From Semi Meo

It is most heartening to learn this present Government’s timely response to the inhumane predicament of out overseas Indo-Fijian cousins; offering dual Citizenship and other incentives to encourage former Fiji Citizens to turn their heart towards home at such a time as this.

We could safely state, with due respect to former Governments, that no previous Government has ever addressed this issue. It has been only; good riddance and goodbye to Indo-Fijians as they, with deep regret, leaves our shores. Record shows the mass Indo-Fijian exodus in the 1987-2003 period.

We still sternly believe that our resolve to rebuild our economy should be the proud responsibility of all Fijians of Indo, Chino and all other backgrounds; the 1.2 million of us leaving in Fiji and overseas.

Let’s bring things to perspective; predicament of Foreign Indo-Fijians faces compared to “Taukeis”; Citizens of other Countries, prior to present Government migration and investment incentives.

1a.Overseas Indo-Fijian absolutely loses ALL Fiji Citizenship rights and privileges when taking on other citizenship.

1b.On the hand, “Taukeis” retains privileges as permanent member of respective Land owing unit enshrined in the “Vola ni Kawa Bula”.

2a.All Overseas Indo-Fijian investment portfolios back into Fiji are scrutinized and mandatorily required to comply with Foreign Investor policy requirements as any other foreigner to our soil.  NO reprieve or concession given to overseas Indo-Fijian what so ever or their status considered when pursuing possible investment.

2b.Conversly, it is know that “Taukeis” may, without any retrain, invest personally, collectively (family unit) and corporately (vanua). Not surprised if some “Taukei” now invest in FHL and other local micro or macro enterprises. Notably, some overseas “Taukeis” are still eligible and even recipients of Native Land Lease monies.

3a.Obviously, All Overseas Indo-Fijians do not even think of taking up employment in Fiji.

3b.Many “taukei” are known to resume temporary or fulltime employment on their return to Fiji, taking for granted that they are still technically Fiji Citizen.

4a.Had opportunity provided overseas Indo-Fijians would prefer to be either cremated or buried in Fiji instead of in a foreign graveyard at the end of their respective ripe old age and most times with only handful of family members.

4b.Overseas ‘Taukei” universally accept that Fiji would be their final resting place at the end of their natural life, hence, offer relatives back home the opportunity for proper burial, mourning and closure.

As we speak, thousands of inquiries may have been received, not only from first generation former Fiji Citizens, but more so from our children who desire to re-connect with the land of their ancestors and are proud to be REALLY Fijians once again!!

These are the generations that may assist in our rebuilding process while other conspiracy theorist shouts from the sideline are muffled by their own guilt parade and rhetoric of nothingness.



  1. No comment – no such thing because all is illegal.

  2. Semi Meo

    Vakaloloma – I read somewhere – you too much exposure – your voice blows away in the wind.

    Sa windy sara ga your comments. Give it up!

    Duel citizen was spoken of during Rabuka’s time.

    The reason it came to nothing was because former citizens of Fiji that lived overseas like yourself was entitled to come back to Fiji anytime they wished and worked if they wanted to. This would be taking over a local person’s job.

    What is wrong with the way it is. If Fiji is your country of birth you can enter the country and stay as long as you like as long as you do not work. If you wanted to work you would have to apply for a work permit. Most people like yourself would only come to Fiji for long periods of time when they are retired so have no need to work.

    But then the junta wants to please everyone to get the people to accept them and this is another of their dumb ideas. People like yourself get sucked in.

  3. @Tupeni….read my lips….opps…read my post again…all your questions, doubts and unnecessary fears are all answered therein!!

    But, thanks for noting my two cents piece. You may want to tell us your legal opinion re: you # 1 post.

  4. Isa so sad its only you me and me and you!

    My first post exactly what I meant when I kept seeing Leave a comment and no number. No comment because everything the illegal junta does is illegal.

    Be grateful that I have activated your posting.

    Go enjoy your weekend, I am!

