Prime Minister John Key says…….

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says there is virtually no prospect of a resolution of Fiji’s military rule any time soon.

Mr Key says it is lamentable, but Fiji’s military leader, interim Prime Minister Commodore New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, intends to stay for the long haul.

During an official visit to Australia this week, Mr Key has ruled out imposing economic sanctions, saying such measures would only hurt ordinary Fijians.

He told the National Press Club in Australia’s capital of Canberra that New Zealand, like Australia, will not impose economic sanctions that would do so.

“Is there no more we can do? Well, look, not immediately, not easily. I think you’ve got a situation where you can’t force him to change, well certainly not easily and we wouldn’t propose that,” he said.

“So I do think you need to give him time and I think that’s the sense of the other Pacific leaders.”

– Radio Australia


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  1. Oh, finally, Mr. Key has opened the lock to the reality of our situation we have for a long while now tried to show him.

    Thanks, NZ Fijians and Indo-Fijian for giving his the right yagona mix that may have awakened…and may be the adour of masala at the GG house may have worked wonders.

    Or did it take cousin Australian PM to ‘Rudd’ Mr.Key’s away from the reef of ignorance.

    Next?…well, smash to smithereens the “quarantine road block”, re-negotiate the Trade deal, lift the travel ban, get our dedicated seasonal workers back in and give that Seven Maestro his NZ Permanent Resident Visa so he may see his kids finish well from Uni!!, etc,etc,etc.

    Tanks Mr. Rudd Mr. Key..

  2. John Key and Kevin Rudd,

    If ever you and your government agents (masquerading as news reporter, journalists, bloggers etc) ever come and read our comments on Real Fiji News, hear this loud and clear.

    The days of colonialism is over. The days of master and slave is over.

    Just as Jesus Christ said that men don’t live on bread alone, so is Fiji do not live on trading with New Zealand and Australia alone.

    The days of exploiting Fiji and the Pacific people MUST end. I repeat MUST end.

    You have more to lose and less to gain from your current strategy on Fiji.

    Fiji will live with or without you John and Kevin.

  3. Just a few political word games from mr key has got fools mind wondering…Welcome to politics fools…That is what you call the mind game..To soften your walls a bit…You see how you fools took that bait so easily…..

  4. I still think we need to look at other partners like Asia, United Arab Emirates, European countries, etc.

  5. era na malumu mai… qai qo sana…qai ga….mark my word…..godbless…..

  6. Sometimes i wonder what this country is all about..Fiji…Is it everyman for himself..Because if it is….I will form an invisible group with guns that will take out any army personnel coming back from the shopping ,church,on a date,in a nite club, grog party wherever…This war is far from over…This man has got blood on his hand and he ansd his cronies will not leave without some justice..

  7. @jim,

    I’m afraid we’ve known for long that the bait will be thrown anytime soon. But nobody’s going to be hooked line and sinker thank you very much.

    We’ve seen it one too many times how money (they call it aid but is really a loan), being dangled as a carrot to entice the Pacific countries to sell away their hearts and souls. It may have worked before but its not gonna work for Fiji this time.

    The birth of a new, more prosperous and truly democratic Fiji is at hand. It is going to be free of the colonialists institutions which they left behind in order to easily control the masses.

    The problem with New Zealand and Australia is that the more they go against Bainimarama, the more it exposes their real Pacific plan. One of total control politically and economically of the Pacific nations.

    Pacific countries should now take their cue from the stand Bainimarama is taking against Australia and New Zealand who have hijacked the Pacific Forum as their route to totally controlling the Pacific. This is exactly what the original creator of the South Pacific Forum did not want in the first place.

    The demise of the once cherished South Pacific Forum will be complete once all countries of the Pacific bite the bait thrown at them by Australia and New Zealand. Fiji is the one lone voice amongst the Pacific countries standing out protecting the cherished ideal set out by the founders of the forum. The biggest sellout amongst the leaders of the Pacific is the Samoan PM.

    Bainimarama should just move Fiji on from here and DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, allow Australia and New Zealand from dictating how we take Fiji forward.

    Let’s control our own destiny. Let’s create our own forum. Let’s stand on our own feet and prove to ourselves first that we can live without their aid money.

  8. @jim,

    how hard you try, you will never make it. It’s hard for uninformed people like you to understand why Fiji had to go through what we are going through.

    Small minds will never comprehend why Bainimarama is charting a new path for Fiji.

