NOW is time to move on…


Round of applause Semi…

From Semi Meo

Do we condone the seditious acts of December 2006, Goodness, NO!!
But let’s be realist, its is August 2009, NOT January 2007!!

Apart from lost Knighthoods for our few elites, what else would we miss should we be booted out of Her Majesties Bullying Club?

The Commonwealth have no regard whatsoever for Fiji’s sacrifices since the Empire days; Cream of our young men and women paid peanuts to fight for the Crown and whatever honour is left of the Empire thence Commonwealth in many wars.

Though reciprocal the benefits, in modern theatres of war; the numbers of our Fijian soldiers deceased in active services, for the cause and values of the commonwealth has risen to the continued sorrow and tragic losses to relatives back home.

How dare these “holier than thou” commonwealth gurus wanna judge our alleged human rights, social, political and economic injustices when comparatively; ours are kindergarten stuff in contrast to many frightening abuses in their respective domestic affairs.

Don’t they have more important issues to ponder; like feeding the millions of hungry members of the commonwealth dying at alarming rates, devastating rampage of Malaria, Aids etc within the Commonwealth, genocide, international swindling operators hiding under the protection of respective commonwealth Laws. Religious and ethnic discrimination?

We believe it is time for all hands on deck, or do we choose to continue in fantasy land waiting for a miraculous atomic bomb and military invasion or trade embargo to wipe out the perpetrators of the 051206 event, reinstate the 1997 constitution, give back Mr. Qarase’s PM job?

Come on!! Let’s wake up. Our people back home have, and decide to move on with life; Coup or no Coup!! I know as I made a shuttle tour of ALL level of our Fiji community and have discounted many myths flying around blog sites!! I entered the camp, Governement building, markets, methodist and penticostal churches, grog parties, villages, squatter, hotels, Courts. Belive you me; ALL of them just wanna move on!! Let’s all do that shall we??

It is time, for once to stop looking at ourselves, and focus on rebuilding our beloved nation. The wise Leaders of the Methodist Church have made that decision, the thousand of formers Fiji Citizens reinstating their Fiji Citizenship have, every man and his dog have. IT is only foreigners and whingers running around with placards that love throwing spanner in the works of our zest for an equitable resolve!! Goodness, life is for living!! Let’s live!!


34 responses to “NOW is time to move on…

  1. Applause! Applause! Applause!

    Vinaka Semi. Totoka vakaoti nomu vakamacala.

    Now, let me direct you people to a documentary by John Pilger called Stealing a Nation. As you watch, remember this is really what’s been happening all these years by the super powers. A classic example of how the super powers misuse their powers to deny ordinary folks their basic human rights.

    Frank’s human rights abuses/issues are peanuts compared to this one. Now click on the link and watch it.

  2. For those of you who want to watch more documentaries, just go to the site:

    Some of the documentaries on that site will boggle your mind.

  3. When you don’t get what you want (3)
    Grow in grace 2 PETER 3:18
    Winning gracefully can be harder than losing gracefully. When we win we’re tempted by arrogance, power, insensitivity, gloating, and wanting to relive our success long after everyone else is bored by it. Gracious winners always remember what it feels like to lose. They are caught up in something bigger than their own wins and losses. Abraham Lincoln had the wisdom to place the good of the country above his own ego, appointing his worst political critic, Edwin Stanton, to run the War Department. Stanton, a brilliant legal mind, could be brusque and condescending. As Frederick Douglass put it, ‘Politeness was not one of his weaknesses.’ Lincoln, on the other hand, was keenly aware of his looks and his uneducated background. (When someone charged him with being two-faced during a campaign, he responded: ‘If I had two faces, do you think I’d be wearing this one?’). As outgoing attorney general of the losing party, Stanton had belittled Lincoln as ‘the original gorilla.’ How Lincoln treated Stanton is Civil War history. Lincoln trusted in him, confided in him, leaned on him, depended on him. And Stanton responded with unfailing loyalty and affection. On the morning of April 14, 1865, Abraham Lincoln died after having been shot the night before at Ford’s Theatre. The most famous words ever spoken after the death of a president were spoken that morning: ‘Now he belongs to the ages.’ The speaker was Edwin Stanton. Robert Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s son, said that after his father died he was visited in his room each morning for two weeks by Stanton who ‘spent the first ten minutes of his visits weeping without saying a word.’ When nothing else works, showing grace does!

  4. It’s rather a melodramatic account by Semi Meo is it not.

    Don’t agree with Qarase getting his job back nor
    the reinstatement of 1997 constitution.

  5. This is a comment I just posted in reply to a comment by fijiana88 on an article on Raw Fiji News. I am posting this here because of the censorship those at Raw does.

    Real Fiji News, please bear with me for cross posting my comments here….


