Keys and Rudd – Spiteful, cowardly and hypocritical.


So John Keys and Kevin Rudd will boycott the UN General Assembly when the PM of Fiji speaks. What childish nonsense.

They are like children in a kindergarten who lock themselves away to hide from the teacher because they are afraid of what they will hear. Is this what Mandela would do? Or Martin Luther King? How can they support international dialogue and cooperation on the one hand, and show hatred and hostility towards Fiji on the other. And what hypocrisy.

Which othercountries have they chosen to boycott? China for its conduct towards the beleaguered Tibet? France for New Caledonia? Or do they only pick on those smaller than themselves over whom they think they have the right to exercise complete control?

By this one act, both men show themselves to be lesser people than the Fijian Prime Minister. Who really is behaving like spoilt children? Unlike the Radio New Zealand journalist who tried to label Bainimarama as a spoilt child, I believe
the joint honours this week must go to Keys and Rudd.

We in Fiji with our proud history of soldiering, never leave the battlefield when then battle is on. Peter Thompson called their policies towards Fiji spiteful. I say– spiteful, cowardly and hypocritical.



49 responses to “Keys and Rudd – Spiteful, cowardly and hypocritical.

  1. First?

    Yes, I like this new post.

    Lets have a good go at examining it, statement by statement:

    “What childish nonsense” – No, it could just be a political decision based on established policy towards the IG. Australia and NZ have done this because this is their policy with regard to VB and the IG. Surely not surprising?

    “They are like children… because they are afraid of what they will hear.” – Well, no. They have heard the same marketing bullshit about change, patience, elections, reform etc and like most people are bored of hearing all this talk and no action. In fact, there is no point in Australia and NZ saying that they they will oppose the IG, then assist the IG – that would be hypocritical.

    “hatred and hostility towards Fiji” – No, the hostility may be toward VB, the self-appointed Minister for Everything.

    “And what hypocrisy.” – Not really. You see hypocrisy would be Australia and NZ opposing the IG with the one hand, then openingly supporting him with the other. Maybe replace the word hypocrisy with “policy”.

    “Which othercountries have they chosen to boycott? [sic]” – In short. Plenty. See Nigeria, Burma etc. Australia and NZ have even expressed concerns China’s treatment of Tibet and the Uigers. They also offer asylum to Chinese Falun Gong practitioners in Australia and allow protesters to conduct demonstrations in Australia against China and against the Chinese governments strongest protests.

    “Who really is behaving like spoilt children?” – A matter for debate clearly. VB has said some fairly silly things about the freedom of press, the electoral system, his reasons for the coup etc. He has also said that Australia and NZ are the nations that Fiji does NOT need to listen to or negotiate with and then complained that Australia and NZ are not listening to him. Which is it? THIS sounds a little hypocritical…

    “We in Fiji with our proud history of soldiering, never leave the battlefield when then battle is on.” – True. We should be proud of our soldiers, but not when they are used against the people they are meant to be protecting. They are meant to be OUR soldiers, not VBs. The use of a gun to take our government and freedoms is the very definition of cowardly behavior.

  2. Australia & NZ dominant days in the South pacific is coming to an end!!! Good on you VB, tell it to their faces, bleary cowards!!!! Poor things, hanging on to a thin straw that is wanning!!!!!!!blreary ex convicts!!!!

  3. Actually, almost no world leader was there when the Dictator spoke to the UN – it was Saturday, and almost all of them had left anyway!

  4. @ anonymous

    Who cares if other world leaders were not there? The speech was still delivered at the UN general assembly and officials of other world governments were still present.

    The one thing that’s clearly being exposed out of the current stand off between Australia and New Zealand on Fiji is their real agenda. These two countries just do not want Fiji to emerge as a self-reliant nation. They want Fiji to be forever dependent on AID from them, the EU and other larger economies.

    New Zealand and Australia just do not want Fiji to return to the glory days of 1986 when the economy was very strong. At that time, one Fiji dollar equals one US dollar.

    After the coups of 1987, fiji’s dollar was devalued making it easier for New Zealand and Australian businesses to invest and purchase prime properties in Fiji especially in the tourism areas. Today they dominate these areas.

