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Anger over perceived delays in the processing of a medical visa for the sick child of a Fijian judge prompted the expulsion from Suva of acting New Zealand deputy High Commissioner Todd Cleaver.

“The New Zealand government will now consider the appropriate steps to take in response to today’s expulsion, and also assess the impact of this action on the already depleted resources in our Suva High Commission.”

A spokeswoman for Prime Minister John Key said he was in a state dinner with Prince Edward this evening, and was not sure if he had been briefed on the expulsion.

Wellington – Fiji’s military ruler, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, ordered senior diplomats from New Zealand and Australia out of the country Tuesday, accusing them of waging a negative campaign against his government, which seized power in a bloodless coup nearly three years ago. Bainimarama, who said his Pacific island neighbours were “engaged in a dishonest and untruthful strategy to undermine our judiciary, our independent institutions and our economy,” also ordered his country’s high commissioner in Canberra home.

In a televised address, Bainimarama said the senior diplomats of New Zealand and Australia were “refusing to engage with government and engaging only with those Fijians who have a political interest in holding Fiji back.”

Bainimarama said a judge on Fiji’s High Court, Anjala Wati, had been “harassed and humiliated by the New Zealand High Commission in Fiji when she applied for a visa on medical grounds to take her baby son to New Zealand.”

But the New Zealand High Commission in Suva issued its own statement, saying an application for a visa on medical grounds by Wati was not rejected.

FIJI’S strongman, Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama, has expelled Australian high commissioner James Batley and his New Zealand counterpart in the latest diplomatic standoff.

Commodore Bainimarama said Mr Batley and New Zealand’s envoy Todd Cleaver would be given 24 hours to leave the country and that he would recall Fiji’s top diplomats in Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Batley is understood to be outside the country and is not expected to return to Suva, as planned, later this week.

Commodore Bainimarama said the expulsion order was the result of recent decisions taken by the Australian and New Zealand governments concerning Fiji, which he believed amounted to interference in the country’s internal affairs.

He said yesterday that Australia and New Zealand had engaged in dishonest and untruthful strategies to undermine Fiji’s judiciary and weaken the economy.

The expulsions come soon after Fiji Chief Justice Anthony Gates, who holds dual Australian and British citizenship, complained bitterly about separate incidents involving travel bans on Fiji’s judges.

When outlining the two incidents on Sunday, Justice Gates accused Australia of interfering in the judiciary of a Commonwealth country because Australian consular officials had counselled the Sri Lankans against working in Fiji.

Australian officials had earlier made a low-key approach to Sri Lanka’s judicial authorities informing them that the integrity and independence of the Fiji bench was in doubt.

Justice Gates accused New Zealand of “begrudgingly” granting a visa to the daughter of a Fiji judge who was suffering “full retinal detachment”.



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  1. Islands-in-the-Stream

    Every sovereign people is entitled to a free, independent and impartial judiciary and Justice System. Fiji has not had such a system for a very long time. Intereference and meddling in the judicial system has existed for years within Fiji. As if that were not bad enough, interference, callous and crass meddling has ensued from without Fiji. The Chief Justice of Fiji, Justice Anthony Gates, rightly takes issue with this on our behalf. Our individual and our corporate rights are threatened by such interference. Our sovereignty is impugned. Please consider why any sane person with a dose of self-esteem would tolerate this? Our dignity comes from standing for our sovereignty and asserting that it is unassailable. Would our interests and our descendants require anything less?

  2. It’s unlikely that such confrontational actions by Australia, New Zealand and Fiji are going to succeed in changing each other’s stance. In fact there’s good reason to assume that the positions of the respective governments, and their supporters, will now become more entrenched – to the detriment of all.

    The intemperate way in which this whole sorry saga has been played out is an indictment against all the central figures in the three countries. They are showing themselves to be incapable of the diplomatic reasoning that is required of anyone who aspires to be a successful leader in almost any field.

  3. Fiji – another Cuba in the making.

  4. @ timothy, more like another Israel in the making

  5. Bainimarama o vosa tu ivei..Fuck off na keba caiti iko..

    Tamata no school..Sega ni mai veibuturaki vakoro qo caiti tamamu..Sega ni o sotia mo sotia sara…Toka ga na kena veimama…

    Solia na cakacaka qori vei ira na lewei viti.Luveni .Magaijinamu..

  6. jim:

    You another of those closeted faggots.

    Kawa ni bili da caitibumu.

  7. Radio Fiji…Jikolo na gusumu…Drau pamu kei Bainimarama…Se cava o mai tovaki koya kina..

    Biu mada i ra na dakai me macala mada na gusu ni kubu qori ..Mo dou sega ni kila na nomudou boidada i loma ni keba qori..Dabeca vinaka tiko na baku nei Bainimarama..

