Benevolent dictators – A means to an end

Fiji PM

from Topasi

History has shown benevolent dictatorships are not sustainable in the long term. Successes are few.

Benevolent dictatorships should be seen as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. This is the same for all conflicts in the world today – ultimately all wars are fought for political or religious outcomes. The wise old Confucius says, wars do not determine who is right, but who is left.

Fiji could have gone down the path of civil war to determine who is left after the last shot has been fired and the dust has settled. This may may put an end to the coup culture once and for all but it is a helluva price to pay.

Instead what we have seen is a strong leader taking the reins, holding the country together, knowing full well that in time the madness will subside as knowledge and acceptance overcomes ignorance and paranoia.

Fiji’s benevolent dictatorship is only a means to an end. It is not a long term solution.


33 responses to “Benevolent dictators – A means to an end

  1. vinaka topasi….vinaka bro….

  2. Hey only 1 comment, topasi the poo man!

    No brainers, why don’t you rent a crowd, Frank can use taxpayers money. It will seem that you guys have heaps of supporters. NOT!

  3. @buta & vitivou, you know when the truth hurts, alot of people will ignore and will not comment………ha!!ha!!!!! e mosi????… keep up the positive comments…….with u all the way!!!!

  4. Gori all the man in the picture is good for is that uniform. It has been absorbed by his brain so there is no room for sensible thinking that will benefit the people of Fiji.

    Nothing but a “Prick and a Dictator”

  5. Mark Hatcher

    In The Navy,

    what have people of Fiji benefit since 1972, the answer is nothing. Frank might be the captain who will take us in direction where there might be some good for all. When this happens Frank will be judged the greatest leader in Pacific.

  6. Hatcher you are such a fool.

    If Frank is that captain whom you hope would lead the nation in that direction for the betterment of the people of Fiji he should have made sure Fiji was represented at the Pacific Forum Summit in Cairns.

    Because of his selfishness, big ego, stubborness, dishonesty, foolishness and unable to keep to his promises, regrettfully the nation has missed out on all the benefits discussed at the Forum.

    To name a few,

    – maritime safety, the two vessels that have sunk recently and lives have been lost in both Kiribati and Tonga. Haven’t heard any words of sympathy from your hero, the dictator. Not very neighbourly Marky Boy!
    – most importantly climate change which is of a major concern world wide for responsible leaders.
    – Pacific plan, stenghthening development coordination in the Pacific.
    – alleviating adverse effects of the global economic crisis.
    – Fisheries as a source of food and income
    -Trade and more

    These are very important issues to any developing country and Fiji has missed out because your hero and his military regime are still trying two and half years later to justify why they had to commit an act of treason to remain in power.

    When this nightmare ends, your Frank will be judged the greatest dickhead dictator in the Pacific.

  7. @In The Navy,

    What have you people been learning all these years?

    Ask yourself this question. Why did Qarase also throw caution when the discussion on PACER was happening during his time as PM? To some extent, he was totally in rejection of some of its ideas.

    Do you know the original idea of the creation of the forum?

    Did you now that Australia and New Zealand were never supposed to be voting members of the forum?

    People who do not know the historical background of the forum and then the creation of PACER will talk like fools. They are nothing but empty drums. Just goes to show the emptiness in their head.

    Do and read up on history. I’m sick of people like you.

  8. This is a comment I left on Raw Fiji News on the article titled “No one is safe in Fiji!”

    Don’t know whether it is going to see the light of day and get published or not but let’s wait and see.

    Read on…………

    vitivou said
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 7, 2009 at 10:42 pm


    What a lame title you have given to this innovative prison rehabilitation solution.

    How could you twist this innovation something totally negative being undertaken by the government?

    Any lame person can see through your distortion and attempt to discredit such a novel idea.

    I suppose you are underestimating the level of support the current government has. Do the math.

    There are about 300,000 Methodists. Close to half of Methodists support Bainimarama. Add to that about 95% of Indo-Fijians, 95% of Chinese, Part Europeans and others. So there you go.

    The reason why people of this country are not interested to oppose the current leadership is that we have become smarter. This is not the first coup. We’ve had 3 already which everybody knows was based on a lie. This last one by Bainimarama is based on justice and truth.

