Talagi enrages a nation

r305472_1333492From Viti Vou (sorry for the minor edit)

Toke Talagi, John Key, Kevin Rudd, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi and Neori Slade can go to HELL

These are the four colluding with each other to deny Fiji it’s rightful place in the Pacific Islands Forum, coup or no coup.

These guys have forgotten or choose to forget that one of Fiji’s greatest statesmen Rt Sir Kamisese Mara had the decency and foresight to initiate the creation of the South Pacific Forum.

That idiot  from Niue must realise that the vision of Fiji’s great leader ensured the protection of his small island country from being trudged over by foreign economic superpowers.

John Key and Kevin Rudd, you better hear this loud and clear.

The cunning and deceptive manouvre you are doing to hoodwink the Pacific island leaders into a new trade agreement that is PACER Plus will see the demise and disintegration of the Pacific Island Forum and the rise of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

Without Fiji in the Pacific Island Forum, every meeting and agreement you make carries no weight and meaning. Any why is that?

Fiji’s great leader was the visionary for the Pacific Island Forum’s creation. The developments within the South Pacific island countries in the last 50 or so years have been intricately linked back to Fiji.

The manna that came out of our great leader’s foresight protected those small island states from exploitation by foreign powers because they are part of the Pacific Island Forum. That’s why they still exist as sovereign nations today even though they are no bigger than a province or a village in Fiji or Papua New Guinea.

The MSG countries recognizes that they have the biggest populations and economies in the Pacific. You want to play ball with one of their member, then you will face the consequences when they strike back.

Mark my word!


12 responses to “Talagi enrages a nation

  1. @vitivou, vinaka taciqu……….tell them on their faces………. bleary culprits……….”a cava tiko mada o ratou” dou yavu boci!!!!!!

  2. These folks (Niueans) can’t even know plant their own root crops, work their land or even fish, let alone comment on a political level – so what the hell is this boci dede, Talagi talking about?!

    The majority of Niueans, Samoans, Tongans, et al living in NZ & Oz are nothing but no-hopers, bloody bludgers who stick their hands out whenever there’s something being doled out!

    Or sit on their fat backsides at the Sky City Casino gambling their very hard earned dole money on the pokies while their kids scrounge around in school yards (& garbage bins) for breakfast!

    I spit on this bastard’s face along with all the other bloody prime minister who’s national population migrate to NZ & Oz for a better life!

    They just don’t give their people any incentive to stay in their own countries and then they end up being rats on the city streets!

    If there are any typos, i’m sorry…i’m upset too… just like vitiovu!!!!!! (vitivou!)

  3. Real…Could you please put a different picture on this screen? I really feel sick when i see this bastard’s face! Maybe it’s the filiarisis tablets i just took, but the guy makes me sick!

  4. me dua vua na dakai da……luveni sona levu……qo e momo nei noella….rau vei kata……..

  5. @Boo Boo

    Calm down bro.

    These are the very same jealous bastards who begrudge Fiji’s military going out there putting their lives on the line, doing peacekeeping duties to earn some money for the local economy while they sit in judgement on their big fat asses expecting handouts.

    If this is what Aus Aid brings – fuck the aid. Fiji will be spared the handout mentality.

    Aus and NZ can have all the fafafines, fakaleitis, freeloaders and fuckwits from these islands.

  6. Look at the dickhead’s eyes, seems he had a joint.

  7. …….mata veiyawaki!!!!!

  8. sa rauta me cudruvi viti tiko o luveni yali qo, baleta keirau a lasa tiko kei watina……ha…..ha……ha….levu nona vosa ca taki viti….levu nona lau vutu o watina…..mate vakadua………

  9. I think that idiot should just worry about Niue…..hows about everyone burn their rubbish in the back yard so that the smoke will cause a little global warming that will then sink Niue……problem Solved – No Niue, No Talagi, No big talk as there would be no country to defend….lol….

    Lets face it….Niue doesnt even register on the world map….lets not get upset because their country is fucked up as is

  10. Priscilla Slade

    I appreciate your anger at the chap from Nuie, but the Pacific Forum treating of “Fiji”, the way it is, is not aimed at the people of Fiji. It’s aimed at Bainamarama. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this is the man you should contribute your anger to.

    I’m probably bias, but you have to look at the bigger picture in all of this, it’s not a direct attack on Fiji.

  11. Afa Hanawhiti

    Is it not true?

    New Zealand has never properly had a referendum to decide what sort of governance model it would like to have when The UK Foreign Office handed back Sovereignty in 1932 approx.

    Is it not true?
    “That according to international law THE NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT is a bankrupt and therefore under their own Commercial Rules of Trade an illegal governance jurisdiction and as such cannot properly control the issuance of credit – create their own sovereign currency.

    Helen Clark simply cannot count properly she paid $NZ 6m each for the failed Toronto design LAV lll’s Light Armoured Vehicles and could have purchased Ex USSR for $nz 80,000.00 each with 2 spare engines etc etc.
    Also her policies eventually “bankrupted” the NZ Labour Party and NEW ZEALAND, now she is at it again in the UN.

    We make the distinction between corporate entities and common law by upper case letters.
    We are not shouting as some would have you habitualized to believe.

    We all need to learn exactly how to exempt ourselves from their “Alice in Wonderland” false – Legal Fiction jurisdiction.

    see i.) < www the occult world of commerce.

    ii.) http://vimeo.com/10211543

    Enjoy this lot and teach all of your whanau -and sensible friends.
    Afa Hanawhiti
    Truth – Seeker

  12. Afa Hanawhiti


    iii. ) www. Its an Illusion

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