    What exactly do you want? Do you want war in Fiji? Do you know what’s that going to be like should Fiji go through war?

    Your small mind and stupidity is taking a hold on you.

    The Methodist church leadership has taken the wisest decision they have ever taken in years. They will come out strongest in the end and also a renewal of the mind is also at hand for church followers. It’s for the better because it gives them a time to reflect where it all went wrong.

    Ro Teimumu’s decision to abide by the court order is wisest beyond the confines of the SDL board room. Her political masters will become irrelevant overtime and she will be able to see that the vanua should not be used for political expediency.

    For you fijiana88, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Stand in the streets of Suva and declare war.

    The kind of comments you posted above shows how small your mind/brain is.

    Gandhi and Mandela fought the imperialist and colonialist hence you can’t compare Ro Teimumu and the Methodist church leadership to them.

    Fiji is a totally different scenario. As a start we have a racist electoral system and a constitution shoved down our throat. That is what everyone should be fighting against.

    Frank and the RFMF recognizes where all the root causes of the political problems in Fiji is/was. This is the reason why the political button in Fiji needs a reset back to default so that we can start afresh.

    Since one of their own started the mess, it is only right that the RFMF come back to clean up the mess. For that I’m thankful to the current leadership of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces. God Bless Them All.

  6. vitivou.. taciqu.. vinakavakalevu na a nation/ it makes you wonder…..rerevaki… qito duka ra cakava tu na matanitu leleve ra tu qo……mai liu, se lako tu ga qo…..god bless fiji and its people….vinaka bro…..if theres more …sand it across…..

  7. @butadroka,

    taciqu, ra bini tu va na website ya na veimataqali documentaries….some of them you have to keep an open mind in order to understand….

    The small minds who are anti-Bainimarama do not have an inkling of what is truly happening out there in the world.

    Pacific leaders should support Frank’s stand against Australia and New Zealand.

  8. @vitivou, thanks a million for the revelations on that website, ……. my goodness I had no idea!!!! isa da wele tiko……. ra cakacaka o ira na bloody bastards qo! I had to ask the Almighty to take away the hatred that swelled inside me while watching it!!!!!! with FB it’s a point of no return!! vinaka vakalevu!!

  9. To find out why the super powers, especially Britain and the US are doing to the world when they invade countries and so forth, you need to dig those information from underground or obscure websites.

    The truth is, most people in those countries really do not know what their government is doing. The reason being their government leaders and the ruling cabal that own the media companies collude to hide or suppress the truth.

    Some sane people like John Pilger spend their lifetime exposing the atrocity their government is doing to the people of the world.

  10. …. God bless John Pilger and the likes of him…..

  11. Apart from walaitavu the others are grabing on to Meo’s soresore and the game is on.

  12. @sairusi,

    and you are grabbing onto the walaitavu of walaitavu and drinking your milk from it…..lolzzz

  13. @ Aquila, tacina, “melodramatic”?? Naw!! Allow me to de-dramatize my point and reiterate; today in August 2009, some still linger in “fantasy land hoping for a “miraculous atomic bomb, military invasion by a super power or trade embargo to wipe out the perpetrators of the 051206 event and reinstate the 1997 constitution and give back Mr. Qarase’s PM job?

    Sir, after my recent trip to beloved Fiji last week, I may be a bit qualified to deduce that our people just wanna move on with life!! Hence, my two censt piece above. It is for our leaders to work out the best equitable resolve. Should the process include a bit of doctoring the 1997 constitution and compensating Mr. Qarase, then so be it!!

    Let’s move, and move away from fantasy land into reality, only then could we progressively cover new, even dramatic political grounds and work out together what’s best for us.

    We can never achieve progress by
    hoping for an Iraq type invasion, fantasized revolt within the ranks at Delainabua, tough trade embargo to starve our innocent relatives back home or multilateral bullying by our regional and commonwealth friends.

    I beg all bloggers abroad to take the next Air Pacific flight to Fiji and munch some bila at the market, buy BBQ along the Kings/Queens Road , attend as many public and private functions where time permits.

    Let’s not worry about thugs like @ Sairusi who after all is done his hands will only be full of his own soresore!!

  14. thank you Meo for hitting the nail on the head!………….you have said it mate !!!! vinaka vakalevu….. God bless u! ignore the likes of sairusi etc they ‘re irrelevant!

  15. now is time to move on …….to all the brothers out there….something just to chill things down for today….a song for your loved ones…..noqulewa…..sung by na drua….check it out…. sa yawa na lagasere tu veirau na veitacini qo…..they reside in hawaii…..god bless us all….

