Dear Mr Qarase


Dear Mr Qarase
I have never spoken to you although I voted for your candidate in the 2001 elections. I believed then that you were the key to stability and respectability. I was wrong.
First, you jumped into an unholy alliance with the CAMV, a party created to further the objectives of the 2000 coup. Its reason for existence was racism, and the marginalization of the minority groups in Fiji.
Second, you jumped into an unholy alliance with corrupt businessmen who abused the government system to get government tenders and contracts at unfair prices.
Third, you took no steps to stop your Cabinet ministers and senators nominated by you, from making racist hate speeches in and out of parliament.
Fourth, you pretended to follow the law in 2001 after the Court of Appeal made its decision, but in reality you thumbed your nose at it with the encouragement and complicity of the Australians and New Zealanders.
Fifth, you refused to appoint a multi-party Cabinet, and went to court instead, relying on your supporter Chief Justice Fatiaki to delay the hearings for so long that when the decision came out, it was time for the next elections!
Sixth, you used tax-payers’ money in the Agriculture Department to buy votes from the indigenous Fijians.
Seventh, when you were forced in your second term, to appoint a multi-party Cabinet, the portfolios were of such peripheral importance that Chaudhery’s resistance to it was inevitable.
Eighth, you pretended to respect court decisions in the cases in which your supporters were charged with 2000 treason indictments, but you released the convicts on extra-mural orders within weeks of their incarceration.
Nine, you ordered the drafting of the Reconciliation Bill, the Qoliqoli Bill and the Indigenous Tribunals Bill, legislation guaranteed to free the guilty, create uncertainty in the tourism industry, and kill freehold title.
Tenth, your main advisers Naisoro, Bale and Baba seem to have been complicit in the over printing by 2,000,000 of ballot papers in the 2006 elections. The elections have been roundly criticized by the EU, the Sweetman inquiry and the Lala inquiry.
Eleven, you grossly miscalculated the real threat of a military coup in 2006, and continued to employ confrontational politics with the Commander when conciliation was the wiser course of action and may have prevented a coup.
Twelfth, in a last desperate attempt to preserve power, you, in an act of treason, invited the Australian and New Zealand armed forces to invade Fiji without the knowledge of the President.
Thirteen, you embarked upon the disastrous court case against Bainimarama which resulted in the abrogation of the Constitution and the removal of the judiciary.


From Sitiveni


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  1. GUILTY!!!

  2. Islands in the Stream

    Why has it taken so long to come to the above conclusion? Was it not always obvious? The case is proven before being heard. What compensation is due to the nearly beggared people of Fiji?
    A full accounting and more. A full admission would save mega-taxpayers’ funds and precious court time and resources for those who are more deserving.

  3. I suggest we move forward. Those who have manipulated us the people of this country will one day be accountable to HIM.

    Elections tomorrow will not bring any change to the status quo.

    Let VB and the IG continue with the electoral reforms and come 2014 we should have level playing field i.e. one man one vote. No more communal/racial seats, no more racial overtones during election campaigns etc. This is DEMOCRACY.

    I’m with VB, the MC and the IG all the way in that come the elections Qarase and Chodori will not be allowed to contest.

    If only VB could also extend the ban to all politicians elected prior Dec 5 2006, then that would be the icing of the cake.

    What this country needs is young vibrant leaders to take us forward.

    I know of a person right here in Nadi who thinks of others welfare first.

    Jah Bless!!!!

  4. Well said Sitiveni.


    One issue though bugs me, why with so much obvious stuff-ups, how come Great Council of Chiefs, the Methodist Church and so many of educated Fijians still support this black blesmish on the face of Fiji?

  5. Come on Liu Muri. Why? Because he guaranteed their continued stranglehold over the Fijian people. The church perpetuated the racist dogma which obscured the greed for money and power which motivated the Fijian (of all races) elite. It wasn’t just the elite indigenous drinking from the Qarase trough.
    As for the GCC, it was a creation of the British and gave the chiefs a collective power which then enabled them to rip off the people. What a disgrace they all were. Rest in peace (I hope).

  6. To all the Fijian people we the people of Indian origin are sorry for the way we behave in your paradise,I on behalf of all the indian apologise to you people and all the ratu’s of Fiji.

    When our ancestors left Delhi,Mr ghandhiji was there to farewelll the first boat,my Babuji told me something I will never forget as long as I is something that Gandhi told them..coming soon/

  7. I am a Fijian I belive in Fiji for Fijians as India is for the fuckin Indians.

  8. I think we Indians should go back to India and let Fijians sort it out why are we here in the First palce?

  9. @CIA, bro u shud be ashamed of yrself for spreading such lies! valoloma nomu bula!! where do you live?? saint Giles????

  10. Undoubtedly, the fellow travellers who hung on coat-tails picking up the spoils and plunder along the way, happy to be part of an unsustainable party funded by public oney – have much also to answer for. They need to know they shall be brought to account, each and everyone. These were educated people, business people: people who should have known better. They did not. They climbed on the ‘Gravy Train’ and then, some …… ran away. Backs turned to the ordinary people. A symptom of corruption and naked self interest. Some surprising individuals turned their backs: we should remember who they were.

  11. Guilty as hell.

  12. How many of the ‘turned backs’ will prove to be fodder for the newly-established Independent Legal Services Commission? More than we might initially suspect. Will there be a rush for the airport? Yes, one would expect so. They have all feathered their nests far from Fiji.

  13. Jone – it is Fijians like you who have brought Fiji to the situation it is in now. You need to change your attitude. If it wasn’t for the Indians Fiji would never have experienced properity as it did before 1987. Fiji would have been just like the Solomon Islands – under-used resources, barely educated citizens, fighting between different clans. If you had any sense you would acknowledge the hard work of Indians to bring this country to prosperity. The one good thing the the 1987 coup did was to drive the smart/educated/well-to-do Indians out of Fiji to much better lives in Australia/NZ/USA/Canada. We are all so much better off living in our chosen countries. Bainimarama is smart in trying to keep Indians in Fiji for the sake of you lazy, foul-mouth Fijians. You Jone, on the other hand, are the typical foul-mouth, barely-educated, racist, ungrateful Fijian whose attitude Bainimarama is trying to change. Fijians like you have absolutely nothing to be proud of, so why do you bother to post your comment?