    O na bukete mai na dabeca tiko na ka qori caiti koya na kemui vutu o Bainimagana

  8. Fiji diplomat kicked out of Australia. Go back to the third world, back to the heat and poverty that will greet you right after disembarking. Fiji the way the world should be.

  9. Jim:

    Na gusu ni kubu e tu vei tamamu luveni maqe.

  10. Expletives aside, as colourful as they are… I am glad Bainimarama has taken this stance. Apart from the right to a judiciary, zero- tolerance of outside interference, and an ongoing campaign against a group people (us) whose size and number equate to a small Australian city suburb, it is about time Rudd and Keys get their teeth into Pacific and regional issues and treat it with dignity and respect and man-up quickly.
    To date East Timor is being plundered with Oil and Gas by Australian interest pouring 28,000 barels of oil daily into the sea with the inferno going amok on the rig. 12 asylum seekers left to die in a sinking boat (Oceanic Viking) and the refugee centres on Xmas islands bursting at the seams. Only months ago the target- Indian students riots and that fateful Xmas only 2 years ago on Bondi when Arabs were targeted in street riots. What we are seeing is an Australian Foreign Policy that is not only exploitative of foreigners but actively antagonistic and oppressive. All that smooth talk and MDG friendly postures are incongruent to the what Australians think of foreigners. Fiji is telling Australia to stop treating us like some errant child playing like some bad tempered nanny. And as for Brij Lal so called Fijian, really did he expect a cup of tea and scones at the camp. He should stop acting like some precious little Canberra-bred brat, If he is a true Girmitya he should have expected what he got a bit of roughing up here and there, after all his failed Constitution is what fucked things up in the first place. Now that we have persona non-grated the two lets focus on building up and moving forward without the bullshit…

  11. You mean move forward with all the bullshit. Who in Fiji deserves respect, say aye anyone. All liumuris all built in. The Indians deserve more respect then any indigenous any day.

  12. @darren. another “raw” blogger. We are all Fijians. There is no such thing as respect for one group and no respect for another. We are all one and we do respect others and we dont meddle in others’ affairs. We expect our neighbours to give us a chance to fix our decades long problems ourselves. You have contradicted yourself by your statement. For arguments sake, if Indians deserve more respect, isn’t that what Frank is trying to achieve, ie, equality for all, as opposed to Qarase’s divisive policies? And sadly oz and nz oppose it.

  13. Joe
    Why you worry if Oz and NZ don’t like, go to China. There is definitely more to respect in the hardworking Indians then the lazy Fijians. Give all idle lands to the Indians to turn it into a fortune while you go drink homebrew under the mango tree with your kind, isn’t that what Franks encourages for you lot? Last I checked, Indians look Indians and Fijians look Fijians, they even worship different Gods. One people my arse. Raise the race card and the Fijians trample the Indians down. Hypocrites everywhere.

  14. @ darren
    M***er f***kers like you are the problem, not solution. Bloody dickhead.

  15. Joe, there you go. Right on tune.
    A Fijian brain for you anyone??!!!!! He he he

  16. @darren,
    classic eg. of a Fijian brain is Frank. Despite international pressure and pressure from some chiefs and corrupt ex ministers, this great man is as cool as a cucumber and moving the country in the right direction. Dickheads like yourself can bark till the cows come home. I am sorry to say this, but, prominent Indian politicians and businessmen are more interested in protecting their stash of cash in foreign banks. Frank puts the country and its people first.

  17. NA QAI QO…..SANA QAI GA……..


  19. joe
    Classic example of a Fijian brain is you waiting for the handout from your Great man. You can’t work hard for your money you just waiting for everything for free. Useless, useless people like you can do a good job begging on the streets of Suva.

  20. @kanabuta
    handouts were rife when qarase was pm. All that has changed for the better. This is 2009 and Frank is PM. Are you still living in the past? wakey, wakey.

  21. “Frank puts the country and its people first.”

    Right. He puts something first, his arse – because he knows he has no other choice.

    How sad a day it is for Fiji.

    While our economy does a death dive into oblivion and the people have everything taken from them all you numbskulls can do is cheer, touch eachother and raise your skirts – exclaiming how pleased you are that Bainimarama is retarded enough to antagonise the international community and invite condemnation again (is he just THAT stupid or simply bored?).

    I hope everyone likes the cars they have now because the way this is going, that is going to be our pride and joy for the next 10 years while we wait for Bainimarama to die – unless of course you keep cheering for the big cretin in the vain hope that he will give you a free landcruiser… Right? Idiots.

