Stop the Rot at Telecom Fiji


It is not often (in fact this is a first) where Raw Fiji gets it right. The rot at TFL has to stop. The story below has been confirmed by one of our regular bloggers, however there is much more to come. The CFO Kapila sri Chandrasekera has a lot of explaining to do. The Government and ATH need to seriously look at the situation. It is well known that the CFO was close to Felix Anthony and has crooked the books for years.

Sa dina !!from one of my mates inside TFL its true that that their CFO kapila is the culprit who should be held accountable and sent packing home.

Brought in by joe mar he pounces around as telecom expert !! and has hoodwinked the board into extension of his contract for another term with some $300k package .and TFL is cutting costs by sending 170 staff home. TFL will save $300k by sending kapila back to sri lanka where he belongs .kapila runs the place and its acting CEO has no idea of finance and so totally relies on its kapila for direction.

kapila sucessfully engineered key finance staff into redundacy so there is noone left but him when it comes to sucession .

So ATH needs to wake up and do the right thing .

ATH AGM is coming up and I am hoping shareholders raise this and pass resolutions to fire kapila for showing dismal results from $32m to $9m profit down.



40 responses to “Stop the Rot at Telecom Fiji

  1. its probably a good time to ask where all the profits have come from and where they have gone! Viti Vou you must have some comments on this. My mates at Telecom say that this guy is really bad, he is hated by everyone. No wonder we can never get anyone at Telecom to fix our problems too busy stealing money from the company. Shame on you

  2. dua vua nai caqe…. cemuri tale i sri lanka…luveni yali…..bloody tamil tiger…..

  3. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH@butadroka!I like the tamil tiger bit!

  4. Interesting blog…vinaka Timoci for bringing this about.

    We all know other TFL companies also show a loss last year to the point where Transtel is now out of business – all because of the tamil tiger’s financial strategies!!! What a joke!

    How about Xceed then, who else brought that company to its knees? Blame it on Midnight!

    Connect…this smart little company always shown a proft – around $9m & $11m annually. If their annual expenses are around $3m and their profits go to Telecom, where then, must one ask does all the money go and why does Midnight think that TFL’s profits have dropped so low that they have to lay off staff?

    Midnight must explain where the company’s profits have gone and then explain where the entire group of companyies profits have gone.

    You could almost call him the Serevi of finance – sidestepping, weaving, passing the ball at the right time and very cleverly feinting a lot of moves!!

    Get rid of Midnight then we’ll see the light of day!

  5. This is the Black adder to Baldrick..I have a cunning plan…so cunning, you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel!!!

    What a cunning plan by Joe Mar – to bring in his weasel and call it Kapila!

    Come on ATH, there are a lot of homegrown smart people in Fiji who have the local enterprise at heart…not their own pockets and personal agenda.

    I say get rid of the weasel

  6. @Ratu Raboto

    Where does the name ‘Midnight’ come from?

    You are correct. I am surprised that the commerce commission has not investigated what they have done with Connect and Transtel. The CEOs from those companies are gutless to let this guy get away with what he has done. On RFN they have been reporting about scams going on at TFL with the Tender process. I have another take on this. Ask about the laptops that have been given away by one of the TFL Board members that this guy was fully behind…. now thats an interesting story..

  7. I didn’t get to know Kapil that much when I used to work at TFL. But I keep bumping into him everytime I go to the nightclubs in Suva these days.

    I believe the problem at TFL goes back years right from the time it was corporatised and then privatised. TFL made some very bad decisions in the 90s that today is surfacing on their bottom line.

    They invested in some new technologies in the 90s costing millions of dollars that never get to pay off its costs or make a return on investment (ROI). Some of these, if I’m correct, are the VTSAT service, the original CDMA network, and a few others.

    Some of those new technologies became obsolete before they could make any meaningful revenue for TFL.

    INMHO, TFL will continue to suffer for a little while more as a result of bad decisions made in the 90s.

    What I suggest TFL should do is get rid of all expatriate employees and consultants in the company and replace them with local brilliant young minds who were trained abroad by the company. Some of these people are still in TFL while others have unfortunately left due to frustrations with the management that existed at that time.

    There are just too many information I have regarding TFL I cannot fit all of them in here.

    For example, we must remember that some of the very same people who saw through the privatization of TFL were board members in the failed National Bank of Fiji. People like Lionel Yee, Winston Thompson, etc.

    Lionel Yee was the CEO of FNPF during that time and now it should be clear how FNPF got to purchase TFL for $253million. The National Bank of Fiji lost $220 million. Winston Thompson became CEO of TFL from mid 90s to first half of this decade. So now we can put the jigsaw puzzles together.

  8. Continuing on the above…..

    When one retraces the root cause of the problems TFL and so as Fiji is in today, it goes right back to coup 87.

    Even when one retraces the active involvement of the Methodist church in today’s politics, it goes right back to coup 87.

    That coup resulted in the demise of the National Bank, the Government Shipyard, the politicising of the GCC and the Methodist church and a few others.

