Another expert on FIJI

Yawn……….. like we havent heard it all before.

Toke Talagi, who is Niue’s Premier, told the opening ceremony of the Pacific Islands Forum in Australia that the organisation stands ready to help Fiji return to democracy but it will not accept a prolonged rule by the interim regime.

“Perhaps citizens of Fiji must now rise to the challenge their undemocratic rule of the military regime and restore democracy for the sake of the future of their children. After all the people of Fiji must take responsibility for the reconstruction and the future and their own destiny.”

Toke Talagi says the regime’s indication that elections will not be held until 2014 is simply unacceptable.


33 responses to “Another expert on FIJI

  1. And how does Toke propose the people of Fiji do that??

    He should be ashamed that only less than 30% of Niuean dare live in Niue. He should concentrate on mobilising the overseas Niuean reconstruct Niue to be liveable for his people instead of flooding NZ Cities.

    Or is Mr. Talagi druming up support for a regional job and banking on big bro Aust and NZ to favour him over others.

    A parting comment of a Pacific Islander who is out of touch with the Pacific. We won’t be surprised if he spend most of his life in Auckland and would definitely retire in NZ.

    Don’t you worry Toke, we will deal with our challengers.You enjoy your retirement!!

  2. Meo

    Here you go again. Your opinions and not ours. Toke Talagi, a man of principle.

    You Meo haven’t a bloody clue what you want in life.

    You talk shit.

  3. Niue the beggers of South Pacific. Mr Talagi seems to push the agenda of RAW news, views of Pratt,Kepa and Savu.It is time for Australian Govt to investigate some of ex Fiji residents in Australia for asking Fijians for action close to terrorism.

  4. @Tomu,

    Semi is right and its my opinion too.

    Toke’s principle is a carrot from New Zealand or Australia waiting at the other end of the stick.

    Frank and the RFMF are doing what is absolutely essential for the long term stability of Fiji.

    If you Tomu can’t see that, that’s because your eyes can only go as far as the tip of your nose.

  5. When will these idiots realize that the majority are solidly behind Frank. Everyone in Fiji wants democracy. We are in no rush for it either. It has been announced many many times that we go to the polls in 2014 under a new constitution. Dont you people get that? Do you want us to translate it in all 6909 languages of the world?

  6. @Tomu..oh, you again…I’m flattered that my two cent piece still tickles your brilliance. ..and what is your solution to the whole situation, we ask??.or you’re one of those blog police surfing with no purpose at all and contributing nothingness….”vacu dro tiko” me: and let’s talk like Real men.

  7. Why do ‘we all want democracy’?

    Why is a benevolent dictatorship not the best way forward for Fiji?

    If the present military council-led government is doing a good job, why should we (or they) want to change the status quo in 2014?

    Is it best to have a head of government that has a clear vision for the future of this country?

    If so, then why would we want that to be supplanted in 2014 by a disparate group of career politicians who pander to the needs of various interest groups?

    Having read many posts on this, and other sites, with great interest it appears that there is a leap of logic being employed in the idea that Fiji should employ the use of a benevolent dictatorship to return to democracy. Surely one system or the other is best for our country.

    If the horse is dead, dismount – otherwise carry on riding and we’ll get carried somewhere.

  8. Just a thought – if military coups are truly the reason for Fiji having not developed as quickly as some commentators suggest it would otherwise have done, then we have to have a cast iron way of preventing further military coups.

    Surely the best way to do that is to allow the military council to continue running the government as a benevolent dictatorship.

  9. @Jon

    History has shown benevolent dictatorships are not sustainable in the long term. Successes are few.

    Benevolent dictatorships should be seen as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. This is the same for all conflicts in the world today – ultimately all wars are fought for political or religious outcomes. The wise old Confucius says, wars do not determine who is right, but who is left.

    Fiji could have gone down the path of civil war to determine who is left after the last shot has been fired and the dust has settled. This may may put an end to the coup culture once and for all but it is a helluva price to pay.

    Instead what we have seen is a strong leader taking the reins, holding the country together, knowing full well that in time the madness will subside as knowledge and acceptance overcomes ignorance and paranoia.

    Fiji’s benevolent dictatorship is only a means to an end. It is not a long term solution.