  5. Tupeni….very sad that you have not been made aware this blog hits a average of 30,000 a month….my maths puts it 1000 @ day say with repeated hits from the same terminal twice a day, that’s about 500 hits @ day…well with variation consideration from blog enthusiast like you hitting more than twice @ day.

    Yep….you’re true.. “you me and me and you” and let part of the 1.2 Millions Fijian around the globe watch!!….what say you?

    Let’s be constructive;… again, tell us how all things this Government “does is illegal”, and tell us what is legal, may be starting from the constitutional conference in London, or may be back to the Deed of Cession if those 14 Fijian Chiefs had the mandate to invite Grandma Victoria and all Her Majesty represent. Then lead us through the 1987 immunity deals…..oh……and don’t forget ……if your name is still leag in the VKB….may be not….you tell us.

  6. Here’s the solution to all of Fiji’s woes:

    •Scrap the GCC

    •Scrap the VKB

    •Scrap all Indigenous Institution’s

    •Strengthen the NLTB

    •All native land to be kept in perpetuity with the exception of commercial usage

    •Remove the God factor from all public Institutions.

    •Reduce the number of Public Servants.

    •Presidents like that of Prime Minister must be voted in by the people.

    Only then can Fiji make headway into a just society where its citizenry are equal.

  7. Loto Na Kaidi

    Great Ratu Sai!

    Why don’t you just cede Fiji over to us Kaidis now?

    Then we can wait for a civil war! I wonder which side will Bainimarama and his military with their guns give their support? “Taukei or us Kaidis.”

    You should be ashamed of yourself and clubed to death by your people.

    We the honest Kaidis say Pass!

  8. What Ratu Sai say is a start. The name of the country must change to Pacificindia. Only Hindu, Islam and bhudist religions allowed in Fiji. There must be a law banning christianity in Pacificindia. Anyone caught should be thrown in prison. This should encourage all our brothers and sisters overseas to come to our birth country and live here. This our god given right as Pacific indians

  9. hi there all my fiji citizen brothers and sisters!my name is george and i am a fijian citizen or to many a fiji indo.I have always had trouble with the catogarisation as to which type of fijian we are but as i travel a lot and have lived in few different continents of the world i have always traveled on fijian passport where ever possible just because i am a proud fijian citizen.I can use my other passport but i dont.I have no problem with my indian heritage but i am a fijian citizen as much as anyone one else who is born there and not indo- fijian or any other type of fijian there is.Why the hatred,i left HOME a loong time to pursue my dream of traveling and to experience other cultures which i love but fiji is and always been a home.I am also very proud being a fijian.I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and in a very multicultural society and loved it.I never saw anyone differently and i hope they saw me the same way.I just back from a three week holiday in fiji and have to say nothing really has changed in the last 20 odd years or so.I have visited places around the world and have gone back in 3 to say 8 year span and you can see the changes that has occured and for the better,but i can say the same for my dear old fiji.If anything it has gone back.the place is dirty,a lot more unemployment and very expensive.there is also alot fewer tourist,and if they do come they are taken away swiftly to some island and really they are not encouraged to see the other side of fiji,especially the towns and all.I have to say out of all people on this blog i agree with most things Ratu sai suggested and hope to god that the day isn’t far when we all can live and work together and build a better fiji.That famose quote” Fiji the way the world should be and not Fiji the way the world should not be” NI SA MOCE TO ALL and hope to get a positive response.GOD BLESS FIJI.

  10. what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    I’m Out! 🙂

  11. Hi all,
    Very intersting comments. I was born in fiji and love it with all my heart. Went back there last October after 20 years……surprise of my life has gone backwards….I remember my teenage days there loved it the surrounding, the people the whole do….what has happenend….. all in the name of politics!!!!! Give me a break all we want is peace and our beautiful island to succeed. For all of us FIJIANS. Lets just get together and make it the best place to be.

  12. My Island home is waiting for me.

  13. Amen..and as we speak, the present Fiji Government has put together reform like this immigration one, investment incentives for us foreign Fijian to turn our heart toward home. One this we know, after all our respective adventures of living overseas, STILL, there is no place on earth no place like home!! Fiji beacons our full support in way possible. Fiji ever Fiji!!