  9. Yeah,yeah you want it the soldiers way..We will bring the war in a way you have not seen….You cant see us..We can see you..You and your children will die by the sword….You will die like pigs….Give you a taste of how it feels to be on this side of the line aye…

  10. Do it Jim. Have the guts and do it.

    Death is nothing to us. We were once warring people and we can easily descend back to that. We were once cannibals and we can easily go back to that level.

    If you have a nuclear bomb, drop it on us. Who cares? Let’s see who gives up first.

    Tell you what, you haven’t really seen the heart of a truly Fijian warrior. We Fijians are not easily provoked but once broken, its a different story.

    I beg you, come down here to Fiji and lift up your sword. Be a man. Come to the lion’s den.

    Or are you a chicken?

    By the way, let me declare myself first. I am no soldier. Just an ordinary folk walking the street everyday.

    Bring your Goliath and meet this David on the street. Anytime my friend, any time. Make my day.

  11. Because you cant be man be enough to fight your cause in the real mans way without guns…You aint no david..Cut the bullshit..Fijian warrior my ass..There is no warrior in you…You choose to bully people with guns with your bullshit that has only killed innnocent people .. You gonna get it,you wait with your arrogants..When we will hit you,there will be a war..The revelations in the bible will come true and be fulfilled..We will hit in your sleep

  12. @ Jim – Please settle down and take your medication.listen to what we are saying, we are not soldiers we are ordinary people. We have not bullied anyone we are supporting moving fiji back to where it should be. People like you want us to remain in the past, well we wont.. simple as that. You can threaten us all you like, COME ON MAKE OUR DAY. lets see what that proves, nothing, some dead fijians and the country goes back another 10 years. Get over yourself you fucking idiot.

  13. @jim,

    I feel sorry for you. Revelation in the bible? Which bible are you talking about?

    Anybody can twist and turn the revelations in the bible to suit their agenda or motive. Its been done all the time throughout the century.

    The only revelation I know that’s in the bible is that men don’t live on bread alone.

    When you lack the depth to understand anything about Fiji, you will expose yourself as an idiot like you are doing right now.

    Again, I beg you come to the lion’s den.

  14. See if Voreqe is man enough to walk in the streets of Fiji with a boxing gloves…See if he has his head gets kicked in..

  15. Fiji is now just a name..a label representing people who have no respect for their own kind…

  16. just like you jim…you are just a name….an idiot blabbing as if he/she knows what the fuss this is all about……..

    we sure respect our own kind and other kinds…but not those of your kind jim….

  17. What you people did in this coup has awaken the real lions of this lands of FIJI..And we are gonna bury you…
    Bro this waht it is…..You people created this monster that we are now…We are who we are now because of your arrogant actions…If you had choose to fight your cause in a peaceful way we wont be who we are now…..

  18. @ jim…which monster are you talking about?

    The only monster I know was the one created by Rabuka in 1987. And then Qarase continued to nurture that same monster once he won election in 2001 and again in 2006.

    Bainimarama is trying to slay that monster by pressing the reset button for Fiji politics. That’s why Fiji desperately needs a new constitution to save itself from the destructive monster called RACISM masquearading as Taukei nationalism.

    Anyone who continue to perpetuate the myth of the ideology of coup 1987 and 2000 monster will be put to the sword this time around.

    Fiji needs to live in the 21st century. Not falling back to the cannibalism days of the 17th, 18th, 19th century.

    If you want Fiji to go back to those days, do what you and your group is intending to do.

    You see a whole lot of people like you have got what is currently being done to Fiji the other way around. What is being done is really for the long term survival and benefit for the people of Fiji.

    It’s only the narrowest of mindset like you Jim who cannot see beyond the tip of your noses.

  19. @ jim,

    you need a lobotomy to save yourself from self-destructing…

  20. Yes Jim We are with you will make there bite there heart..and ask for mercy.

    Their days are numbered. Nai keli ni valu na gauna makawa ko se tu mai delai Vuna, Vugalei, Colo North, Namosi, Serua, Ba kei na kena vei gaunisal davo loma ni veikau. ena keli tale mera na lau coka mate kina na sotia nei VB. 21st century your A…. Sa 21st century dou se vaka yaco COUP ga? Ko ira na CRW kora mate vaka loloma dou tunaki ira, ena caka tale vei kemudou. DOu waraka. Na ka se bera ni sotava o viti ena qai sotava qo. You are just occupying and gurading the city of nothing. Na cream of the govenment is its natural resources.