    The few who are anti-Bainimarama are those whose comfort zones have been dug up under them. These guys were the one who have been fooling the people of this country for long.

    You guys just never learn a thing. It’s over. give up the fight.

  9. Mark Hatcher

    To Navy,

    If I am such a fool, that makes you mentally retard.Please dont come on this blog disrespect others opinion. Frank has lot of silent people backing him and think he is not only doing a good job but has good plan for Fiji as well.

  10. in the navy= dickhead! looser!!! with or without you FB’s govt is moving on to a better Fiji!

  11. vitivou

    Another complete puppet like Hatcher. Take those ramblings that puppets like you have become noted for and throw them at Frank and his dumb puppeteers. They may at least do something for the people and earn their pay.

    I don’t need to read history books to make up my mind on what is happening today infront of our eyes.

    Sustainable development which is not happening in Fiji as it is not taking into account the economic, social and the envorimental impacts. That was what the Forum was all about and the nation of Fiji missed out. It is the present not the past.

  12. Hatcher

    Lecture your hero Franky about disrespect, the idiot didn’t have an upbringing so wouldn’t have a clue what the word respect means.

  13. @In The Navy,

    What sustainable development are you talking about? Fiji does not need the forum for its own sustainable development. It can do that on its own, you fool.

    Take your narrowmindedness and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  14. vitivou

    You could easily be likened to a yapping chihuahua puppy always sniffing around its owner because it is unable to think or do anything for itself. vitivou sniffing around the fool Frank and can’t get enough of him.

    Sustainable development is what all smart world leaders are talking about except the fool Frank because he hasn’t a clue what it means let alone do something about it.

    Like Hatcher, the other fool Topasi’s version of a benvolent dictatorship is only a means to an end of a trustworthy nation caused by fools like you guys that are willing to support coup perpetrators.

    Good evenning I am off to the pub with real navy blokes.

  15. @In The Navy,

    The fact is that Fiji has been practicing sustainable development long before the events of 051206. It does not really need Fiji being a member of the forum to do that.

    When you talk about sustainable development, show us which one Fiji will miss out on because it is suspended from the Forum. Take a good look and there is none.

    No country in the Forum, Commonwealth or in the UN group of nation has a trade ban/sanction on Fiji.

    Get your head out of your arse loony navy boy. You don’t know what you are talking about. Go and suck your “real navy” friend’s dick.

  16. in the navy….o iko vakai ratou na qauri mai na village people……tu vaka malua vutulaki dabe….you remind me of noella…just another dick head…..from raw…..piss off….sucker..

  17. vitivou

    I predicated the exact reponse! An attack on the messenger rather than the message.

    You have been told so many times that you are backing the wrong horse, a foolish one that doesnt even know how to slow trot let alone gallop forward along the correct path to success.

    No doubt you are that yapping chihuahua puppy always sniffing around Frank because you are unable to see right over wrong. The more you are told what is THE RIGHT AND LEGAL THING TO DO the greater the reaction. Resorting to fowl language is a sure sign of great frustration and what you are telling us is that can’t get enough of your hero Frank. Why don’t you just stick to personal issues with Frank, might solve your problem?

    If you want to help, help the people of Fiji and do what is RIGHT AND LEGAL, that is encourage Frank to give us an election date that is on par with what PIF leaders want so that Fiji gets back in as a member. OTHERWISE DON’T TELL US TO BE BEHAVE LIKE CRIMINALS AND AGREE TO SUPPORT A MILITARY REGIME WHICH WAS ONLY ABLE TO SNATCH AND REMAIN IN POWER BECAUSE OF THE GUNS.


    Again if you want to help teach that foolish horse how to first trot slowly on that right, very narrow and very straight path. When that is done, then with all your ideas on its back it will gallop without any hesitation as fast forward as you want.

    At the moment your mouth is moving too fast and the horse knows that your heart is with someone else and not there caring about whether it is at least trotting forward and not always backwards.

  18. Dou waraka ga nomudou legal se illegal laws. When The dust settles we will start all over again.. Y qai laurai mada kina na vei ka dou valataka tiko. DOu na sogo kece i korovou ke sega dou sogo i kinoya.

    Wait till the dust settle. Your degree and ll will be nul invoid. That time we will open up all the worms. Ena qai yati ga mai na colo RATU VB.