  14. hey sofi great positive comments at last and yes my island home is calling for sure

  15. Gosh I have been to fiji in the last 2 yrs twice. Just love it. Am going back to stay from Australia and guess what will be opening businesses in fiji to employ our locals. United we stand devided we fall. who cares if it’s indo or not we are all one. And it’s beautiful. Our country has a heart of gold and thats where my heart lies as i have the same. So to all my “FIJIAN FRIENDS” stop dividing us we are all the same. Who cares what’s what and who’s who.

  16. Thanks Sofi..but right now let’s pray for Christchurch, NZ..many trapped under debris

  17. I have been away from fiji for last 30 years but i tell you fiji is the best place on earth so if the current govement is fixing the problem give him a chance for god sake . GO fiji Go

  18. Bula Mr. Vijay…welcome home..Fiji needs people like you.

  19. BULA FIJI,thanks to all the brothers and sisters who see their birthplace of fiji with love and respect.I was born there but have lived abroad for more than half my life[20years].I have travelled around the globe and spent time with people of differant cultural,religious and racial background.What i have experienced on my last visit to fiji[2010]was that people are divided and have lots of hatred towards each other.There is less respect/understanding towards culture,race,religion etc.I think the only way people can live and co-exist in a civilized[not cannibal] society is by “PROPER UNBIASED EDUCATION”system wereby each and every individual are trained to live in unity,love,respect,harmony etctowards each other.Start by teaching that fiji is but a tiny island in the middle and surrounded by vast pacific ocean with australia and new zealand it closest helpful neighbours.Long live fiji[vitilailai and vanualailai]

  20. We have a plan and we have a vision…2014 election..fair and square!!..no more racially devisive constitution and constituent….

  21. bula brothers,
    i have lived in australia for 15 years and still call fiji home. all my mates here in australia calls me a fijian. anyway i like to get a dual citizen of fiji. how can i do it.
    on the other hand the people who give racial comments on the net about fiji they are the people who are spoiling our country.

  22. another thing iam loud and proud to say that the saint like bainimarama came to save our nation fiji islands and i hope and pray that 1 day fiji will be on the top of the world. GO FIJI GO…. KAVA POWER…..

  23. Dual Citizenship??..easy…email me and will direct you to me mate Director Immig in Suva..my email- semimeo@gmail.com

  24. Dual Citizenship??..easy…email me and will direct you to me mate Director Immig in Suva..my email- semimeo@gmail.com



  26. i would just like to thank Ratu Semi and all those who are positive towards our birth country Fiji. I left after the first coup but thats another story. Fiji is in my blood and I believe a lot of other people who have left believe the same. We can all learn from the past, “Fiji the way the world should be” was something we were all proud off and this can very easily be once again achieved. I travel back to Fiji at least once every year [now with my three Australian born children] who proudly calls themselves Fijians and I can see how the nation and our brothers are suffering be it Indian or Fijian. Our present leader is a man with balls and is doing his best he can but success is achieved with public support so I say lets not sit and watch but get up and support our leader and all those who are positive towards building Fiji for a better tomorrow.

  27. shailendra kumar

    Well said. I leave in Australia but my heart is in Fiji. Not exactly good life. What has all the political upheavel done for taukei? My wish to be cremated in Fiji will be a wish afterall. We have been marginalised by greedy politicians who have lifetime superannuation and benefits while the poor toil hard and end up in dust without dignity.