    Too bad for NZ and Australian government. The path to 2014 is set in stone and cannot be changed.

    The good thing out of what’s happening is that ordinary New Zealanders and Australians are seeing the truth of what Frank is doing. They know that Frank is right and if he pulls through with his vision, Fiji is destined to realise its true potential as a modern, progressive and prosperous nation that do not depend on AID.

    Fiji should have achieved this long ago but for the thieves who keep subjugating the minds of the ordinary folks with their racial brainwashing.

  5. Hypocrisy means saying and doing one thing for one situation and doing the opposite for another when the same principles apply. What radiolucas fails to address is the Aus and NZ double standards in relation to democracy. NZ sends lawyers to prosecute the anti-democracy protesters in Tonga, it has normal diplomatic relations with China, and it never tried to exclude Pakistani troops from the UNDPKO but it demonizes Fiji! If its policy (and that of Aus) is really an anti- democracy one, can it please be consistent? Or be called hypocrites for ever.

  6. I just read an article by Terence O’ Brien a former New Zealand diplomat with some 30 years experience. He says the policy of NZ is “hamfisted”. Too true. I think the problem is how these countries information gather. The same old same old disappointed and bitter group.

  7. My belief is that the policies are motivated by spite, pique, and a resulting desire to punish. Peter Thompson was absolutely correct in his recent speech to the Australia- Fiji Business Council. However, the High Commission in Suva will never allow a change in policy because that would mean their recommendations were mistaken. My advice? Time to change the guys at the HC Rudd!

  8. One can concluded that the stand by New Zealand and Australia on Fiji is one of fear. They fear that what Frank is doing has the potential to reduce or negate their influence in Fiji as well as other Pacific island states.

    New Zealand and Australia supports regimes that forever suppresses the potential of its own people with the defunct mindset of the colonial days 100 years ago.

  9. Radiolucas:

    You’re long and winded whatchamacallit is full of verbosity the sign of someone trying very very hard to justify one;s existence.

  10. Hey guys on a lighter note theres two words you can decipher from the name ‘RADIOLUCAS’…


    Case closed.

  11. Of all Australian leaders, I thought Kevin Rudd would have been the most decent of them all. It turns out he is just the same as all the others embracing the defunct colonial mindset of his mentors in Britain.

    The 4 “sorry” speech to the Aborigines after his party won the election in Australia was just a photo-op feel good hot air merry-go-round. Had he been genuine, he would have understood what’s happening in Fiji today.

    One thing is becoming much much more clearer day by day as Frank says it like it to the world. True democracy is not really what these bigger countries stand for. The kind of democracy they want for the world is the one they can control.

  12. To Real Fiji News

    Could you please put out another article with both Kevin Rudd and John Key’s photo with a placard or something around their neck saying HYPOCRITES.

    Use former NZ diplomats Obrien’s comment as basis to show the HYPOCRITES in the current New Zealand and Australian government.

  13. I think the caption on the picture of Rudd is in bad taste and should be removed. We may not agree with his policies but we should not descend into the gutter to express our views.

  14. @soresore, I think it’s befitting, leave it on!!!!

  15. @Brisco… I think you are right…. It is good to have Navi Naisoro join the fray……or Richard Naidu… Can’t be Jale Baba…. …..or Peceli … latter two can yap but can’t write to save their lives…

  16. He he he he @ reason. Thanks mate!

  17. Hmmmm I didn’t know that long nose of a kok Richard Naidu was an SDL supporter. Probably a silent one I guess.

  18. Well you know Richard Naidu set up Duavata Initiatives for the SDL. Who were the Directors? Tavola, Kubuabola, Qarase and Bale. Money was then deposited into its bank account to “raise campaign funds”. Good eh? A lot of well known people contributed to this slush fund. And in return what did they get?! Good old cooperative Richard eh? The picture of respectability and the darling of the embassies!!

  19. Radiolucas the racist. Radiolucas the blind. Radiolucas the uninformed. The more words he (or is it she?) uses, the more sad she gets. Hercule Poirot had a good philosophy. Let the suspect talk and talk and talk. He will always give himself away.

  20. @ soresore

    The one bad taste here is you naming yourself after a soresore. Don’t know whether it’s your own or someone else but it seems like you can’t forget the soresore. Your head will always be in your soresore.

