Qarase take THAT!!


Qarase had 6 years , YES,  6 long years to build a bridge in rural Tailevu.

It took  FRANK  and his Government  2 years to build it.

Qarase had a 36 Minister (inclusive of state Ministers, assistant Ministers and CEOs) govt.

FRANK  Only has  8 minister!!!. More improvements.

So who’s the winner here huh? A 36 member govt all paid from us the taxpayers or the 8 Minister Government??


From Brisco


56 responses to “Qarase take THAT!!

  1. Mr Qarase is the only second Fiji Prime Minister, joining Commodore Bainimarama, who have NO opposition at all to their policies !!….well, Mr. Mick Beddoes was just using the designated Opposition party Office as was attracting cobwebs. He was paid a generous salary to intermittently make a bit of noise with Mrs. Bernadette Ganilau’s able support so our Parliamentary system could qualify as Westminster democracy…yeah..DEMOCRACY!

    We say, give Mr. Qarase and his former Cabinet a generous retirement package; let us quickly have a funeral service in honour of SDL.

    Let’s focus our attention on rebuilding beloved Fiji!!

  2. Dear Mr Qarase
    I have never spoken to you although I voted for your candidate in the 2001 elections. I believed then that you were the key to stability and respectability. I was wrong.
    First, you jumped into an unholy alliance with the CAMV, a party created to further the objectives of the 2000 coup. Its reason for existence was racism, and the marginalization of the minority groups in Fiji.
    Second, you jumped into an unholy alliance with corrupt businessmen who abused the government system to get government tenders and contracts at unfair prices.
    Third, you took no steps to stop your Cabinet ministers and senators nominated by you, from making racist hate speeches in and out of parliament.
    Fourth, you pretended to follow the law in 2001 after the Court of Appeal made its decision, but in reality you thumbed your nose at it with the encouragement and complicity of the Australians and New Zealanders.
    Fifth you refused to appoint a multi-party Cabinet, and went to court instead, relying on your supporter Chief Justice Fatiaki to delay the hearings for so long that when the decision came out, it was time for the next elections!
    Sixth, you used tax-payers’ money in the Agriculture Department to buy votes from the indigenous Fijians.
    Seventh, when you were forced in your second term, to appoint a multi-party Cabinet, the portfolios were of such peripheral importance that Chaudhery’s resistence to it was inevitable.
    Eighth, you pretended to respect court decisions in the cases in which your supporters were charged with 2000 treason indictments, but you released the convicts on extra-mural orders within weeks of their incarceration.
    Nine, you ordered the drafting of the Reconciliation Bill, the Qoliqoli Bill and the Indigenous Tribunals Bill, legislation guaranteed to free the guilty, create uncertainty in the tourism industry, and kill freehold title.
    Tenth, your main advisors Naisoro, Bale and Baba seem to have been complicit in the over printing by 2,000,000 of ballot papers in the 2006 elections. The elections have been roundly criticized by the EU, the Sweetman inquiry and the Lala inquiry.
    Eleven, you grossly miscalculated the real threat of a military coup in 2006, and continued to employ confrontational politics with the Commander when conciliation was the wiser course of action and may have prevented a coup.
    Twelvth, in a last desparate attempt to preserve power, you, in an act of treason, invited the Australian and New Zealand armed forces to invade Fiji without the knowlege of the President.
    Thirteen, you embarked upon the disastrous court case against Bainimarama which resulted in the abrogation of the Constitution and the removal of the judiciary.


  3. The generous retirement packages have long ago been harvested. Enough is enough. Long suffering taxpayers of Fiji – corporate as well as individual – deserve a break from such foolishness. Is there no end to such stupid suggestions?

  4. Qarase and his cohorts to get retirement packages???? NO BLOODY WAY!!!!

    FOR 6 very long years Qarase and his thieves have pillfered the national coffers….taxpayers money….Qarase does not deserve a cent!

    He gave 20 millions dollars of our money to Fijian Holdings as a GIFT not as a loan. FICAC should add that to his list of charges. He had no right to give our hard sweat like that, irrespective of cabinet approval. Had it been a loan well fair enough but as a gift I beg to differ.

  5. when the reins were handed over to Qarase to lead the country after the 2000 coup, I , then supported him and thot him being an indeginous would make a difference prticularly for the grassroot majority who supported him come hell or high waters, but what did he do??allowed a group of elite fijians to get richer and ignored the vanua who had so much faith in him. He forgot that God watches over us especially when you are in the position of leadership, you have a lot more to answer for, God said, enuf is enuf, it’s time u exit and out u go, u were given a chance & u blew it!!! so Qarase, relax and enjoy your retirement!!!!!! God bless u!

  6. And where is the accountability of money used by the Army and Police just lately found? From 2006 till now. millions gone down the drain. Improper papers to support the payment. Lotus and all other companies.

