PM Warns Australia

frankAustralia has been told to recognise the status of the Fiji High Commission in Canberra or face the consequences.

Fiji’s Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, is quoted in the Fiji Sun newspaper as having asked the Australian High Commissioner James Batley to upgrade the position of Fiji’s High Commission to Australia.

Fiji’s current diplomatic representative in Canberra, Kamlesh Arya, is officially only an acting High Commissioner.

Commodore Bainimarama says Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should immediately upgrade the position of Fiji’s High Commission or the Australian High Commission in Suva will be downgraded.

Mr Batley says he has not been informed of that decision, and that he met with the the permanent secretary of Fiji’s Foreign Affairs department last week and he did not even raise the issue.


14 responses to “PM Warns Australia

  1. Australia PM says; “Frank you should officially wipe your bum and do it immediately as you stink to high heaven and no one is interested in your antics and whinging.

    I am have to deal with real terrorists here, ungrateful people like yourself who should be thankful was allowed into Australia and now want to destroy the Australian Army.

    This is more important to me than the tin pot dictatorship you have created there in Fiji.

  2. Good on you Frank!! tell them to their face! bloody ex convicts!!!

  3. Perhaps Mr Batlley should also be asked to explain the “terror on our doorstep”. We know who, but why? and how? Batley will tell us that 4 people have been arrested. Yeah right, a tip of the iceberg. To plan and execute a Mumbai style carnage on a military base surely is not the work of 22 to 26yr olds. The big fish are out there. Fiji is concerned about such activities in the neighbourhood. How do you compare a bloodless coup, an absolutely necessary one, to a potential terror of such magnitude.

  4. top job frank…….close that office down in tamavua….put some other country in there …….that will help us with our vision……tell em to f……off….vaka lusi ganuna……bloody ex convicts…


    Just wondering if you fellow bloggers have visited this site. It is a long story but well worth reading.

  6. @joe,

    I read that yesterday. Very interesting indeed.

  7. Just to refresh memories, esp that of our neighbours

  8. @joe, very very interesting & shocking!!!! vinaka bro!

  9. joe… vinaka.. bro… that is very intresting….the best information ive ever heard…….and the best part is…. youve got it out to the people…..send us more…..godbless…

  10. sa rauta meu dau vosavosa ca takatiko o ira na kawa ni convicts qo……godbless fiji and its people…na talanoa nei joe… donu me taba ena fiji times… the people will fully understand whats going on…….once again ..vinaka joe.. send more..

  11. Thank you Joe.

    Although I read that piece a long time ago, it is like a breath of fresh air in my home island when I read it again.

    Cheer up Frank. I’m with you all the way to 2014.

  12. The Fijians should take back their Country that was stolen by a bunch of indian laborers who organized themselves into a police-military control force to subdue and suppress the Fijians who had an idealistic environment looooong before these ruthless indian opportunists arrived.!
    Fiji belongs to the Fijians and the indians should go back to india where they belong.! No one needs or likes them anwhere they go anyway.!

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