Ro Kepa appears in court

Rewa high chief Ro Teimumu Kepa appreared in court today. State lawyers and lawyers for Kepa will meet within 14 days to discuss charges against her.
Last month Kepa had offered to host the Methodist conference in her province of Rewa.


18 responses to “Ro Kepa appears in court

  1. This fine courageous lady should not be arrested by the illegals.

  2. Send her to jail.

  3. BleedingFiji

    Oh my heart bleeds!

  4. Ro Teimumu Supporters

    Long live the Roko Tui Dreketi!

    Our hearts aches for you
    Our hearts breaks for you
    Our hearts bleeds for you
    Whatever the outcome
    We will stand by you
    You are so amazing
    As our leader you have kept the light from fading
    And we as your people will keep it burning brightly.

  5. with due respect to Gone Marama Bale, she should not have meddled into theMethodist church politics, that showed Fiji that she had a hidden agenda not necesaryly a methodist one!Ro Buna, kemuni dabe ga e na nomuni dabedabe vaka marama!!! God bless you!!!

  6. Ro Teimumu Supporters

    Ro Teimumu Isa vosoti those that may think that you were meddling into the Methodist church politics because you had hidden agendas.

    We and the majority know that all you were doing was allowing the Methodist church leaders the province of Rewa as their venue to hold the Bose Ko Viti.

    It is your God given right and it was taken away from you in such a disgraceful and disrespectful way.

    Forgive them for their insecurities and may the Lord Bless Us All.

    You are our leader and we will await the day when freedom is all ours!

    Vinaka Roko Tui Dreketi.

  7. With due respect to you, Madam, I suggest that the best option for you is to spend your valuable time with the people of your province and look after their welfare. Qarase is not the PM anymore and the country is in the best hands than ever before. Should your services be required in running the affairs of state, I am sure the authorities will get in touch with you. I will pray for you, Madam, and hope that you are let off with a warning. God bless

  8. Ro Teimumu Supporters

    Kerekere Roko Tui Dreketi don’t be surprised with the ignorance and insenstivity you see before your eyes from those that do not know any better.

    As indigenous people of this land we have not really worked together for the good of all. It seems that coups are no exceptions and all it has done is brought the worse out of all of us. – the luimuri, backstabbing, vodoloto- freeriding, self serving interests!!!

    You will just have to look at those that support Fiji’s Military Regime, your two nieces husbands, the two Epelis who never had to sweat for their livelihoods, because their privileged positions, their names gave these free to them. Inoke Kubuabola and Vunibobo, look at them now, two of Rabuka’s SVT stalwarts in the coups of 87 and 2000.

    We and the majority applaud you for your act of defiance and putting your live on the line for all our sakes.

    Truth be told, such taukeis only come out when the battle is won (remember the traditional delegations following Rabuka/Speight coups- to offer support but in reality to share in the spoils of coups!. Qo gona na kai Viti! Waraka ga me kana buta. The mentality and culture of bullying, taking things by force as now reflected in the actions and mentality of our soldiers who now follow their leader blindly.
    So what to do? The real enemy is within, the kaiviti himself- the Bainimaramas of this world, who have axes to grind, vengeance to inflict, but are too dumb and stupid to take the long route to educating our people – short cut ga by force!!! Watch the attitudes of the soldiers, who love praises from people who are too lamu to say the truth!
    Unlike you some of our chiefs, have contributed to the coup cycle themselves after when they saw how democracy did not serve their self interests? And hailed democracy so long as it maintained their privileged positions. It is all about selfish interests!!!

    We thank Isa Lei for these comments taken from Rawfijinews.

  9. Long Live the Marama Bale Rokotuidreketi.

    God bless the Vanua of Rewa. O Ira era liumuri taki kemuni saka me ra na vekaca nodra i lolo me vaka taki ira na sotia kora sa mate vaka sakasaka vakaloloma ena vuki ni vei ka era cakava saka.

  10. dou vosoti au……godbless the marama bale rokotuidreketi… one breaks the law of the day….it stands… matter what…….vakacava me a cakava e dua na kai…/are we gonna make alot of noise,like we doing now? im asking you……answer my question ………

  11. butadroka sa dua na tamata bavulu!

    Ask yourself the reason the Gone Marama Bale was arrested disgracefully arrested in the middle of the night from Lomanikoro.

    Kai….si’s do not have the authority to allow the Bose Ko Viti to be held in the Province of Rewa. The Roko Tui Dreketi wasn’t breaking the law, it was her God given right and arrested because a dictator said she was inciting trouble. It is not constitutional law but a rule of a dictator.

  12. Ro Teimumu is a chief but not above the law and what is curious for me is as a supposedly strong Catholic with Lomanikoro and Naililili the first homes of the Catholic arrival to FIji and former Principal of Corpus Christi what drove her to embrace the Methodist conference? Not her affiliation to the SDL? the dictates of her conscience? her leadership role which does not see divisions in faith?
    Prudence failed? Matyr for the SDL or Methodist Chruch? Drama Queen?
    My view is if she had enuff smarts and sense she would not be in that situation in the first place, The Qaraniqio was not spared, The Tui Cakau was not spared did she really think she would be??

  13. vinaka….anonymous……youve answered my question…..godbless…….

  14. vinaka anon! you hit the nail on the head…….god bless

  15. Mark Hatcher

    If she is so good person, why she did not help her sister”s family at time of their need during 2000 coup?

    A chiefly lady does not mess around with other peoples husband.

  16. ” Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion ”

    (Plutarch’s Life of Julius Caesar)

    The most prudent approach for all who aspire to positions of leadership in any sphere.

  17. Whilst she may have erred in her judgments let’s not castigate nor besmirch her any more than a smack on hand.

  18. A simple ‘smack on the hand’ will just not do. Leadership demands good judgement and, if that fails, then facing the music must follow. Smacks on the hand are, quite simply, insufficient. And others have been led and are still being led astray. This is Fiji’s undoing. It has been all along and it will continue to be without substantial attitudinal change. We are not speaking of a child in this instance. We are speaking of an adult with adult responsibilities and obligations towards others.

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