New Zealand PM an expert on Fiji


Ok we have ONE question. AND WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME THAT THE NZ PM VISITED FIJI? but of course  he would be an expert on Fiji. Come to Fiji mate and see for yourself what its really like, and ask Mind Pearl about investment, Natadola etc.

MULTIPLE coups have ravaged Fiji’s finances, investment and tourism while poverty rises, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says.

That, together with climate change and the global financial crisis would be top of discussions at the Pacific Islands Forum in Cairns this week, Mr Key said at the Queensland University of Technology business forum in Brisbane today.

“If you look at Fiji, just as one example (of the Pacific islands) of how the coup is impacting on the appetite of people to invest in Fiji,” Mr Key said.

“We are seeing an increasing number of Fijians below the poverty line, quite alarming numbers actually, and that’s not unique around the Pacific.”


14 responses to “New Zealand PM an expert on Fiji

  1. John Key, you can suck Toke Talagi’s dick.

  2. “MULTIPLE coups have ravaged Fiji’s finances, investment and tourism while poverty rises, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says.”

    Read this Mr Key and for God’s sake, get your facts right.

  3. Mr. Key’s blatant disregard of the Fijian spirit is not surprising at all. From the comfort of the Beehive and Uni lecture theatres, he claims expert status to our situation. His speechwriters and some Uni guru on Pacific Affairs custom script this sought of rhetoric as in a QUT Business Forum recently. All to the glee of the academics organisers and stunned silence of the audience, most misinformed students and fellows.

    We do not have to be reminded that blooming Coups are “impacting on the appetite of people to invest in Fiji”.

    But, have these Foreign academics ever considered the reality outside their out dated textbooks and reference materials? Goodness, NO!!

    They have no idea of the “Business” element of the Fijian spirit. The Fijian spirit of overseas Fiji citizen and former residents. Of the 1.2 Millions Fijian, 800,000 live in Fiji. The rest are spread out in every continent on earth!!

    Definitely, many, including yours truly , do not and will never condone any seditious acts against any democratic Government or process.

    However, our Fijian spirits are eternally linked to those of our loved ones back in Fiji. Isolation, gag Decree or all forms of dissuading rhetoric will neither weaken nor terminate this eternal bond.

    And for this reason, our hearts are turned to each other; foreign Fijians hearts are turned toward home.

    As we speak “Turning our heart towards home” projects are discussed through out overseas Fiji communities. The honourable resolve that, when all Fiji’s so called friends and neighbours desert us, we shall not fail our own fresh and blood, we will sell Fiji to our neighbour and work mates, even if they fear to go as tourist, we will visit as tourist and spend, and spend and spend!!…eh…it is an investment for us foreign Fijian tourist!!

    This dual and multiply citizenship offered by the present Government have ignited serious interest amongst the overseas Fiji Community around the globe. Especially, amongst our Indo-Fijian Business lot; citizen of other countries who were classified “foreigners” by previous Governemtns the moment they assume overseas Citizenship and FTIB lording their requirements when previously desire to re-invest in Fiji on capital injection less that minimum FTIB policy. Taukei citzen of other countries technically a Fijian via the VKB.

    Yours truly sighted a Sate Government paper today, stating that a course of psychological and thence physical health risk prevalent amongst Fiji Indians in western societies is “homesickness”. Home sick to come home, home sick longing to hug relatives left in Fiji, loss of the familiar environment, familiar Fijian spirit of their neighbours. No wonder they’re turning their heart towards home!! And in the process turnig their wallet in possible investments in mother land!! Let’s be redy for the boom, that will sure shock the acedemic who keep their nose to their books and not reality.

    May be it pays if Mr. Key walk the Suva, Lautoka, Sigatoka and Labasa, Ba markets. He will sure trip over abundance of produce at very very affordable prices. Road side vendors galore.. Halt in rezoning of Agricultural land by the present Government is paying of as our people are turning to subsistence and semi commercial farming again.

    Poverty he alleged. What poverty. Some foreign academic barometer used to determine and conclude we are below the poverty line. Hope he uses the same poverty ruler in Auckland suburb of Otara and others who do not or are not even allowed to stick a bele or cassava plant in their backyard.

    Many academics and students quickly rope into their imagination the malnutrition pictures of Africa or Asia at the mention of poverty and may quickly assume that Fiji’s children walk around skin and bones, Goodness, NO!!

    Our children are one of most well nourished and healthiest lot on earth!!


  4. Well said Semi, good on you. John Key doesn’t realize that ex Fijians were so pissed off with Helen and her policies re:Fiji crisis that they block voted against her. Your time will come for sure John. What exactly is your problem when the majority support the FB govt? Do you want us to have a style of democracy that legitimises invading a sovereign nation and killing their innocent women and children at will?


    Get your own house in order first before pointing a finger at others.

  6. vinaka… joe…more the better…indymedia/ …send it in…bro…

  7. Isn’t it just amazing how people who are total strangers become experts on Fiji?

  8. @Semi

    You should take Usaia Waqatairewa by the hand and walk him through the streets of Suva. It has been a long time since he has been there and his views are rather skewed to say the least.

    Right now he is in Cairns lapping up the sunshine with his band of “democracy for Fiji” mainas having a great time at the expense of their supporters.

  9. @ Topasi, We still believe my Tauvu Usaia Waqatairewa commands the respect and support of sections of the Aussie Fijian Community.

    His Democracy Movement’s crusade for Fiji’s return to Democracy is a honourable one. I believe we all have a common goal; to rebuilt our beloved Fiji and return to Parliamentary Governance.

    Though our philosophies on issues may vary; we however must always be mindful that at the end of the, we are one people, all in the same team!!

    Imminent would be the opportune time when we shall all sit down together, look in each other eyes; differences aside; and work towards the common good for all races and their respective creed.

    Let’s start today to extend our hands and hearts to each other, for each other is all we may have left to learn to in this rebuiding process!!

  10. @Topasi, Usaia Magatairewa is a guest of Aust. tax payers, ie, no job, live on the dole. He has too much time at hand. He could have been, or had aspirations of being a minister in the Qarase govt. as per his afore-mentioned credentials.

  11. united we stand and divided we fall…….god bless us all….

  12. This Usaia fellow not onlycommands the respect and support of sections of the Aussie Fijian Community but is in fact fleecing them.

    He is another vulture preying on the weak and vulnerable.

    Scum of the earth he is.

  13. usaia …..dou drata mada gonei… ia qo….na qai ga…..if you dont like it……tell someone that cares……

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