  22. joe
    it is you waiting for your handout from your great man. Go to the village, teitei make yourself useful to your commun ity. Leave your dependency mentality hat behind in the city when you go to the village to eat your food and feed your family by the sweat of your head.

  23. @kanabuta. you dont even know me son. I do have a job and dont depend on handouts, never have. It seems people like yourself depended on handouts and it is now hurting when nothing is coming your way. Go get a life. Change your name to KANADROKA.

  24. @Darren the only one playing the race card is you… Indians , FIjians, FIjian chiefs, Indian ministers, church presidents whoever they are get the same treatment in Fiji today if you break the law you go to court, if you get taken to the camp you get “very strong, violent abusive language”… what Did Brij expect after all the negativity he has given us. HE is an academic who makes his bread and butter from playing with language and he is damned good at it, but noone deserves that much credit. But the more you talk the more you show that race is an issue and you have a bouldersize chip right up your arse and sitting on your shoulder if I may say so… But then we will just keep on chipping away… Anyhow if you were true son of girmitya nothing fazes you if your history of hardship is anything to go by so one little harsh word should not send you into a whimper of tears considering you forefathers have had to bear way way worse than that. Maybe you one Susu madrai kind… man up bunene!!!
    @Radiolucas welcome back shit stirrer the you must be looking at the economic growth chart upside down man…But then again you never knew your ass from your elbow…

  25. @Reason. Well said mate. It is a level playing field now, and it hurts these morons. Nothing is achieved without hardship and hard work.

  26. @ Joe & Reason…

    the reality is you Voceke & Reason need to get your head out of each others arses to realise the damage you’ve done econimically to the country….do you guys even realise the investment consequences for these kinda actions…anyway checkout, there is an organisation there thats lobbying for Voceke to be tried in the ICC. If you keep tabs on their progress, Voceke might be in the Hague by 2014 rather then supervising his election……check it out.

  27. @na dina
    The reality is, The ship is on course under the able captaincy of Frank, despite strong head winds. The destination is in sight and radars locked on. Who are you trying to fool dickhead? People like Saddam and Milosovic go to the hague. Go get your facts right you moron. You and can stick it up each others rear, arsehole!!!!! Now, piss off to RAW.

  28. Good to be back.

    Let the naysayers talk and ridicule Frank on what he is doing to lift Fiji forward to a more democratic and prosperous country. The vision MUST be achieved and fulfilled in these short space of time. The future is definitely bright for this country. Mark my word!!!

  29. Radio Lucas:

    There you go again with a mouth full of tripe and most importantly lacking substance.

  30. @ Radio Fiji

    Sure, sure. “Lacking substance”. Right.

    I like the way you all talk about VB as a great leader, a “Captain”, and the “bright future” that he has made for Fiji building the hope for a “more democratic and prosperous country”.

    He has no plans. His plans and statements are vague farts about nothing, and worse – he seeks to antagonise the regional trading partners and the general international community – everyone from the USA, Europe to Aust and NZ has condemned him.

    If he had half a plan he would try to pretend he is a leader, shut up and try to lay low – but he clearly isn’t even clever enough for that.

    And the hypocrisy of you lot: He just took your freedoms, your voices, your prosperity and your future – then you pat him on the back for it for being such a great leader?!?

    Are you all crazy or just incredibly stupid?

    He is not a leader. Leaders lead and make decisions for and on behalf of the people. He is just a serial liar, a thief and a traitor.

  31. Radio Lucas:

    Your argument that Frank may not be business savvy is in fact neutralised by the business deficient Qarase.

    You may want to contain your bellicosity and ease up on disseminating folderols.

    Here’s a thought take my hand and walk with me this way together we shall work to bettering our Country and improve our people inclusively.

  32. Radio Lucas:

    Just an after thought for once in your life stop all these “quid pro quo” and think of the community at large.

  33. @ Radio Fiji

    “Your argument that Frank may not be business savvy is in fact neutralised by the business deficient Qarase.”

    So what are you trying to say? That VB is a “savvy business leader” when compared to Qarase? Do you seriously think that? I am betting that you don’t really think that – name something that VB has done himself that isn’t (a) Qarase’s idea in the first place; or (b) Some other bright spark’s idea (e.g. potato plan 2009).

    Having VB as PM has the rest of the Pacific either laughing at or worried for us – he has no plan, no logic and no self control.

    It is as if we are being led by a mentally-challenged orangutan with a gun – VB just makes loud noises and vague threats to anyone who points out the obvious to him – all the while there is no actual work or progress being made.

    “Quid pro quo” means exactly what we need: accountability and fairness. As you quite rightly point out, what I am asking for is not unfair or unreasonable – our nation is being held to ransom by – it is just that Frank own up to what he is doing and to return the power he stole back to the people.

