About BLOODY time.. Review Review Review..


A review of most of the government appointed boards and statutory bodies is now underway to ensure that they are running cost effectively and working in the best interest of the taxpayers of the country.

Issues being looked at is the companies that have a number of subsidiaries and the total amount of board fees and allowances paid to the board members. The major issue is that some companies and subsidiaries have the same board members sitting in a number of boards and the people get separate board fees and allowances from each board.

A streamlining process is now underway which will see the board members only getting one directors fees and allowances for the parent board and its subsidiaries.

Our source said a lot of people were put in the positions of authority after December 2006 and the government thought that they will fulfill the required objectives.

But our source said some of the people who came in to assist and took up board memberships and other positions abused their powers.


5 responses to “About BLOODY time.. Review Review Review..

  1. No comment because illegal.

  2. Semi Meo

    Vakaloloma – I read somewhere – you too much exposure – your voice blows away in the wind.

    Sa windy sara ga your comments. Give it up!

    Duel citizen was spoken of during Rabuka’s time.

    The reason it came to nothing was because former citizens of Fiji that lived overseas like yourself was entitled to come back to Fiji anytime they wished and worked if they wanted to. This would be taking over a local person’s job.

    What is wrong with the way it is. If Fiji is your country of birth you can enter the country and stay as long as you like as long as you do not work. If you wanted to work you would have to apply for a work permit. Most people like yourself would only come to Fiji for long periods of time when they are retired so have no need to work.

    But then the junta wants to please everyone to get the people to accept them and this is another of their dumb ideas. People like yourself get sucked in.

  3. Is there a problem with having options?

    It has been spoken of before, but nothing came of it because it was put in the “too hard basket”.

    Now, it’s a lot easier because people are a lot more in tune with what’s available to others around the world and what should happen for Fiji people.

    I’m all for options being available to people. Here’s looking forward!

  4. The essential question in a scrutiny of the costs involved in running boards and board sub-committees is this:

    Is the cost effectiveness of a board serving the interests of shareholders?

    If the shareholders are the Fiji Public then it must be obvious that public money used for remuneration of board members must be carefully deployed and the board members themselves should know this.

    If they do not, then they are ‘wrong material’. The integrity of the board members is impugned by receiving out-of-line remuneration from the bodies/institutions they are charged to oversee.

    Just recall a certain person who sat, we are informed, on ten boards under a former government. That is disgraceful. In Fiji terms, it equates to Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi Scheme. Now why had it never occurred to this board member/chair that his position was not only untenable but also tantamount to being corrupt? And what of those who appointed him? And what of the Fiji Media which ought to have scrutinised such appointments on our behalf: we, the taxpayers of Fiji were betrayed.

    This is how a nation is brought down. Not by outside forces but by its own citizens milking the system and participating in corruption with the encouragement of those in power.

  5. In recent times there has been an explosion of anti-regime blog sites most of which are either deprecatory and/or subterraneous in their thought process however there among the many are none sapient enough to discern or disseminate news worthy of unifying the nation.

    Each pushing their somewhat perverted agenda and all seek a little notoriety albeit momentarily. Among them are society’s rejects, blasphemous bible bashers, corrupt church ministers and retarded lawyers.

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