Whats wrong with Australia and New Zealand, we have told them on countless occasion that we will not be bullied.  Below is the latest  statement from NZ.  Maybe they are deaf!!!!!

New Zealand’s foreign minister, Murray Mccully, says Fiji needs to decide to bring itself back into the international community at some stage soon.

The Commonwealth has given Fiji a deadline of September the 1st to commit to elections in October 2010 or face full suspension from the organisation. (Frank I don’t think they are listening mate)

“Now the Commodore needs to either sign up to that process or he will be suspended on the 1st of September from the Commonwealth, that’s clear outcome its one that reflects the clear principles of the Commonwealth and its one that’s very much in line with the position of the Pacific Forum.”

New Zealand’s foreign minister, Murray Mccully.

Fiji was suspended from the Pacific Islands forum at the start of the year


31 responses to “READ OUR LIPS….

  1. This is how many countries in the world are made to toe the line with the ruling cabal in the world.

    Take a closer look at how Australia and New Zealand are playing their role as the watchdog for the British empire in this side of the world.

    The world of imperialism and colonialism continues even after independence. In fact, there is no such thing as a truly independent country in the British empire once a country gain independence. Colonialism and imperialism just change form and colour but it remain the same.

  2. Io kaukauwa tu ga na gusu.. Waraka!

    Cava sa soro kina o NORTH KOREA kei IRANI walega qo?

    Cava sara cegu kina na 100 vakacaca na tamata cakacaka na Telecom kei veisau ni yabaki ni retirement?

    Me da vaka malumalumu da ciqoma na ena yalo vaka rokoroko kei na yalo malumalumu na vei ka kece ga.

    Na ka o dou vinakata tiko qori very simple. Call the polls and give you what ever u want to be done and let the commonwealth oversee the agreements if its good for the country se sega. E da vinakata kece na one vote system.

    Na degree boidada mai vei dou vaka cakava tiko qori e sega na kena kaukauwa ena lawa ni International court. they only know the constitution which governs the land.

    O na soro mai sakarai. E sega ni ura me tei damu nikua.

  3. walaitavu,

    The redundancy at Telecom Fiji is the norm in any deregulated industry. Every company go through it.

    The international gateway monopoly of FINTEL ended on 17th of July and they are also entering the local market. So Telecom Fiji has to ensure that it is in a position to compete effectively.

    Ni sa sega ni kila e dua na ka, kua ni levu na vosa.

    North Korea is still building nuclear weapons so their is a failure of trade sanctions. What the trade sanction did was to make the population to suffer rather than the rulers.

    In Iran’s case its different. Iran wants to build nuclear reactors for peaceful means knowing pretty well that oil or fossil fuels use is reducing.

    The pressure applied on Iran is simply because of Israel. israel itself is breaking all the UN resolutions. It hasn’t even joined the nuclear non-proliferation treay nor has it declared its nuclear arms arsenal.

    Do you know what peak oil is? Try googling what it is so that you may understand why Iran is trying to build nuclear reactors for its electricity/power needs in case the world stops using fossil fuel because of the effect of climate change.

    O vuli ga o ta sikulu. Sa rauta mada.

  4. Ke o vuli ke o kila na lawa . O tamni gone ulukau. Caka gona na trade embargo me ra sotava na vei ka raraw na lewe ni vanua me raw ani dola na matadra na vei liutaki. O north korea na vakaloloma levu ira na lewe ni vnaua. Io era vunitaka na vei liutaka. me kua ni kila. Vaka kina na ka caka tiko qo i viti. Ra sogota na Freedonm of speach and news control taki me ra kua nai kila vei yasai vuarvura na real nius o dou mai lasutaka tiko na ulukau dou tiko ike.

    Real News say the facts not digia na ulutaga me talanoa taki. O iko ga o vosa tiko ike. O biuta ga na Ulutaga o matai tale ni tamata mo comment. vakaraitaka na ulukau ya.