  19. vakaroro……bring it on …… bro… na qai qo……ena qai …ga……god bless you….youll be left behind……with your negative crew…..

  20. live it… it………learn from it….. god bless us all…….

  21. @vakoro, dream on dude! …….we’re moving on……… the choice is yours my friend……. like it or lump it ……….. na qai qo sa na qai ga!!!!!! it’s a pity people like u r still hanging on to the past!!!what worms are u talking about ????? hookworms?????

  22. correction @vakaroro not vakoro

  23. butadroka

    Take this one for your have baked comments!

    couped for it……forced it……..stole it……..and finally jailed for it!

    What In The Navy said about vitivou applies to you.

    Use your mona and not your sona when making comments please.

  24. butadroka

    ooooops should have been half and not have.

    But this sounds much better; “Take this one for your butadroka comments.

  25. Nomudou lawa rauti kemudou ga while in power. Ni sa oti ya. Dou na qai tauca kecce na vua ni viavia qase.


    WHAT GURANTEE is there that if the Election is Over and the new govenmenet revert all the Laws that has been created, and take all this people to task meaning court and that there will be no other COUP.

    Drau sauma mada mai ya. O BUTADROKA levu ga na vosa ca you HALF COOK.

  26. sairusi/vakaroro …….na qai qo sana qai ga….drau vodo mai, drau kua ni lialia…..kemami sa oca rogo bullshit……its time to move a new chapter…that will prevail… chapter makawa…sa levu ga kina na vesu mona….thats you sairusi…godbless you both…..

  27. vakaroro… vosa ca e lako tikoyani ,baleta niu vosa ca taki mai….nina lako mai na vosa ca, ena counter taki yani…so cop it sweet……me vaka na veivacu/boxing….ni sa gole mai nai koba……..ena gole talega yani……if you like it…..or not…..ena qai yani…….make sence……….

  28. Tamata ga sega ni dua na ka tu nona qavoka e vatuqori. Sega ni macala o ira na luvemu vaka vuvuli cava era sotava tu e loma ni nomu mata vuvale.

    Ciqoma, yalo malumalumu na yalo kauklauwa e sega ni dua na ka e kauta mai tamana.

  29. Baleta na yalo kaukauwa gona dua na siga ena vuabale. Sa $2.00 na i vodovodo ni bus Suva / Nausori.. Sa toso cake na i sau ni yaya. O bau vakasama taka tu na bula dredre sa sotavi tu na gauna qo? O Iko o tiko qori mai Australia o kana vinaka. I Viti levu na mata vuvale sa ra sega na kakana dua ga na kana dua na siga.

    O bau wilika na gone yalewa lailai yabaki 6 e taubale mai Suva ki Narere ni sega nona vodovodo lesu i vale? O bau vaka sama taka tu na dredre ya? Ke o vaka yalo o yalo malumalu me vaka na SIPI Leqa gona ni ko taura kece ga vaka yalo kaukauwa na ka kece ga vaka taki ira na vei liutaki. Dou yalo malumalumu me vaka niu sa yalo malua me vaka na sipi.

  30. vakaroro……na veitalanoa e caka tiko qo , me yaco ga vei kedaru. kua ni wili kina nodaru matavule…..okay….au sa tukuna oti vei iko…..nina kaukawua mai na veitalanoa, ena kaukauwa yani na kena i sau… au sa taura sara vakabibi nomi ni vakasala….ia nomu vakasala me tiko ga vei iko. we have our own opinion…..and lets keep it that way……o ni sega ni kilai au…….ia au sega talega ni kilai iko…..god bless…..fiji…. and…its…..people.

  31. vakaroro….. godbless you and your family…..did i say any thing bad about your matavuvale….no….so… think about what youve said about……na……sipi… think……think…….

  32. Yadra Vinaka naita Buta..

    kerea mo sarava mada qo na u tube. O ira na wekadatou na musulomani demodraphic. type taka ga na yaca era kilai kina.

    O ra qai raica na vuna e dua tani tiko kina na mua qo.

  33. walaitavu….bula naita…..noqu nanuma e duidui vakalailai nodra demo na musulamani mai vei kedatou e viti……its a different ball game……ya noqu nanuma ga o yau…….dont quote me on that naita….godbless…

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