No hurry in appointing President


Fiji’s Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says his government is not in a hurry to appoint a new President following the retirement of Ratu Josefa Iloilo from the position last month.

Bainimarama told FijiLive that Vice-President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau is acting as President and “we are not in a hurry to appoint a President yet”.

Reiterating comments made to local media, he said that with the 1997 Constitution abrogated, there was a possibility that anyone could be President.

For now however, the role of acting President was being carried out by Nailatikau, said Bainimarama.

On whether the appointment of a new President would be discussed at tomorrow’s Cabinet meeting, Bainimarama said it would not be.

With the abrogation of the 1997 Constitution in April by Iloilo, the power to appoint the President and Vice-President now lies with the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

The President is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Fiji Military Forces.

Iloilo, 89, was farewelled by the government on Saturday after 10 years in the position.

He retired from the presidency on July 31.


53 responses to “No hurry in appointing President

  1. IF WHAT RAW FIJI NEWS SAY’S IS GOING TO BE TRUE than our paradise will be lost.

    PEOPLE watch Muslim Demographic on YOU TUBE.


    VB Yadra tiko nanumi ira na kawa kei VITI ni Mataka. Yalo malumalumu mada Ratu.

  2. Vatuwaqa Golfer

    Any smart thinking indigenous Fijian could have predicted the take over of Suva’s social jester from illegal VP to now President. After all it was always the goal of his ambitious wife, the only reason she took part in instigating the 2006 coup which has the country in a total mess it is in today.

    She won’t have it any other way and if her useless husband is not officially appointed to replace the former pathetic useless President it is only to prove us wrong. But believe me she will be behind the scene enjoying all that comes with the position as if she was the first lady. I have no doubt it will be under those conditions if she doesn’t claim her place at Govt House. Either way Koila has for years had her heart set for all the perks that comes from being in the big white house on the hill.

    All I say is it is a sorry sight!

  3. We can do without a President for the time being if the government machinery is functioning as its supposed to be. We can do with the acting President in the interim and that’s not a problem at all.

  4. Looks like “Vatuwaqa Golfer” is fully embedded in one of those 18 holes and does not have a friggin clue about anything else around him. I think he needs a longer and thicker golf club to shove where the sun doesn’t shine. Another RAW dickhead for sure.

  5. @Vatuwaqa golfer,

    Just play golf, not God. Judge not lest you may be judged. At the same time, take the specks out of your arse, eh sorry, eyes!

  6. Mark Hatcher

    Comment in Solivakasama about Ratu Josefa is disgusting and outright lowdown. I have never heard of Tui Savu, can anyone tell me who this lowlife is? I know Savu” s are crooks in Fiji, one brought Air Pacific to its knee and another one runs the Nationalist party.

  7. I note that Vatuwaqa golfer described both Ratu I and Ratu E “useless”. At least the 2 gentlemen have done something useful for Fiji!!! not sitting on the sideline and spewing rot, …. oh man…. you are so irrelevant to us!!!!we can only see hatred , bitterness and garbage! Yes! Adi Koila will make a wonderful and beautiful first lady! in yr face jealous bitch!

  8. @Mark, Tui Savu is a criminal…… good for nothing wannabe……….! only can talk outside Fiji……….!!!another looser

  9. Vatuwaqa Golfer

    s raqiqi

    I have a moral sense of right and wrong behaviour and my conscience won’t allow me to support any coup because it is an act of treason so why should I be jealous of that evil person Koila Mara, wife of that other evildoer, Epeli N for money and status because he has nothing but his personality in which he flaunts to garner the support from idiots that keeps him going. The man is Suva’s social jester!

    You have all gone along and done what you think is right for the people of Fiji so what do you expect? “compassion” Learn to give compassion to those of us that have had no say and we might not behave like lowlife arseholes. You deserve what you get.

    That goes for you Hatcher and don’t make out you don’t know Tui Savu. Liar liar pants on fire and guess who is the lowlife now?

  10. PEOPLE watch Muslim Demographic on YOU TUBE.

  11. Muslim Demographic on YOU TUBE.

  12. you tube Muslim Demographic

    Ni sarava mada o ni na rere ka vaka dinata na vanua esa kauti keda tiko kina o VB. Yadra VITI VAKARAU NI SE SIGA TOKA

  13. Vatuwaqa Golfer

    s raqiqi

    Do you know what a criminal is? It is a person who has committed a crime or crimes – a coup is an act of treason so think about your leader and those under him and when you have worked it out explain to blockhead liar Hatcher and how people like Tui Savu is a threat to your Military Regime.

