Digicel hijacks Hibiscus carnival

From Timoci

News from reliable sources within Kadavu house has confirmed  that Digicel, the Irish mobile operator, is  plotting something during the Hibiscus carnival next week.
The details are sketchy but something is definitely  brewing up.  SCC has allowed Digicel the booking of Ratu Sukuna Park during Hibscus carnival and with people messing at Albert and Ratu Sukuna Park there can be enough space to cause disruption given the police won’t have that many resources to monitor properly.

It seems some Kadavu chiefs are colluding with digicel execs to plan a ‘bigger and better effects ‘ during the carnival.

Let’s hope common sense prevails and nothing sinister happens to disturb the carnival which everyone looks forward to every year.

Can someone ensure Digicel is not given the permit or better still SCC to cancel the booking to ensure stability . We all need to move on for a better  FIJI.


27 responses to “Digicel hijacks Hibiscus carnival

  1. Dodgycel what can you expect from these Irish motherfuckers !! Govt gives them to operate mobile services and they get into politics .Looks like its very true the story in town that they are struggling against Inkk which gives far better value .
    They should be booted out of the country if this is found to be true. Pull these Irish execs and take them for a run at the barracks and that should sorts things out.
    we hear that 75% of Dodgycel staff are expats and have a quick passport out of the country should something brew the wrong way .

    well Cops move in and clean them out .


  2. Joape, Sa Dina .
    I am an INKK customer and can confirm that INKK has far better value than Digi.

    Inkk is 30c/min flat all day and charged per second whereas Digi is 50c/min peak and 35c/min offpeak and charged per second.

    You see they are ripping the people of Fiji by claiming bigger and better they are none .
    and we can 2mins and next 29 mins free plus double and triple upps .

    All I need is my Inkk mobile .

    As for the story about their activities ..Dodgycel you make me sick .


  3. What has happened to having options, equal rights for every citizens? All bullshit, huh? Me, myself and I. Three of us making choices for me.
    You all have lost the plot. Sa levu lasu tiko kemudou.

  4. This sounds ridiculous. Why would digicel want to disrupt hibiscus carnival? They just agreed new sponsorship with the 7’s… I don’t care if they are more expensive than Inkk – there owned by Vodafone too so they are like a double company. Anyway, before digicel came Fijians were getting ripped off on everything. i remeber paying $1.99 per minute for calls on voda- even if the call lasted only a few seconds. we are lucky to have real competition here. now voda dont treat us anyway they like because they have to compete with another company. And they are a bigger network because voda dont have any network in the villages and now i can call my family in labasa from suva on there digicel phones.

    it makes me sick that people forget so quickly how badly voda treated us in Fiji.

  5. Another way to rephrase this is – Vodafone Hijacks Hibiscus Carnival.

    C’mon Real Fiji News, you can do better than publishing an article slanted to favour Vodafone.

    Vodafone does not own Suva or Fiji to have the cake all to themselves in this two weeks holiday.

    What is so wrong with Digicel trying to capitalise on this yearly event?

    The Hibiscus Carnival/Festival has been a yearly event for the people of Suva and Fiji long before Vodafone arrived into Fiji. Just because Vodafone has been the sponsor for a while now doesn’t mean that other organizations should not be allowed to have their own sponsored events on the same holiday.

    Give everyone a chance.

    From Real Fiji News in comment to the above. Vitivou this is an open forum we were asked to post this and we did. We should all have a voice and we dont always have to agree with it.

  6. vinaka..taciqu….dua nai caqe veiratou kerekere….

  7. Seems the colonising train of Great Britannia on us has now taken a commercial track. Now we watch an Irish and her English cousin Telecom Giants fight for our five cents all the way to the Hibiscus festival.

    I recall Hibiscus Festivals gurus of yesteryears were smart enough to organise events in other public venues during the festival week. The City Council was always a major stakeholder, hence, mayoral reception and the all civic pleasantries afforded to the contestant and the public.

