Ravings of a Bitter and Twisted Lunatic

This attack on Roko Ului Mara is completely out of line.  Of course it was posted on THAT OTHER BLOG SITE.  What is wrong with people who blog this shit! Must have a big chip on their shoulders!!

by newbloodforfiji (wonder who this is .. hint hint!)

You are a mere soldier in the army – promoted to an officer – like all other sons of manufactured chiefs who could not achieve academically eg. E Ganilau, E Nailatikau, etc etc. Your mother is a real Gone-Marama-Bale, but your father’s chiefly status, though installed as Tui Nayau, is most questionable and almost a well known fact that he was not a biological son of the late Tui Nayau prior to him – Roko Tevita Uluilakeba.

As far as most of Lau is concerned and if you do not know, your father was only brought in to continue the late Tui Lau’s (Ratu Sukuna) ambitions. Your biological grandfather is not Roko Tevita Uluilakeba; it happens to be Borron, the once Mago Island “owner”, who most probably was a “thug” that came to Fiji to escape being an ex-convict in Australia ( the then dumping ground for British convicts).

So you are not a real blue blood descendant of the Vuanirewa chiefly household in Lakeba. You are a “manufactured” descendant of the Vuanirewa.


21 responses to “Ravings of a Bitter and Twisted Lunatic

  1. This is by Tui Savu, another misfit from family of crooks. It was Ratu Sir Mara who made one Savu the CEO of Air Pacific and got another one into SCC. Tui Savu holds a degree from Bonds University, paid by Fiji Govt, during 1987 coup as payback from Rabuka to all who supported him. This guy is a failed lawyer in Fiji and I dont think he is anything in Australia.

  2. And this is an issue for Tui Savu who has no ambition to better himself or see Fiji through to calmer waters! This is the height of his intelligence!
    No wonder he’s a failed lawyer – his focus is everywhere else, but…

  3. RFN are bitter abuot most things. the attack on the Mara’s is uncalled for. lets stick to moving the country forward rather than airing our dirty linen in public. And yes Tui Savu is the most BITTER of them all..

  4. @newblood for fiji, why don;t u present this at the next Lau Provincial Council???? be a man kemuni!!! such bitterness is so unbelivable!

  5. This attack was uncalled for. Roko Ului does not deserve this type of attack nor does the Vuanirewa House hold.To hide behind the Ono people when you are not fron Ono i lau shows a lot about the man who did this.We the real kai Ono know the relationship we have with the yavusa Vuanirewa and it does not go to this type of low down dirty tactic.Ono will be the first to stand up for the Vuanirewa or the Tuilau and we do not question the right of one to hold such a title because it is none of our bussiness.

  6. Mark Hatcher

    The comments by Tui Savu ops newbloodfor fiji, shows how desperate and low life Qarase people are. This comment and others by Savu regarding Ratu Mara and Ratu Josefa should be a good reminder to Lau and Western people why never again vote for Qarese in next election.

  7. How long before his long standing affair is made public?

  8. How do you guys know that the writer is Tui Savu?????

    I don’t condone what the writer has written, but to go ahead and just pull a name out of thin air and lay the blame on him … man that sucks!!


  9. Samuela Tawakilai

    Why try to ressurrect the dead when the exercise is a waste of time and does not benefit anyone.
    “For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.” (Ecc 9:5).
    Let the “sleep” in peace!

  10. Mark Hatcher

    Rex Walker or whatever your name is:

    Why would I waste my time by telling you how I know it is Savu? But let me give you a clue, who is the biggest coward or lowlife who can do this low down thing? There is only one answer and that is Tui Savu. Read his comments in solivakasama blog as it seems you are his type of person.

  11. @hatcher, what comment on solivakasama???pls enlighten???

  12. Rex Walker

    Seems Tui Savu”s arse is open as people can pick his style and hatered for Mara family from distance.

  13. he he he
    kaibiti too much fight tiko kemudou. All kaibiti time kecega sa lako koro jao. keitou kaidia vinaka sa takeover keitou very good for fiji. keitou kaidia very smart very good for fiji. Kemudou koro jao re. Too much fighting you kaibiti . Only good for drinking grog under the mango tree kemudou sa kitaka boxing. Keitou kaidia sa rule the land in our god-given birth country. We change the name to Pacificindia. This is good are wah.

  14. @Mekaidia, whether we fight or what, it’s ok , u kaidias will never own Fiji, u will ALWAYS be a foreigner……get it !!!

  15. @mekaidia we know you are fijian, stop pretending to be indian and causing trouble, fuck off to where you came.. RFN… you are a fucking idiot who knows nothing and who can not even speak english, fijian or indian… opinions are like areseholes, everyone has one. just we are not interested in listening to yours… take the hint and shut the hell up. Oh and while we are at it leave the Mara’s alone, and lets stick to moving the country forward

  16. @MeKaidia your comments are being deleted. We have left some as blood sport. Suggest you return to RAW and continue blogging under your real name. We know who you are so dont push it@!

  17. mekaidia……if you a fijian…..stop pretending to be indian….de na qai gole yani so….vosa…..o sega ni o vinakata……

  18. mekaidia….your very funny…we love you in fiji ,because you work very hard . that is why you bought there in the first place. so whats the problem tamana…..secoundly….your trying to cause problem …we wont fall for that…thank you very much…..godbless tamana….dont forget….read s.raqiqi s….comments….he…he…he

  19. Na wekaqu, sometimes it helps to read between the lines…MeKaidia is one of us trying that same old shit of racial overtones. Something that our current govt is trying to get rid of.

    This is the same old trick Qarase and his likes used to vesumona us against the others…racism.

    MeKaidia should be ashamed of himself for using such tactics but then again does he have any conscience at all? The poor faggot coward.

    What we all have to realise here is that Fiji is a MULTIRACIAL country where a mixture of races live in. Its not like PNG, Vanuatu, the Solomons or even the African countries.

    As such its these races together with us that make Fiji and we all deserve a pat on our backs for bringing Fiji to where it is now.

    This is what VB, the MC and the IG is constructively and truthfully trying to promote…MULTIRACIALISM.

    O keda na Taukei na taukei tu ga…no one and yes NO ONE can take that away from us. BUT we have to rid of thoughts of racism in our minds and hearts because at the end of the day we all make our country FIJI….FIJI….

    Sa donu na wekaqu…Vina du from the burning west!

    Different colours ONE people (by the late Lucky Dube)…

    Jah Bless Us All…

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