  14. @Jone, typical fijian arrogant attitude! hard work bro! hard work !! no other way, that is why our indian brothers & sisters are so successful because they work hard. But lazy good for nothing people like u, get jealous & bitter and become racist! who is to blame??????? it’s u bro! you have to get off yr black arse and work hard, and have pride in yrself as a fijian! a right thinking fijian wud except any race no matter what!!!!! Get it bro????

  15. well said @s.raqiqi..well for the “black a…” bit.

    @Nive got some truth there!..and truth hurts..oich..!!

    let us refocus in rebuilding va evei Joe!!

  16. we do not need people like Jone on this blogsite, he needs to go to other sites where they talk the same racial lingo!!!!not here bro! not here!!!!

  17. @ Jone

    Unfortunately, the Jones of this world will be left by the wayside. This is a highly competitive world in which the smart get-going and those who lag behind get kicked in the butt. This lesson will be learned the hard way: the very hard way. Foul mouths are a sure display of ‘losers’. “Language matters ” (in whatever tongue). Listen to President Barack Obama and learn.

  18. We can’t really totally blame Jone for the filth he emits.

    Lets ask ourselves why is he filled with so much hatred for our Indian brothers and sisters whose ancestors toiled 24/7 not only to escape the harsh poverty lifestyle in India back then in the late 1800s BUT to seek a new life in Paradise AND in doing so develop this Paradise called FIJI to where it is now.

    I blame the politicians yes the politicians who succumb to and preach racial overtones. They are the ones who brainwash (vesumona) Jone and his likes.

    I also blame those chiefs who follow this breed of manipulating politicians to further their own personal agendas.

    Not all Fijians and Chiefs are in this category. Definitely not.

    That is why in a couple of my earlier contributions Frank should not only ban Qarase and Chaudhry from contesting the next election but the whole bang lot and those are all politicians prior to Dec 5 2006.

    Lets usher in young vibrant leaders who neither have sinister motives nor greed in their hearts but to prove to the world that Fiji is the way the world should be.

    Thank you, Vinaka vakalevu, Vina du riki, Malo, Dhanyavad, Shukriya, Faiakse’ea, Sheh Sheh, Tanggio, Arigato……my fellow FIJIANS!

    Jah Bless Fiji and its Peoples whether Jone likes it or not.




    Pssssst Jone, vutulaki!

  20. Please amend the word ‘vucukia’ with “cevukia”.

    Psssssst psssssst Jone, grog farker!

  21. Once the lawyers have been brought to account through the newly-established Independent Legal Services Commission, it would follow that the accountants, insurance brokers/agents and bankers are next. Finally, the politicians: yes, the politicians. What will become of them? The ‘Spivs and Shysters’ who thought that public money grew on trees and would go on and on and on without end. Hang them out to dry? Will they pass muster? How many of them are there? Which ones allowed public money to seep away overseas, millions of dollars on their watch? Was it corruption? Or a lack of proper oversight? Or a combination of the two? Are they accountable to us the taxpayers of Fiji? You bet they are! More than sweeping will be required: a spring-cleaning from top to bottom. Even a cobweb would be ill-advised.

  22. @ S.O.E

    Exactly. That’s why Dorsami Naidu, the sexual harassment-convicted President of the Fiji Law Society, and other promiment lawyers were really trying their utmost best to weaken the resolve of the military in taking over the leadership of this country from the SDL. These lawyers were involved in some of the most corrupt transfer of money from Fiji.

    It’s really time for a good spring cleaning of these organizations and the restoration of faith in the institutions that make up our society.

    If you notice, Fiji really deteriorated right after coup 87 and we really haven’t had a time to check what was going on.

    Whatever it takes, I’m supporting the military council in their resolve to rid Fiji of the slide we were going through since the first coup. Why the people of Fiji didn’t really get to feel the negative impact of previous coups was because it was cushioned by previous governments decision to draw funds from FNPF to cover government shortfalls.

    Retrace the policies of governments from SVT to SDL and you’ll see how it happened. The Fiji Labour party government of 1999 would have stopped the misuse of government funds but their time was cut short by the very same thieves who wanted everything all to themselves using the indigenous race as their cover.

  23. vinaka vitivou taciqu! good to see u bac! sa dina sara! sa rui vinaka na Kalou! se va evei??? kalougata tiko bro!!

  24. If the Military Council do read what we discuss on this blog, I have some simple advise for them:




    I’ve waited for this day to come and I’m so happy that it came. I’m prepared to go all the way to 2014 and beyond.

    I envisage a strong, just and prosperous Fiji emerging out of this. A Fiji economy like the one I saw back in 1986 where a Fiji dollar equals an American dollar.

    I still vividly remember hearing Air Pacific’s flagship song and slogan in 1986 – Fiji, The Way The World Should Be.

  25. Marau ka vakacegu tiko Bro Raqiqi. God Bless everyone.

  26. Since the events of 2000, many of us in Fiji have been forced to ask ourselves what we want for Fiji. Some will answer, elections and the right to have a racist government if that is the will of the people. In other words, self-determination, even if we end up with Rwanda, or Bosnia or the democratic Republic of the Congo. I say no. Remember that the plot to assassinate Hitler is now seen as an act of heroism. Yet it was a conspiracy to murder. So we learn from history that there are just wars, just murders, and therefore just coups? Maybe its time for Fijians to make lists of their dreams for their country, and to be part of the reforms driven by the government. My list will read like this;
    Good hospitals
    More schools, smaller classes,free education and broader curriculum
    Equal suffrage
    Clean electronic elections
    Low inflation and high tourist numbers
    Diversified agriculture
    Accountable and free media, judiciary and legal profession
    No government borrowing of FNPF funds
    Zero corruption

    Not as inspiring as Tagore’s dream, but close. To such a dawn, let my country awake.

  27. @joape

    You selfish simpleton.

    You expect this to come to you on a plate while you sit on your fat black ass doing nothing.

    Ask what you can do for your country, not what your country can do for you.

    Lazy, shallow, myopic twit.

  28. @ soresore

    What’s wrong with joape’s dream? Can you explain why it’s selfish? Can you explain your side so we know why you think joape is shallow.