    VB’s only plan is the same big plan he has always had – to stay in power and either bully, intimidate or bribe whomever he has to to stay there. Even now, he just spent 50m on backpay to the army – surprise, surprise, eh? (not really).

    His entire premise of his coup was to “prevent the qoliqoli bill”.

    Now the qoliqoli bill is “his” new idea. Tell me he is fucking kidding right?!?

    It is disgustingly deceitful.

    It is just another nail in the coffin that justifies everything we have been warning would happen. He took your power, he took your money, he is taking your future while you watch all doe-eyed and thanking him for doing it.

    I ask you to wake up and be a little more intelligent, not just for myself, but for you too, despite your obvious feelings to the contrary.

    I wonder how you will feel when the money runs out and he starts paying you in tin fish and dalo? Will you speak up then? Won’t it be too late?

    So yes, I could hold your hand, but we won’t be walking anywhere, just standing still, picking our noses and watching our Great Idiot make a fool of himself and an even bigger fool of us for believing his lies.

  34. Radio Lucas:

    Never adopt neither a defeatist nor a pessimistic attitude.

  35. @ Soko:

    Agreed, I do have hope and that is why I keep going – if we just sit here and clap to ourselves about how great everything is, nothing will get done and we will lose everything we have ever had.

  36. It gives me strength to come to blogs like this and read comments and articles from naysayers like Radiolucas and Soko.

    Mark my word, Fiji is gonna be fine by the time we reach election 2014. By the look of things, next year may see a very good year for Fiji.

    This is a prediction.

  37. Radioactive soresore

    @ Radiolucas

    Shit on your hand and clap to yourself..

  38. @ The Max and Radioactive Soresore

    Elections? 2014?

    No, wait, is this like the election we were meant to have on 10 December 2009?

    Come on. We have been through this before.

    Respectfully, saying that we are going to have elections in 2014 is not a prediction (unless it is the nostra dumarse kind). Saying this and expecting people to beleive it is an insult to our intelligence.

    2014 is a made up number, made up by a lying criminal for the sake of keeping you idiots happy, dreaming in your happy happy land about your happy happy future, while he robs you of your future.

    Fiji is not going to be “fine”. Fiji is already a pariah state, a third world dictatorship. The only jobs available will be working for the government and cleaning the sides of the road.

    Foreign investment has disappeared and our only hope, tourism, is being depth-charged by the idiot Emperor of Fiji, Frank “Who? What? Where?” Bainimarama.

    The only “good” news is that the way that Frank is running things, the country won’t have long to contemplate the real impact of his stupidity before it all falls down all around us.

  39. Now Aiyaz has the broadcasting licenses… So the military controls: the government, the courts, the newspapers and the TV.

    Anything else? Comments anyone? Or are you all just too lamu to face reality?

  40. @ radiolucas

    As someone directly involved in the ICT industry in Fiji for the last 25 years, the issue with the broadcast license is long time coming. This should have been sorted out long ago even before the deregulation of the Telecom industry.

    The problem with people like you is that you just do not have an idea what the politicians and their crooks have been doing to Fiji all these times, especially after coup 1987.

    I feel good for the new Fiji that will emerge out of this claen up and modernization.

  41. @ TheMax

    Despite your later comment, my statement was not in relation to whether the licensing system in Fiji should be reviewed – for all I know it should have been and in that I agree with you.

    To enact legislation that allows the wholesale redistribution and governing of Fiji’s TV media network that third parties did NOT invest in, and is at the sole discretion of an illegal government is simply corrupt. In a normal government this legislation would have had to have been enacted through a procees through the parliament i.e. the representatives of the people? (you may remember this concept).

    As some people put it: “if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck.”

    It is no good telling me that you have a secret understanding or “experience” of governmental corruption that, if you had the time to explain and I could appreciate, explains everything that has happened to Fiji. It is a fallacious argument and insulting to those that are suffering.

    We know that the past governments have been corrupt. You voted for them too so don’t tell me you bear no responsibility for them.

    In fact, all government is corrupt to some degree – but as I am sure that you will agree, they get better over time as the perpetrators of corrupt practices and criminal behavior are sanctioned – either by being prosecuted or booted out of office.

    Now we have no justice, no freedom of speech, no governmental accountability, no investment, no economy and no elections. Fun eh? Good job Frank.

    The concern that everyone should have by now is with the way this government is fucking everything up – our country is being paddled backwards down the toiletbowl for the sake of an inept military dictator and the greed of a few cronies.

    And to add insult to our injury, they are trying to tell us that they are doing it “for the country” and that what they want to do is to have “a clean up”. Right. What “clean up”? Cleaning out the dusty money from the dusty government’s budget?