  21. @vitivou

    If it leaves a sour taste in your mouth you’ve gone too far and found my cici.

  22. @ V and Soresore

    Why are you two fighting over your foul tastes? Really. Leave soresore alone, bound to be the result of some sort of medical treatment.

    @ My new best friend ulu milamila

    “Radiolucas the racist. Radiolucas the blind. Radiolucas the uninformed.”

    Okay. You caught me. I could never escape your cutting wit and keen observations. No get back in the little bus before the other children catch you.

    @ Brisco

    Do you really think I am The Richard Naidu? That is an honor and a reflection of your true reverance for me I know. He is a great lawyer with honor, convictions and an intelligence I aspire to (but know that will never be). Truly, despite your many ailments and physical deformities, I thank you Briscoe. I would shake your hand, but I fear it would fall off.

  23. Richard Naidu? Honor? Convictions? And the Duavata Initiatives? A slight contradiction in terms? Anyway I think he stopped blogging after he was outed by real Fiji!! Blogger Number I ?

  24. @ Ache Pigge

    Look Miss Pigge, you need to apply facts and evidence relate them to an argument to make a point.

    If you cannot play by the rules I won’t respond to you and then you will feel left out and get very upset. (This is my blog you know – I can do that).

    Anyway, I am not sure whether you are in a position to be pointing fingers and making accusations about someone that has not only had the bravery and decency to stand up to the IG but suffered physical torture and jail time because of his convictions.

    Richard Naidu deserves to be honoured for his sacrifices – instead he is vilified by cowardly incompetents. Justice eh? Takes its sweet time I tell you.

    I query though why you have not revealed yourself in YOUR posts – after all you are good friends with the IG right? You should be more proud of that! Supporting the IG is popular and the military would love you (probably make you an honorary captain or something)!

    In fact, everyone would want to meet you and tell you how happy they are to know you! Right?

    No perhaps not. If we all knew your names you would have trouble getting to work in the morning – the crowds of adoring admirers and piles of flowers would make it too difficult to get out of the driveway. I can see it now.

  25. [?]

    Voreqe? Seriously!

    I thought we agreed that you were only going to reveal your plan AFTER 2014! We had that plan, take the money offshore, buy a mansion in Mexico… Remember?

    All right. New plan.

    I will see you in Walu Bay at 7am. You can buy a small boat and you can live on the little hut in front of the naval yards. It will be tough at first, but I think it will be okay in the end.


  26. @radioluka & impersonator! you do not belong to this site, just FO right now, this site is only for intelligent people like us, go & school some more , come bac & talk to us!!!
    WE SALUTE OUR COMMANDER & THE IG!!, they are doing marvellously well and u guys are jealous!!!!! nothing but jealousy!!!!!
    Thank you VB, you are God’s gift to our nation!!!!!!!do not worry about this dick heads who are hellbent on destroying Fiji!!! they never will because God is on yr side!!!!!!! in yr face bro!!

  27. Radioluka u sound like one moron with all those fanci talk!!! too bad bro, VB is regning! accept it bro no use fighting it !!! keep talking until yr arse turns blue , it will not change the fact that VB is yr current PM!!!! ha!ha !!!!!he he !!!!!WE HAVE WON THE WAR!!!!!!

    “VB is yr current PM!!!! ha!ha !!!!!he he ”
    “!!!!!WE HAVE WON THE WAR!!!!!!”

    Oh… Nice. I like it. But less volume Soldier.

    You should have LESS beer, not MORE beer after 11pm. Try water now – it should calm you and your boyfriend down enough to write something coherent.

    Otherwise I will ban you from my blog. Okay?

  29. Voreqe Bainimarama

    Yeah, you guys should keep on saluting me you idiots! When will you idiots realise I do not know how to run a government. I have threatnend all I have put in key positions of governments and organisations to make things look good in effect the economy is fucked up, unemployment is on the rise, the people are feeling the pinch of high rising costs while we at the top don’t worry cause we control the money. Thats why my IG members can fly overseas anytime we want under my approval. So I want you bloggers to keep up the good work.