  16. @butadroka,

    Dua na vanua au rogoca kina na sere qo. Au se qai taleitaka sara tiko ga na kena beat sa katuvu mai loma so na vosa vakaviti. Kidacala tale o au.

    Au qai log in qa qo va na youtube meu vakarogoca vinaka. Totoka dina. Vinaka vakalevu na tukuna mai sa na download sara madaga va na noqu media player.

    Vinaka vakalevu taciqu.

  17. …..@buta, vinaka bro, yeah! beautiful music, wananavu!

  18. The PACER PLUS hard sell gets under way tomorrow in Cairns.

    The dyslexic NZ foreign minister has deliberately applied the blow torch to Fiji’s underbelly at last weeks Commonwealth meeting in the UK. This is a ploy on the part of the ANZ connection. They will play good cop, bad cop with Fiji, hoping that the “concession” they will reach on Fiji at the end will win over the Pacific Island leaders and give PACER PLUS a smooth transition.

    To the MSG and island leaders – don’t be fooled by this Trojan Horse. PACER PLUS should be judged for what it is – a lame duck in the water.

  19. PACER PLUS may have also been rushed through the previous Trade Ministers meet as alleged in

    Consolation is that “Australia is open to consider options for keeping Fiji informed” about this new Trade pac

    We only hope Fiji/Aust Business council members were invited on observer status in the Cairns meet. Just that the Forum CAN never go without the “Hub of the Pacific!!” in any fair Trade Pac.

  20. vitivou…. vinakavakalevu nomu ni biuta mai na group ya..taciqu..god bless…if you have any time up your sleeve…….dua tale qo……we are fiji.. vinaka taciqu…take care……..

  21. @buta,

    Qori taciqu. Sa tu qori.

  22. vitivou…… vinakavakalevu taciqu….so ga na sere mera vakamarautaki kina o ira na lala qo… vinaka bro… your work…….you take care…au se cakacaka tiko….

  23. @buta,

    Qo daru se yadra ga e Viti. Sa dua tale na kaloko ena mataka lailai… vakanuinui vinaka tu yani taciqu….

  24. @buta &vitivou, drau bula……. se qai suka mai na job, vakayakavi tiko ……….e na yasa ni vuravura qo………drau kalougata tiko!!! tiki se warai ni tiki na qai qo e na qai ga…….. se vae vei!!!! drau moce toka na wekaqu!

  25. isa bro…vitivou… daru yadra tiko , au tiko qo i malevani. … batabata saratuga qo , winter taciqu… na gade tiko yani soon….il let you know….you take care….daru vaka bisinisi tiko eke…dua tale na sere qo……sekove raikoro… fijian pryde… au dau cakacaka tu ena fm96…20 yrs aqo…..godbless taciqu…

  26. sound familiar…..seems like I know you and we’ve met before…let me take a wild guess…your name has the intials RK..regards to all in melbourne….

  27. s.raqiqi… welcome on board taciqu,au se qai tukuna tiko vei bro vitivou… niu se cakacaka tiko.. au tiko qo i malevani…. winter sara tuga qo… malai saratuga nai soresore …. ha ha ha qai qo ena qai ga….se vae vei…drau toka na wekaqu.. take care….

  28. taciqu ….j.v na intials…..will meet up…..kemuni donu moni tu eke… ni turaga switched on…..fiji needs more sons like you, i dont care what people will say to that… not scared……im a proud fijian……..i may be living here…..but my heart is there….full speed no brakes……any way god bless us all ……. im waiting for tommorow … the pacific forume in cains… cava bai tukuna na boci qo kevin rudd………

  29. ok bro @buta…..take care….qai update mai na bose mai cairns….

  30. vitivou .. bro… kua ni guilecava na sere nei sekove raikoro… fijian pryde…for the lotu people…kedaru tabu tabu lotu…..

  31. @Semi… Is this the same person who shot my views down weeks back? Sa yawa… So we on the same side now, moving FIji Forward team… Well said.

  32. @Anonymous…eh…mmmm…sooo…which Anonymous are you?? I have never changed my vision….for a quick return to sanity and democratic rule…all considered, we just have to move on, varied own views and opinions on things; 1.2 million Fijians on earth…boy, sure varied in both extremes and some on the medium strip!!

    As for me, I went to Fiji last week, I saw, pleasantly surprised, I tell and don’t care what others say..!!

    We’ve always been on the same Fiji Team!! big Fijian family, sometimes you pinch me, I clip your ears, someone else kick my butt, I kiss him back….eh….brotherly kiss, but, family life must go on!!

    Indeed, life must go one, and in the journey we talk, forgive, restore, ammned, pinch and all…as we can not change the blooming coup past, but, the future we can; together!!

  33. @semi,

    hahahaha…….your post are getting funnier and interesting to read nowadays…..

    floreat viti

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