  14. vatuwaqa golfer! u need jesus to take away that hatred, bitterness etc,…..qarauna…… au lomani iko lewa!!!!

  15. @Vatuwaqa golfer,

    Your moral sense resides in the crevices that is your ass. That’s why you cannot see beyond the tip of your nose.

    If you have a moral sense of right and wrong, why do you judge then? Stupid.

    This is what happens when your memory is too short to remember what has been happening to this country in the last 22 years since coup 87 and then coup 2000.

    There are so much information available for people like you to learn and understand why the events of 5th Dec 2006 had to take place.

  16. Vatuwaqa Golfer

    s raqiqi

    I haven’t the need for Jesus but to thank him for what I have achieved off my own back. I am blessed in that way so please don’t feel sorry for me. Just feel sorry for Koila Mara who goes to confession and Sun mass then beings all over again trampling over what is righteous just to fulfil her desires.

  17. VITIVOU.

    DOu se seg ani sauma tiko mai na taro au taroga vei kemudou na wekaqu.

    Ni na yaco na vei digidigi, macala o koya vei liutaki, boko kece na DEGREE kei na lawa eratou biuta na matanitu na gauna qo.

    Dou nanuma ni na sega tale ni dua na COUP? Dou sauma mada mai ya. Na COUP ena sega ni cegu baleta ni tiko vei ratou na dakai. Na ka me caka me kau kece nodratou dakai i loma ni toba i suva vaka lutu dromu taki kece. Me qai cegu vaka dua na COUP.

  18. Vatuwaqa Golfer


    My! My! Oh! My! the big blowfly has arrived after hanging around in the crevices of the arse of navy lover boy Frank the Crank.

    Still very fresh with the words of crevices, nose and arse in mind and used by the blowfly I hate to think what it was up to. The blowfly is still on a high so is vicious and the stench is foul so beware folks.

  19. @vakaroro,

    Rawarawa tu ga na sauma nomu taro. Au na sauma ga e vica vakavavalagi.

    1. Devise and electoral system that does not have a communal seat. Let it all be open seat.

    2. Make it illegal to use race as an issue of political campaigning.

    E levu tale na ka me vakamacalataki yani ia ena taura sara ga e dua na gauna me tuvalaki vei iko me rawa ni dolava nomu vakasama.

  20. Mark Hatcher

    Vatuwaqa Golfer,

    No I dont know who this dickhead Tui Savu is. But I guessed it right, he is from Overseas. My relatives tell me he will be in couple of pieces if he ever steps in Fiji, for insulting their chief, Tui Vuda.

    No coup is legal, the Rabuka coup and Speight coup was done against Indo- Fijians. 2006 coup was to give Fiji true democracy, just like in USA,Australia, UK and NZ. One person one vote and if Qarese is honest about democrcy, then he should support the changes FB is trying to make. But you seem to be such an idiot you will never understand that.

  21. @v.golfer, who are u to judge Adi Koila??? mo sa kalou ga!!! so you’re telling the world that you are better than her???? helloooooooo “a person is judged by what comes out of her mouth” you are just full of jealousy & bitterness !!!! yalo vinaka, take a serious look at yourself!!! …pathetic!

  22. Vatuwaqa Golfer


    Ask yourself why Tui Savu should not come to Fiji if he is going to be in a couple of pieces by the people of Vuda for insulting their chief. He won’t come to Fiji because their is no law to protect him from the rules of our dictator not because he is afraid. Get you facts right about coups in other democratic countries.

    s raqiqi I don’t need to judge anybody the least Koila, it all there in front of our faces, her evil doings.

    Right over wrong and not desperate to settle for anything less, unlike you idiots must be really desperate like the two Epelis, no money and no land and are desperate to keep their wives happy so the need to help vitivou’s lover boy instigate a coup.

  23. Tui Savu = big time conman!!!! like a dog with no teeth, can only bark, no bite!!!

  24. @vgolfer, Adi Koila and her evil doings?????? and what are you??? Ms Perfect??? what did Adi Koila do to you that makes you detest her so much?????? it must be her beauty!!!ha!!ha!!!!!!

  25. @Vatuwaqa golfer,

    You must be a woman. The venom is deadly. I wonder how you sleep at night when all you have is hatred of a woman who cannot be here to defend herself.

