President of the YPCN… PLEASE READ THIS.

From Joe  (Nice come back Joe)

This one cant go unchallenged. Peter has got it all wrong. I will categorise it with quotes:

1)”purported abrogation of the 1997 Constitution”
WRONG, our head of state abrogated it in reality.

2)”military rule”
Our last bastions of law and order, again mandated by head of state.

3)”gagged our nation’s media”
Responsible reporting enforced.

4)”quashed any form of opposition”
Quashed any form of incitement.

5)” limited freedoms of the Fiji citizens”
No such thing, except in the case of politicised methodist heirachy with ulterior motives.

6)”disengaged the people of Fiji from power”
Disengaged the CORRUPT from power.

7)“The People of Fiji are given a false impression of what is happening with our nation’s government, economy and freedoms”
The people of Fiji know exactly where we are headed under the able Captaincy of our PM.

8)”injustices supposedly done by the Interim government”
It is a legitimate govt mandated by the head of state, not interim. Justice to Fiji and its people is what is being unfolded by this govt.

9)”What future is this Government leaving for us the youth of Fiji”
This govt is all about the future of Fiji and its people.

Finally, may I say that if this is an authentic young people’s mindset, there really is no hope for the future. Our future leaders can do much better than what their president is preaching.


15 responses to “President of the YPCN… PLEASE READ THIS.

  1. Don’t give up on the young yet Joe…

    Not all of them are like this politician in the making.

    I remember seeing on FijiTV many months ago two separate stories on the Youth Week Long Weekend… The first was on Peter W and his crowd, and it highlighted how a bunch of them were meeting up to discuss how Youth are the leaders of tomorrow or some such cliched rubbish, and what they as youths could do to improve their future.

    And then there was a story on a youth group that went out and did community work/ cleaned up at an old peoples home because they wanted to go out and do some good.

    I thought it ironic how it highlighted how Peter always seems to be able to talk, but never seems to actually do anything. A trait that all our politicians seem to have bucket loads of.

    That’s the problem with Fiji. Too many talkers and finger pointers, and not enough do-ers.

  2. Pita Waqavonovono needs to get counselling and also to Get laid. I must say that there is nothing positive or constructive coming out this so called youth and of course he blames everyone else for this. Pita is simply put, an Angry Pufta who is a Mommy’s boy with Daddy Issues, who wears black, sings to whoever will listen to him and his group of Pufta Quartet, good as they may be it is more showcase than anything, ex grammarian, Susu Madrai who has expired his “Youth by Date” with an annoying falsetto a la Stan Simpson who just whines and whinges his ass off to anybody and anything.
    Like I said a good counsellor and prostrate massage might do him good.

  3. @ Reason – OUCH! hahahahahahaha, I totally agree with you.

  4. Has it ever occurred to this faggot Pita Waqavonovono that he is merely being used by those foreign finaciers (with the support of foreign governments) for their own agenda?

    My only wish is to have the Close Up people in Fiji TV arranged for me to have a debate smackdown with this useless idiot.

  5. Freedom of speech in Fiji means free doom of speech the way they say it is not the way the law says it should be. Your assessment of Pita should apply to the faggot Gaytes and all alikes in this blog. All kecega tautaubata all kecega sa levu kora. Are wah!!!

  6. including you MeKaidia sa levu kora….lolzzzz

  7. @vitivou

    ‘….My only wish is to have the Close Up people in Fiji TV arranged for me to have a debate smackdown with this useless idiot…’

    A debate!? In public!? Where you would be scrutinised, questioned and asked to justify your arguments and views in a reasoned manner!? Where freedom of speech and intellect rules over thuggery and the gun!? I’d pay good money to see that.

    How ironic that the dictatorship you champion so ardently would deny you that right Vitivou.

  8. mekaidia….levu na kora…levu talega na sona…..

  9. @Reason…hehehehehe,….well said. I like that…Youth by Date.

    By the way, how old would this old pufta be? He’d be way past his youth by now!

  10. mekaidia……ko iko sa lasa….baleta ko iko tinana….sa very tight na sona……ha…ha…ha .she likes the mapolo….with mushroom head…..he..he..he

  11. o mekaidia vinakata tiko me vasukasuka mai nona shona dua na sokisoki…..

  12. oi lei navua…mate..vakadua…..nona…sona…he..he..he.

  13. Caita, dou veitauri kau mada o kemudou na veiviri tiko qori ena qele damu!

  14. donu vinaka Kaltuf,rauti iratou vinaka ra yavu mona lala….

  15. @ All

    What a bunch of ignorant cretins. I hope your parents know what you are using your computers for. But the kind of garbage in here is actually very similar to the Military Government, all yelling, swearing and self-repressed sexual violence: comments without any thought at all.

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