    DO u have manpower to guard them? Will split the army’s throats and send them to their own children to see.

  21. No,no , Bainimarama and you have got it all wrong…You motherfuckers cannot replace a life and the suffering people have to go through..
    Fuck 1987 and fuck 2000..Stop bringing it up to justify you crap…Because we know thats all gone…You ppl have really pressed the wrong button to fight your cause and we gonna see it through that you get your belting..

  22. Lets do it for our children After all is done will disarm the military and send them home for good.

  23. @ bati,

    Wasn’t the CRW people defying normal military command line by disobeying the Commander?

    So vei kemuni qo o ni lialia tiko beka. O ratou na CRW eratou voroka saraka nai matai ni lawa ni bula vaka mataivalu.

    E na bula vakamataivalu, e rogo ga kina na vosa nei koya e Commander. Sega ni mai rogoci na vosa nei dua na civilian vaaka taki Speight se o Iliesa Duvuloco.

    O Bainimarama e mai tamusuka ga na KENA VAKATETEI TIKO NA TEVORO LEVU KA VAKACALAI KINA O VITI ENA 1987 KEI NA 2000. O ya na kena vakayagataki tiko na kawa tamata i taukei me i ulubale ni kena kalawaci na Yavu ni Vakavulewa.

    Sa rui levu noda vesumona taki nai taukei mai vei ira na dau ni politiki druka, butobuto, lawakica. Sa kena gauna me dolavi na matada me da raica ni sega ni na mai biuta e dua na veleti kakana e dela ni teveli keda vinakata me noda tiko ga nai taukei na veiliutaki ni vanua qo.

    Na noda qele ena sega ni kau laivi vei keda vakavo saraga keda sega ni vakayagataka tiko me bula kina na matavuvale kei na vanua.

    Era mai ulubale taki tu ga na vei kawa tamata tale eso ni vakavuna tiko noda vakaloloma nai taukei. Oqori nai tukutuku lasuwale duadua.

    dou keliva ga nai keli ni veidelana qori me kemudou i bulubulu. Keimami na kena vo keimami sa na toso tiko ga i liu.

  24. @ jim and bati,

    bring it on….we are waiting for you…make our day!! C’mon.

  25. @ jim,

    You are the one whose got the twisted mind. Those who maybe suffering are the unfortunate ones but the problem in Fiji is much much bigger.

    The root of the problem has to be nipped in the bud for goodness sake. That is what is taking place. Without nipping this problem in the bud, it will continue to be perpetuated in the future by corrupt politicians and their cronies.

    I think you guys need to do reverse psychology to understand what the RFMF is trying to do to Fiji.

  26. Waraka dou yadrava na Hibiscus..

  27. Waraka dou yadrava na Hibiscus.. Dou moce

  28. Mai ragone, kauta mai….

  29. Rogoca na vakamacala qori is too late and expired because if you look closely at what Voreqe is fighting for it is not about honour anymore….Because if it was about honour a coup would not be a choice..Because the sonalevu had other things in mind to hide concerning himself that was the reason…

    Keep calling in the mist,you are fighting the invisible..

  30. @jim,

    kua ni vakalusia nomu gauna….you are fighting a losing battle…Voreqe is doing the right thing….o kemuni ga na vesu tu nomuni mona ena politiki makawa nodra na tamata druka o ni se vakaduiduile tiko…..toso ga mai meda mai toso vata….sa rauta na levaleva…..

  31. Mark Hatcher


    What you talking about? What choice Frank had? Qarase was corrupt looking after the interest of select few. Dickhead Chaudhary was worse.

    I remember Indians from outer islands used to talk to each other in Fijian, likewise Fijians from West and North spoke at home in Hindi. Politics during last 20 years has reduced the relationship between races to level of almost hatred.

    Too long leaders in Fiji have milked the country and it is time to take different direction which only Frank and RFMF can provide. Please feel sorry for the poor who have been cheated by likes of Qarase , Rabuka and Chaudhary.

  32. im with vitivou and mark……na qai qo sana qai ga…..fiji has been corrupt for such a very long time….the people that are anti frank, are somehow connected or related to this corrupt people….full stop….theres no question about it…and the truth hursts……mark my word…..frank will prevail…..australia and new zealand understands that. and that is why …they are backing off abit…….australia and new zealand has been bullying the islanders for a very long time…and know one has the balls to stand up to em….and thank god for frank………..i think ….frank dont need fiji…………….fiji needs frank…..someone with balls……sega ni levu ga na vosa……….we need someone that will stand and fight……….godbless ……frank…..and the very people that are anti frank…godbless….