    In fact, I have joape’s dream as well and I’m not sitting on my backside waiting for it to happen.

  29. @soresore

    your brain and yr soresore seems to be one and the same!

  30. @ soresore

    maybe you only have one soresore….if you have two, then the other one is stuck in your throat…or in your fat black arse……

  31. @bro vitivou LOL LOL mena ti!!!!!

  32. Walker Texas Ranger

    Time to get serious. There is plenty of information/evidence even now waiting to come in on corrupt individuals and their methods but…..with no Whistleblower legislation in place, people are still fearful to come forward. It is time to make sure that those who have ‘the necessary’ produce it and that their safety and security is taken care of by the Police. Whistleblower legislation is now the norm overseas especially in countries where corruption has sapped the lifeblood of economies and the people. What can we do about this soon? Remember, that Enron was brought down by one Whistleblower in the US having courage and knowledge! And this took place in ……. Texas.

  33. @ Walker T-R

    Yes, it is true that we learn that some who have come forward are not getting the help they need from the Police. Some are receiving threats at work. How can the public assist in providing evidence which is required to bring all these crooks and their accomplices to court? We learn that FICAC and ALAC Office of Transparency Fiji are working together: can they assure confidentiality and safety for us? Some of us live very far from Suva. We want to help but we are afraid.

  34. If Qarase, Naisoro, Bale and Baba were as clever as they tried so hard to be, they would throw in the sponge and save themselves and the country a whole heap of money. For they must fail now to comprehend the full array of forces mounting against them and their sorry struggle to justify their questionable years of ‘gaming’ at our expense.

    How ironic if casinos prove to be Fiji’s Saviour? We have been witnessing the Mother of Casinos right in our midst but…..some of us, most of us failed to ‘Get It’. Casinos must come to Fiji. That is what our visitors want. They must be carefully regulated and access must be controlled. If Malaysia can do it, so can Fiji.

  35. @ Number One

    I agree with you on the casinos. All it needs is the right regulations.

    I would suggest locations such as Denarau, Natadola, Momi Bay and maybe at the old Grand Pacific Hotel opposite Albert Park in Suva as a venues for visitors.

    Not everyone in Fiji can afford going to casinos. People in Fiji are not really that stupid to go into the casinos if they don’t know how to play it and also if they can’t afford it.

    The social impact that religious organizations are so worried about is an illusion. During Melbourne Cup days, you see people from these organizations playing the game. you go to any tattlotto office in Suva, you see church people playing the game.

    We just need the right regulations for casinos in Fiji. And please change the law to allow online gambling. Its cheaper to play online.

  36. vinaka vitivou! you hit the nail on the head! I know for sure that we had missed out on golden opportunities in the passed because we did not allow casinos. There were investors who were willing to construct resorts but casinos were to be included, they left because Fiji did not allow it. As u said bro, it needs to be managed well and IF managed well, it wud be a way of providing Fiji with the much needed cash!!!!!like evrything else, it has it’s good and bad side and all we need to do is manage it well, and we’ll be on the right track!!!!!!!I am thankful to VB for his willingness to even have a study or assesment done!!!good on you VB, good work!!!!

  37. Everything in the world that is opposed to christian beliefs must must come to fiji and must be accepted by the ever evil growing population of this nation. The fijian race is growing evil, there is no bars. So come on, why deny the nation what other nations are already enjoying. Gambling, prostitution, drugs &alcohol, give idle lands to the Indians and Chinese, forget the fijians landownership. In their hands, the land is useless so give it to away others can make use of it. These useless and confused lot are nothing but a pack of hyenas just sitting back and commenting on what others are doing for their own good. Bring in the true leadership. they are with the foreigners. get rid of these useless arses.

  38. @brazen, just an advise to u bro, leave Fiji to us Fijians, we do whatever we want with our land, because it is God given to us fijians, u r welcome to leave and settle elswhere, as Fiji can do with out idiots like u!!!!

  39. @Brazen

    We perhaps need to know in context why casinos could now be helpful to Fiji. Four Argentinians came to Fiji as visitors in the middle of the January floods. They were well-off and had just been at the Australian Open. They were keen fans of rugby as well as tennis. However, in such terrible weather they opined that a casino was something they saw as “essential” to their Fiji vsit. They would not consider returning until we had thought better about this. Otherwise, they enjoyed the people, the market in Sigatoka, even their visit to Suva in the rain. But, on going back to their Resort Hotel, they expected and wanted to have ‘a flutter’. Why not? They could well afford to. And Fiji might reap the benefit. Shopping and all amenities within resorts may be funded from Casinos. Then there can be a spin-off into the local realm of hospitals, education, mother & child health, sports facilities. The list is endless and it all depends upon how it is managed and regulated. Nothing brazen about that?

  40. I just don’t get it! Taking a peek at the “other” venomous blog RFN, a critic was advising all that Aiyaz Khaiyum was VB’s speech writer in his historic presentation to the UN last week.

    For goodness sake all leaders have speech writers! Even Obama has a few not one but a few.

    If that is not enough this nincompoop critic goes on to say that Aiyaz is racist. For fark’s sake he should show evidence of Aiyaz being a racist. If he ever was don’t you think that the MC would have noticed?

  41. Reading today’s Fijilive site a 28 year old FIRCA officer was charged in connection with the recent visa scam involving Chinese and Indian nationals.

    Kudos to the authorities for eradicating these white collar crimes and perhaps the powers that are should consider changing the penal code in regards to the said crime and also others most importantly rape in all forms and child molestations.

    The penalty should be such that would be offenders would think twice before indulging in such despicable acts.

    The Interim Govt should also consider whistle blowers in commerical establishments including of course government commercial companies.

    A whistle blower could be defined as an “informer” or traitor at its worst but hey if a whistle blower blows a whistle for the betterment of the establishment in far as curbing corruptive activities then why not?

    Take for instance Airports Fiji Limited. 3 months ago 2 former directors of the former Strategic Air Services Limited, a very strong financial backer of the the Qarase ruling party (you the drill….you scratch my back I scratch yours) were recruted into Airports Fiji Limited under very very mysterious circumstances.

