Chaudhry in Australia

Chaudhry, who was the Finance Minister, today confirmed that he is in Australia and will return next week.

The Australian High Commission in Fiji is yet to comment on the granting of visas to those connected to the Fiji military or government.

We are yet to get confirmation on whether people who served in the government, are removed from Australia’s travel ban list, when they step down from their position.

The High Commission is expected to comment later.


17 responses to “Chaudhry in Australia

  1. When FIJIANS say something which they Gov. think is going to be sensitive they arrest them and lock them up. What about him?. Sega double standards.

    One day Mafatu.

  2. Chaudhary’s recent meeting with Qarase and now this visit despite the travel ban, is something cooking? Add to that Aust. High Commission’s refusal to comment on MC’s visa approval. Are there any warships in Fiji waters?

  3. chaudharys………knows the consequences……kevaka mena liu muri…..the ball is in his court…….tovolea mada tamana….

  4. chaudhary…will play the game of chess…..his that type of person..he will take risks ,but if you fuck up….it willbe check mate…tamana… games …over….and if you think fijians are stupid…….give a shot…..last time with speight, you were lucky .. not this time round……god bless you and your little tricks…….

  5. Let’s not worry too much about Chaudhary. He’s just doing his job. If he gets to meet Kevin Rudd, well and good.

    The thing is my friends the RFMF is not turning back from its mission to achieve it’s vision for a truly democratic Fiji devoid of racial politics.

    Whether Chaudhary is with or against the RFMF, is a non-issue for now.

    The RFMF has to see through their mission fulfilled. Afterall, their credibility also rests on it. So failure is not an option.

  6. thanks joe.

    I agree with Chaudhary. We must solve our problem before we go into an election.

    One way of solving the problem is to do away with the race-based electoral system that we have now. Let’s have the one man one vote system.

    The one man one vote system should reduce the number of seats we have in parliament therefore a smaller parliament. Big savings for taxpayers.

    I would suggest that we begin by integrating the Fijian provincial setup into how the constituencies are created. That means, since we have only 14 provinces, lets just create 28 constituency meaning 2 seats for each province.

    You see the savings on taxpayers – from the current 70-plus seats to only 28.

    Second, our senators should be selected too based on provincial basis. Maybe 2 each also to represent the province. Let the political parties select their senators based on the percentage of seats they win.

    So whoever wins a seat is representing the province through his or her political party. Whether you are a kai Idia, kai Loma, Kai Jaina, Kai Rotuma or kai Viti, you represent the province that you are elected from immaterial of your political party.

    The beauty of the system I’m proposing is that now we have the Fijian government set-up (matanitu i taukei) fully integrated into the national government structure.

    The GCC will still play a major role in my proposed setup. The GCC is to have the final say in how native land is used for national development.

    Since the GCC made up is also provincial based, then the political party representative of the province must also work closely with the GCC provincial member to find out how developments can be implemented for the benefit of everyone in the province.

    Everything should be geared towards national development of the economy for everyone’s benefit.

    I haven’t elaborated fully on what I have in mind but I foresee a much more integrated Fiji as the outcome.

    I hope to elaborate more on this in the days to come.

  7. drau sa bula mai na taciqu…….drau vosota na vosavosa vakalialia caka tu qori……dua mada mai na sere kerekere…noqui tau…sung by kabani…vinaka…vitivou/joe…godbless…

  8. @ Bro Butadroka,

    Au sega ni kunea rawa na sere ya nei Kabani. Sa lako ga yani qori e dua nodratou na Black Rose.


    I support your view on electro l system. BUT! Me disarm the military after the new government thats the only solution to STOP the COUP.

    O cei na matabitu e via mai valuta tu nodatou 5000 walega na sotia. O MErika kauta ga mai e lima na submarine ratou yadua na tai kei VITILEVu waicala o Vitilevu. O China kauta ga mai e vica nona waqavuka tou qele dravu.

    Se o AUTRALIa ke via valuti viti anytime waicala o viti.

    ME DISARM ga na military to all extent and they should return to the camp and work to get the bread and butter

  10. @Vakaroro,

    You see there is a solution to every problem. And we can at least agree on some things.

    When we integrate the Fijian provincial structure into our national structure and electoral system, one of the biggest problem is solved right away.

    In the case of the RFMF, they will never be abolished but will remain an institution as the final guarantor of law and order in Fiji. In fact, I believe the military has a useful role to play in our society in the future.

    I will explain this later. I just don’t have the time for now.

    By the way, I’m not a soldier, just an ordinary citizen supporting the building of a new and prosperous Fiji.

  11. vitivou…..vinakavaka levu….taciqu…..this will do bro….au se cakacaka tiko, drau moce toka mada ….godbless..

  12. @vitivou, vinaka na Black Rose bro! isa! au sa vanananu saraga yani ki viti !!!! thanks again, God bless

  13. im with you bro.. s.raqiqi…se qai suka mai na cakacaka….dua toka qo na stubby batabata…..vinaka na blackrose…bro vitivou…vinaka sara vakalevu……winter tu qo e malevani…..malai tu nai soresore,ha…ha..ha…

  14. @butadroka,

    Isa au nanuma sara noqu lako yani i malevani ena 2006.

    Daru qai lai sara7s tu va na Commonwealth Games i keri….totoka na Telstra Dome….

    Mavoa ga na Eat-All-you-Can mai Bourke Street….hahahaha

  15. kemudou buta, gunu stubby ga e na gauna batabata?????? but keep warm though!!! drau kaloougata tiko bros!!!!

  16. s.raqiqi….taciqu.. batabata se uneune….na qai qo sana qa ga… daru bai suka mai na cakacaka…1026hrs/malevani……..1226hrs/fiji….bai dua toka na stubby batabata…..oti qo sana vakayakavi……tavioka/curry katakata….drau mai vakayakavi mada na taciqu…s.raqiqi/vitivou……ni sa moce na vuku….kemami se yadra na dro voli…..godbless

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