Methodists Church supports moving Fiji forward

methodists fiji

The Methodist Church of Fiji is now saying that dialogue and moving the country forward is the key, and the church said it will work with the government to achieve this.

As the Church Standing Committee meeting continues, the Methodist Assistant General Secretary, Reverend Tevita Nawadra said the church is ready to also take part in the process to change Fiji’s constitution.

Reverend Nawadra said they are trying to get the executives together to ensure that they have the same mindset.


19 responses to “Methodists Church supports moving Fiji forward

  1. When feelings and faith are in conflict

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  2. no longer, speak!
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  3. To even suggest that the Methodist Church leaders were allegedly “blackmailed” by the present Government as reported in other blogs is blatant disrespect and disregard for the days of corporate praying and fasting the Church voluntarily entered into seeking Divine wisdom for an amicable resolve to the “Koniveredi” impasse.

    If anything, the Methodist Church has shown yet again, enormous spiritual strength, fortitude and Godly wisdom that only time on our knees in prayer could foster. Thanks, to the Church leaders for their prayers and subsequent resolve.

    The corporate prayers and fasting was indeed powerful. Entering with no premeditated agenda and void of any egocentric philosophy; are exactly what Godly fasts should be!!

    The Methodist Church is more than a traditional annual event celebrated in two weeks. The Methodist Church is about Sheppard’s honouring God, feeding, and nurturing the flock as her primary calling.

    Today let the world witness with awe that the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma, her Leaders and members has risen above self in humility for the good of all Fiji.

    Today, the Church have, yet again proclaim that Fiji is still a “Land of freedom, Hope and Glory to endure what ever befall” us!!

    We shall see the Methodist Church growing in strength and continue her priestly and prophetic office to all of us!!

  4. Semi Meo

    “Today, the Church have, yet again proclaim that Fiji is still a “Land of freedom, Hope and Glory to endure what ever befall” us!!”

    You must be talking through your backside. What world do you live in, us the taukei are worried shit because, everything that belongs to us has been compromised to suit an illegal military regime agendas. Our land, our religion, our customs, our tradition, our jobs, our provident fund, everything, dickhead and I mean everything. These fucken losers get away with it because they have the guns.

    Take your shit talk and shove it up your arse. People like you make me sick, you live overseas and enjoy the freedom and want to come and give us advice. Talk to us about the freedom you are enjoying in where you are and we will listen to you otherwise Piss Off!

  5. @Tomu,

    Talk for yourself and not for every Fijian. I’m a Fijian myself and can disprove most of your worries easily.

    I’m living here in Fiji and I understand fully well why the RFMF is doing what they are doing. If you do not understand it and can’t see the reason, then it simply because you still have a lot to find out why we have to go through these reforms.

    Take your small mind and talk and shove it.

  6. Tomu..Tomu…sa ra vosa la nai liuliu ni lotu, da galu. Sega ni macala o dau curu tiko ena Centenary se Century, baleta nomu vosavosa e vu sara ga mai vei ira na dau vunau mai na century!!

    Was in Fiji last week….gonei noda qele, lotu, kei na i nodai tovo ena sega ni butakoci rawa.

    Kemudou ga mataqali bosabosa ca tiko baqo, sa rawa me kemudau bolitaka, tautaubata!!

    Thankfully, the unwritten Law in this blog site, stands; may all your post; uplifting or demeaning, harvests 10 times over by authors…still God forbid any warm should come to you..!!



  8. tomu= loser!!!! yeah big time! wake up dude! we’re moving on with or without you!!!! thank you Lord for FB!!!

  9. drau sa bula mai na taciqu….vitivou/raqiqi se qai suka mai na cakacaka…bro dua mada mai na sere….sekove raikoro……fijian pryd…..kerekere taciqu……

  10. @butadroka,

    taciqu, sa qai yani qori nomu sere kerei….

  11. Isa!vinaka saka vitivou!!! beautiful! …….appreciate it taciqu! mo drau kalougata tiko e na siga e dai!

  12. vitivou…..vinakasara vakalevu na veinanumi mai ena sere……vinaka bro s.raqiqi… nomudrau tikoga na kalougata ni tamada mai lomalagi…..godbless …..takecare……

  13. @Noella,

    What about I eat your kokoda?…… know the MQ you got there…..hihihihihihihi

  14. vitivou
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  15. @noella,

    you mean that small dick like creature protruding from your upper pussy?

  16. For Fiji Ever Fiji!!

    God bless fiji!!

    QORI laga sere tiko!!!

  18. @Philipstone…those are our brothers…qarauna de o na qai quru stone….eh…vatu, se ora kina..ya sa achi!!

  19. philipstone……o iko bai o stone tiko……vutulaki…

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