Telecom Fiji – whats going on?

I have been a bystander in the ongoing debate of Telecom Fiji.  I have read all the blog sites and feel as a member of FNPF and shareholder of ATH that its now my turn to comment. I also have family members working in TFL and what I am saying is gathered from inside the company and outside.

ATH needs to act quickly on what is happening.

1. There is no board of TFL the chairman and several board members were stood down after the sackings of FNPF board

2. There is an acting CEO who does not have the authority to be making the decision that have taken place in the past few weeks

3. 170 staff have been sent home in a restructure

4. The person running the company is the Sri Lankan CFO

Now, and im not a person with business qualifications but can someone answer me this. Why is it that TFL are allowed to continue along this path without first appointing a chairman of the board and credible board members, then they should appoint a CEO then that CEO should appoint a management team then collectively they should decide on who stays and who goes,  if anyone should in fact go.

Here is a classic example of a corporation gone wrong. In the past few years the board have changed several times, the CEO has always been appointed from within, these people who are running the company are not qualified to make these decisions and the government are standing by and is ATH without getting involved.

only last week all the management jobs are up for grabs,  how can a company without a board and without a CEO decide on anything?

I want answers, i have invested my hard earned money into these companies and they are been run like corner stores. The voice from within the company is saying they have had enough. Bad decisions from the past 5 years have taken its toll.

From a concerned shareholder (Real Fiji i hope you will print this letter, vinaka and apologies for my bad english)


6 responses to “Telecom Fiji – whats going on?

  1. These are very valid questions that need answers. The laying off of 170 staff means the suffering of not just 170 people, but 170 families too.

    An organisation as big as Telecom needs proper leadership, not an ad hoc one just for the sake of babysitting the position until they pull themselves together. Time and tide waits for no man, Telecom…get your act together and start to recover your company!

    Telecom needs a solid leader who knows his stuff, knows his staff and knows how to lead by example. Telecom mustn’t have a leader who allows others (like tamil tiger / midnight) to call the shots.

    This is a local company that has been successful for many years. Why allow an outsider to come in a take it down like a house of cards?


  2. I have heard that Frank is looking into Telecom and is going to stop all of this until he gets some answers. A full audit should be done on the company

  3. Dear Prime Minister Sir
    I hope someone you know reads these blogs and will make you aware of this. Please stop whats going on in Telecom, stop it today before its too late to save the company. Investigate what is really going on, these people are lying to you and laughing behind your back.
    Please investigate TFL Vinaka Sir

  4. how about FEA

  5. Keep The Faith

    1) You don’t need a Chairman and board to appoint senior management

    2) A Board is expressly appointed to steer their entities towards long-term strategic opportunities — any duties less than that and you ultimately have a board that is micr0-managing the execs.

    3) Bainimarama got rid of the previous board because of their falling out with FLP…except now that 1 of the FLP’ans has become a turn-coat and abandoned ship — Tom Ricketts.

    4) If you are a shareholder then you are one of many — many of the Telecom staff themselves are major shareholders and have more at stake than you.

    5) All FNPF contributors are also shareholders….that’s the majority of people in this country.

  6. telecom management it is koro shop kana nikua raida mataka

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