    As Samuel Johnson once wrote: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

  42. Radioactive soresore


    You are a duck out of water, quack quack.

    You have no idea of the last time you treaded water. So when people piss on your back an tell you it is raining you get all excited. It is not the real thing.

    You need to be in the Fiji pond to get a grip on reality.

  43. @ Radioactive soresore

    What are you talking about? What pond are you swimming around with ducks? Maybe with the four legged croaking kind in the Thurston gardens?

    My reality seems to be working much better than yours. Maybe you should not be drinking so much beer at work eh?

  44. So… All the money in the budget to pay for the Soldiers and the Police, the economy sky diving into deficit and high interest international loans… and yet all you fanboys are unusually quiet.

    Where is all the excitement at the “great job” the Interim Incompetants are doing?

    Perhaps cold reality is dawning on you all and making re reconsider what everyone has been so upset about.

    You should all be ashamed.

    The criminal military government is getting rich by making a slow and painful death for Fiji and her people – and all the while you sat on your hands singing the praises of the people that are taking everything from you.

  45. Radio Likas:

    Forget about the economy and all that tell me what is your gripe with this regime.

  46. @ Invictus

    So you won’t read what I have written, but invite me to write about anything OTHER than what the military junta has done to the economy?


    Freedom of speech;
    Freedom of assembly;
    Independence of the Judiciary;
    Dissolution of Government;
    Removal of Democratic safeguards;
    Refusal to hold elections;
    Torture of civilians;
    Murdur of civilians;
    Imprisonment and detainment of citizens on the grounds of Political association; and
    The installation of unelected officials to appointments before all government ministries and heads of government, including that of Prime Minister and President.

    So, yes, the economy is important, but not my only “gripe”. Perhaps, if latin is your forte, you should have a little more thought and gravitas behind your statements.

  47. Bainimarama is a rat,clueless,thick, unprofessional motherfucker a bully and a coward also murdering son of bitches. thank you

  48. @ Merlin

    Wow….what happened? you lost your lolly Qarase always give you?

    Fiji is on its way to better days with Bainimarama. We are fine and happy by his leadership.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  49. RadioLikas:

    You cannot become deranged by the misuse of your nom de plume a lot more credence and comportment will be shown if only you have the intestinal fortitude to use your christened name.

    It appears you and your ilks share the same parrot because the squawking and regurgitation of the same shite that you lot disseminate in fact it’s becoming a little tiresome.

    Now like a good little fellow run along and enjoy life quit you’re squawking shoot your parrot.

    Have a blessed Christmas and I await your mea-
    culpa for all ills that you have caused

  50. @ good move RL – reminds of Texan protocol re urinating & tents.

  51. A poll on Fiji Today shows 90% of those who voted would not vote for the current government in an election. This poll was IP blocked to stop multiple voes. The second poll shows that 91% of people consider they are worse off than last year.

  52. @ Peter

    Who cares about that poll anyway. The current government is not an elected party anyway.

    What is Fiji Today? Is it an online blog or what? We know that online blogs are censored as well so who cares.

    People like you Peter will never get it. Just a fraction of the people in Fiji have access to the internet so most of them do not have time to vote online.

    Take your online poll and shove it.

  53. Those in goverment who desire to regulate peoples minds & spirits are like men who are so afraid of being murdered they commit suicide to avoid assassination.

  54. The conventional army loses if it does not win – the guerrilla wins if it does not lose.
    Blog on ragone! Happy New Year – good hunting!

  55. @ Seme Meo.

    Ratu – respectfully seek your wisdome assistance & intervention?

    2 people right now who should know better appear fixated with titles?

    Vunivalu of Natewa still vacant?

  56. Could somebody please clarify Col Tikodruadrua’s comments regarding criteria for inclusion in the forthcoming political forum?

    ‘must not represent organisations based on communial representation’?

    Does this include organisations (representatives?) who enjoy overwhelming public support? Argument sake lets say SDL drops (agree’s) on the abolishment of communial representation – one vote – one value – what then?

  57. Appears some www blogs purportedly heralding ‘media freedom’ are very selective in what they post? Least this one practices what it preaches.

  58. @ Semi Meo.

    Reckon some of our Tovata Kai (boys) could be frightened (intimidated) by the evolution of Taukei culture? Burabasaga has a capable female head? So why won’t they consider Adi Qoila as Tui Nayau?

  59. @ Billy Benau and Matanivanua Taukei

    What are you guys still talking about here? Everyone else have moved on and are happy with what Frank and his team are doing for the country lifting everyone from forever drowning in the colonial mindset to true freedom.

    You guys can cry all you want until the earth moon fall out of the sky, the rest of us are living happily and working hard to make Fiji self-reliant and prosperous.