  30. In ur faces little boys!!! can’t take the heat huh??? too bad bro! the writing on the wall is clear!!! VB & his IG ARE IN CONTROLL !!! which part of this you don’t understand???????do u want me to translate it to chinese or hindhi???????????/???????????

  31. [?]


    Look. I have already rung you once today to discuss this. Stop posting your plans online!

    Someone is BOUND to read it and put 2 and 3 together and get 8!

    Oh, and tell your little cousin Raqiqi to get off the internet. She is blocking the phone lines again.


  32. Voreqe Bainimarama

    S.Raqiqi seems like someone who has never been to school like me.

  33. to you folks why do u bother wasting yr time blogging, it is not goin anywhere, simply no where!!!! feel sorry for you guys……!!!

  34. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the witticisms displayed in many of the recent posts. Thanks to (nearly) everyone.

    Vitivou raised an interesting point in a much earlier posting on 30 Sept –
    “After the coups of 1987, Fiji’s dollar was devalued making it easier for New Zealand and Australian businesses to invest and purchase prime properties in Fiji especially in the tourism areas. Today they dominate these areas.”

    If we presume Vitivou’s assessment to be true, which it probably is, then (assuming that profits from those resorts are remitted offshore) it seems ironic that the New Zealand and Australian governments appear to be doing their bit to make Fiji seem to be an unattractive tourist destination, since they’re doing so at the expense of their own tax receipts.

    However I’m more intrigued by the fact that Fiji citizens overseas don’t appear to have taken advantage of the devaluations in 1987 and 1997 in the same way the Australians and Kiwis did. At least not in significant numbers. Why would this be?

    Vitivou also commented that
    “New Zealand and Australia just do not want Fiji to return to the glory days of 1986 when the economy was very strong. At that time, one Fiji dollar equaled one US dollar”.

    This conspiracy theory doesn’t give regard to the intricacies of foreign exchange whereby it’s often better in certain circumstances (such as exporting) for a country to have a relatively ‘weak’ currency. Moreover, it’s a rather unfair comment since, in early 2009, the Fiji dollar was approaching parity with the US dollar yet it was Fiji’s own government which decreed that the Fiji dollar should be devalued (to boost exports and reduce demand for imports)

    It’s fair to point out Australia’s and NZ’s hypocritical actions where they exist, but the impact of the argument is reduced if the blame for simply everything is laid at the antipodean door.

  35. Real Fiji News…Dou vakacucu vinaka vei nomu dou dildo boso o Vooreqe

  36. @Jim, bro, u have to converse like an adult not like a 10 yr old! vakaloloma nomu bula!!! lai lotu mada me kua na vosavosa ca!!!!!

  37. @ jim

    Losers will always lose eh? O a kana loto tu ena nona veiliutaki o Qarase? Cava sa oti na loli?

  38. @vitivou, bro,just reading thru Jim’s comments on this blog makes me feel sad! there is somuch bitterness and unforgiveness, it’s unbelievable !!! I just pray that God touches his heart!!!!!

  39. @Jon – “However I’m more intrigued by the fact that Fiji citizens overseas don’t appear to have taken advantage of the devaluations in 1987 and 1997 in the same way the Australians and Kiwis did. At least not in significant numbers. Why would this be?”

    Things didn’t get cheaper for the Fiji citizens who had their wealth in FJD…

  40. I understand Son of Fiji’s point that things didn’t get cheaper for Fiji citizens still living in Fiji – my query was why Fiji citizens overseas (implying that their wealth would be in overseas currency) didn’t take advantage of the earlier devaluations by investing here. No doubt many remitted money to their relatives (who therefore benefitted from the devaluation), however that’s not the same as investing – which involves making a long term financial commitment to Fiji.

    Fiji citizens living overseas are in a privileged position in this regard. They have the windfall of their currency suddenly becoming 20% stronger with each devaluation, they don’t need to negotiate the obstacle course of Immigration, FTIB, FIRCA (and often NLTB as well) yet they mostly seem to choose not to invest here. This is despite them probably feeling that Fiji is ‘home’.

    I applaud those who have done so, but continue to wonder why most investment from overseas over the past two decades has been from foreigners who’ve make a conscious commitment to Fiji, rather than locals who’ve departed.




