Frank sends warning to Talagi


The Prime Minister said it is a sad day today that Niue Premier Toke Talagi has called for civil disobedience in Fiji while making his address as the outgoing chairman of the Pacific Islands Leaders Forum in Cairns.

Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said Talagi’s comments are inciteful and he wonders what the forum leaders are thinking after his official statement in Australia.

Commodore Bainimarama questions why Talagi never tried to come to Fiji when he was chair of the Pacific Islands Forum.


10 responses to “Frank sends warning to Talagi

  1. Talagi is a leader of country made up of 1200 people. Niue depends on foreign aid with no other industry. Talagi’s comment reflect just that, a very little mans syndrome. There is no doubt he is pushing agenda of few crooks, former Fiji citizens hiding in Australia. You will not believe how low some of these former citizens are.

  2. An advise to the government, do not even waste a single second on the likes of Talagi, they are too insignificant to Fiji, the govt and people of Fiji have much bigger and relevant issues to address aand tackle. We all know that Niue depends on NZ for their living, if they are not careful they will follow tuvalu & disappear from the face of the earth!!! Chill out dickhead!!!

  3. This is what the Pacific Islands Forum has come down to Australia/ NZ using insgnificant countries to push their own agenda. Niue with a population of 1200 is there but Fiji one of the major countries in the Pacific is not there.

  4. Not sure what NZ & Oz’s agenda is, but can’t they just keep their noses out of Fiji and continue to protect their begger nations like Niue, Cooks, etc. etc. 1,200 national population…are they in competition with Norfolk Island (Popn: 2128) or Pitcairn Island (Popn: less than 50 – 1/3 up on rape charges in 2004 including the mayor!) That’s your little pip-squeak, begger nation, NZ & Oz have in their corner!

    What a damn shame if that’s the best they can come up with!

  5. Send the RFMF with a Patrol Boat to invade the shit small country and kick their BS to Kingdom Come!!

  6. Mark Hatcher

    Solivakasama, a blog from North QLD have the same agenda as dickhead Talagi. Just ask local band Blackroses if they got paid when they played in Townsville. Most of the money collected went into the pockets of few lowlife ex Fiji residents, same cowards now pointing finger at IG.

  7. pacific forum…….bose ni veivutu sona……

  8. butardoka vutulaki o iko

  9. anonymous….qo dua na yaca lamulamu…tukuna mai na yacamuni dina… vakai kekami qo…..kua ni levu tiko nomu vaka c.i.d… vutulaki…be a man …..

  10. butadroka o tukuna ni bose ni vei vutusona baleta no mu ulukau sena ka ko kila me baleta na bula raraba ni vei matanitu nomu vosa nomu sona

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