New Zealand 4th time lucky – Kicked out AGAIN!!!

It is the first time Australia’s top diplomat has been shown the door in Fiji, although it is the fourth time New Zealand’s top-ranking official has been expelled.

“We’re gravely concerned (about) Fiji’s continual withdrawal from the international community,” Mr Smith said.

“Cdre Bainimarama has chosen to go down this path – it’s most regrettable – and in a matter of minutes and hours, rather than hours and days, I will announce what Australia’s response to this action is.”


13 responses to “New Zealand 4th time lucky – Kicked out AGAIN!!!

  1. Very good Australia..Keep him pinned down.The fool..Toso mai viti me moku mada na tamata qo

  2. jim:

    lei moku ga omu sona vutulaki.

  3. radio fiji sa rauta na kana da…Mata vakai cici ni ga

  4. Why did the chicken cross the road? It didn’t… it was in actual fact drop kicked out of the country…

  5. By animal abusers. They don’t respect animals in this country. They’ll eat the chicken and eat its head too.



  8. Fiji has been prevailing since the beginning of time.

  9. Prevailing against what? Against our own stupidity?

    We have nothing left to be proud of. Our government is usurped. Our people abused.

    Our army has deserted us. They have stolen everything from us. They have made bakola of us all – and they do it in the name of “truth” and “honor” when what they do had nothing to do with it.


    What have we left to be proud of?

  10. … move by Frank, good on you !!! Aust & NZ thinks we are their back yard!!! In yr face ex convicts!!!!!!!!!! drau sota!!!

  11. @ s raqiqi.

    Please ensure 2 attached copies of above letter are included in any or all visa appications.

  12. @skippy not interested in aust or nz, not my fav holiday dests, there are better places!!!!

  13. Please ensure 2 copies are in enclosed in these also.

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