  44. Kevin Rudd right now has more brains then the whole population of Fiji put together. That’s why he is world wide famous while fijians just can’t think and do for themselves waiting for freebies. That’s why you have unbelievable fools running your country they think they know better. You all need psyche help.

  45. Rudd a programmed Buffoon I don’t believe he has no idea who Jimmy Hendrix is. RUDDS fate same as Howard’s end………Who was shocked? This ECONOMIC crisis has been coming for thirty years. Thirty years of economic dribble from the mouths of the Liberal and Labor politicians. The Country driven into the ground by constant spin, hollow promises, just to get re-elected for the spoils of office, to share in the carve up of lurks and perks.
    Lurks and Perks only a pirate would have access to,”79,000,000,000 Billion Dollars”. No! Executive bonuses equal this amount of indulgence.
    Kevin A380 fly me to the heavens’ wrote seven thousand word essays, on neo-liberalism. “Oh KEVIN how the has fibbed” on the governments benefited from this system, the banks + government+ big end of town have brought us to the brink of world depression. Kevin is making promises he will never keep, writing cheques his body cant cash, in eight years time Rudd will be know as the EXPERIMENT gone wrong. While he sits in a warm seat at the UN, citizens will remember him using profound language to reflect on the Federal Labor Government time in office.
    While the asinine public continue the cycle of electing the next kleptocracy.

  46. Sincere apologies – its just that our esteemed leaders Kev 737 & Thunderbird Smith have been pre occupied – experiencing turbulence in faraway places – say right now your the last thing of their minds? (don’t speak Chinese).
    Would appear your own – can sort it out yourselves – oh & no – we won’t be sending money & neither will our bro’s – momo’s – neighbours & friends. We do however seek your participation in other worthwhile areas? Projects such as social engineering – how do you feel about sea borne Tamils? & climate change – global warming – eg; rising seas? How come in certain places in the Pacific islands are going under? Yet levels within selective parts of Fiji have remain – ed constant? Maybe the Pacifics breaking up in seletive troughs? Wow! What a quantum breakthrough…Oh & before I say salako – always remember – a no school from Gau’s currently calling the shots…

  47. *

    Rudd has abrogated Australias role in the pacific by his stupid stand on Fiji .

    Come to our community in the NT and see how the Aboriginal people are taught , trained, housed , and listened to ..
    I call our school shit finger primary , our clinic gossip central and the white businesses are corrupt and the Aussie govt states that all this is none of their jurisdiction ?!

    Our education is grade 3 our life expectancy 47 years …if you talk against the whites you cant get anything in the shop (imagine driving from Vaileka to Lautoka for petrol , I have to do that in Rudds Australia !)

    Rudd can only comment on greenhoax effect (its natural , so dont attempt to solve it ) and other things such as spending all of his budget on silly things ….

    Bainimirama represents a real change for Fiji …

    Look When Aussie fixes things up in my community , then they can criticise Fiji till then the Aust and NZ govt should just shut their mouths , tikolo mada !
    All the best , frankie from your good mates in Elliott !

    Stand up to this bully who is full of his own rubbish and hypocrisy!(Rudd)

    Leave a Comment

  48. Rudd gets an F

    F for alienating Fiji and inviting China and others to take up the slack …

    F..Sihip , an indigenous housing intitative worth 800.million has produced 2 houses for an expenditure of 40 milli9on here in the NT ..

    F..Hes just a disaster ..

    Frank has censored the press , well have a look at our Darwin newspaper , crocodiles , Darwin , everywhere else doesnt matter , its the sister publication to the Fiji Times yet the Fiji times with its censor is streets ahead !(BTW , the current editor of the NT news was kicked out of Fiji , I can see why ..

    Rudd , F , Failed Fiji , Failed Elliott , Failed Australia …..

    I see what my Aboriginal family put up with in Elliott and I am ashamed to be a white aussie ….

    Lolomas to my family in Fiji .. ..

  49. Before you attack Rudd any more, remember how Rudd was in regard to you and the issues you are talking about. Because if Rudd loses the next election, you will be crushed, ignored and treated like dirt by the incumbent Tony Abbott. You will be apologising.
    In the mean time GET RID OF THAT PICTURE. Swap it with something else with some level of maturity, because everything you have said is undermined by that photo

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