  33. @vitivou, Mark & buta, dou bula vinaka na taciqu !!! yes we shall carry on regardsless! HMS, no come back!! moce qi sa la!!! na qai qo sa na qai ga!! God bless

  34. Walker-Texas-Ranger

    There is a ‘Cabal of Corruption’ in Fiji. If Peter Foster knows who many of them are (and he does), why do we, the local people of Fiji who have suffered endlessly from them, refuse to ‘know’ who they are…….and act? PM John Key, it could be noted, sounded frustrated when he spoke. But he has at last ‘got it’ about Fiji. Which politician can you name – including the ones ‘wearing frocks’ and dog collars – was prepared to ‘Name and Shame’ the corrupt persons who live and feed off us all? Not one, not one! Gloves off on the lot of them! They will be ‘brought in’ and Fiji must show that it can do it, if need be, alone. That is why we need to recognise: we brought this fate upon ourselves -all the ‘huers and criers ‘about democracy and the Young People for Democracy. When you come in with the evidence that is required (and it is beginning to come in), you will have justified and earned life in a democracy. Why the silence from those in former governments – those who turned their backs on their constituents and on those who paid them from taxation? When will they save us the cost of taking them all to court for their abuse of the people? Now that might be a truly noble deed! Is any of them – even ONE – capable of it? That is all it takes. “The eyes of the Rangers are upon you”. Not just in Texas …… but here! Thank you, MAI TV.

  35. Puss-in-boots

    Yes, it takes “balls” – ‘cojones’ as the Texans and Mexicans have it to take on corruption and even pussy cats have balls. Just you wait and see!!!

  36. @Jim

    No calling in the mist – that’s for Scotland and the Scots. Here in Fiji we take them on in full sun where we can expose them to full view. No more delays. Want to climb aboard?

  37. Hey folks,

    Check out this link and download the document. Enjoy the read if you have read it.

  38. Sorry, should have read….

    Enjoy the read if you haven’t read it.

    Happy Hibiscus holidays.

    @butadroka and s.raqiqi,

    Taciqu sa tu qori ena link ya so na information mo drau qai wilika.

    Drau vakacegu tiko. Maroroi tu madaga vakavinaka noda vanua lomani o Viti.

  39. @ vitivou

    Yes, the read was a roller-coaster ride. So what smells fishy is indeed ‘fishy’. We suspected all along: our rights were undermined by those we might have expected to uphold them. Those who turned their backs to us were indeed part of a conspiracy to deny full human rights to each and every one of us: to our children and to our grand-children for time immemorial into the future.

    Why should they merit trust ever again? Trust will have to be earned and that can only happen if they come clean. A full accounting from treacherous, exploitative neighbours whose judgement failed them. How will they redeem themselves?

    Never trust anyone who turns his/her back. Especially in a crisis. But……Dakuwaqa waits….

  40. More reading folks. Enjoy!!!

  41. @ duadua,

    What is funny today is that the standoff between Bainimarama and the New Zealand and Australian government is clearly exposing the true intentions of these so-called Pacific friends for the Pacific people.

    You may have noticed that John Key was in Australia to sign off on the creation of a single economy for the two countries. And that act correlates with their intention of fast tracking the PACER Plus trade agreement.

    In essence, as some concerned academics in Australia and New Zealand have mentioned, the biggest beneficiary out of the PACER Plus trade agreement is Australia since they wrote it themselves. But lo and behold, Australia and New Zealand are merging their economies.

    I’m flabbergasted that Pacific leaders are so oblivious to the fact that they are still sovereign nations. Why are they selling their souls off to Australia and New Zealand? Is it money?

    Pacific leaders should have been smart enough to realise that the very money, in the form of aid (which is really a loan), that these two countries are providing them came from exactly their very own backyards.

    My prediction is this. Once all Pacfic island countries come on board PACER Plus, the Pacific Island Forum is completed dead. No more. The forum will be just the facilitator for Australia and New Zealand’s policy in the Pacific.

    The question really for the Pacific people is this, who really are our friends?

    Take a good look at this.