    One of them who ended up cleaning windows for the former SASL subsidary Lawedua Crystal Cleaners (if you do feel pity for him ask him how he stole money from his church in Votualevu), was absorbed into AFL when the company cancelled the contract with this cleaning company due to performance.

    A month later (2 months ago) he got “promoted” to look after the grass-cutting section at the airport and last month he was joined by another former SASL director and one time CEO.

    Last month the two were “recruited” into AFL’s “Airside Department”. The two positions which these two cronies filled were never advertised. NEVER. Either internally by way of a circular or advertised in the papers.

    Last week the same two collected tickets from a reputable travel agent in Nadi to attend a seminar in Hong Kong early next month. Tickets and per-diem of course with the compliments of Airports Fiji Limited.

    Can you imagine 3 months ago you were cleaning windows and then you attend seminars overseas 3 months later?

    What the authorities should do is investigate the General Manager responsible who apparently is related to the former window cleaner.

    So you have nepotism and a clear disregard for company recruitment policies. This calls for an immediate investigation and court action if necessary.

    Here we are downsizing the civil service by retiring those that pass 55 and yet a government commercial companies employing over 50 year olds to be window cleaners, grasscutters and jetsetters!

    Please MC, IG and FICAC clean up AFL of its elements indulging in such actions.


  42. Still on the above, it is apparent that the powers that are are definitely not aware as to the rot that has filled AFL.

    Perhaps the Board of Directors of AFL do not know whats going on.

    What AFL needs is an expatriate CEO like Air Terminal Services (ATS) does and most importantly appoint Board members who have aviation knowledge.

  43. Glad someone raised the Aiyaz issue. The guy some people love to hate. Reason? He is trusted by the people he works with, especially the PM. He is intelligent. He doesn’t buy the politically correct line of lets have elections tomorrow blah blah blah. He actually believes in a reformed Fiji and puts his money where his mouth is. He took a big pay cut to do the job he does as well as travel bans everywhere. His worst crime? He is Indo-Fijian. Racism has many faces. but only one symptom. Hatred.

  44. I agree that disliking Aiyaz for being indo-fijian is just stupid.

    But disliking Aiyaz for his role in helping perpetrate the military government’s rule is perfectly legitimate – just part of having the freedom to dislike him as a public figure. (Are we still allowed to do this?)

    Also, I am not so sure about his pay cut or his job prospects generally – I would think that as a lawyer he should have greater qualms about (a) being involved in the removal of a democratically elected government and (b) assisting the shambolic heap of cretins that we have to refer to as the interim “government” – he has torpedoed his own legal career in that respect.

    So perhaps politics is the only way forward for him?

  45. Radiolucas, racist people never admit their hatred is motivated by racism. They give other reasons for their hatred, just as you have done.It’s like gender bias. No one will ever admit to thinking that women are inferior. We have to judge them by their conduct and words. So, lets look at yours.
    You dislike Aiyaz because;
    He helps tp perpetrate the government you don’t support;
    He is a public figure;
    He is a lawyer and should play no part in the removal of a democratic government;
    He has ruined his own legal career.
    Good. Very clear. But Radiolucas all these factors are also applicable to a dozen other lawyers, including those who supported the 2000 coup. They are all indigenous Fijians. Alipate Qetaki, Bukerau, Qori Bale,etc etc. So why reserve your hatred for the Indo-Fijian amongst them? Unless of course his race is a factor?
    Plus if he has knowingly jeopardised his own legal career, maybe we should acknowledge that he may be motivated by patriotism?

  46. @ Patrick

    I agree with this part of your post:

    “(a) He helps tp [sic] perpetrate the government you don’t support;
    (b) He is a lawyer and should play no part in the removal of a democratic government;”

    The other two reasons are ancillary and not really reasons to think anything about anyone (Unless it involves animals, what does anyone care what he does in public or with his career?)


    I also suspect you are putting too many words into my mouth – if I was to list the number of racists I have heard about, it would be long, tiresome and meaningless.

    But dressing Aiyaz up in a cloak of “invisibility” for his racial aspect and then claiming that anyone who takes issue with what he has done, and continues to do, is racist, is contrived. It would mean anyone saying anything about his motivations, politics, decisions or what he does in public is making a “racist” comment. It is an endless and boring cycle. I am sure you see the point.

    Those who supported the 2000 coup were vilified for their part – but you can’t draw comparisons with this coup – unless it is to say they were both perpetrated by criminals for their own ends, there I would agree with you.


    As for motivations – well, no matter how noble the cause, the fact remains that no wrongs make a right and as Samuel Johnson once wrote: “Patriotism is the last resort of a scoundrel”. So let us assume that Aiyaz is doing this because it is a good idea (to him), and leave it at that.

    So, was it a good idea? I will let you fight with that question. Aiyaz is big and ugly enough to take responsibility for his own actions and I am not going to add any more for him.


    Well, people like talking about evidence.

    Someone has evidence. Someone saw the evidence. Someone’s dog ate the evidence. Where is it and where are they hiding it? (Probably the same place as the Iraqi WMDs and Osama Bin Ladin’s underwear.)


    In any event, whether or not the evidence ever existed it is what happened after all the accusations were made and the evidence was posted to the wrong house or something.

    These events would include:
    * The interim government’s vilification of rival political figures;
    * Various character assassinations (e.g. [*] is corrupt, he/she had to go);
    * Threats against those that questioned the accusations and legality of the coup;
    * Silencing the free media;
    * Torturing and jailing prisoners of conscience; and
    * The expulsion of foreigners from Fiji for the capital offence of making political commentary.

    Seriously, who would be defending this behavior? Noone. Right? This would all be fine if we had the regular government in place because we could yell at them and by now there would be a new election where we could all remind eachother about it. But no, this government has guns and no sense of how to deal with criticism. Back to the bus everyone.

    So to point to the “evidence” smacks of hypocrisy in the highest. I want someone to hunt the evidence down, pin it to the floor and ask it where it has been spending all it’s time.


    So what to do? How are we “Moving Forward”? (I like that marketing speak – as if we are all in some conga line or long parade).

    Everyone suggests that calling for elections is too premature, that we need to “root out evil/corruption/rivals/political parties” (or something akin to that) before we can have a “free election”.