    Dou na soro. Me qai macala mada na gusumudou kaukauwa tiko qori. Dou vaka cegui ira na tamata ena gauna dredre ni bula qo. Sogo na vei Otela ra suka na tamata i vale. Na ka ga ra na cakava na lewe ni vanua ni sa sega ni vosota ya . Dave na dra.

    Dou vei liutaki na 4 na yabaki dou sega ni vei sautaka rawa na constitution. Vakaraiki ga ya ni dou vei lecayaki dou yavu bavulu sese ulukau kaukauwa. Na constitution rawa ga ni dua na yabaki kena caka. Dou sega ga ni via cakava baleta ni dou kila na uro e kauta tiko mai.
    o kaya na lotu me kua ni politiki. Ploitiki ga o kemudou na matai valu dou via siova na matani tu vei liutaki. Dou suka na keba dou vulicca na vakarorogo. Dou kaua ni corruption vuni dou coup kina. yaco mai qo sa levu na ulubale. Baleta ga ni dou saumi tiko na drau na udolu.

    Ra cakacaka na buno taka nai lavo ni matanitu ra sega ni saumi na overtime. And you guys getting all the cream of their sweat.

    Vakamalumalumu taki iko mada tamani gone ulukau. Iko kila sega ni vaka vulici iko o tamamu na vaka rorogo kei na yalo malumalumu. Ni na qai yavala o ratou na vu. ratou na kania nomudou gacagaca sa voleka tiko. Ya sega na kena i wali.

  5. Apart from lost Knighthoods for our few elites, what else would we miss should we be booted out of Her Majesties Bullying Club?

    The Commonwealth have no regard whatsoever for Fiji’s sacrifices since the Empire days; Cream of our young men and women paid peanuts to fight for the Crown and whatever honour is left of the Empire thence Commonwealth in many wars.

    Though reciprocal the benefits, in modern theatres of war; the numbers of our Fijian soldiers deceased in active services, for the cause and values of the commonwealth has risen to the continued sorrow and tragic losses to relatives back home.

    How dare these “holier than thou” commonwealth gurus wanna judge our human rights, social, political and economic justices misdemeanours when comparatively; ours are preschool stuff in contrast to many frightening abuses in their respective domestic affairs.

    Don’t they have more important issues to ponder; like feeding the millions of hungry members of the commonwealth dying at alarming rates, devastating rampage of Malaria, Aids etc within the Commonwealth, genocide, international swindling operators hiding under the protection of respective commonwealth Laws. Religious and ethnic discrimination?

    But, may be our African, Caribbean and Melanesian sun tan mates would stand for and with us this time around, as our former SE Asian and Anglo allies may not like Chinese bun liberally sold in Fiji.

  6. love to see the day when a australian/new zealand native lead their countrys……..will not happen….now lets move on and help fiji succeed together……. god bless us all…………

  7. im sorry about my lingo……….australia/new zealand fuck …….off…..drau dui caita na tamana……….read my lips……dose that make sence or not……..there is more to come…. hang in there……fijians will prevail……so fuck off……

  8. Karl Williams

    @ Semi Meo

    I have read most of your comments and most times it never makes any sense. You tend to use big fancy words but no substance to what you say. You are very much against overseas countries and its people, yet I believe you live in Brisbane.

    What is your problem? Very unsure of yourself I think and no idea what you actually want.

  9. Karl Williams


    I prefer the colony times to Frank’s Military Regime. My grandmother is full taukei so during colony times the British listened and trusted Ratu Sukuna and Ratu Sukuna’s vision was always to safeguard the taukei land, culture and tradition. Today because of the guns it can be taken away from us.

    So stop all your big talk and be thankful you live and enjoy the freedom of a democratic nation.

  10. karl, im with you bro…but the ratu sukuna days are gone…..will have to move if you know what i mean…..move forward…….some times we have to lead with a iron fist……frank took over for a reason……get rid of speight/sdl party… someone had to do it…..he had to do it……now if that was a sin……god please forgive him…..

