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Found this letter on THAT other blog site.. Well said…….. enjoy!!

As support for the current Interim Bainimarama lead Govt gathers momentum, let us reflect on the near 3 years worth of achievements through a top ten list;

1. The Getting rid of Qarese and his dumb ass cronies from running Fiji……..These guys just did not have a clue what they were doing when running Fiji for over 5 years. Just total dumb asses filling their pockets under the guise of native rights.

2. Making the FLP and ‘taxi driver’ type cronies a non entity……..    Wasn’t it wonderful to see MPC and Co get the boot for the third time around. Even better last week, PM got rid of politics in the sugar industry by dissolving the SCGC. Mills are not breaking down for once and running very smoothly. Guess whose not minister in charge? Lets hope we never see MPC and his ‘yes man who think MPC is God’  run the country ever again.

3. Getting rid of Politics from Local Govts………just great to see council run so efficiently. Especially in Suva and Nasinu. Lets pray that idiots like Rajeshwar Kumar and Praveen Bala do not ever come back to run council in Fiji. Suva is pothole free. Imagine FLP, SDL or NPF being able to achieve this. No way!

4. No Kava Fiji Police Force- Thanks Teleni! Excellent work

5. Nivis Motors Roundabout, Thanks Teleni and Manu

6. Laqere Bridge four laneing

7. Giving Fiji Law Society the boot. Vinaka AG

8. Zipping Pramod Rae’s ugly face on TV. Please make this permanent

9. People of Fiji not having to listen to Angie Heffernan’s fake accent on TV

10. Charging Siti Wailelakeba and demoting Laisa Digitaki to the “Reserves and Too old” bench!

Balwant Singh Ramrakha Jnr
Varadoli Ba

Ba to Ba hei!


5 responses to “Blog of the Week

  1. Well said Balwant. I hope Fiji never ever sees SDL, NFP, FLP or their prospective derivatives in the near future.

  2. Fiji bring in more kaidia from India. Fiji new name Pacificindia. Kaidia good to take over all leadership for Fiji. Kaiviti go back to the village re too much liumuri in this kind no good for the country. Indians take over very good. We fiji born this our country our god given birth right. Ha cha right

  3. Hey kaidia, go cook some curry . Dnt need stupid comments like that u fucken idiot.

  4. mekaidia…kakua levu bosa….baleta o iko sa luvena ko buta……taroga.. tinana….luveni tavaya ni bia….fucken idiot….

  5. mekaidia ko iko sa lasa……..baleta tinana sa very tight na sona . ko koya sa bia galana kai viti….very large size na…….kiadia sa levu kora …..and small size na…….he..he..he….i.ko sa kitaka na job,ko au sa vutu na marama….nice and tight…..

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