    But this also seems a bit spurious – I mean elections are just elections, but with media, freedom of speech and irritating politicians they we can like and dislike – I suspect it is the results of the elections that certain people seem to fear, not the elections themselves – so why do we need to have this bizarre set of “clean up” campaigns before the elections? What are we rooting out (or rooting for that matter) to get to an election?

    The suspicious mind would think something like this:
    Clean up Agenda 2009 – ?
    * Any and all public opposition to regulatory and legislative changes;
    * Political rivals;
    * Threats of prosecution (murder, torture, mismanagement, corruption etc);
    * Freedom of the press;
    * Future threats or review of the Fiji Military’s involvement in political affairs;
    * Threats to the present “status quo” generally; and
    * Naughty people.

    This is the problem and this is why I am a bit suspicious, why you should be suspicious, and why I get more suspicious with the passage of time – if the problem was with Mr Qarase and it really was widely known that he and his government were corrupt, then a new election would sort this out. The IG would win for their quick thinking, honest and open government of the nation. Right? Well, maybe. The military regime doesnt really seem to think so. In fact they probably now believe that if they ran an election in say a years time, they would not garner much support at all.

    So the IG needs more time to ensure that everyone loves them as much as they think they should love them. Or at least enough time for the statute of limitations to run out on their various crimes (ahem).

    Maybe there will be a magical, amazing election in 2014. But there is that nagging voice of history in the background saying: “Wake up, this is not a test, wake up…”

    So let me offer you a short scenario and a single, short, set of questions for your careful consideration.

    If the Military does not have an election in 2014:

    (a) What will you do?;

    (b) What will you say?; and

    (c) Who will you to say it to?

    Based on your answers I may:

    1. Fall in love with the IG and do all I can to help it’s slow, well meaning, if a bit backwards and retarded, cause;

    2. Send a carefully worded letter to the UN about the injustice of constantly picking on the IG and its leader; or

    3. Feel even more depressed at the present state of affairs and the future of this Nation, being snatched from the jaws of prosperity and buried handle-deep in a pile of unspeakable manure.

    I really want it to be [1]. I really do.


    1. On Aiyaz and his involvement in the IG. The coup occured and what do we do?

    Yell from the rooftops that democracy was raped? Write to countries to implement sanctions against your own country in the hope that VB and the troops would go back to Nabua? Gather signatures for petitions against what happened?

    Simple answer: Accept what happened and put your hand up and contribute to the implementation of a TRUE democratic concept.

    That is exactly what Aiyaz did. Putting his hand up sacrificing a $150,000 salary with Colonial for a $70,000 job. Why? He would not stand on the side like you and your likes decrying what happened BUT wanted this country to move forward just like so many of us contrary to what you think.

    You say a new election would sort Qarase and and his corruptive govt out. Are you sane? A new election now with the same racist communal seats would ensure the same people or their likes get back in.

    We all know that here in Fiji people vote on Party lines and not on individualistic votes. Had the latter been the order of the day than we wouldnt have had a caucus composed of Irami Matairavula, Joji Banuve (who cant even speak simple English), Racists like Ted Young, Mere Samisoni, Samisoni Tikonaisau and opportunists like Poseci Bune, Asenaca Caucau and immorals like Mataiasi Ragigi (being blown in daylight at a suva carpark), Mahend Chaudhry (tea lady Asha), Vayeshnoi (with prostitute in car sex at sea wall) and the list goes on…

    The next election whenever the IG feels the time is right whether its in 2014 or later (I’m ok with it) will not have this racist communal seats and the likes of Qarase and Chaudhry contesting.

    Only when we have a true democratic concept in one man one vote then only we can have true democracy.

    Whats done is done (the 2006 coup) and no matter what you Radiolucas and your bunch of losers cannot do anything about it. Well there is something you can….ACCEPT WHATS HAPPENED AND LETS MOVE ON…

  48. Got you Radiolucas!! In your long, rambling and unnecessary explanation, you make the statement that the lawyers involved in the 2000 coup were “vilified” but that the AG deserves to be hated? Therein your racist nationalist agenda. Which is NOT DEMOCRATIC.
    And you missed the point in my blog. My blog lists your reasons for hating him, not mine.
    The rest of your explanation is totally irrelevant to the question of why Aiyaz is disliked. And you have proved my point. It is racism. Racism has many faces. But only one symptom. Hatred.

  49. Islands in the Stream


    Much more relevant than getting personal is a Raghi Omar programme this morning on Al Jazeera. It dealt with the consequences of “The War on Terror”. Mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. The conduct of the USA in countries like: Sudan (North and South – different), Nigeria (especially the Delta) and …Cameroon. T

  50. OK folks, on the brighter side, my wife just gave birth yesterday to a beautiful baby girl. I haven’t named my baby yet but one of the name I’m thinking of using is Vitivou. It will be the third name and I choose this to honour the dream or vision for a new Fiji – one of love, tolerance, justice, truth, honesty, beauty and sacrifice.

    Through this name which I hope to bestow on my unnamed daughter, I want to remember the good folks who come to this blog to share their vision with me for a new, just and free Fiji.

    Give me your thoughts.

  51. Islands in the Stream


    The most interesting aspect of this programme was how it appears that ‘The War on Terror’ is propelling US Foreign Policy in these countries: still. All have significant oil reserves and other useful things. However, in Fiji in May and November 2000, terror reigned. Overtly in certain locations: psychologically all over. But we heard nothing from the USA about this. No one chose to lend a hand. After the event, still no obvious assistance. The psychological hang-over from 2000 and the Muaniweni and Parliamentary-hostage taking hangs over us all like a pall -still. It is evidenced in the dysfunctional attacks upon young children and girls, especially. Some will say “this has always been so”. Oh yes? Maybe it has but in byegone days there was always a remedy for this: a brutal one. Today, we seem to be surrounded by many traumatised and deeply disturbed persons who take out their trauma on the innocent. This is ‘terror’ by another means. Not dissimilar one might suggest to the DRC (Congo) and the systematic rape of hundreds of thousands of women and young girls? It is just that our numbers are less and we are not in open war. Now what has US foreign policy, driven for so long by a ‘War on Terror’, to say now about the effect in a small island nation? In May 2000, the September 11 attacks of 2001 on NYC were still months away. It is useful to note how things changed overnight. The tone and content became quite different. But Fiji experienced terror prior to this world-changing event. The effects of such terrorist acts continue now to haunts us all.