  28. Mr Pedro Khan and Mr Shailendra Kumar….Sirs, thank you so much for you posts……For Fiji , ever Fiji, her name hail far and wide…..!!!

    email me.. semimeo@gmail.com ..would love to communicate with you guys…

    Vinaka saka vakalevu

  29. semi meo, i haqve much respect for profound individuals like you, some of your comments brings a tear to my eyes, especially the part, where, you talk about former fiji citizens wishing to be buried, in fiji, their natural resting place…this reminds me of a story my mother used to tell us as children………..once a long time ago in fiji,,,a bamboo was separated from its reed bed and fashioned into a flute..Even to this day, every time, the flute is played…its sad haunting tunes..tell the story of its yearning, its longing, for the home it was separated from a long time ago 😦

    I now have dual citizenship, and live in fiji…opening my little cafe business

    soon and will be providing quality meals to locals at a budget price, along side creating employment for the local people…iam also planning to take on apprentices, as Iam a trade chef (australian trained)…my future plans for fiji is provide basic skills and knowledge to the unemployed youth in fiji, so they can perhaps get some training in the hospitality sector…

  30. Mai Viti Mai..to all ex-Fiji citizens now wanting dual citizenship..go for gold and that is a great positive achievement from the Bainimarama government..we are living in a new era where the world is so globalized and technology is just touch of a button (as I’m currently now). This has allowed us to venture in to our place of birth ‘VITI lomani’ to open up businesses, economic growth, employment opportunities, etc. This is positive and will bring great and economic investment for Fiji. As Bob the Builder states, “You can do it!”, so to all FIJIANS out there in the globalized world..”we can do it”…Mai Viti Mai!!

  31. Namaste and Bula,
    Just to say i was born in Suva- loving memories of everything .Being indo-fijian and turning religious has taught me that we should all love our country of birth ,it land, people,animals and sea and be grateful for God plans everything in life .This is how u will love yourself and family and others.


  32. East to West, Fiji is the best!!!

  33. hi my name is Anil Deo Australian citizeship with fiji born and would like to apply for dual citizenship to do a buisness in fiji. I would like to have some feed backs, please reply me A.S.A.P.

  34. hi my name is Anil Deo Australian citizeship with fiji born and would like to apply for dual citizenship to do a buisness in fiji. I would like to have some feed backs, please reply me A.S.A.P.

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  35. hi we want 2 apply for fiji dual citizeship. pls see into the fees, cos $3000 is to much if you still there for us as we are for fiji pls look in to this and need faster time for the approval. DO you think $3000 will attract people it far far to much. we got our citizen for $500 in nz back then.And fiji hve jst got this vry recently. tks j

  36. Hi all
    I am Bob Naidu and I always am proud of being an indo Fijian and am extremely proud of the values and culture of the Fiji Islands.
    I was born in the friendly North and my parents and their parents have toiled hard on the sugar cane fields to make Fiji into what it is today.
    Although we are abroad ,as we believed in travelling and seeing other people from different lands, I do not have a shadow of dought in my mind that our mother land Fiji is of paramount importance to us.I for one would definitely go back to my country when I have travelled and lived in other places.

  37. manjit singh

    my grand paresent been citizen i want apply dual citezen what i do

  38. manjit singh

    becose i want see fiji i want see whear he live long time

  39. The Head Of World Wide Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Said :
    “As citizens of any country, we Ahmadi Muslims, will always show absolute love and loyalty to the State. Every Ahmadi Muslim has a desire for his chosen country to excel and should always endeavour towards this objective. Whenever a country requires its citizens to make sacrifices the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat will always be ready to bear such sacrifices for the sake of the nation.”

    His Holiness continued:

    “We feel pain and distress when any nation suffers and we share the grief and pain of others. Thus whenever any country faces difficulty we try our utmost to alleviate their suffering. That is what the founder of Islam, the Holy Prophet Muhammad, taught us. It was the Holy Prophet who counselled that you should put your own pain to one side in an effort to alleviate the suffering of all of mankind. It is thus that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat is involved in spreading humility, love and kindness.”


    Dual Citizen and the Title to be called Fijian is actually the reward of sacrifice and pain you all had gone through, you never retaliated when you were given pain when taken out of your land and house back under the laws of the previous goverment rather stayed calm and prayed. Today when Fiji is becoming better in front of our eyes its just because of you peoples Patience or forbearing and prayers which is being heard by God.

