Jesus Stragety for Police… can this be true?


Police Adopt Jesus Strategy
All police stations as part of the Police Christian Crusades are now answering the phone by saying “Praise the Lord. How may I help you?” Police say they are trying to change their image by adopting the Jesus strategy. —FijiLive.

Comment: I find this whole approach distasteful. Fiji is not a Christian state; the strategy runs contrary to the Government’s stated aims of ethnic and religious equality; many policemen are not Christian, and many Christians would doubt the sincerity of such routine utterances.



13 responses to “Jesus Stragety for Police… can this be true?

  1. Well, this is a really huge bucket load of crap.

    I’ve just called police stations around the country and they’ve all answered it most professionally.

    One operator said “Totogo Police Station, how may I help you”…How’s that? In my confusion, I asked what station I had reached, knowing that I had dialled Central Police Station, and the very well spoken operator explained that the name of the station had changed to Totogo Police Station. So, there you go…

    Maybe tomorrow they’ll change their greeting, but right now…it’s just as I suspected…all is normal!

  2. P.S. Gorgeous picture of “Jesus” – Is that Christian Bale?

    I’m just wonder if Jesus really looked like that?

    Does anyone actually know if Jesus was a black person, brown person or was he fair skinned?

    Remember the story of God creating Adam in his “own image”?

    He created Adam from soil or earth (or dust), spat on it to make a paste and breathed on it to give it life? Well, if God made Adam in his own image, then God would have been a brown man, don’t you think? And if Jesus was the son of God, then he would’ve been brown as well! Unless of course God made Adam out of white soil, then that will explain why people perceive Jesus (& God) as white people!

    Food for thought!….I still like this picture!

  3. I’m a Methodist and in the last 8 years, I’ve been so frustrated with the church leadership that I have stopped going to church.

    I can’t stand the hypocrisy anymore that I’ve almost become an agnostic. But during these times I’ve also done a lot research about religion especially Christianity. What I’ve found has boggled my mind. I won’t elaborate any further I’ll just keep it to myself.

    I don’t want to influence somebody else belief. That is a matter for the individual to make the choice what they want to believe.

  4. Mary of Nazereth


  5. mary of nazereth…..uro ga o iko…….

  6. Sugar Tapitapi

    Buta…kua na lasa i tuba.

  7. These latest supercilious utterances by the Fiji police in fact most reprehensible and runs contrary to the code of ethics.

    This has to be one of the most serious encroachments into religious freedom and the presumption that all will be accepting of such greetings is indeed foolish.

    Those malignant hypocrites that are responsible ought to cease this idiocy.

    The worship of Jesus or for that matters any other deities is between the person and his/her god and not imposed by some lowlife mongrels.

  8. Michael Archangel

    A Professional Code of Ethics and Conduct for the Fiji Police must exist. And if it does, then it should be fully implemented and any departure from this must be routinely investigated and the culprits brought to account.

    A Professional Code of Conduct does not subscribe to a religion but to ‘ethics’. And this is what is required. Praising the Lord is not offensive provided outcomes are achieved which are exemplary, consistent and continuously analysed. ‘The Lord’ exists in most religions. But ‘ethics’ and moral conduct go far beyond any religion. They are much more exacting and….they result in ‘INTEGRITY’ – which is what each and every member of a Police Force MUST have. If not – they are out. Since Police Officers are also ‘Public Servants’ they are accountable to the public in each and every respect of their official duty.

    Their private lives must also be ethical and moral. Failing this, they have NO INTEGRITY in their public life. Like Caesar’s Wife – they must be above suspicion (and not just because they are clever in hiding their covert and well as their over actions). If they are ‘not above suspicion’ in conduct at all times, then they fall prey to blackmail.

    This is self-evident. Blackmail is corruption and it is also a crime.

  9. Sure Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion, but that’s like restraining a cat on heat while her husband expoits his position with young boys. That fat cow was a homo.

  10. Its about time for all faithful Christians to say “Praise the Lord” when greeting someone.

    If our fellow Indian brothers can greet their fellow
    mates using “Ram Ram” then why can’t we be bold enough to praise our God anywhere.

  11. I agree Tukana…even the Muslims say…Salam Allaykoum…

  12. Ha ha ha some kaibiti very confused people. Muslims Hindus united in love and religion. kaibiti too much division in religion they can’t even greet each other in the name of their god. What now you talking force line christians to greet like ‘praise the lord’ sounds like monkey see monkey do. what’s wrong with your own natural “bula” greetings when you meet. This is very good and very natural. Stupid monkey copy cat.

  13. mekaidia…….ko iko sa very funny…… just keep working hard….thats why your brought there in the first place….whats the problem now tamana…..ha..ha..ha…monkey see monkey do…..he..he..he.

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