    New Zealand and Australian rugby union bodies have made it a policy directive that no Pacific island rugby player play in their Super 14 franchises unless they declare to be eligible to play for their national teams.

    The seasonal fruit picking scheme have been limited to only a few island countries by New Zealand. Australia has refused it outright.

    The one lone hope for the Pacific people right now is Fiji. And all my thanks goes to Bainimarama and the guys at RFMF for reading the signs right and removing the biggest Fijian sellout Laisenia Qarase and his SDL thugs from power. Had Qarase continued, Fiji’s sovereignty would be just a figment of our imagination.

    Take a good look at what Qarase time as leader did to Fiji.

    The Viti Corp farm in Navua was sold/leased to a New Zealand company called Highway Stabiliser. If I remember correctly, the Fiji School of Agriculture wanted the government to give them the farm as an extension of their campus at Koronivia. This would also enable them to run it as a commercial farm so that they can finance the school itself. This would have been great savings for the taxpayers of this country had it been approved.

    This is just one example of the sellout the Qarase government was doing to Fiji. There are many others and I cannot name all of them here.

    As I’ve said before, the people who are anti-Bainimarama, especially those Qarase and SDL supporters, have no clue of what really is going on.

    Even before Qarase became the interim PM after coup 2000, I have always heard stories that he is a Nationalist and was Sakiasi Butadroka’s speech writer or policy writer. I had always thought that Qarase would put in place policies that looks after the interest of indigenous Fijians but take a good look at what he did.

    Qarase was never a Nationalist. Qarase was the biggest Fijian sellout I have ever seen. No wonder Australia and new Zealand wanted him to remain in power in Fiji.

    Another thing that Qarase did while interim PM was approving a $20 million interest free loan to Fijian Holdings Ltd. But look closely at the major Class A shareholders of FHL.

    Was Qarase clearly working for the benefit of the Fijian people or not? The evidence says that he wasn’t.

    What Qarase was smart in was befriending the leaders of the Methodist church and the GCC, the two most powerful power base for Fijians. To consolidate this power base, Qarase brought into his party the talatalas, chiefs and Fijian elites.

    It must be known to those who still doubt how bad Qarase was for Fiji was that John Howard’s Liberal party strategist was brought in to help the SDL set up and gear itself to win the elections in Fiji. This political strategist was the very person who advised Qarase to use race as the wedge to win the elections.

    I’m led to believe that the stance taken by Australia and New Zealand towards Bainimarama and the current leadership is not so much to return Fiji to democratic rule. These countries are merely concerned in meeting their timeline in establishing total control of the Pacfic economies through PACER Plus. Fiji is standing in the way of their grand plan.

    I would like to take this time to make a direct request to Bainimarama and the Military Council up there in Nabua through this good blog to ensure that they never waiver from their plan.

    People who love this country should stand up and appreciate the effort of the RFMF in restoring Fiji’s sovereignty as a UNIQUE nation.

    Bainimarama is not the messiah. But what Bainimarama did was make the ultimate sacrifice to save the people of Fiji from deceivers, corrupt leaders etc. He copped all the flacks, butt of all the jokes, ridiculed everywhere and so forth yet he is standing firm For this I take my hat off.

    Who knows, Bainimarama just might save the sovereignty of all the Pacific nations and the South Pacific Forum to be what it was supposed to be.

    For me, the words of Ratu Sukuna is meaningful to me by the action of Bainimarama – Noqu Kalou, Noqu Vanua.

    Lets not end up like the people of Chagos Island in the Indian ocean. If you want to know or see the story about them, google Stealing A Nation, a documentary by John Pilger.

  42. This is the link to the documentary Stealing A Nation – by John Pilger.×720

    While it is not directly related to Fiji, one of the islands on the Pacific could easily follow this. Wait, a group of people of the Pacific already suffered the same kind of fate – the Banaban people.

    The Banaban people were relocated to Rabi island in Fiji by the Australian government when they were mining phosphate back in their islands. Remeber this was done during the colonial government days.

    So it is suffice to say that the colonial government of the British empire really didn’t leave the Pacific. They are still here in the form of Australia and New Zealand.

    What about the Fijian soldiers who were used a guinea pigs at Christmas island during the atomic bomb testing of the British government?

    Is the Commonwealth good for Fiji?

  43. vitivou….vinakavakalevu…….taciqu……godbless…loloma yani…..enjoy the hibiscus weekend….