    Oti mada na vei digidigi qai macala nomudou GAZZETED LAWS and all the rubbish. Oso o Naboro.


    Where is all the lies that leads to the 2006 coup?

    5 years still no one been taken to court.

    If you have all those accusation why don’t you report it to those authority in charge now?

    We all know the reason for coup. They want to save their ass from being question by the police regarding the murders of CRW. Ubi walega na corruption and where is the truth now?

    Simple blaming the semi paralised Presi for the abbrogation of the constitution. Who authorised it. Its him. Be a man and face the consequences of your bloody wrongs.

    To all the Kai VUDA dina. Qo sa qai rogo qo. S abeitaki nomudou turaga ni vaka vuna na boko ni constitution kei na vei lawa eso.

  8. Qarase you doing good my brother..Let these cowards talk…History will remeber two simple things in Fiji…..A man voted by the people and a dictator..One song that plays like these….

    Do you wanna be a well fed slave or a hungry free men…..We are fijians not jamaicans nor nigerians nor zimbabwens to be treated like this…..

    Qarase you the peoples champ..You die you aint got nothing to worry about in the next world…Let the dictator worry about his sorry arse in this life and his destination in the next life…Peace ..

  9. whether we like it or not, accept it or don’t, people say all u can till kingdom come! it will not change the fact that VB & govt rules and will bring about a better Fiji ! if it was meant for qarase to stay on, he wud have! ………unfortunately …. it was not meant to be….. and he was removed….. all I can say…..whatever happens good or bad God is still in controll, full stop!!!!!!!!!

  10. S.raqiqi..if that is the definition for your fiji then fuck off to Zimbabwe…

  11. opps…children…that’s enough now. Time for character assassination may be over…now is time to rebuild our beloved Fiji!! We say again; we’re all in the same team!!….occasionally we squabble, but no reason to drain our precious energy by blasting each others character to smithereens or drowning them at the Kinoya slimy pool.

    ..damning each other…as if damning by the international community is not enough damage to the reputation of the beautiful 300 Islands.

    Ok…now; suggestions for our new constitution, voting regime, nationalise all natural resources, marketing our abundance of skills and manpower, marketing military and policing brains to other Pacific Islands and beyond, Foreign Fijians/Indo-Fijian role in the New Fiji, decentralising school libraries and computer lab to be accessible by rural cousins in the village, cane belt and outer Islands etc, etc,etc,etc…oh boy, we have a lot to talk about towards rebuild our nation….

    .let’s leave Mr. Qarase, and all other former PMs alone to enjoy their family. They , like all of us will one day stand before the ultimate Judge!

  12. sobo Jim, vosoti au bro but did u take ur medication this morning, pressure pills?? I guess!!! ………..truth hurts bro…… just learn to release all the hatred, bitterness and u will be just fine!!! God bless u bro

  13. @Rraqiqi qori wilika qori

    Also according to the Wall Street Journal timetable, Frank Bainimarama is scheduled to address the General Assembly of the United Nations and FIJI is slotted in to speak on SATURDAY 26th September just after 3pm NY time.

    So it really and truly seems like King Frank will be talking to the WALLS, while everyone else is out shopping and preparing for the evening dinner dance, no time for tin pot Dictators aye.

  14. @wadruece!!! so whats wrong with that???????this is general assemble idiot! not bose vakoro, come saturday, it’ s shopping time! typical fijian mentality, you think the whole world do not work on saturday and just use for shopping??? welcome to the real world my brother!

    Vinaka VB, tell the UN that Fiji appreciates what you & yr govt is doing!!!! God bless u!!!

  15. Waraka when he will talk to the wall like he did before. WHo cares listening to him just klike his karaua mai Iraki..

  16. His karua mai Irani

  17. wailei !!!! I smell ” bitterness & jealoussy” , wadruce, vosota bro! but VB is part of the GA and whether he gives his speech on whatever day, it does not matter really, the fact that he is there, speaks alot for Fiji and the IG in particular!!!! kauta laivi sara na nomu yalo ca qori!!!! we’re moving on regardsless!!!!!!

  18. Australia and NZ’s greatest concern is not about elections. That is the argument they have stuck to to gain international support to destroy the efforts of the Interim Government. The return to democracy is not their greatest concern, it is the fear that Bainimarama will just pull it off come 2014 and justify all he has done since 2000. That is their greatest fear.

    They know damn well that Bainiomarama means what he says, and they only way they can get back at him is to poison the minds of the international community and the locals, who will not have a bar of it.

    Why do they persevere with this line if they know that Bainimarama is justified in his course of action? It is about shifting the power base in the region. They do not want Fiji to be a leader among Polynesian and Melanesian island nations.