  52. Islands in the Stream

    @ Vitivou

    Many congratulations upon the birth of a baby girl ‘Vitivou’. Yes, join the “Girls rule” team! But you will now appreciate particularly what is posted concerning the effect of terrorism and political machinating based upon terrorist acts: especially on women, babies, young girls or boys the disabled and the elderly. It is long-lasting; it is insidious in its effect. It must be eradicated from the landscape (mental and physical) for ever. Amen

  53. @ Patrick
    Read a definition of the word vilify, then get back to me.

    Other than that, you are not really making any point other than everyone who dislikes Aiyaz is racist because that could be the ONLY reason for it.

    @ All

    Now, now, children.

    You are still avoiding the elephant in the room.

    Talking about a “TRUE democratic concept” (whatever that is) and then using that “concept” to justify the removal of an elected government is, well, a bit nuts to put it mildly.

    And no, the answer “The next election whenever the IG feels the time is right whether its in 2014 or later (I’m ok with it)” is not only simply stupid but a revolting idea – especially when Vitivou has just brought a new life into this world – she deserves a voice, and a choice just as much as anyone.

    Just tell me what you do, what you will say and who you will be saying it to in 2014 if there are no elections.

  54. @ radiolucas

    There will be election in 2014, mark my word, unless doomsday 20th Dec 2012 becomes a reality.

    It’s time to think outside the box. What I mean here is really thinking outside the box.

    I don’t know whether you lived in Fiji all your life or not but most of us who lived in Fiji all our life and went through all the turmoils of the last 22 years know damn well why this coup had to be done.

    The removal of Qarase by Bainimarama was, in my opinion, more to save the indigenous Fijian race than any other race. As an indigenous Fijian, I am in total agreement with the reason why Qarase had to be removed and the vision the military had in doing so.

    I’m not in the military but I’ve spent the last 22 years studying and analyzing everything that has happened in Fiji and this has led me to the conclusion that what the military is doing now is absolutely necessary for Fiji. We just need patience to see the new Fiji emerge.

    People are still talking about legal/illegal, for goodness sake, get over this stupidity of arguing about this. Let’s just work towards 2014. The current leadership is not going to go or run away. These guys are determined to see their vision through. One year from now we will already see the fruits of the reforms bearing.

    Just get on the boat before you miss it and become miserable afterwards.


    First Question.

    Do you think the current Electrol concept of racial communal seats (Fijian/Indian/Rotuman/Others) is DEMOCRACY??????

    Please just a yes or no. No explanation needed. Just yes or no?

    2nd Question

    Do you think tertiary institutions entrance requirements where certain races score less marks whilst other races are expected to attain higher marks to enrol in the same establishment DEMOCRACY?

    Just a yes or no Radiolucas please.

    3rd Question

    Blueprint affirmative action – Do you think this policy in regards to the business domain was DEMOCRATIC?

    Yes or no please.

  56. Congrats Vitivou on your latest addition into the family.

    I believe our children will have hope in the years to come in as far as fairness is concerned.

    We are commoners in this land and only we ask for is a fair system especially in the education sector.

    Govt scholarships to be fairly distributed and definitely on MERIT unlike the Ratus and Adis using their corruptive powers to secure scholarships for their children.

    Jah bless

  57. Vinaka Briscoe.

  58. CONGRATULATIONS !!!my brother! I trust and hope that mother and baby are doing fine!!! yeah vitivou is a lovely name because it symbolises the new fiji……..vinaka bro, me so tale……..!!!!LOL

  59. Vinaka Bro s.raqiqi.

    To celebrate the birth, I decided not to go to work today and just stay home and savour the occasion of the birth of my child. The first time I saw her yesterday, she renewed my sense of vigour to strive on towards the Fiji I always long for. Come hell or high, we MUST get there.

    We Shall Overcome.

    I suppose I’m very passionate about Fiji. My daughter inspires me to have faith in my country.

  60. @ BRISCOE

    I know you are really just trying to dodge the proverbial silver bullet here. You really don’t have an answer for my questions?

    I was hoping for enlightenment, but only got more questions. Oh well.

    But I am a sporting person, I will try to answer your questions as black and white as possible, although I note I have not made any such requirement of you. So I will make as little commentary so as not to confuse or enrage you any further.

    I adopt your numbering in reply:


    Do you think the current Electrol concept of racial communal seats (Fijian/Indian/Rotuman/Others) is DEMOCRACY??????

    Strictly speaking, the question is not phrased very well, so I will amend and answer it as follows: IS THE CURRENT ELECTORAL SYSTEM OF RACIAL COMMUNAL SEATS DEMOCRATIC?

    No, this is a non-question. Of course it needs reform. All people are equal and need to be treated as such.


    Do you think tertiary institutions entrance requirements where certain races score less marks whilst other races are expected to attain higher marks to enrol in the same establishment DEMOCRACY?

    Democracy is, strictly speaking a concept of governance, not education. In any event, this is an educational system and I cannot really make any comment about education because I don’t know enough about how and why these systems were put in place because I, like most others, was educated through hard work and sacrifice.


    Blueprint affirmative action – Do you think this policy in regards to the business domain was DEMOCRATIC?

    Hard to say for sure (again, I don’t know enough about this to make an educated decision) but my gut reaction is NO because any such system would be open to abuse. Business is business and should be run with a concept of best business practice (which isn’t always, I might add, what is cheapest…).


    The problem is that none of the above issues needed to be solved with a coup or the use of a gun. It didn’t, despite what anyone claims. The blueprint affirmative action and pardoning of the Speight idiots was withdrawn BEFORE the coup by Qarase, not by the IG.

    In any event, reform at the point of a gun is never going to solve anything except cause resentment and sow the seeds of further conflict. There needs to be dialogue, consensus and acceptance.

    (maybe we should all get together and run this thing? – we could do a far better and fairer job than the IG right?)

    To add to this we still don’t have a firm date for elections and we live under the gun. None of the above issues with Fiji could excuse the IG’s lack of haste, lack of interest and pure idolence in addressing these issues or providing some sort of reconciliation.

