No one is safe reading RFN..

Raw (Methodists, Lawyers and Journalists) blog site has the following headline…

“No one is safe in Fiji!”

The illegal regime took another step on its Roadmap to dictatorship with the announcement that it plans to set up a commercial arm of the prisons department.

Slave labour is a well established part of every evil dictatorship. Stalin had his Gulags. Hitler’s Auschwitz had a banner over the gate: “Work Brings Freedom.” A large slab of the North Korean economy is carried out by half-starved prisoners.

So it looks like we’ll be going down that path.

If prisons can help pay for themselves, the regime can afford to throw more people into prison.


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vitivou said

What a lame title you have given to this innovative prison rehabilitation solution.

How could you twist this innovation something totally negative being undertaken by the government?

Any lame person can see through your distortion and attempt to discredit such a novel idea.

I suppose you are underestimating the level of support the current government has. Do the math.

There are about 300,000 Methodists. Close to half of Methodists support Bainimarama. Add to that about 95% of Indo-Fijians, 95% of Chinese, Part Europeans and others. So there you go.

The reason why people of this country are not interested to oppose the current leadership is that we have become smarter. This is not the first coup. We’ve had 3 already which everybody knows was based on a lie. This last one by Bainimarama is based on justice and truth.

The few who are anti-Bainimarama are those whose comfort zones have been dug up under them. These guys were the one who have been fooling the people of this country for long.

You guys just never learn a thing. It’s over. give up the fight.


9 responses to “No one is safe reading RFN..

  1. No way is RAW controlled by Methodists, Lawyers and Journalists… just ‘cause many of them just wanna move one in the rebuilding process.

    We concur with vitivou’s brilliant assumption above; that’s Reality!!

    The author of the RAW article @ Novosavakadua may be lives in comfort overseas.

    Sadly, she suggests a repeat of history by importing indentured labors or encouraging the flood of chinese workers. Hello, our brothers and sisters serving custodial terms will be exited of this new freedom outside the confines of their cold concrete cells.
    The bonus is life skills acquired and opportunity to demonstrate improved behavior for early release.
    Or are we gonna force our village boys and girls to town to take up these major capital works?

    Time to fatten our prisoners is over!!…time they earn their keep, and if you wish, the prison service do not mind some brilliant brains in orange uniform to assist organize the work force into working smarter, not harder in the hot sun!

  2. @Viti Vou
    why do you bother trying to comment on RFN you know they wont publish, we have tried and failed many times, just send your comments to us and we will publish them for you… same applies to all of you, this is a free forum, as long as we support the country moving forward your comments are always welcome on here.

  3. vinaka real news! I find your site more sensible and reasonable !!vinaka vakalevu

  4. drau sa bula mai na taciqu…….back to the topic of prisoners working… japan most of the prisoners are on fishing trollers catching fish…..donu me vakamuria o viti na concept ya….sa rauta me levu tu nodra i lavo . … qai qo……..ena qai ga….no mater what…..have a nice day brothers…godbless…

  5. @buta, I honestly think that the Fiji Prison Authorities are into something fantastic not only for the pisoners but for Fiji as well. It is about time, why wasn’t this done years ago??? As u mentioned taciqu (buta), what Japan is doing with it’s prisoners and God knows what other countries take initiatives to rehabilitate their prisoners, so why not for Fiji, it is an excellent idea! I salute you Naivalurua! go for it Fiji is behind you. Let the loosers keep yapping, they’re irrelevant. Like my grandgafther used to say” na ka vinaka e na dau vakamecataki” God bless!!!!

  6. Mark Hatcher

    Who says army guys can-not do their job? Head of prisson is doing a fantastic job like Frank and Teleni. Why have election and get crooks in when army guys are doing so well.

  7. people do under estimate the army……they have no idea………in the army, youve got…doctors,accountants.telecomunacations tecs,drivers,pilots,cooks, you name it, they have the lot…… mas…..your gone……no corruption…no bullshit… vesumona……you follow orders…..and that applys to any army in the world……..

  8. Modern military training is not just about being able to fire the most deadly gun, its about building a country as well.

  9. All prisoners need to earn their keep. The smartest should be adding value to the country in which they were born. There is no reason at all why prisoners with talents should not:

    Run a restaurant of the highest calibre
    Bake bread
    Repair and make lampshades/light fittings
    Learn and use IT skills for their own advancement – under supervision
    Run a Commercial Farm
    Run a Commercial Horticulture Centre
    Be trained to grow orchids and other exotic plants
    Play musical instruments which will soothe them and others (Indonesian percussion instruments found to be excellent in UK Prisons)
    Be creative through painting/drama/dance
    Sell and Save – in an outlet which the public might visit
    Learn languages of use in tourism and perfect their English
    Write creatively and learn journalism skills
    Create and use a Prison Website for supervised interaction with the world outside of prison
    Raise animals for farm use and learn farm hygiene
    Train to make simple and safe toys for children’s use in kindergarten/schools/their own children

    And many, many more paths on the road to becoming a useful and dutiful citizen who adds value to his/her country and the life of all its inhabitants.

    Lastly but not at all least: makes recompense for what they took from the life of the country through crime and the negative cost benefit.

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