    What they fear most is that Bainimarama will make it work. That he was right from the very beginning. That the message to the other Pacific nations will be, you can control your own destiny without being belted with a stick and having a carrot shoved up your arse by your neighbours.

    Every day that Bainimarama remains in power, is a slap in their faces.

    I am sure in hindsight they wished they had dumped the support for the SDL and backed Bainimarama in the beginning. The way that it is panning out now, the hearts and minds campaign has already been won. They backed the wrong horse, but are too dumb to admit

  19. Gauna ga sa caka kina na carubi …Vaqarai kece o ira na jiko qo na real fiji news….Moku kece…

  20. @Jim!!! yes bro, come for me, am waiting for you too!!!! vacava??? can’t take the heat????F O tani vatotolo sara!!!! bleary macawa!!!

  21. Ha ha ha ha @ S. Raqiqi…..

    Jim has gone dim….

    Kavocia tavu na kaisi!

  22. @brisco, e i lia muni ko (Jim), a ba tam bulu e vicovico!!!!! luve ni qo qase!!!!!!!!

  23. sa kua na vaqa koro vakai nomudrau boso cici levu o Voreqe..

    S. raqiqi cava nomu address…Mo vaqarai mada yani vena dua na gusu ni dakai..

  24. mai bro! waraki iko sara tiko ga qo!!!qi cevukia na vuravura qa toso! “O cei e bolei au?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  25. Vuravura qa toso nomu sona…Caiti Voreqe…

    Bolea mada na nomu vakasama sona mona qori qai mai bole….Na levu ni macawa ni nomu vakatulewa vakaraitaki na macawa ni nomu vakatulewataka na vuka ni ligamu…Luveni cici levu vakai Bainimarama…

    Sa rauta na butobuto…Luveni cai yara o jinamu.

  26. @jim, bro tauri iko vakamalua! forgot yr medication again???? sobo, kusa taura mada ni o se bera ni tomana na blogging!!!!!ke sa oti na memu pills, e dau 24hrs o St Giles, qai lai rairai kina!!!LOL LOL LOL

  27. @Jim, tamata lamulamu!!levu ga na gusumu!!!!toso mada mai me daru veivacu!!! solia mai na nomu address!!!! totolo tagane, laurai mada o tagane dina se o dua vei ira na poofter ni suva!!!!!!!

  28. Qori noqu address qori….Queen Elizabeth Barracks

    Luveni Caititamamu..Lol

  29. ……..nikua 8pm vacava?????

  30. @Jim, tamata lamulamu!!! waited for u bro! next time u keep ur big mouth shut!!!! sonalevu!!

  31. Sonalevu o bumu sa tu mai nai bulubulu…Iko sega ni tamata ni lauvacu….Dua ga na kemui saba katakata….

    Drau pamu kei Bainimarama….

  32. Waia….S raqiqi ……Waraki au tiko 8pm kua ni o step..

    Sega ni vinakati na catfight kei na veidre ulu ko drau dau cakava kei na kemui cai o Voreqe….Waraki au tiko mo laki kana i saba mada…

  33. @Jim, kerea mo qai vosa vei rau na tamamu kei na tinamu ni sega ni dua na veisusu vinaka e caka vei iko!!! what happened???? you were raped as a toddler?????it seemed as if the world owes u something!!!!! grow up bro growup !!!!!!pathetic!!!

  34. s raqiqi…lai tukuna sara ga vei na kemui cai cici levu o Voreqe na yatu vosa qori…

    Tamata sonalevu o iko…E cava sa lauti iko tiko na ka au tukuna…Rogoca….Caiti Bainimarama…
    vakaukauwa….Drau yavu sonalelevu vatu

  35. vinaka bro, god bless!!!

  36. Do not even try and the preacherman,when you were swearing a second ago..

    Luveni catijinamu…Vutuki Bainimarama

  37. sonalevu is not a swear word, it just talks about yr big butt which is the same as yr brain ha!!!ha!!!!

  38. jim maaaaaan !!! kua mada na vosavosa ca !!!! this really confirms you were molested at a very early age!!!!!!!!! se u lasu???????

  39. hee!!!!!heeeee!!!!heeee face it bro! VB and his IG ARE IN CONTROL “what part of this sentence do u not understand”! u can swear all u like and end up killing yrself” IT WILL NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE ” VB IS IN CONTROL !!!!!! VB IS IN CONTROL!!! ” GOT THAT??????????????????????????????

  40. @Jim, POTE !!! POTE !!!!!! ha!!!! ha!!!! say bula to yr PM RATU VOREQE BAINIMARAMA!!!!!!!!!!ha!!!!ha!!!!

  41. jim, vovosta ni mosiiiiii valevu vei iko!!! but this is reality!!!!! accept it before it kills u!!!!!!

  42. relax Jim !!! relax bro! whatever u say will not change anything sooooooooooo RELAX!!!!!!!!
    a cava tiko mada o iko?????????????? laurai vinaka!!! luvei setani!!!!~!!!!!!!