    C’mon folks, its 2010 so let’s move on.

    Or maybe you guys just can’t move on because the lollies that Qarase was giving you by robbing the ordinary folks have dried up huh? Too bad for you folks.

  60. Your the one playing catchup.

    So what happens (consequences of ) if this one rigid vote one value thing comes into effect? What befalls traditional Tailevu Rewa & Suva vo etc etc? Outnumbered (out voted) by Vulagi?
    Noted your fixation with moon & lollies – must be from Naitasiri.

  61. @ billy benau

    Wow….you are the one to catch up here. You can answer your own questions yourself by doing your own research. The rest of us are too far ahead in building the new Fiji to come back and give you some answers to your dilemma.

    Bye bye. See you later.

  62. No my misguided friend – you are simply buiding a new Suva – & you don’t even own that.

  63. so it is said

  64. Hey Bill,

    Will see when this is over. BTW, somehow every comment you’ve made here doesn’t make sense. Bye.

  65. Say more too do with your intellect & age – not comments.

  66. uhm…not comments or no comments? Whose intellect and age is that?

  67. @ Semi Meo.

    Cyber War Observations.

    Gee ratu some of these lawyer sponsored so called ‘Viti freedom’ www blogs sure have a strange a strange slant & interpretation of word & meaning? (views & perspectives that obviously contradict their own).

    Not above a bit of censorship themselves.

    Posted story yesterday about these people (person) publicly declaring war on the Lotu (methodists) – demanding removal of leaders via his musical matanivanua – Fiji Sun.

    Queried why they hadn’t previously enforced this measure on the catholics (Barr) & others?
    Post there – post now gone?

    Ratu – what sort of person declares war on God and expects victory?

  68. If ” his Excellency the Prime Minister” (FP) though tourism – sugar – banking – foreign & inter faith relations were tough? Suggest he closely monitors western horizon for imminent arrival of a large troublesome – hungry silver bird with AP tattooded on it arse?

    Gotta watch renegade bati ni wai – first army – see how he handles air force?

    Bibles found unburned in warehouse infernos –
    approaching large silver birds with big deficit syndromes? Guess this is the sort of strange phenomena you expect when you declare war on the Lotu?

  69. @ Verani

    Nobody is declaring war on the Lotu. Frank is declaring war on thieves and terrorists cloaked in Christian ministerial attire.

    Why don’t they just resign from the church and form a political party or join the SDL? Stop dragging the good name of the Methodist Church into their own political ideology or their masters in the SDL party. These thieves and terrorists are responsible for dragging the church into sinful acts right from 1987 to date.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure all these out. So Verani, take your narrowminded comment and shove it up ya @#$*.

  70. ….I congratulate VB for postponing the methodist church conference till 2014, best decision ever! the church is breeding political figures whose TOR is to save souls not get involved politically, leave that alone! Na ka ni sa qai vinakata qo! boy……I can see God smiling!!!!!

  71. Kai – you’ll see God laughing!

    You appear an authority on TOR’s?

    ‘Save souls – not get involved politically’.

    Fair call – now go check ‘bati ni wai’?
    O… elei…

  72. Well there u go Kai raqiqi – 2 hard eh….
    Google ‘sailor’?

  73. @verani! e mosi??????????????????????? face it better times are at hand!!!!!

  74. Times? We’ll see?

    Not confident if SCC & Hook & Chook cockups are anything to go bye?

    Kai – here’s another one?

    Free elections – democracy etc etc – everyone gets a vote etc etc.
    So what happens too traditional Taukei
    landowners in Tailevu – Rewa if this form of election takes place? Talking those who currently host countless numbers of Vulagi?
    Potential big danger here – possible thru no fault of their own that these Taukei’s could be swampted by shear weight of numbers.

    Power that be keeps insisting Viti will do its own thing in its own way in its own time.

    Seperate election roll for squatters?

    Goodness – anyone needs representation its these poor unfortunates.

  75. @verani ! open yr eyes it’s already here!

  76. We’ll see?

  77. In Australia the only news coming out of fiji is usually twisted by Rupert Murdoch owned newspapers.

    What is going on there?

    Are there some good local independent blogs without pro-coup or pro-US bias?

    I used to check rawfijinews but it hasn’t been updated since 22 December (and it also used too many Murdoch sources).


  78. It’s OK, I’ve found some.

  79. @ Barp.

    Suggest unofficial regime outlet FS – read carefully between the lines – get some indication where their heading. Serious battle for iTaukei hearts & minds will be fought within individual (traditional) provinces – not by Suva lawyers & overseas academics.

  80. Fiji Sun is getting better and better in their reporting. The Fiji Times continues its downward spiral into irrelevancy…hehehehe….Australia and Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda medium will die soon.