  9. Tamata mata loaloa = midnight!
    Tamata lawaki ca = midnight!
    Tamata mata va lulu = midnight!
    Midnight = darkness, evil
    Take your pick!

  10. As a former employee of TFL, I firmly believe the company will survive in the end.

    What compounded the problem at TFL besides the bad decisions of the 90s is the deregulation of the telecom industry.

    I think the privatisation of TFL was not done the right way.

    What I think should have been done first before privatisation and deregulation was the setting up of a Telecom Regulatory Authority. This body should have been set up first to handlee all affairs/issues pertaining to the telecom and information technology industry in Fiji.

    This body should be the one to chart the course the ICT industry in Fiji was to take when the deregulation was going to happen.

    Things such as cabling standards, interconnectivity amongst carriers, Fiji national numbering plan, international gateway, technological requirements, bandwidth allocation, etc, etc ,etc should be handle by this body.

  11. @vitivou
    I agree to a certain extent to what you are saying, however as an ‘insider’ the company has had weak leadership which has allowed these people to survive within TFL.

    Get an independent company in to look at the finances and the structure. The internal pricing between companies is a major concern. The CFO holds all the information and has sacked most arount him who could take over his position.

    I am surprised that ATH and the Government have not taken more of an interest in what has been going on there. Tom Vakatora needs to assert his authority on TFL for the sake of the shareholder.

  12. @GI JOE,

    To give you an example of the brilliant young minds trained by TFL who have gone on to major success stories, we don’t have to go further than Aslam Khan, CEO Vodafone.

    Aslam came back from his overseas studies just as TFL was in the process of setting up a mobile company with Vodafone UK. TFL decided to let Aslam and a few other excellent young engineers from the company to set up Vodafone. Look at where Vodafone is today.

    One of the brilliant engineers from TFL who helped Aslam set up Vodafone is Alosio Naivolasiga, the guy who again helped set up Digicel in Fiji. Alosio left Vodafone for Australia where he worked before being recruited by Digicel. I believe Alo is still in Fiji and works as a Technical Manager with Digicel.

    In the case of Alosio, I believe he was probably one of the most brilliant mind TFL has ever had but let go.

  13. Wow…what a brave man. Seen him walking around Suva, especially at night. Seen him strolling into Bourbon Blues sometimes. A real sleazy joint even for a guy with a high position like Kapil. Also seen him hanging around bars in Suva. You can’t miss him atTraps & O’Reilly’s on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday night. I’m surprised those who got made redundant from TFL haven’t buturaki’d him on a dark street corner! Ia…Kapila…you gonna got it!!!

  14. @fireflyfiji,

    Don’t say he’s your drinking buddy?…lolzzzz

  15. Flyonthe wall

    You guys need to think outside the box.

    The great Chinese Strategist Sun Szu in his book The Art of Whore provides the answer for dealing with the likes of After Midnight.

    “One must exploit the enemy’s weakness in order to gain the acendency”

    I suggest someone round up all the two bit whores, qauris and sexual deviants in Suva and throw an orgy of debauchery where After Midnight will be the guest of honour. After he has passed out, a few photos of him in compromising positions will speak a thousand words on his CV.

    He will never get a job anywhere else.


  16. @flyonthewall,

    That’s not thinking outside the box.

    He is a Sri Lankan so a photo of him in compromising position with say, Jon Apted, may not get him a job in Fiji but he can still always get himself a job back in Colombo.

  17. Oilei…sa kua! Kau mai vei na qauri loaloa qo? Hhhh…no way! I have honest, straight buddies to drink with.

  18. above comment is @vitivou!!!!

  19. Its a shame we dont have a local who can do the job, USP has been producing accountants for many years now. Also lot of good people have migrated due to politics since 1987. A good example is Narendra Kumar former number 2 at Air Pacific who left for Australia, as being a Indofijian there was no hope of getting the top job. Narendra now is general manager of Qantas regional, an airline about 10 times the size of Air Pacific.

  20. tui… godbless him….ive been living abroad for a very long time….ive mixed with alot of indofijian in bussines……they all want to go back home…..fiji is there home…, we all waiting for frank to clean this mass up….. and will all come back home…dont you worry…… be happy….

  21. @fireflyfiji,

    me tarai la nona taga….lolzzzz…..funny I’ve bumped into him at bourbon bluez karaoke bar belting away a song….

    I really don’t have a grudge against Kapil as I left TFL without really knowing how much his decisions have affected the company. But what I sure as hell knew was that the decisions made in the 90s was going to affect the company in the future.

  22. taciqu.. keu tu mada ga voleka vua….na tune ya.. qai vaka oti ga i c.w.m…qai yadra mai sa yali nona bausi…..ha ha ha…

  23. don’t worry butadroka
    all the Indo Fijians I’ve spoken to in Sydney reckon Fiji is “good now, this good time to go back to Fiji”. Since you’ve left your space in your village maybe one of them will go teitei the sugarcane in your land if there’s any. I’m sure you will not object to that multi-racial type of society while you are wasting space in your adopted country. Be glad because the Indo in your space will build your cistern. he he!!