    Barring armageddon (very unlikely given the past record of such events), the IG doesn’t really have much of a plan. It is all marketing speak – pretty words and fluffy noises about change, struggle, patience, faith, trust and obeying their word.

    I really just want someone to put their balls to the wall and say: “Yes, elections are to be held as soon as practicable and by no later than […], we are now working or drafting amendments to the Constitution and will allow all parties to campaign and work towards our futures together.”

    But no, this is not going to happen because there is NOW a vested interest in the parties that participated in the Coup to keep the status quo.


    Why not have a go at my questions? You are more than welcome to make any commentary you like.

    If the Military change their mind and say that there are no elections in 2014:

    [1] What will you do?

    [2] What you will say? and

    [3] Who you will be saying it to?

    [To be clear, saying that you hope that armaggeddon will come two years prior to the election is NOT a sensible answer].

    Really, if you cannot answer this, we are lost.

  61. @vitivou. Tamai Lewa..Vakanuinui vinaka ni na tubu cake me dua na luvei Viti vinaka ka marama liga qaqa ka nuitaki ena vuvale, bula raraba , Vanua lomani ko Viti kai na Matanitu ni Kalou.


    Indeed, we are inspired to strive and rebuild our beloved Fiji; for the innocent sweet smiles of our babies and children penetrates deep within to stir our resolve that all we now sweat to strive and achieve are, but for these little ones sake…a legacy worth nurturing and living for!!….eh…is there any other??

  62. Vinaka Semi.


    Enough crap. If you were not conscious of what was happening to Fiji in the last 22 years, you’ll go round and round trying to find something or someone to your questions.

    I suppose you start afresh. Go back in time and start digging at all government policies of the last 22 years and maybe you’ll see where Fiji was really going.

    The removal of Qarase had to be done. Period. No other questions.

    Qarase’s politics is the worst extension of the elitism created by the 1987 coup. I don’t know how to explain this but look at it from every conceivable angle, the footprints are all there.

    What the current military leadership did was what Rabuka should have done after he executed his coup if he was really thinking of uplifting indigenous Fijian livelihood. Instead, the result of his coup was totally against his own coup ideology. He knows it, everybody knows it.

    Bainimarama’s coup will bring indigenous Fijians on level par with the mentally needed to survive in the 21st century. As I said, FB’s coup will save indigenous Fijians.

  63. @ Vitivou

    Thank you for your reply, but it doesn’t really address anything, just more unsubstantiated evidence.

    To be clear, simply claiming that there are “footprints” in the past 22 years that justify the removal of an elected government and the installation of a military dictatorship is well, simplistic, to say the least. (I am being nice because you are a new Dad today.)

    I am not that old, but neither am I that young or naive to be unable to appreciate the youth and political development of our country.

    However I don’t think that there is anything to justify any of the Coups in the two decades. There just isn’t an argument compelling enough to say that a coup is better than political dialogue – despite my own personal dislike of all politicians. There is no quick fix. There is no magic bullet (ahem).

    We have to talk about our government, not shoot it, tie it up and tell it what to do. The IG’s plan (if we can call it a plan) is simply a recipe for disaster and I think you know this because you are as worried as I am – why else would all of you be repeating the same Mantra – “Qarase did it, Qarase did it, Qarase did it…”. We are all on the same side and want the same thing – but I want this to be the LAST time that we ride this coupcouptrain – not setup our country for a dictatorship for the sake of a farcical, magical, “quick fix”.

    Anyway, you are still being a bit rude. I answered some questions, now someone has to answer mine. These are important questions to answer now, not in five years time. Please have a go at it properly.

  64. @ Radiolucas

    All I wanted was a simple YES or NO? Goes to show that you like reading and admiring your commentaries….

  65. @ BRISCOE

    I answered your questions. I even gave you a YES or NO.

    If you refuse to answer my questions I will have to take it that you are (a) to scared to acknowledge your own concerns; or (b) simply have nothing to respond with.

    If the Military change their mind and say that there are no elections in 2014:

    [1] What will you do?

    [2] What you will say? and

    [3] Who you will be saying it to?

  66. Answers:

    1] HOPE….Hope and being optimistic unlike you gnashing your teeth and tearing your hair off your scalf, crying foul and poking your rectum with your index finger all at the same time Mr Pessimistic Radiolucas.

    2] Hope and being optimistic are feelings and cannot be uttered so this answers your question.

    3] Same answer as in 2].

  67. So your answer is Hope? Are you sure that you don’t want another go at this?

    The problem with hope is that it is lazy. I can hope for a lot of things but that doesn’t really help us get any of those things (unless it is Christmas and you are hoping for a shiny new toy car).

    The problem is that we are hoping for change, for progress, for our freedoms, our dreams and our prosperity. I won’t just hope for that, I will fight for it for me, my children and my friends because I don’t want my hopes and dreams broken in 2014 like the rest of VB’s promises.

    We need more than that. So why not help me in asking more questions? Asking for more transparency and good government? We are the people, we deserve these things.

  68. nothing is permanent and predictable in this world, God in his wisdom created it that way!!!everyone goes thru death and the world will end one day! so people get to know God and He will reveal to you the desires of yr heart!!!! Radiolucas my brother ask God for the peace that passeth all understanding!!!!! and u will not be asking such questions!!!!!

  69. @radiolucas

    answer these questions

    When the military successfully brings about elections in 2014:

    [1] What will you do?

    [2] What you will say? and

    [3] Who you will be saying it to?

  70. @ soresore

    Clever… turn the question back on me! Now I will surely be lost! Confounded by my own trickery! Well, maybe.

    There is a small problem with your sentence: “WHEN the military successfully brings about elections in 2014” (emphasis added).

    I would amend this to read: “IF the military allow fair and free elections in 2014:”

    Well, there is only way to answer this fairytale scenario:

    [1] I would fall off my chair in surprise and then go find a polling booth to vote;

    [2] “That was nice. Now can we get rid of our oversized military? Where do I find a good beer around here anyway. Polling booths are useless bars.”; and

    [3] The (equally) surprised UN Election inspectors.