  81. @ The Max.
    Fiji Times staff have always believed its all about them? (NR etc).

    Any doubt about AUS commitment towards Fiji (Pacific) make your mind up about this?

    Rowan Callick today reported AUS Pacific envoy job still unfilled after 4 months.

    If things go pear shaped in Viti? & boats start appearing in East – can’t say they weren’t warned.

  82. Thanks.

    Good luck to you. The feeling I get about people in Australia is that most people have no idea what’s going on and the media isn’t telling us anything real about Fiji.

    Today ABC said something about Smith meeting NZ and Fiji ‘Foreign Ministers’ but then???……..

    If you can get hold of a copy, there is a very good book called “The Family” by Jeff Sharlet which helps with an idea of what is probably happening behind the big closed doors!

  83. @ Verani

    “boats start appearing in the east”?

    I presume this is referring to the forlorn hope that China will come to the aid of the Military Dictatorship?

    Seriously, Australia and NZ don’t need Fiji.

    Fiji needs Australia and NZ.

    The military also need Australia and NZ – think about it – who else can legitimise their corrupt rule?

    @ Barp

    The FT and FS can’t publish anything real about Fiji because the military won’t let them. Instead you get stories about large vegetables and new bridges being built – pure fluff. Read it and you will either get very bored or go to sleep. Hence why it is so sad because there are far more real stories of corruption, violence, intimidation and theft going on that are being recorded and written about. They just can’t get published in Fiji and Australia and NZ don’t care about corruption in a third world country – they don’t do it for Burma so why do it for Fiji?

    Also – don’t let anyone distract you with talk about race and conflict over racial “divides”. Fiji is not the middle east.

    It is, and was never about the “Foreigners” v “Kaiviti” – it is about money, power and greed. No matter how alluring and sexy a complex story about intrigue and heroes might be, the simplest explanation for an event is usually the answer: The military staged the coup to steal the country.

    In any event, just remember that even though the FT cannot publish them, they are still writing and recording the events and news stories that the military won’t let the publish – because the truth will come out one day.

    History will be a harsh judge of character for these incompetant criminals masquerading as an elected government.

  84. @ Radiolucas.

    West – as in – from – ‘Western Pacific’.

  85. @Radiolucas.

    So what about Q 2?

    Why is the Roko still in exile?

  86. @ Verani – “boats start appearing from the East”

    Quite. But you said “East”, not West – nevertheless – what are you referring to exactly?

    Perhaps I am in the wrong here as I think I have the messages mixed up a bit.

    Q2 – the Roko in exile?

    Probably because the military doesnt want public figures speaking out about their incompetent rule. I cannot say for sure.

  87. RadioLuca.

    You relieve yourself, in fact I do believe you get great sexual pleasure from visiting vaious sites disseminating your brand of corrupt fripperies.

  88. Takes one to know one

  89. “corrupt fripperies”?

    Nice to see you are visiting the “vaious” sites – perhaps with your love of latin – just a guess but maybe you believe using Latin lends more credence to your inane commentary?

    (sry everyone else – should try Not to resort to name calling but this is just dumb.)

    thx Dan – don’t worry about invictarse – I haven’t read any comments from him yet that make any sense.

  90. Radio Luca:

    Your lack of propriety speaks for its self, whilst I am have got a bit delirious in my expression of sex theres was no need for name calling.

    Now I want you and your Ilks to understand this Fiji is on the move you all can sit on the fence or you all could do the right the thing and make an honest contribution to the advancement of Fiji.

    Papa Qarase and his thieving cronies aint returning.

  91. @ Invictus

    “lack of propriety”? “a bit delirious”? “honest contribution”? “theiving cronies”?

    Er… right. Well said?

    “Make an Honest Contribution”

    Without clarity, without an understanding or even a vague plan of what the military dictatorship hopes to do, how and what should anyone do to make this “honest” contribution?

    I am guessing the answer is “shut up” and “don’t ask any questions”.

    Now, I am not what I think of as being highly intelligent but that plan doesn’t sound “constructive” in any way.

    What it does sound like is stupid because only the stupid or the morally deficient would CHOOSE to shut their eyes to what is going on. It is okay if you live overseas and you don’t know what is going on like a tourist but it is not okay if you live in Fiji and you see it happening to you and to your future.


    I am not sure about what sort of medication you are on, but should you pause long enough in your cut and paste typing to think about what your claims actually are.

    So here is a question:

    Who stole our government?
    Who stole our judiciary?
    Who stole our freedoms?
    Who stole our rights?
    Who stole our laws? and
    Who stole our voice?

    Here is a hint: it wasn’t your “Papa Qarase”.