    The charitable theme of the week are always sold well through out the community; from Government house to Veiquawawa, and reflected in the wide representation and composition of the Festival Organising Committee.

    Even yours truly, for two years in the arly 1980 had the pleasure as committee member contribute my two cents piece in assurance of the monopoly for the week and pride in the brand!!

    May it is time to introduce another telecom player from…mmmm…up north and name it the Hibiscus Mobile Network?..that may send the Anglo cousins packing..!!

  8. vitivou…taciqu….dua mada mai na sere..kerekere…..sung by fiji…..song is …laie boys…just to kick start the day,,,for every body…vinaka taciqu…godbless….

  9. Hey if Digi is planning something dodgy then someone should look into it .
    Well I am looking fwd to hibscus and Miss Semi kau pagent this year . So Vinaka vakalevu Hibscus committee and Vodafone for making this possible.
    Sponsors like vodafone who lead in corporate philanthrophy is a shining example of doing good in our community .

    happy holidays and enjoy the festivities everyone .


  10. Hey someone at Vodafone can you respond to mud slinging by some of the digicel or rather dodgycel staff .

    well I suppose not ..vodafone is above board and dont need to get into such gutter levels . Look at the results and their conribution to the vanua .
    one of my school friends recently left Digicel and described Digicel as DIGIHELL they treat locals as shits .
    and I am not suprised some of them refer to them as Dodgycel !!


  11. Vodacel & Digifone

    Children Children Children,
    What are we squabbling for?
    We now have competition and Vodafone have dropped their prices and improved thier service and are now covering some of the rural areas. Well Done!

    Digicel came in with low prices and good coverage from the start so very well done.

    Fiji be happy our sponsorship pot has just increased dramataically, whether it is Hibiscus or Sevens there is more money for Fijian events than ever before.

    So roll on competiton and lets have it in other areas of business

  12. Miss Seni kau

    Boys , Calm down . Good sense has prevailed and the Ratu Sukuna park booking by Digi has been cancelled . so no more fuss please.

    Everyone pls come down and enjoy the Vodafone Hibscus and especially the Pacific Island on Friday night .
    I can assure you fun and lots of Fun as part of living the Hibscus spirit .

    And Vinaka vakalevu to Vodafone for getting back the Miss Senikau pagent .


  13. Vodafone is run by goons such as Aslam and Pradeep. To Elenoa – people are not stupid like u who will forget the exploitation Vodafone did by charging exorbitant rates.

    And they are idiots who want us to believe Inkk is a separate operator. To hell with Vodafone – they should no get a chance to sponsor any event in Fiji.

    Let’s not forget Vodafone is part of the larger monster – ATH.

  14. hey siti I agree with you . I am Ink user and boy its definitely cheaper than Digi ..like miles cheaper 30c vs 50c/min ; charges per second .
    My friends prefer Vodafone with their double up and triple ups its more like halving or one third their tariff ..so its damn cheaper that way plus they have family and freinds package too . I think Vodastar is the other factor too.
    whaterver anyone argues competition has been good for Fiji Look we now get better value and vfone has certainly gone better with everything they do including charity bits .
    so hurray for Fiji .


  15. peolpe please try the digicel postpay and come back to this site for the outcome.Its the cheapest of them all.
    i just came back from Namoli Village(one week camping) in the interior of Navosa Province and is situated in the centre of Viti Levu believe me only the Digicel network have access to other parts of Fiji and the rests of the world,while the twin brothers Voda/Inkk are unreachable.So dont keep on guesing which one gives the best, just go out from your corner and experience the best.

  16. I am with Vodafone. We own it, so let’s support it. Digicel is not owned by us one little bit, so why would i want to place my money with them.

    Let’s make the most of now.

  17. manasa ratocemoce

    rabia. vodaphone is not yours. you do not own any shares in it and do not know what telecom is getting out of it. but sure as hell, vodaphone holdings is milking that organisation. you have forgotten that the thieves were overcharging us (just like telecom!). had it not been for digicel, aslam khan would have been “f…ing” us still!