  26. @vitivou, bro, typical loosers! they will attack and judge everything and anything! if only they realise that no one is completely good or bad !!! we’re human, we have both !!! fact of life! thats why we cannot go around pointing fingers at people, one points at them and 4 at you!!!!!

  27. Ka dina @ s raqiqi

    It boggles my mind reading these looser’s comments. What world were they living in?

  28. Vatuwaqa Golfer

    The same same old response just like Frank trying really hard to bluff his way through. Not going to gel.

    As for Koila Mara have nothing against the poor woman but for someone to help instigate a coup an act of treason is and will be considered an evildoer and a criminal. I like my woman with inner beauty – Koila is too hard and insincere for my liking.

    Hey vitivou, is the stench of the crevices of that arse still on that blowfly which is hanging around you.

    Must be difficult to get rid of it.

  29. @vgolfer, it is now 2009, the coup happened 3 yrs ago, move on my friend, Frank has increased his supporters now …….so with or without you….Fiji is moving forward! you and the likes of you can say as much as you want! but will not make any difference, it’s HMS no come back!!!
    God bless you!

  30. the corruption in fiji has been around for such a long time…..and if you dont know that …you must be blind……the people that are anti frank….must be connected or the same yasana as these corrupt people……im sorry if thats abit huss….but thats the truth……and the truth hurts… so happy with frank for what his done….clean up the bullshit and the vesu mona….now it takes a man to do that……not just sitting at home…….and trying to be smart……that wont help….godbless fiji and its people………..

  31. @Buta, absolutely true. Just watch these con artists fleeing overseas to avoid prosecution. They are still hopeful that a magic wand will appear from somewhere and neutralize the military. The govt should impose a travel ban on suspects.

  32. @vgolfer,

    Just go and play golf. That’s probably the only thing you are good at.

    The rebuilding of this country is still very much going ahead with or without people like you.

  33. We as a society must adhere to some form of moral philosophical system by which we can conceptualize proper respect for the rules, a just and equitable treatment between individuals.

    Thus is the concept that binds us good people in preparation for a just and moral society; however the belief is when a nation is subjected to transgressions by those of whom who corrupts the body politics, all moral codes we adhere too becomes immoral.

    On us are the responsibility and moral obligation to our younger generation’s that is inspired, not by any insincere emotions but by the higher duty we owe ourselves, what would society think of us if we were to stand back and allow our young generation to pursue their activities that transgresses moral or civil laws.

    For the most part in our pursuit of a just society the burden is on us to ensure our young generation are conscious of their cognitive processes and to educate them into demarcating between jingoistic politics and to one that is comprehensive to spifflicate any indoctrinated political ideals that would have serious consequences not only on the nation but in defining our young generation.

    The nexus between fathers, Mothers, children’s and their warped nationalistic ideals that has infected the Fijian psyche must be controlled, what better way to control these false ideals than to educate those responsible for their errant behaviors thus all prejudices that were indoctrinated by various factions propagating their pernicious motives within our unknowledgeable society will erode overtime.

    On us also is the responsibility to make certain when choosing our next parliamentary candidate he/she possesses the necessary attributes to represent all citizenry of the Country in a just and dignified manner and be panoptic of their fellow beings regardless of ethnicity.

    We can analyse or diagnose or psychoanalyse all conundrums that have beset our Country but at the end of the day win lose or draw we must each ask ourselves this question Cui bono (To whose benefit) and such benefits must always be the nation inclusively.

    We must as responsible citizens adopt the ideals of teaching and of nurturing our young generation to gravitate towards the accept norms of morality that would invariably in the long term be beneficial not only to them but our nation.

    “We must not let our deeds belie our words, lest when we speak in public or educating our young bloods, someone may say, why we not practice what we preach”

    To this end we urge the current regime under the leadership of Bainimarama to install without delay the next president, the person must be of indigenous origins and one the has a chiefly status.

    Such person must command the will of the nation and one that respects rights of the people inclusively.

    We further urge this regime without delay to install Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi as our next President of Fiji and the current Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu as vice president.

  34. @Avoro,

    The very last paragraph of your essay makes your case worthless and devoid of any sense of morality you so much talk about.

    Yours is the very ideology that perpetuate the problems besetting our country since coup 87. The belief that some people are superior over others.

    All your fancy talk becomes meaningless when you advocate for people like Rt Naiqama, a person of chiefly status, who supported in transgressing the rights of half of the citizens of this country.

