USA v Fiji (big brother back off)


From Brisco

I find it quite amusing to find out about the USA’s sanctions against Fiji because of human right violations.

Whilst they preach democracy around the world they are poking their noses in countries where they dont have any baigani.

Talking about human rights violations they are the biggest violators around! One just needs to read their history to know the REAL human rights violations.

Whilst still on the subject of sanctions I pray that good sense prevails amongst our 2 big Pacific brothers. The more tighter their noose around our neck gets the more we are going to look towards Asia for help.

Common sense mannn!!!


12 responses to “USA v Fiji (big brother back off)

  1. Human rights violation? You gotta be kidding me America.

    Now let’s take a good look.

    More that a million Iraqis dead now since the start of the invasion of their sovereign nation.

    Millions more Iraqis have been displaced out of their home and are now considered the biggest human refugee population in the world in their own country.

    Same scenario in Afghanistan.

    Wait, some more human rights violations in the video below. Take a look at how world super powers subjugate the human rights of smaller nations.

    Don’t tell me about human rights violation, America. The world is not blind to you anymore. The same old trick doesn’t work anymore.

    America, you don’t seem to learn from your former President Abraham Lincoln – “You can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool all the people all the time”.

    America, just clean your backyard and fixed your health care systems first. It’s a human rights issue too in your very own backyard.

  2. Stealing a Nation – by John Pilger

  3. Secretary of State Ms CLinton, you can bomb us out of existence, you can close your trade doors to us, you can stop your people from coming here, you can even stop drinking our water, it still will not change a single thing. if anything we have learnt from you and deomocracy, is that the journey there is hard, painful and with colateral damage and we will get there with or without you on our own terms in our own time and redefine democracy where inigenous peoples are not closed off in reserves after years of merciless and ruthless annihilation… If anything we have learnt well from you on which paths to not tread to get to democracy.

  4. Hey thank you Real Fiji News for coming back to life. We will continue to visit this site even if you post a new article once every 3 months. Still a good place to come and talk about things.

  5. Bula REASON/VITIVOU….Yes a big vinaka vakalevu to Real Fiji News for the resurrction…

    For those of us in favour of VB, the MC and the IG, for those of in favour of a New Fiji clean of corruption and crime, for those of us who appreciate hard work we are indebted to you Real Fiji News that we have a site where we can communicate and motivate each other.

    There are other blog sites but have objectives which are full of hatred and character assasinations.

    3 cheers for Fiji! Hip hip …..

  6. resurrection

  7. vina du Real Fiji !! cola vina bros vitivou , brisco & reason! ” Lets contribute sensibly and uplift each other for a better and prosperous Fiji, happy blogging my friends!!!!!!!!

  8. Yeah right. This is a “Blog”. Not a junta mouthpiece.

    Lets contribute for the betterment of this great nation under it’s King B.

    More happiness through silence and work. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

    Everyone loves a Military Dictatorship.

  9. Uncle Sam was alleged to raise hopes of the SDL/FLP with promises to “intervene” immediately after the events of December 2006. Whether “Iraq” type intervention or sanction, only that former Uncle Sam official in their Suva office who used to promise the world to SDL knew the nature of the promise.

    Have we forgotten that our soldier’s alleged tortures on civilian have never reached the well-published abuse by US Soldiers racist and evil tortures on Iraq and Afghan Civilians? Credit to America for having brilliant Lawyers to legitimise their “human right abuse” and worse still; glossed over by American spin-doctors to attempt convince the world that it’s worthy ‘war on terror”.

    For all we know it was more…eh…terror on US with, sadly to date 4,300 dead soldiers and counting EVERYDAY!! It is equally shattering to the US taxpayer to be burdened with Trillions of dollars to finalise George Bush’s , now Obama Hussein’s witch-hunt.

    The degradation of Iraq and her millions of innocent civilians victim of US’s WOMD hunt has caused Iraq over 120 thousand lives, dead from US bullets and consequence of US presence in Iraq.

    How dare US tell us that we have “Human right violations” sins.

    Apart from the Press, we know where these lobbying to starve our common folks are coming from. These so-called soon to be defunct Fiji pro-democracy movements worldwide are losing membership and support, especially the Australia and NZ. From the comfort of their overseas mansions these cowards barks democracy….Goodness..why not divert energy to rebuild Fiji!!

    The majority of us, who have never condoned Fiji Coup culture know better and have resolved to just be plain ‘Pro-Fiji”; supporting all genuine efforts to rebuild our beloved Nation at such a time as this when our so called friends desert us.

    We cannot do much about the few who enjoy spewing their filth against our efforts to put a decent square meal on our common folks table TODAY !!

    And America persecutes Fiji of “human right violations”….ko cei sa vosa??

  10. Voreqe Bainimarama

    Well I have a secret to tell. The US is one of the nations I fear. When I ordered the opening of the street where the US embassy in Suva is located in the early days of my 2006 coup, I received a warning letter from the US consulate. He specifically dictated that if the street is opnened, the US has no other alternative, they will fly in their US Marines and guard their embassy and stroll the streets in full armour gear and weapons. They concluded if my army ever show any threat or hostility towards them, we will face the full wrath of the mighty US army. Well my arse have to open and I immediately ordered that the street to be remained closed till today. The US is one country you never mess with even in your own soil.

  11. They sussed US amb first time they saw him – free kana & coral reefs.

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