  24. What are you old farts in here complaining about, this is the man your govt has brought in to do the job. Joe Mar is the servant. He cannot do unless your tinpotty dick-taker say he can do. This is your govt. Accept it live with it. Not in part. All of it. he he!! butadroka the village idiot claims to have lived overseas a long time but have learnt very little of western civilisation.
    Vitivou, Joe Mar is thinking outside your box. He brought in someone from outside the little box. Like butadroka said, “don’t you worry, be happy”.

  25. I think the subject here is all about Telecom’s Chief Finance guy! Not sure why Noella is taking personal digs at anyone or hurling snide remarks at Butadroka! You may be in the wrong site, love. But if you think you’re in the right place, then offer something constructive, like calling on FICAC to do an investigation or TFL to rescind his contract and send the guy packing. Who knows, one of the redundancies may be a relative of yours who’s now struggling to make ends meet. If not, then offer these victims some support!

  26. @Noella,

    Pussy qase……you are babbling like an old woman with false teeth………lolzzzz

  27. @Noella,

    Poofta o nomu father….lolzz

    What’s funny was that we were all talking about the problems at TFL then you appeared and and started talking nonsense.

    Joe Mar was brought into TFL by the SDL government. Your comment seems to suggest that the current government brought him in to the company.

    Sa kua mada na saumi sise ni da sega ni kila e dua na ka…..lolzzzz

  28. vitivou
    is a fag hag who loves to suck up to the juntas

  29. @Noella,

    The pussy that I want is the one you got under your dress…..lolzzz……..the Fijians doing care giving in the US calls it MQ……hihihihihi

  30. bullfrog bog

    A littel gem from RAw

    ***hey guys check out the invisible network of TFL’s GM Finance.
    ***check the financial statement presented to employees to justify their redundant.
    ***check out the current CEO’s failed projects in past years amount to millions
    ***check out board members of Vodafone and TFL to make a clue on former CEO’s fate.
    ***check out why the new system brought from India which now double billing customers within a month…did somebody notce this?.

  31. @noella,

    If you have a dick, then either bend down and suck on it or twist it around and plug your own arse with it.

    We need man who can stand up to imperialist and colonialist including their hags masquerading as talatalas, chiefs, and what not.

    We need leaders who have the interest of all the people and the nation in their heart. Not those who line up theirs and their friends pockets. We don’t need deceivers who stole $8 million dollar to buy votes and start a political party.

  32. noella…sa dede sara qai o basika tu……maga qase….bai o saqamua tu mai vei…..kutusebe….

  33. What????? Don’t tell me Midnight is still at TFL? Bloody hell, aye!…Thought he might’ve packed up his yaya and scarpered by now! Anyway, hopefully ATH have seen the error of his cunning ways and will boot him out soon.

  34. Something is wrong in here., either people have self talk habits or I’m missing out on something, whatever it is, this blog site is the worst I have ever stumbled into. And they say Fijians are good Christian people? Judging by some of the words spoken here, I don’t think so.

  35. i think all of this has totally gone off topic ..

    TFL should just admit that they brought people in to do a job that a local could do; these expatriates (they’re from overseas ie they MUST be experts) bugger it up majorly, and now they expect to stay in their positions while continuing to abuse the power they have been given ..

    People like Kapila should apoligise for their stuffs ups, hop on their bikes (preferably with the seats in tact, but in Kapilas case, he may like to remove it ..) and vacate the spaces they are occupying !!

    On another note; what’s with all the rude comments & the continual swearing ??

    I know its free speech & all that jazz, but that doesnt mean we have to read the rot !!

  36. heyyyyyyyy fedupfilly…i like your spirit. True true…sometimes we get so pissed off with some of the things people do, that we can only take it out in a blog site! Sometimes, there’s swearing and use of superlatives, but the point being, frustration manifests itself in different ways. Some of us have to belt it in here!

  37. @fedupfilly,

    I apologise for the vulgarity of some of my posts above.

    What happened was that MQ Noella came and cause trouble by going off topic when all of us were all talking about the rot at TFL. So ff wnet the fireworks.

    It won’t happen again.

  38. I hear Midnight is still worming his way around TFL. ATH still haven’t done anything about getting rid of this daylight robber.

    This guy made so many bad decisions on investment and is the cause of all the losses the company suffered.

    I am one of these people who continue to receive a bill from TFL (through their fancy new f*cked up billing system), even though I have a prepaid service!

  39. This Kapila guy is now working in Samoa as CFO for Blue Sky and is not to well liked here either. His is already throwing his weight around and acting like he is a telecomm god. Can any one give me more info on him? Was he sacked from TFL?


  40. Nice to meet u all here guys ! ………..! Man this is news to us…kapila is now in Samoa, pls tell him to bring some black pearls for me…..!

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