    It boggles my mind how you end you case with Rt Naiqama’s name, taking into consideration how eloquent you’ve stated your point of view just before that . For me, I think you have a confused mind.

  35. Vatuwaqa Golfer

    Vinaka Avoro good choice for our country’s President and Vice President.

    Koila if a nice person should be contented if her first cousin is the next first lady.

    Bet she won’t as it will not gel with her.

    Hey vitivou in for more blowflying today? Your politics sucks! You are so predictable! Please read the comments before commenting.

    Very easy for us nothing but moral ethics – right over wrong and doesn’t matter what you come up with if you adopt what is right over wrong you will be on the road to success.

    Typical of a dictator; “building of this country will go ahead with or without people like you.”

    Take your time and do whatever you want to do illegally, only to be undone and redone in the right legal way! As adults it is our obligation and responsibility to future generations.

  36. @ vgolfer,

    You can dream as much as you like but i’m afraid, your and Avoro isn’t gonna happen.

    Too bad. hey, just play your golf and pass the time there.

  37. To Avoro,

    In my humble opinion the president should be of indigenous origin but does not have to be a chief. Some of the finest people I have known are fijians who are not chiefs including late Master Peni Rika and Siwatibau and many others who are still around. While Ratu Jone is a good choice, Naiqama is bit of a bimbo whose father was real chief and NFP senator and look what Naiqama not only did to Indofijians but to some Fijians as well. You can not trust person like him. Naiqama did not grow in chiefly family or in their faith, his brother should be Tui Cakau
    On a lighter side I am wondering if Vgolfer is female and if she is one of Rabukas doggie style victim at Vatuwaqa golf course.

  38. mark… ha….ha…….ha qori ga na ….hole…one…leqa vakadua o navua../sa rauta me levu tiko na practise….mai vatuwaqa….

  39. Vatuwaqa Golfer


    No, but your illegal social jester Vice President, was always hanging around my first cousin, 25 years younger, trying to do doggie style with her when he couldn’t stand up to go home to his evil wife.

    At least with Rabuka during his time the power that he stole from the people attracted stupid woman folk to him.

  40. @Vgolfer, obviously what u have against Rt E & Adi K is personal …… pls get off this site , we don;t need your petty comments. Please talk sensible to be on par with the likes of us on this site. We certainly do not need your kindergarten brain here….varmus u bleary kalavo ni makete!!!

  41. Vatuwaqa Golfer


    Easy way out when you get some of your own medicine back. “You tell people to piss off.”

    It would be impossible for honest principled people like myself to be on par with those that are supporters of evildoers, in this case coup perpertrators!

    Even kindergarten children are taught what is right and what is wrong and know that there is no excuse for doing what is wrong but can learn from it.

    Very simple raqiqi! You, Hatcher and vitivou’s frustrations are caused because you are defending those that have committed an act of treasons.

  42. “honest, principled people”!!!!! u ‘ve got to be joking! you nothing but a twisted, bitter minded scumbag that is so unforgiving!!! get a life…..

  43. @vgolfer,

    I say just stick to golfing before we ask Bainimarama to convert your golf course into a state of the art urban development complex.

    I remember at one stage when Sakiasi Butadroka was campaigning before a general election in the early 80s. One of his campaign promise was to convert the Vatuwaqa golf course into a housing development complex because it is no use hitting a very small ball all over a large prime piece of land.

    We just might do that to your golf course if you keep spewing your stupidity in this blog.

    And on Rabuka. I suppose you were one of the few stupid women attracted to him, huh. He must have given you a big hole-in-one.

  44. Vatuwaqa Golfer


    OK motor mouth – while you have the illegal social jester Vice President on your side the Vatuwaqa will remain just that! You have very little knowledge or none at all of the people you are backing. Suva’s social jester spends all his time at the Vatuwaqa Golf Club carrying out his shenanigans. So who is the stupid one now?

    You had better be very careful if you are a taukei because Suva’s social jester and his evil wife have no money and no land so if they want to, will develop the land that belongs to you today through your ancestors.

    No thanks I don’t fancy Rabuka, I am more for the Indo Fijian girls, better nature, more pleasant and sincere, unlike Koila.

    When Butadroka spoke about developing the golf course it was during the time when the kaivalagis and Fiji’s elites were the only people that could afford to play golf. Way before the illegal VP and Rabuka’s time. Butadroka like you was jealous of people that worked hard and could afford the better things of life.