  44. @ butadroka,

    Yadra vinaka Taciqu. O sa wilika na i vola era tiko va na link au solia yani ya?

    Sa vakarau dua sara ga na kena sili qo meu sa gole sobu tu yani i Hibiscus. Lai sara club game talega.

    Au sa loloma tu yani.

  45. So, it has taken a standoff of this magnitude to expose the real motives and intentions which all along were ‘muddying the waters’? The account of a ‘fictional’ Special Forces officers rings true: too true as he bedded down in the Australian High Commission – at that time headed, we must remember, by a woman who was foolish enough to go out early one morning in the dark of dawn, jogging. My own view is that if that was a demonstration of ‘good judgement’, then no wonder we were all brought down. A more foolish and ill informed action would be difficult to imagine. The whole scenario was a chapter of accidents and disasters and surely lessons were learned? It proved surely that no one was listening or paying due and full attention. Are they doing any better now?

  46. @vitivou, thank u for the revelation taciqu!!! Isa! u know I firmly believe that God is smiling on Fiji………., ke sega…..keda sa volitaki makawa!!!! thanks again & enjoy the hibiscus!!!Isa! really homesic now!!!!!God bless

  47. @ s.raqiqi,

    Isa taciqu sa lesu mai qo na Hibiscus. Totoka na gade i albert park ni kua. Ra veiciciyaki tu na gone, mata mamarau tu na leweni vanua, ra veivakamarautaki tu e dua na i lala acrobats mai Jaina.

    Au mai vakawilika tu ga qo so na veitalanoa ka caka wavoki tiko va na blogsites.

    Ok au na qai dau update tu yani vei kemudrau kei Butadroka.

    Loloma yani.

  48. vitivou…bula mai taciqu…….1915hrs malevani……2115hrs qai suka mai na cakacaka.. dua toka na stubbie batabata….vinaka sara vakalevu na revelation taciqu……frank…..fiji…..will prevail…no matter what….just like what bro..raqiqi sega o frank …..from his quik thinking…..keda sa volitaki……..enjoy the hibiscus…with the familly…and take care…moce toka mada …..

  49. vitivou….daru bai wilika tale na revelation ya…..e vinaka ga ni ratou kida tu ma noda… a sega….segai…boidada…na black hawk…lako tikoyani….the army dont have to be in large numbers…e.g. na s.a.s. works in a unit…say 6to8 men…but create..carnage….e dina ni lewe lailai na mataivalu ni viti…ia na carnage it creates ..e vakadomobula…vakabibi ni vala mai noda vanua lomani ko viti….its a different story taciqu….boi dada….na s.a.s lako tikoyani qori….e kidava talega o australia….he knows…that his s.a.s will be fucked……and that is why he backed off…pretty quick smart o sona levu……….vinakavakalevu bro …so tale mai kerekere…godbless taciqu..

  50. Walker-texas-ranger

    “I think you’ve got a situation where you cannot force him to change, at least certainly not easily and we would not propose that…..”.

    The NZ Prime Minister John Key speaking last week.

    There is an most interesting juxtaposition of ‘you’ and ‘we’, one notes. Language matters. Language is often the giveaway.

    Well, why would one change course when evidence is beginning to come in. Why is evidence coming in? Because at long last some people feel confident enough to bring it in.

    It takes time to build trust and confidence. Rotten police officers destroy public trust. Rotten public officials…..ditto. And, never forget, we pay them both. So why would we not insist that they are ‘clean’?

    In Afghanistan, Lt Col Christian Canossi in Helmand Province has been saying likewise concerning information relating to the Taliban. Now they have sufficient troops on the ground to remain for a sufficient period of time to cultivate public trust. Is there any difference?
    One rather thinks not.

  51. NZ and AUSTRALIA needs us as mcuh as we need them. Geopolitically, FIji can never be isolated and contained as the traditional relations we have with our regional neighbours go beyond the recent events. Secondly our neighbours empathise with us because we are in more or less the same state of postcolonial adjustment which requires us determing for ourselves where and how we can survive withthe new peoples, new influences, let alone the global changes that impact on us. Thirdly we are in the same semi traditional semi industrial trying to cope with global changes. We have more and we believe in safety in numbers. If NZ and Australia have their way with us can you imagine how demoralising that would be for the rest of neighbours. We may as well become Niue, Tokelau or Pitcairn island forthat matter.
    While we welcome their partnership and their development funds we will not be bought over and bullied and maintain our identity which for us in FIji we are in the middle of trying to determine that which is good for our people. After all Democracy while champions people’s freedoms and rights, has never guaranteed the protection of people’s identity, it in fact thrives in the loss of it and NZ , Australia and the USA are near perfect examples. NZ and Australia need to understand that 5 years of wait is not perpetuity but heck 5 (as in count your fingers) years.

