Methodists fundraising cancelled


The much-anticipated Methodist Church’s solevu or fundraising scheduled for this Saturday has been canceled.

Also the church’s different circuits will not be allowed to hold their choir competitions.

Government says it has established that those with political intentions have been influential in the planning of the circuit choir competitions, a breach of the agreement made with the new administration at the Church headquarters.


4 responses to “Methodists fundraising cancelled

  1. And they give the green light to KEI ATU qo.. Double standard. The Methodist church should just stop asking for any more approval. Get the people down to Suva and do your Fund Raising.

    Ke rawa vei Paula me sotava na vaka rarawa taki kei ira na volai nai vola tabu cava e ra lamu tiko kina na Methodist church. Na kalou ga tabogo me da rai vei koya.

    They give the green light to the others and they stop the Methodist Church.

  2. Ka ga me acaka sa soli ga vei New Methodist church me ra solevu na macawa mai qo. Da lako da lai vei buturaki me macala mada na double standard caka tiko qo . Rawa vei KEI ATU qo sega ni rawa na Methodist Church.

    Leweni nanuma vinaka tiko REVENGE is his.. Nanuma nomu kawa mai muri. Na vos ani volatabu e sega ni cala. Niko sa saqata na lotu ona galu mai Sakaraia.

  3. why must one ask money from the people???

    will GOD not provide??

  4. i’m jst thanking the lord for everything that he has done to the methodist his word says “war is not ours its his”and let it be his alone…so lets jst jst all wait and pray4GODS time.

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