  45. @Vgolfer,

    Please just play your golf. You have become a nuisance on the blog.

  46. @vgolfer,

    Please go here and read. Maybe it will broaden your mind.

  47. Vatuwaqa Golfer


    Oh so I am a nusiance now. You guys have called me all sorts of names – sure sign of frustration.

    Why should I read anything mentioned by you – one would think I can’t make up my mind. I know who exactly I am and what I want in life, unlike you guys have to keep supporting evildoers to get by!

    Easy you can start off with doing what is right over wrong.

  48. Sa vacava? Voreqe’s tribe gone home after taking on Vijay Singh – ooooooops Vatuwaqa Golfer.

    Vinaka Vatuwaqa Golfer it sure looks you won. Like Vijay Singh you can take them on, really its a hole in one for your efforts.

  49. @vgolfer,

    Can you define evildoers to me? I don’t know what is it that makes all of us that support the effort to make Fiji attain a truly democratic society become evildoers.

    Fiji has never been democratic after coup 87 to date.

    The evil that perpetuated the coup coup mindset is the one that the RFMF is trying to get rid of. And they are starting their effort at the very root of the problem, getting rid of the racially based electoral system and the constitution that permits it.

    That is the effort I’m supporting.

  50. Vatuwaqa Golfer

    Oilei ko vitivou!

    Have got RSI from too much typing trying to get through to your thick skull so while doing the rounds on all the different blogs came across this reply to your friend s.raqiqi so have copied and pasted as an answer to your question; “can you define evildoers?” eg Mara girls and their hubbies, supporters of an act of treason makes them evildoers!

    Jone Says:

    August 12, 2009 at 1:08 pm
    @s.raqiqi no can do missy and will tell you why :

    These here ladies have raped the constitution and living the high life as a direct result whilst the people of fiji suffer — loss of jobs for those who held down employment, loss of opportunities from various job creation scheme that were set to materialize but snuffed when overseas investors pulled out of the dictatorship fiji. Price hikes across the board found on merchandise, eatables, and all living expenses. These ladies and hubbies don’t give a hoot about the suffering mass. Many opportunities came their way to right their wrongs BUT they aren’t interested because they refuse to give up the lifestyle funded by the populace. Now then, do you think that these criminals should not be made to suffer. In which world would that be ? An alien nation perhaps. This is planet earth. Your job is not to come here and tell us, “their victims” to smile and turn the other cheek. Go to Adi Koila instead and appeal to her to hold her husband’s hand and lead him away from that wrongful path they have treaded. Step down and away from the criminal activities they have entrenched themselves in since long before December 6 2006.

  51. @vgolfer & Jone, dou vakacegu, Adi Koila is going to be first lady whether u like it or not,ha!ha!ha! in yr face!

  52. From the remarks above, one is left to wonder if Fiji will ever achieve or indeed deserve sound governance? Does it elevate anyone to use debased language (in Fijian or in English or in any language on this earth) to jibe and cavil at persons instead of issues?

    Using the personal to defile the general? Fiji has been defiled by every government since 1987 and by each and every individual who was a party to such governments. All are tainted by their complicity in corruption or by their failure to root out corruption while paid from public money.

    We need to ask ourselves how was it possible that Australia and New Zealand found it conceivable to lend support to governance of this debased nature? Yet they did and we would do well never to forget this. A complicity, a connivance in the destruction of ordered, proper governance was presented as policy for the Pacific Islands. Elections were corrupted and yet found ‘free and fair’. What a farce it all was and still is as these two nations still posture and parade themselves as pictures of democracy at its best. Not even possessing sufficient gumption to admit they may have erred in judgement or been wrongly advised. The entire canon on democracy should be rewritten and given a good makeover: Fiji might lead the way!

  53. @ Vatuwaqa Golfer

    Line up your shots and ‘Get a grip’! Where were you when your country needed you? Driving down the fairway? What merits a single digit handicap when your country (and ours) was going the fast road to ruin? Your pathetic howling of outrage convinces no one, no one whatsoever. Shape up and Ship Out. Get off the Golf Course and into the streets (West and East). Get your complaints concerning impunity for coup plotters and perpetrators still free and for drug-thugs and sexual predators into the Police Stations of this nation and see, yes, see that they are acted upon: whether those you know or are related to are brought to book.

    Get it?

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