Blogging the economy



To read the anti-Government blogs you’d believe the Fiji economy is in a state of total collapse. Every economic setback in Fiji is applauded in Sydney and Auckland. This is a none-too-subtle way of turning economic news into political news, with Bainimarama “responsible” for the world recession, the decline in tourist numbers, years of neglect and machinery failures at the sugar mills, increased unemployment, rabid inflation, and increases in the cost of living and poverty.

Come on, bloggers. Let’s have some more balanced comments. It’s your relatives and friends whose lives you play with, and your country whose future is at stake. Focus positively on the wrongs and shortcomings of the Bainimarama Government by all means, but forget about a return to pre-coup Fiji. Make some realistic suggestions on the “way forward.” And drop the occasional compliment about what Bainimarama is trying to achieve — with no help from Fiji’s so-called friends.

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