  52. Gents, yesterday I made a day trip to Suva on business and along the way I realised that there was so much available land….so much land available for export products.

    There will come a day when we won’t have to rely on the outside world. Of course we will need them for trade purposes but as in reliance for survival…nuh no way.

    Just when our sugar industry was heading fast down hill with the scrapping of the preferential prices by the EU, a miracle appeared on the horizon as in ETHANOL.

    There is a big demand now for sugarcane for the production of this gas and we have one of Permanent Secretaries encouraging farmers to work hard growing more cane.

    Right now we have heavily reliant on the Tourism but there is an urgent need to diversify into other areas.

    Sa vo ga dua na ka. We need to work very hard…on our farms, the civil service, in the private sector etc. We also need to cease relying on hand-outs from the Govt.

    There is work to do out there and all we need to do is focus and stop being lazy. When we rely on handouts we tend to be lazy knowing full well that there is someone out there willing to lend a hand. Lets cut that out and try and be independent.

  53. Reading one of the contributions on the other blog yeah that blog thats filled with contributors that have only one word for this govt (IG)….HATE, about VB drinking at a newly opened watering hole in the capital with Driti behind the guitars jamming away with the living legend Tom Mawi, I just have this to say.

    So what? So what if VB drinks? So what if Driti plays the guitar? So bloody what?

    VB and Driti and all of us share something in common….i.e we are just human.

    Whilst most of us wind down after a hard day’s labour with a tanoa or two, there are other forms of winding down….sky pacific, local tv, movies, reading, picking noses or just having a few beers.

    There is definitely nothing wrong with having a few drinks or having a gig jamming away with a guitar!!!!!

    As far as I am concerned as a taxpayer, as long as I’m satisfied that the taxes I pay are going to a good cause for our country to benefit as a whole I reallydont care what our leaders do in their spare time.


  54. @Brisco, sa levu boto na kwa caucaumaca e ri kwaya!!!!! am with u bro , all the way! I begin to suspect that people are now “jealous” of how VB and his govt are not succunmbing to pressures from aust , NZ, eu and the bang lot o them. They sure have the balls and I love it!!!!!!

  55. i sa du sara vasu! there is so much vacant land! why cannot we make use of it, but first and foremost, on any reforms on agriculture, there must be a big over haul on the agriculture dpt, they do not know what they are doing!!! they are wasting, time, money and too much corruption. We can be so self sufficient in agriculture, and less imports!!!! get the right people in the right place!!!!

  56. Vikwadu sara ga o iko bro baletia na Agricultural Dept…

    Yes its obvious enough theres definitely some elements out there that are jealous of what VB and our current govt are succeeding with their objectives.

    VB if you do ever read this which I doubt you do considering your busy schedule, but if you do OB, have a glass for us your silent more like roaring he he he supporters. Just do what you do and let those jealous elements gnash their teeth away.

    Driti next time around jam the number Route 66 will ya…..Jazz it mannnnn…

    And to our critics we the supporters are not here to stroke anyones balls but just giving credit where credit is due.

    God Bless Fiji!!!!

  57. @ brisco! di cevukia na vuravura qa toso!!
    O NADI KO !!!!! qi si kwalu ro wei ???????
    LOL LOL !!!!!

  58. Lol @ S. Raqiqi….O Nadi Ko….Qi cevukia na vura2 qa toso…

    Ia a tam toso ni yavi (varauleke) vo Naitasiri (Farebrother)…well better luck next time and congrats to the warriors from the hills for a stupendous gutsy performance….Mate nai lavu!

    Qi sa lomania leqwa na lequ boys ni Nadi….fatigue just cropped in over the last few weeks of training camping and playing every Saturday. Perhaps a lesson to learn from here is that districts need to expand their pool of players preparing for challenge matches.

  59. yes bro most unfortunate but hey! better luck next time! but on the whole, Nadi performance has been stirling!!! so……. we ‘re still the best I reckon!!!!!yeah good point about expanding their pool of players!!!!
    Vasu, have a blessed sunday & God bless!

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