  11. fiji wont get bullied….. we will stand up to it…..i know my people …. were not weak …will fight for our rights…… bring it on……you mother fuckers……..

  12. McCully must be deaf and blind too. Fijian PM has said a million and one times that the elections will be held in 2014. Who are you to tell us what to do? and when to do it? We want to do it right and it aint gonna happen at the drop of a hat, and certainly not on your terms, so just butt out and let us fix our mess ourselves

  13. joe…. this cunt mcully… must be sleeping with his mother…. dump as fuck…..sitting in his office scrathing his ass…. dont worry about him…..fuck they get me going……

  14. “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.

    Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumoured by many.

    Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books.

    Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.

    Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it”

    Buddha blesses you.

  15. @Karl Williams, G’day mate….mmm….not sure if your Sir are related to the “Melbourne” UW Williams?…the Savusavu Willaims or an anonymous alias. Which ever, am flattered by your admission that my two cents pieces prickles your curiosity.

    Not sure which safe haven your blogging from. Let me briefly re-align your assumptions as to the general tone of my contributions. All “big fancy words” used were learned at Niusawa Primary School, so blame the VSO and Pearce Corps teachers, don’t blame me if you struggle to kapish!

    Are we “against overseas countries and its people” as you alleged? Goodness,NO!! However, we abhor the hypocrisies of some of these major overseas democracies who are notorious for pandemic human rights abuses, both in domestic policies and enforcement agencies. Please visit the various Ombudsman sites, Land and other Natural Resources tribunals and International Civil Justice Courts for CURRENT cases!! You’ll be shocked; again relegating Fiji “gag decree” and Military Government to preschool standard!!

    ..oh but the way, I am a Fiji Citizen temporary residing in Aust for over ten years now to look after my grandson, taking my Kids through Uni, do a bit of community work around the place, send a bit of spare change home..mmm….oh….yeh….and was just enjoying “bila” and “vakalolo” at the Suva Market last Wednesday ‘avo with a couple of the wheelbarrow boys. Boy, did I have fun with their jokes!! And Suva market was overflowing with…go look see, and come back and tell the whole world the Real Fiji of August 2009, NOT blooming myths you glean from faceless and nameless bloggers!!

  16. wailaitavu se wailaidroko se wailaibona???? either one of the three, you’re one sorry person. FB has won the last fight, the methodist has sucumbed man!! get that in your thick head, so what of CMAG?? do you know how much they contribute to this country?? absolutely nothing so you can go and join them on xmas island, yeah thats what they did to our brave soliders, learn your history dumbo!!

  17. Karl Williams


    Yeah same, same all the blooming excuses for someone like I said haven’t a clue what he wants in life.

    I am of the Indo Fijian Williams born in Fiji with some Samoan and German but still makes me a Fijian but residing in a free country which is exactly what I want for my birth country. “FREE”

    All the crap that is being said today by you and supporters of any military regime is just that, CRAP. Fiji was fine until we had all the coups and this coup is not exceptional. The “taukei” did their thing in their land ( Ratu Sukuna made sure of that with the British. Why don’t you read about it )and we the “vulagi” were allowed to make a life for ourselves, even adopt our culture, traditions and religion. ( Ratu Mara encouraged it ) Nothing wrong with that. Like Prem said we all don’t want to become PM or President of a country that wasn’t our fault that we were born into.

    I have had my said so am out of here to enjoy my freedom in my adopted country.

  18. Karl Williams:

    What the hell is your problem boy.

    Fiji is going through its metamorphic stages seat back and relax Fiji is in very good hands.

    Dont despair.

  19. @karl williams,

    Enjoy your freedom in your adopted country and let us enjoy our freedom in our beloved Fiji.

  20. Thanks for clarifying you ethnicity, just that many bloggers use “Real” name as alias. But we’re very sad to see you go. May we suggest you take up dual or multiply Citizenship now offered by the present Fiji Government? No only would this reinstate your “Fiji rights”, sure avoids unnecessary deportation for overstaying should you wish to stay longer while visiting relatives in Fiji.