    “The Advancement of Fiji”

    So what do you think we should REALLY do?

    I am hoping that you don’t think that shutting up and being quiet is a good plan. That is what Ostriches do and I know that Ostriches don’t own computers – unless these Ostriches work up at the Barracks, which might be possible.

    Anyway. Assuming that you are a person (and not an Ostrich), you might have given some thought about how you might “help” Fiji.

    I have an idea as follows:

    1. Removing the draconian edicts of the Military Dictatorship;

    3. Reinstating the rights and freedoms of the people of Fiji;

    3. Removing the Military from all political positions (they are soldiers, not leaders);

    4. Reinstating an electoral process that does not require a Dictator’s whimsical notion of “when I am ready for an election, Fiji is ready for an election”;

    5. Conducting a referendum on the political reform in Fiji; and

    6. Electing a government that MOST (not all) of us vote for.

    Anyway, that is my idea of an “honest” contribution to the advancement of Fiji.

    So tell me what was your idea Mr Ostrich?

  92. Radio Luca.

    Your puerility precedes you.

    Now all of the above that you and your ilks are so concupiscent about was collectively enjoyed by the masses pre 87, 2000 and the Qarase era.

    However during the Qarase era spawn the realease of people like yourself with fingers in the public trough and yet with all that has occured the insatiable desire for everything thats not yours intensifies.

    You all claim you all victims of this coup whilst the majority of the Fijian population begs to differ.

    Now then again I ask you what will you contribute to the advancement of Fiji without forever bleating of the unfortunate circumstance you in.

    Poor sod.

    The nation of Fiji awaits your mea-culpa.

  93. @ Invictus

    “Using Clever Words to Seem Clever”

    “puerility”, “ilks”, “concupiscent”, “mea culpa”?

    Using latin implies a certain type of education – sometimes English, sometimes legal. A lot of people often like to use latin to sum up arguments and causes such as: “iuris ignorantia est cum ius nostrum ignoramus”, which when translated:

    “it is ignorance of the law when we do not know our own rights”

    Equally, a thesaurus is a very useful device for finding alternate words for the same meaning with a different effect.

    But why are you doing this?

    I suspect that your intention in using both complex and archaic language is twofold:

    1. To confuse; and

    2. To make people that your argument has more merit than it really does.

    “The Majority Begs to Differ”

    I like the words you are using – Fijian – what do you mean by this? Are you implying that the Fijian (i.e. the indigenous) or the “Fiji Islanders” are in support of Frank and his Dictatorship?

    If someone has a gun to your head, and says to you that you have to say that you like ice cream, unless you like being shot, you will say that you like ice cream.

    But does it mean you like ice cream?

    Do Ostriches like ice cream?

    I don’t actually care whether you like ice cream. I don’t think Ostriches like ice cream.

    The point is that you are saying that the “majority” of Fiji is in support of a Military Government that has not only financially and politically ruined the country but refuses to let the “Majority” have a voice with which to tell them how “happy” (overjoyed??) they are to have these incompetant thugs fuck up the country’s future for the next fifty years. I don’t think you really believe this.

    I can assure you that if the majority were given a voice, the message would be clear: the Military Dictatorship has to go, go quickly and quietly.

    This was the case before the PER and will be after.

    What reason, other than to hold onto power and wealth, does the Military Dictator have for his coup? The great clean up? The elusive napkin roadmap he says that he has but refuses to reveal?

    “Your Plan – another Napkin Roadmap”

    I see that you have refused to answer the question as to how you intend to “advance” Fiji.

    Please try to put down in normal, everyday language what your plan for Fiji would be. I have told you what mine would be – it doesnt involve threatening anyone or claiming that I know something secret or better than you, nor is it in latin. My plan is simple and obvious.

    So is there something preventing you from telling us all about your plan for “advancement”?

    Is your plan a secret? Do you have a special, secret, napkin roadmap like Frank, known only unto yourself? Would you like to share it with us all?

  94. “Iuris ignorantia est cum ius nostrum ignoramus”, which when translated: “It is ignorance of the law when we do not know our own rights”

    Yes you do know your rights like the pauper on the side walk knows his/hers I then refer you to: “Ignorantia juris non excusat” when translated

    “ignorance of the law does not excuse” or “ignorance of the law excuses no one”.

    As John Seldon so aptly explicate:

    “Ignorance of the law excuses no man: Not that all men know the law, but because ’tis an excuse every man will plead, and no man can tell how to refute him.”

  95. @ Invictus

    … sorry, what was your point? (apart from your excitement at using latin?)

  96. Radio Luca.

    I am so excited I am almost ripping my my jeans apart from this humungous buldge.

    As I said the majority has spoken.

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