  18. Boys,
    Vodafone and telecom are owned by FNPF [58%] and Govt of Fiji[35%] thru ATH ..so we all are owners of vodafone .
    Get your facts right.
    I have both fones but prefer vodafone because it give me back thru Vodastar plus I like this company as he gives back to the community and vanua . Now thats what makes me choose Vodafone.


  19. It is pretty pathetic for Vodafone to use Fiji rugby and the 7s to play a game with Digicel. Before Digicel came Vodafone thought they could do what they want – charge exorbitant prices for mobile phones and calls as well as dump Fiji rugby because they didn’t want them. We should be thankful Digicel came when they did – otherwise where would Fiji rugby be now?

  20. It’s good to have competition in the market, now that the public could choose for themselves, I thank Fiji rugby for sticking with Digicel, because Digicel supported Fiji Rugby in times of need. It looks like Vodafone has lost it’s monopoly play, and now feeling the brunt.

    And to Nice Bola, please watch your language, my grandparents are Irish descendants. You would not want mess with the I.R.A…..lolz

    I’m glad that Vodafone ‘s Monopoly is going down……….


  21. Tehillah Shabaach

    It’s good to have competition in the market, now that the public could choose for themselves, I thank Fiji rugby for sticking with Digicel, because Digicel supported Fiji Rugby in times of need. It looks like Vodafone has lost it’s monopoly play, and now feeling the brunt.

    And to Nice Bola, please watch your language, my grandparents are Irish descendants. You would not want mess with the I.R.A…..lolz

    I’m glad that Vodafone ’s Monopoly is going down……….


  22. Man I am so glad competition has finally come to Fiji . yes I am INKK customer and its better than digi and Voda . its 30c/min charged per sec all day .
    its has doubleup and tripple and 2+29 deal too.

    So Jo ho to competition and its customers who are the real winners .


  23. This is from a statement released by the commerce commission – on anti-competitive behaviour by vodafone.

    The Commission has reason to believe that Vodafone may have engaged in unfair and undesirable trade practices in the telecommunications sector during the period up to the Fijian launch of the new mobile operator, Digicel (Fiji) Limited, on 1 October 2008. Such practices appear to be continuing and, regardless, are impacting on consumers and competitors today.
    The Commission is concerned that Vodafone may have prevented and – and may be continuing to prevent – Digicel from competing for a significant number of high usage users of telecommunications users in Fiji. Prior to the launch of Digicel on 1 October 2008 and during the time that Vodafone was a monopoly operator in Fiji, it appears that Vodafone locked certain high usage users into long term supply contracts, some of which were combined with significant penalties.

  24. hey its good to see competition is creating for customers . new entrants always complain but customers are the real winners . i am inkk user and its simply the best value . its better than vodafone and digicel .30cper min charged per sec vs digis 50c permin charged per sec. and voda at 27c per ûnit.
    Even independence day specials is 10c per min which is better than 30c per min from digi for landline calls to popolar destinations .
    well i say horray to competition and we are the real winners . so digi stop bragging and give us a better deal and whats this CC complaint against vfone. just give us the best deals and remember customers are the kings .


  25. hey we are so fortunate to have competition ..we have choice and customers are getting better deals ..it looks like digi doesnt like to fail and is resorting to other tactics. they are well advised to do good for customers . they are the kings .
    with inkk coming in i have not seen any real competition with entrance of digixcel . inkk is the best deal and digi needs to get their act together if they were to comete with inkk for start .
    so hooray to competition..yes we are the real winners .


  26. Digicel! I heard digi are doing something massive this week in a promotion. If what I heard is tru its going to b huge!

  27. Well competition is good for fiji …its deals and deals from Inkk and Voda and Digi .Good for customers and good for Fiji.
    I have studied the deals and my assessment so far INKK is best value if you compare apples to apples. 50c/min digi vs 30c/min Inkk , both charged per sec .
    but competition has brought the best out of the players and in the end its the customers who are enjoying the best of the promos.

    so hurray to competition and thanks to IG for making this possible.


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