PM Interview part 2


One response to “PM Interview part 2

  1. What amazes me about the reporter is the level of prejudgement he brought to the interview.
    He didn’t ask about the extent to which Fiji’s elites have controlled raced based politics , the media and the independent institutions for more than a hundred years . Why look further than the alliance of the chiefs , the European elites and the Indo fijian merchants . The same elites which were behind 1987, 2000 and the Qarase govt and the efforts they made to kill/sack/disable Frank because he stood for something which threatened their economic interests. In that sense the al jazeera documentary was shallow and lacked analysis.

    And as for wadan narsey has he anything useful to say anymore ?? or is he so steeped in whiskey that he gets more incoherent with hatred and malt day by day ?


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