliment about what Bainimarama is trying to achieve — with no help from Fiji’s so-called friends.

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