    May God give long and healthy Life to Our Prime Minister ,Hon Frank Bainimara for getting justice and peace in Fiji Islands. Ameen.

  40. LOL at Ratu Sai ? Are you serious ? So tel me ? What will happen to us natives wen the kaidias outpopulate us again ? Ex citizens , especialy indians . Jst stay whereever you are . You aint needed

  41. Hello Kai Viti! Sad to see that some of you will probably never change but hey such is life.My love for my country will always be the same regardless with whatever the little minority of you think.god bless and always a Fijian.

  42. To be a fijian all race in fiji should learn to read and write in fijian, understanding the culture.mix marriage between fijians and indians should be encouraged to bring forth a pure and stronger race.

  43. Ba toh ba hai ,leave Indians alone they survived all situation in fiji,

  44. Fiji people are most sweetest human creatures in the world.i am an Indian but I listen to damu damu ,dokidoki,gospel,.only planet in the world where we sleep with each others wife while kava session is on Takiiiiiii. Please don’t get upset because I should stop drinking kava late. Lol

  45. Feeeeeeeeeeeeeji bulaaaasaaaa oh please.

  46. Are you sure you did not forget to take your pills from St Giles?…lol…taki!

  47. okay I have been following this post fora while, and it really had interested me to see the toils of experience and emotions boiling over this page. However , it will be interesting to see the Asians taking over the Indian population in Fiji and than the taukei’s will have a harder time chaising them. Whatever the sentiments , I stand as no better PM like Bainimarama who is so humble to reach the grassroot people, and than if the former Fijians ( Indians, fijians , or any other race) wants to give back to Fiji…… Why not! Afterall to Fiji…….. ” Sai Ga Vei ikO…..loveeeeee you Fiji”

  48. Ni Sa Bula , Namaskaram to all,
    I am 1005 confident about our PM He has done what no one thought.
    Many of us who enjoyed our best part of life in Fiji wish to go back because there is nothing here for the older Society .
    I pray to GOD Almighty to give our PM a happy and prosperous long life.
    Shri Ramlu

  49. Hey to all
    I am proud to call my self indian who went back home after twelve years. I honestly can say i loved every moment of being there. I felt suddenly my child hood came back, most of all i saw so much improvement and changes over the years gone by. I love my Fiji where i feel there’s no restriction the valley, mountain and the ocean is all yours

  50. Want to apply dual citizenship. Can anyone please advice how to get this.

  51. Bula to all,& namastte, wel first would like congratulate honourable mr banimarama for fiji first win also all the hard work done for yrs & so proud to see our all fijians are so happily living in the faith of better fiji . That’s why would like to apply for the residence in fiji.

  52. Bula
    dual citizen should be given to all Fijian no matter were they live or what passport they carry since banimarama came into power he has done a great job and also asked Fijians to come home and invest. I have invested a lot of money in Fiji including sugar cane farming which no Fijians want to do now , coz they are scared that the will lose their land/homes once the lease expires just like the old days.
    going to Fiji three times a year with my wife It would be nice if dual citizen is free, I hope MR banimarama will give some consideration and make changes accordingly for Investors, and I know a lot more Fijians will start investing at home.
    I am a proud Fijian and I don’t like my heritage/Indian should be added on to my nationality.
    Shri C Murti

  53. Manjula sharma

    Dear Semi
    I travel to Fiji 3-4 times per year, besides travelling abroad for leisure, I say this because Fiji travels for me to to help my community.Its absolutely important for us staying abroad to respect the people & the law & current government , PM Bainimarama has contributed a few great things that No other PM has done, & we hold faith in him to be fair & deliver the best honourable service that people of Fiji need.He is very much respected & well talked about amongst the Indian (fiji) community I visit, including my Fijian friends& family.Nothing replaces your birth land , she is like your mother ,
    We should all respect where we live , Fiji is still our home , only thing I personally dislike is being called Indo-Fijian , which I never use .Please change every one born in FIJI as FIJI citizen , this is my humble request to Mr Bainimarama Our PM,
    I am a very proud Fijian with Indian heritage .


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