  10. talagi…… Fiji does not talk on the same wave length as Niue! you depend entirely on NZ , WE DONT! so butt out, dick head!

  11. The NZ PM believes the sanctions are hurting Fiji.

    What damage can a two inch dick do in a brothel.

  12. Toke Talagi, John Key, Kevin Rudd, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi and Neori Slade can go suck each other’s dick and root each other’s ass in a room in King’s Cross.

    These are the four colluding with each other to deny Fiji it’s rightful place in the Pacific Islands Forum, coup or no coup.

    These guys have forgotten or choose to forget that one of Fiji’s greatest statesmen Rt Sir Kamisese Mara had the decency and foresight to initiate the creation of the South Pacific Forum.

    That cocksucker from Niue must realise that the vision of Fiji’s great leader ensured the protection of his small island country from being trudged over by foreign economic superpowers.

    John Key and Kevin Rudd, you better hear this loud and clear.

    The cunning and deceptive manouvre you are doing to hoodwink the Pacific island leaders into a new trade agreement that is PACER Plus will see the demise and disintegration of the Pacific Island Forum and the rise of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

    Without Fiji in the Pacific Island Forum, every meeting and agreement you make carries no weight and meaning. Any why is that?

    Fiji’s great leader was the visionary for the Pacific Island Forum’s creation. The developments within the South Pacific island countries in the last 50 or so years have been intricately linked back to Fiji.

    The manna that came out of our great leader’s foresight protected those small island states from exploitation by foreign powers because they are part of the Pacific Island Forum. That’s why they still exist as sovereign nations today even though they are no bigger than a province or a village in Fiji or Papua New Guinea.

    The MSG countries recognizes that they have the biggest populations and economies in the Pacific. You want to play ball with one of their member, then you will face the consequences when they strike back.

    Mark my word!

  13. Sorry that post above is mine. I was too enraged to type my name correctly.

  14. kua ni leqa taciqu……..your word will prevail……god bless bro….

  15. vinaka…vitiovu…you’re a gem. Excellent post! I hope you’ve calmed down now!

    Niue doesn’t even know its cici from its elbow, so as a begger nation like them would most likely wipe their elbows instead of the bums! Suddenly they have no memory of their past!

    Ratu Mara not only took Fiji forward but along with it, a host of little peep-squeak nations like Niue and Nauru!

    @ Topasi – great post – love your comments on benevolent dictatorship.

  16. @vitivou

    You are correct.

    ANZ’s greatest fear is that the MSG alliance will grow from strength to strength and speak with one voice, heralding a new era in regional leadership.

    The smaller island nations are on a hiding to nothing and will sing whatever tune ANZ pays for. The PIF has lost its mana because of the control and economic blackmail of ANZ. Its days are numbered.

    The MSG will not abandon a brother in trouble – that is a fact. It is the Melanesian way. This is what ANZ have failed to comprehendn from day one. It will be the final nail in Pacer’s coffin.

    By arrogantly persisting in writing Fiji out of political and economic existence in the region, the ANZ alliance have sealed their fate. They have proven they do not belong because they cannot accept and embrace the Pacific spirit.

    The MSG will treat them with contempt.

  17. The next thing to be dome is getting rid of RAMSI from Solomon Islands.

    The Solomon people needs to support Manasah Songarave as their PM and get RAMSI out of the islands.

  18. If it wasn’t for RAMSY where would they be today?


  19. The Forum will be dead without Fiji. Mark my word. It will happen.

    Anyway, this is a good read:

  20. Ceke Talagi was trying to score some ‘brownie’ points and it backfired on him. Rudd and Key disassociated themselves with this idiot’s comments. Kevin Rudd wants a peaceful solution and that is exactly what Fiji wants. Finally we found a common ground, or was it always there, but arrogance had the better of it. “peaceful solution” is the catch phrase here. It may mean reinstatement of Qarase govt and 1997 constitution, which will never happen. It may also mean election by 2010, which is not feasible. The applicable “peaceful solution” has been mandated by our head of state HE The Prez. Ratu Josefa Iloilo, ie, a Fijian solution for a Fijian problem. Frank is doing what he has been asked to do by the highest authority in Fiji, HE The Prez. and also a high chief, and the fact is, the majority are solidly behind Frank. I humbly request Mr Rudd to elaborate on his version of a ‘peaceful solution’, bearing in mind that the Aust puppet Qarase is certainly history now.