  43. … and Jim ….u do not belong to this blogsite! u cannot come up with anything sensible! all u do is curse! aren’t u embarresesd when u read thru the blog and read sensible comments???????? o sa tukuni iko tiko ga!!!!! bavulu, peabrain, gutterlevel life, loser, must be a monkee face toooo…….LOL

  44. Sa baci delete tu na comments…


  45. they will only delete what is irrelevant!!!!!…… u Jim……..very very veeeeeryyyyyy irrelevant!!! pls accept it!!!!!



  48. Fiji is full of african monkeys, just have to go thru this blog site to know that. Whoever let the monkeys out. They should have stayed in the reserves

  49. Im a raw news reader,cos they do publish the real news about what really happening in fiji at this moment,also im agree on what Jim is saying and understand his feeling its the feeling of 99.99% of fijian home and abroad,and who is this twat[s.raqiqi] person.? if you cant talk fuck off !! you fucking idiot just like you self made pm bainimarama[ drau lai vei vutu toka ena nomudrau rukuni mango tree qai kauti Teleni kei Driti merau lai partner toka ]qai laurai mada na cava na result.[boi dada ga na nomu dou mango tree ya. Me vaka ga na nomu dou matanitu lasulasu.

  50. Au vakabauti nio Frank a samuraki vei Saddam vata kei Hitler ena dua nagauna gauna qo sa vuke o China President ching!ching!

  51. Its good tohave this news website so we can express our freedom of speech .[Caiti tamamu bainimarama vata keiira na masia tiko na nomu sona .]We want our fiji back you piece of shit!

  52. Idid saw frank wearing aBritish army combat jacket on one of your picture[ realnews] while doing a morning jog with his dogs, hey frank e buno taki nacombat jacket qori ,you got no right to wear or even touch it you dickhead people die for that uniform,i dont think the british people wanner see a dickhead oops!sorry imean dicktaker oops sorry again dictator wearing it. that jackets wears only by professional soldiers i mean real soldiers not toy soldiers like you, so i think you need aword with your adviser or[ spin doctor] or cat because its not avery smart thing to do i mean media wise,because its show to the world how really is that you are a no brainer when it comes to deals with internation issues and how childish and stupit you really are, especially that you want the queen to be restore as a head of state in fiji .I dont think theQueen would want to see that a dicktaker sorry i mean dictator abully like you wearing a uniform of her beloved forces. Word of advise, pliz dont do it again. cherio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Some of you people really crack me up.

    Got a Momo – brainbox – highly traditional – educated respectful pious & honest – offshoot of a long line of accalimed Taukei academics.
    Traditionally ensnared during troubles – fed up with situation – took package – returned to roots -farm. Problem being? When things return to normalcy – convincing him – and others like him -could be a problem? So don’t for one moment imagine another certain high profile person sits brooding in his bure all night (day under Mango) in Vanuambalavu deviously craving & plotting a return to power etc etc in hot smelly Suva. Those of us who have experienced these things realise its not that simple.
    Can’t play chess without players.

  54. Sometimes you really crack us up.

    Springboks & Chinese lock their’s up – Burmese stick em in big house’s with moats – some places shoot then steal the body – hard ball politics in Fiji entails banishment back to your own private plantation on a beautiful island – inhabited by friendly people – most of whom are relatives – set in magical seas… Got it! Vinaka.

  55. PS.

    So what’s going on with Hollywood George?

    How come he’s still locked up?

    Gottah be careful in these situations – prisoners like this (political) possess the unusual ability of morphing into martyrs? Already found God -he’s an AUS citizen (by choice) – send him back – can swap memoirs with Foster.

  56. PPS.
    Before progressive deletion takes its natural course (deleted) – like to offer a few observations?

    To all you people – both overseas & local.
    Next time your sat around the Tanoa playing Fijians (itaukei) – amid all the bullshit & small talk – find time – reflect & think what it all means (entails) being Kai Viti? Ritual – ceremony & tradition of the kava? Everything? Think about the words like ratu – tavale – mataquali – vanua?
    What the word (connotation) Tui Viti (vunivalu) implies? (invokes). Then ask yourselves what Roko Tui Viti means? Difference between a Vunivalu & a Roko? What they do (did)?.

    Case you dudes missed it? One means Administrator – other something else – & you’ve just exiled your more than qualified & capable one in (both spheres of goverment both traditionally & contempory) in the Solomon’s?
    Right! Got it.
    Deport popular (contempory) political leader back to own island – exile respected – capable & ranking traditional Turaga to Wontok Land.

    Know what really cracks us up & troubles?
    That someone who can’t even drink grog properly or spell Matanivanua right can see these things – yet somehow you people can’t?
    O elei.

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