    Sir, not all of us support any intent or blatant acts of sedition against any democratic Government or process, sadly prevalent in Fiji in yesteryears.

    Our collective resolute to face reality and foster the Fijian and Christian spirit of reconciliation and rebuilding in this no easy road to democratic governance must not be interpreted as support for any act of sedition.

    It is the best alternative!!…or is there a better one??

    Pppllleeeeaaasssseee don’t Gooo!!

  21. Karl Williams,

    Your comments regarding Semi Meo is absolutely true. Don’t know whether he is coming or going…one day he is against the regime, the next day he is for the regime….maybe that’s his perception of freedom … freedom to sit on the fence!!!!

  22. Semi Meo has a fetish for sitting on fences, those with a pointed tip.

  23. ………yeah sitting on the fence…………and….senility……

  24. @RexWalker ,@Topasi , @s.raqiqi ..phew! alarming indeed, how you guys claims absolute and exclusive territory to certain ethos of everything “Fiji”. As if only you fella’s extreme spews in these blog are worth listening to and considered as the absolute gospel for our way forward towards sanity and democratic governance.

    Hello!! Do not forget there at 1.2million Fijians on this planet. 800,000 lives in Fiji and the rest former Fiji Citizens and former residents and descendants sabbatically live abroad pending this coup culture since 1987.

    Hence, myriads of views streaming into yet racial, religious, political variants…yep..1.2 million of them!! My two cents piece is but only one of the millions!!

    We are not surprised therefore, that extremists on both side of this cyber boxing ring, being blindly controlled and slave to their well guarded tenants, have a blooming warped view of everybody else views on things. Stubborn to the bone and no room to wisely maneuver an equitable resolve.

    These are the few, who after all is done and delivered in our honorable pursuance for sanity and Fiji style democracy, wallows in the past spews of their extreme, outdated, outnumbered Coup philosophies.

    Goodness it’s August 2009;NOT January 2007!! Be Real!! Dou yavu bothy!!

  25. Semi Meo

    Why don’t you imagine yourself talking to a 5th grader, we may just be able to understand what you are really trying to say. eg “I am not sure what to say or think but because I don’t want to be an idiot and sound like a smart arse I would rather not say anything at all.”

  26. @Solo….mmmm…o baci kana vara tu mai vei, o baci basika tu mai. Exactly what we’re wanting to put across Adi Solo; the sharp and humility of a 5th grader would have no sweat whatsoever understanding our drift.

    Don’t blame us if you struggle to comprehend my 5th grader lingo.

    Either you need a lot of classroom help with your thought and reading processes or just blooming too stubborn to accept that there are others in the world who do not necessarily think or talk like you.

    Shall be my pleasure if you e-mail me @ so I may refer you to one of my old grade 5 teachers..ha..ha..ha..ya, sa katakata na daliga!!

  27. “NZ’s foreign minister says Commonwealth has sent Fiji a clear message” I say Fiji had sent a clearer message to the whole world even before Dec 2006. This dickhead McCully wasn’t even known then. Frank has chosen ‘the way foward’ mandated by the majority as I see. It is beyond the point of no return. Our neighbours have a choice of either engaging in dialogue w/o conditions or expect an “Israel” in the region. I sincerely hope that good sense prevails.

  28. “READ OUR LIPS” says it all. He did not say “READ MY LIPS”. Whether you like it or not, it is 2014. Frank is the voice of the majority.

  29. @joe…you said it…let’s all work towards 2014 and stop the bickering! Vinaka.

  30. What is all this about moving forward?
    Frank is a traitor and is going to prison for life like George Speight. He has all but destroyed the reputation of the military and Fiji.
    After he is gone, the People and their elected representatives can move Fiji forward.

  31. gdevreal,

    You have too small a mind.

    Don’t you know that the whole military supports Frank? That means when he’s gone, someone is there to carry on. Besides, no one knows the shape of the next constitution.

    Who knows, the military might have a more direct involvement in the way government is run in the future.

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