    So now its YOUR turn. If it all goes shitsteak, fullcut, belly up, the Military change their mind and say that there are no elections in 2014:

    [1] What will you do?

    [2] What you will say?

    [3] Who you will be saying it to? and


    [4] Will you trust the Military if they lie to you so easily?

  71. @radiolucas

    The key word “when” was put there intentionally – it is a foregone conclusion.

    But just to entertain your fairytale scenario I have this to say – Fiji will not turn into a pumpkin if elections are not held before the stroke of midnight on the 31st of December 2014. I know the likes of you will be in your bathtubs with a razor blade ready to slash your wrists. Have faith.

    Now to the questions…

    [1] What will you do?
    Certainly not slash my wrists. In the period leading up to 2014 I will have been in a position to seriously gauge the performance of the IG in adhering to its roadmap to nationhood – looking at economic factors, social factors, reforms in government, development, etc – these will influence my judgement, knowing full well that the government will be doing this all alone thanks to the systematic attempts by our vindictive neighbours (and fence sitters like yourself) to railroad any progress. If my well being has not been threatened and my quality of life has not suffered in that period, it will be business as usual for me. No big deal.

    [2] What you will say?
    To all those vindictive bastards, apathetic arsewipes and fence sitters I have this to say – form a line, bend down an fuck each other.

    To the IG I would say – What can I do to help my country achieve true nationhood. The “I” is emphasised.

    [3] Who you will be saying it to?
    See [2]


    [4] Will you trust the Military if they lie to you so easily?
    They won’t need to lie – the facts will be all there to see for anyone with half a brain. Let the facts speak for themselves.

    Finally, some words of wisdom from the great Chinese philosopher Confucius on the issue of democratic elections…

    “Erections rike sanitary pad – onry useful when person mature. It not best thing in world. Best thing next to it.”

  72. this radiolucas is just one big uneducated boci !!!! one can deduce from his idiotic questions and smart fart kind of response! take yr blog somewhere else , u r wasting space , bleary kalavo ni makete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. When good men loose interest in the running of their govt, they will be ruled by men worse then themselves. Now they are ruled by effen idiots.

  74. yeah “if they were good men” , they wud be still running the country today, and by the way, they did not lose interest, they were thrown out!!!!

  75. @ Rei cibi

    Market rat? Is that the best insult you can have for me? How old are you? Where are you getting these insults? You should ask your uncle’s for new ones because these are not that great.

    @ Soresore

    Look, I do know you are trying but you need to read your post again. Your answers are not making sense. Stick to the point (if indeed you had one) and, to quote Brisco, keep your answers short.

    What really is your answer to [1]? That you will (a) not commit suicide (good plan genius); and (b) wait for eternity?

    If that is the case are you sure that you are not employed by Bainimarama? Do you shine his shoes or something?


    Ah quotes. Quotes are good. I like Brazen’s response to your fun little quote [Somehow I don’t think he is another one of those “many many many” IG supporters :)]. Anyway, I am not sure whether this is a fair fight that you have started, but I will join in with my 5 cents worth:

    “There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to democracies as against despots. What is it? Distrust.” – Demosthenes

    “The spirit of democracy cannot be established in the midst of terrorism, whether governmental or popular.” – Gandhi, Mahatma

    “Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies. Absolute power does corrupt, and those who seek it must be suspect and must be opposed.” – Goldwater, Barry

    “So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.” – Voltaire

    So are you all just asleep or incredibly naive?

    I think all you know what I am saying is right, you are just afraid of your own answers.

  76. ha!!ha!!!! kalavo ni makete!!! thats what u r!!!!!
    yeah am 5yrs old talking to a 4yr old!!!

  77. @Real Fiji News…..Whoever is without sin among you,let him hath cast the first stone…..Kaloumana tiko ko Viti…

  78. In s raqiqi’s mind, the SDL are the good men.

  79. I really want to see the list of names of people who bankrupt the NBF I heard most of them were members of the SDL and SVT party!

  80. SDL…….PLEASE MOVE ON WITH LIFE…….GIVE IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. We would do – just that people won’t let us…
    We go – who speaks for them?
    Self proclaimed visionary from Gau & the Tongan blow in?

  82. saqaniwarrior

    Lets us re-build Fiji together again free of corruptions and make it a God fearing nation where all people can live together in peace and harmony…

    God Bless Fiji

  83. saqaniwarrior…vana’a va’a levu…indeed tru vision of a warrior..ready to rebuild!!

    True are the words of my grandson when I reach for my wallet at the shops……. “somet’ig gud is goi’n to hapen!!”… and to all of us this year!!

  84. saqaniwarrior

    Bula Si’a Karua

    Sa vina’a va’a levu na veiwasei ti’o mai tai…nuita’ina ni bulabula si’a ti’o o i’o e i na family…sa loloma tu yani…A’lou si’a ti’o na yaba’i yeni…

    We really need to re-build our beloved nation and ranked it where it should belong free of corruptions, racism & ungodly behaviour…

  85. Bula si’a na matua, a dina tauco’o i’ ena….. my e-contact…….and for any one else in cyber who just wanna “talanoa” …

  86. All indo-fijians should stop blaming natives for whats happend in 2000.Because for them being here is not our problem.We did not need ur fuckin retarted sympathy to plow our land.It was the British who led you to our land and its them who should be pointed a finger.Indo-Fijians should regard them lucky because if they were in Indian,they would be end in Calcutta shitting on da streets.And here in Fiji,you are holding high positions and living in mansions.You are the ones(exotic dirty species)who have taken ol our priveldges.Be thankful atleast.Stop pointing when you are on a foreign land.Wat about you people just go bak to wea you came from.That would be easier for us.

  87. Butadroka..masi polo…caiti tamamu.Fuck off

  88. I just wanna say Kaviti and to all fijians….just dont try to fuck with these Indiands…..or else you all will die….Fijians must suck Indians huge corks…

  89. Well, last time I checked only Fijians can be Fiji Citizens. Thats; Fijians of African origin (majority), Fijians of Indian origin, Fijian of Chinese origin and so forth…hence, there is NO Indian in Fiji, Indian are in India…dur!!..I am not suggesting the goose defaming the good Col’s name volunteer to go and play with the Indians..phews..Indians play rough, just watch the cricket!!

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