  21. vinaka joe…..with you bro…

  22. And what does Niue show for Pacific Politics.? 170 people on a rock in the ocean which survives on handouts from NZ. They use NZ Currency and hold NZ Passports and get annual funding from NZ and 99% of their population in NZ.
    And that makes them an expert on Pacific Self Determination. Toke is clearly speaking from where the sun don’t shine and represents a very bad example for the rest of us Pacificans not bloody PolyNewzealanders.
    Another thing that pisses me off is how the Polynesians speak for and try to represent the Pacific when they represent only the Eastern part of it and only 15% of the full Pacific Population.

  23. Faya jiko…Macala mada ni kua na tamata sonalevu qo o Voreqe..Eda na mate kece e na dua na siga..I have found a reason worth dying for in this world and that is killing a dictator who is using all sorts of rubbish to eascape justice of his past failure..Not rugby,not anything else..But killing a tyrant to free the people from his bullshit is something i can give to my next generation..FREEDOM.

  24. Topasi

    I’m open to be correction, but in answer to your comment “benevolent dictatorships are not sustainable in the long term” – wasn’t the chiefly system of rule a collection of benevolent dictatorships that succesfully existed in these islands for many hundreds of years before Europeans arrived?

  25. Topasi

    I’m open to correction, but in answer to your comment “benevolent dictatorships are not sustainable in the long term” – wasn’t the chiefly system of rule a collection of benevolent dictatorships that succesfully existed in these islands for many hundreds of years before Europeans arrived?

  26. @Jon

    We live in a global village today where the democratic model in its various flavours is the widely accepted form of government. That is the reality.

    Fiji’s ethnic and economic landscape has changed considerably over the last 300 years and continues to evolve. The roadmaps of the past do not apply today.

    A long term successful benevolent dictatorship is as rare as unicorn shit. Absolute power corrupts. Most dictatorships start off as benevolent and end up in a rut of corruption in a short space of time.

    Ultimately a genuine benevolent dictator cannot dismiss the merits of a good democratic system and will steer his country towards that end.

  27. Ra via vosa tu o ira na polynesian population i na pasifika! bleary insignificant!just shut their mouths up. Fiji will go on ……. with or without the pacific neighbours……. !!!

  28. Topasi

    I accept the point you make about truly benevolent dictatorships being a means to an end – that end being a fully inclusive democracy.

    My concern is that if the reasons for the coup (corruption, tainted judiciary etc) have not been eradicated by 2014, then the present administration will find it necessary to stay in power. This is a pessimistic view, however given that corruption is, to a greater or lesser extent, prevalent throughout the world it will be impossible to eradicate it completely in Fiji.

    We still have over 4 years to go, during which the old systems will be dismantled and the new order imposed. However, if this proves to be unsuccessful in ushering in the utopian society that is so eagerly awaited, at what point after 2014 would supporters of this coup feel that the military has outlived its useful role in government?

    This comes back to my original posting. I believe that, in order to be consistent, coup supporters should be content to see the dictatorship remain in power until it shows itself guilty of systematic corruption. To make assumptions (even if they are historically correct) that most benevolent dictatorships end in a rut of corruption is no reason to get rid of such a dictatorship before it has started to demonstrate that it is, in fact, corrupt.

  29. I recall a Jon saying that an administration can gain legitimacy once it is accepted by the people. The same Jon who helped penned the overly ambitious COnsitution with Sidekick BL and some other 2, really a COnsitution that was not only Utopian but designed to fail as on one hand it hailed the Bill of Rights and equality for all and then had a self destruct provision on communal voting (race based voting) and trying to merge feudalism through GCC into the Democratic system. Ill conceived and hastily drawn up. The last two elections proved that race still dominated and then well here we are today.
    If we do draw up another constitution and contemplate the election to follow, lets not do it hastily to please anybody but ourselves and lets make sure it is not going to self destruct.

  30. Anon – it was a different Jon. The name’s popular.

  31. Niue? Never heard of it.

  32. niue……..waste of time……..waste of money….next please…..

  33. @buta !!! ha!!!ha!!!!! ha!!! right on NEXT PLEASE! wailei navua!!

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