Raw Gets it wrong AGAIN..

Dear Real fiji ..see the story below from RFN

This is absolute garbage . Yet again. No judges were sacked today or
yesterday and Judge Inoke already has a good rapport with the staff
and lawyers in Lautoka. Put simply he is a hard working judge and is
well liked . I am a lawyer who appeared before him today and have seen
the respect shown to him even by the ever disrepectful Dorsamy
Naidu[or he who never pays his Courts costs or he who can’t keep his
pants up]

Stories like these again show how desperate those who are behind RFN
have become .

Junta appointed Judges kicked out

August 10, 2009

Two more court judges appointed by Fiji’s illegal regime have been booted out. Sosefo and another Indo-Fijian judge whose name we’re yet to confirm are reported to have left Fiji’s illicit judiciary. Information our sources have gathered so far says that the two were not “towing” the line. They’re said to have refused to folllow orders in following pre-determined court judgments in favor of the regime.


2 responses to “Raw Gets it wrong AGAIN..

  1. RFN is unbeleivable! how can u print lies!!! n lies!!!! ….pathetic……..I suggest the site close down!!!! I have stopped reading RFN, they re so irrelevant!!!

  2. if we all had that attitude the sites would close down however people keep going there our of morbid curiosity.. LETS ALL BOYCOT THE CRAP AND DONT VISIT THESE SITES..

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