More lies from RFN ‘Election date firm – 2014’


There are revelations over the weekend that Aiyaz Khaiyum had confirmed to some of his mates that the 2014 election announced by Frank is baloney. WHAT A LOAD OF  CRAPOLA.. HA HA HA

Word has it that Aiyaz is confident they will be able to rule for as long as Frank lives. EVEN FUNNIER…

But he is not ruling out the possibility of making an early exit to pursue his own business interest in the North, where his family originates from.  THEY HAVE THEIR KIDS WRITING THE BLOG SITE AGAIN!


7 responses to “More lies from RFN ‘Election date firm – 2014’

  1. Well Bainimarama said the March 2009 election date he gave the forum in Tonga he “pulled out of his head” because he was pressured. He was not pressured this time. So guess where he got that date from for the 2014 election. You guessed it: “he pulled it out of his head”. ha ha ha!!!! He’s a real cartoon.

  2. What else you expect when they have shit like Tui Savu – ops – newbloodforfiji writing for for them.

  3. Why should we even have an election when the majority is happy with the current admin. Just have a cheaper version of an election, a referrendum. All we want is security, well-being, transparency, and equality. Who else will provide these other than the highest institution, the RFMF?

  4. vinaka…joe….im with you taciqu..godbless…

  5. true joe…

    i find that the situation is much better under the current administration then the “elected one”… less corruption…

  6. Give eveything to Baini and his cronies to do whatever they like, use our money, and see where Fiji ends up in 10 years, 20 years time….haha the real idiots of Baini and his thieving supporters when we are supposed to be more advanced and well developed in 10 years time. Sa vakaloloma ko Viti. Baini is scared shit the reason for delaying the elections so he can do something with the constituion or prop up something that will make him immune from prosecution of his coup. Similar to what Rabuka did. Baini sa lako mada ga i nomudou koro i Kiuva lai tei tavioka baleta na mona e lala tu. His advisors are the one who gives Baini what is to be done and VB approves it.

  7. Its funny that Fijians are figting amongst themselves….Fijians against Fijians….PNG against rebels…….Solomons against rebels….
    not in Tonga or Samoa or Tahiti or New Calidonia and etc.
    Take a look at the Patels,Moh’d,Dutta,Kasabias,Kaiyums,Shahs, Shameems,Simpsons,Kaines, Punjas and so on, they must be the one laughing out the loudest.Correct me if i am wrong.
    So wake up my Fijian friends i am not here to offend anyone.
    We say its our land but most of us are squatters on these people who bought the land and owns the title.Go down Nabua,Jittu estate,Vatuwaqa to name a few.You will be in a great shock to see the number of fijian families who are illegal occupants on these squatter settlements.We open our mouth so loud but we cant even look beyond our nose to see the problems we are facing.
    To the Patels and etc they dont care who runs the country as long as money goes to their coffer on every single day and i mean $$$$ and not a $1 saqamoli.

    Yadra mada na kai VITI

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