President Retires….

The President, Ratu Josefa Iloilovatu Uluivuda, is retiring tomorrow when he takes his annual leave after nine years in the position.

This was announced by Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, who visited Ratu Josefa at Government House yesterday.

Ratu Josefa was the world’s oldest head of state at the age of 88 years and was sworn in as President by the Great Council of Chiefs in December 2000.

“This is truly a significant event, the symbolic passing of the torch from a statesman who has made a tremendous contribution to the nation and to the lives of all Fijians,” Commodore Bainimarama said.


13 responses to “President Retires….

  1. True Pale Blue

    What an outstanding example of service to a Nation! Comparable to that of HM Queen Elizabeth II and worthy of such comparison. Our thoughts, our prayers and our deepest respect go out to the retiring President.

    “Well done, good and faithful servant”

    Gospel of St Matthew (25:23)

  2. @Dora, sot and Snow White,

    What really do you expect to achieve by denigrating people? Will you achieve anything by denigrating Adi Koila, Rt Iloilo and others on this blog?

    The posts or comments you people are making only shows the kind of characters you people have. i’m wondering how you people see your individual self when you look in the mirror.

  3. Mirror mirror on the wall
    Who do we see as the ulukau of them all
    vitiiiiivou vitiiiiiiiiivou

    Don’t forget to prounce the last 2 words the way it is written because you will then get the full effect of the statement.

  4. Isa vakaloloma nomu bula Snow White.

    Na cakacaka saraga ni ulukau o sa cakava tu qori mo vuni tiko ena dakuni computer qai vakalelewa tiko.

    Vinaka cake o ira na gone lailai se qai sucu vei iko.

  5. In the annals of Fijian history this retiring President will be demonise not only by future scholars but supposed scholars of the day for reasons known only unto them.

    Unfortunately information’s disseminated by these rogue scholars will based on supposition and most would be spurious tarnishing the reputation of a Man Mountain.

    This man stood alone he was beacon and a light to the peoples of Fiji.

    We wish him all the best in his retirement.

  6. Part Time Samurai

    The president effectively “retired” the day the constitution was abrogated in April, since the office of the President only exists under that legal basis. Ironically the abrogation declaration was made by the president himself. Whether or not Frank made a decree establishing a new President after that is by the by – it has as much (or as little) legal basis as all the other decrees. The reality is Frank does what he wants, when he wants, by authority of the barrel of a gun. Everyone else, even the president, does as they are told.

  7. Master Miyagi

    Everything that that transpired after the 1987 coup was illegal, the 1997 Constitution included.

    Wax off the legality, wax on the reality.

    Bainimalama is here to stay.

  8. Master Miyagi

    Good riddance – take that dwarf Half Circumcised Samurai with you when you go.

  9. Master Miyagi

    Degrees of suspension.

    The NZ foreign minister has been telling the world that Fiji now faces “full suspension” from the commonwealth.

    As opposed to what? Three quarter suspension? Five eighth suspension? All figure fucking to me.

    A suspension is a suspension. The consequences are the same. Idiot.

  10. Master Miyagi

    The NZ foreign minister said..

    ““It doesn’t materially change the nature of the game, it really just adds another building block to the many that are there an array of illegitimate actions and I think that we should regard this as business as usual with the interim regime.”

    In other words he is saying, nothing has changed.

    This guy is a blithering idiot.

  11. it is funny Australia and NZ are focussing on getting Fiji suspended when they themselves want to become republics.

    Ahhh. What a farce

  12. What a great statesman he is. He stood up for Fiji at a time of the greatest need. He made bold decisions that were in the best interest of Fiji and it’s people. Best of luck ,good wishes and have a long and happy life Your Exellency. God bless you.

  13. ni kakua ni kawaitaki australia,era kawa ni crimnals era tu qo…..levu ga nodra vosa…..god bless fiji and its people..

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