Lending Fiji a hand: The need for international engagement and a national dialogue

FIJI-COUP-BAINIMARAMAThe takeover by the Fijian military leader, Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama prompted what is arguably now the most important politico-security issue of the South Pacific. The regime has been promising ‘real’ democracy, of to one-person one-vote. But in the process has dismantled the Constitution, judiciary, free press and civil society.

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19 responses to “Lending Fiji a hand: The need for international engagement and a national dialogue

  1. I read the article and while it has correctly interpreted and analysed the Fiji situation, it still lacks an understanding of the Fijian mindset in certain aspects.

    On the otherhand, the rate of change in Fiji brought about by the developments in the telecom and IT industry has shifted the paradigm that today’s younger generation are more up to date and responsive to the changes that Frank is trying to implement.

    The younger generation are adapting quickly and better to the changes that to them politics based on race is stupid. They have a global mindset and will adapt quickly to Frank’s vision because they fully understand it.

    The older generation will have to catch up otherwise they’ll become irrelevant soon. This includes the GCC, the old farts in the hierarchy of leadership of the Methodist church and so forth.

    So Frank is right when he said in his interview on SBS TV that radical changes needs to be done now and racial politics has to be made irrelevant. Otherwise it will be a hindrance to indigenous Fijian progress in the 21st century or in the global economy.

  2. This is my comment on an article in Raw Fiji News titled ” Fiji close to Commonwealth ban”.

    As usual, don’t think Raw will publish it. It smacks them in the face. Read on………….

    vitivou said
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 29, 2009 at 9:44 am

    Keep going at it Frank. You have the right vision for Fiji.

    Right now, I wouldn’t care less if Fiji is banned from the Commonwealth.

    The time is right to make a new order in the Pacific free from the big brother influence of Australia and New Zealand. We’ve seen where their influence was going to take us. Just take a look at how they are trying to speed up PACER.

    Make the South Pacific Forum irrelevant.

    It’s time to cut through a line with our Melanesian Spearhead Group brothers straight to Asia and to the new super powers of the global economy – China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and other Asian countries.

    Get the Russian and Chinese to upgrade our naval and maritime facilities so that we are more responsive to the policing of our exclusive economic zone. We are a maritime country so it is crucial that we have the correct infrastructure to respond better to our needs during times of maritime disaster relief.

    The Russians have the best wireless technologies in the world so let’s get their expertise in and start learning from them. Create technical schools or upgrade existing ones so that we become self-reliant with human resource.

    I honestly believe we will gain far more benefits from the Chinese and Russian then the big brother bullies of New Zealand and Australia.

    Look at the trade imbalances that we have with New Zealand and Australia. This is the root cause of their bullying attitude towards us. Time for this to stop and a new era of real sovereignty is at hand.

  3. @Vitivou, not only naval and maritime upgrade, what about a few Sukhois and Jian-10 fighter jets as a start.

  4. @dora, your name suggests it all. Do you have a surname “mataboko”

  5. @Dora,

    Why don’t you just come and join us in the effort to take Fiji to a better tomorrow?

    You seem to be hanging around Real Fiji News a lot and not at Raw Fiji News. What happened? They are not publishing your comments too?

    It’s funny that your whining and wailing do not seem to be getting you and your anti-Bainimarama group anywhere these days.

    C’mon let’s move forward together before you are left behind with the old farts.

  6. joe and vitivou, im with you guys all the way brothers…. keep at it ….. listen very carefully… keep the presure on… no mater what… god blesss………

  7. we will fight them to the end……. bring it on………

  8. @joe,

    That would be a bonus but I suggest we keep to peaceful technological developmental co-operation with China and Russia.

    A Chinese gentleman I met at a regional telecom conference in 2005 mentioned that Russia has the best wireless/radio technology in the world. This is the reason why the company that he worked for in China has partnered with a Russian company to build a joint research and develop state of the art facility in Russia.

    This Chinese company was the OEM for Cisco but have since built their own network equipment. They currently rival Cisco in the world of networking equipment supply.

    So there is much to gain from direct trade co-operation with China and Russia. It may reduce our dependent on IT equipment supply from Australia and New Zealand because they themselves are importing from Chinese manufacturers and do not manufacture in their own country.

    By the time products reach our shores from distributors in ANZ, the prices maybe 10 times more than factory price. This is why we have so much trade imbalances with ANZ. This has to stop now and forever.

  9. vitivou totoka nomu ni cakacaka…..im proud of you guys…… god bless…..

  10. Vinaka butadroka.

  11. @Vitivou

    PACER is the jewel in the crown for ANZ.

    The Russian and Chinese interest in the Pacific has prompted ANZ into giving this PACER agreement the highest consideration. It is that important. The PIF in Cairns is gonna be one helluva hard sell, with ANZ trying to force feed PACER down the throats of the FICs and the spectre of Fiji looming in the background. Somehow I feel the PACER hard sell will backfire – it is not in the Pacific way of doing business. The harder they push, the more suspicion it will raise. The island leaders will clam up. I would not be surprised if there is a split camp on this issue which ironically will bring into question the real motives for ANZ not wanting Fiji there in the first place, ie the risk of derailment.

    The anklebiters Samoa, Tonga Nuie and the Cooks will sing harmoniously the praises of PACER as soon as the orchestra conductor Kevin Rudd raises his baton. Why? It is because these countries operate in deficit with ANZ – their main exports being Fafafines, Fakaleitis, Freeloaders and Fruitpickers. On the other hand PNG operates in surplus with ANZ due to its oil and mineral exports. It does not need PACER.

    Collectively ANZ exports over $2.5b to Pacific Island nations and imports a piddly $350m combined from them. It is all one way traffic – so out of whack!


    This reeks of economic blackmail.

  12. @Topasi,

    A lot of people who are anti-Bainimarama and are supporting Australia and New Zealand’s stance on Fiji do not really know what’s happening in the world of trade negotiation regarding PACER.

    As I said, it’s time for a new Pacific order. Let the MSG rise up now and establish it’s authority in the Pacific, after all, the MSG of nation comprises the biggest economy and population in the South Pacific.

    I would really like to see PNG, Vanuatu and Solomon Island stand beside Fiji and make the South Pacific Forum irrelevant.

  13. vitivou & topasi, yes it’s long over due, A & NZ have been taking us FICs for a ride, it’s time we take them head on! bleary big bullies!!!They have allowed FICs to be too reliant on them!Vinaka vakalevu to the MSG brothers! Show em!!!!

  14. @Vitivou

    The Huawei Corporation of China is rated as the third most influential company in the world today, next to Apple and Google.

    This company has taken the IT/Telco world by storm, rendering the likes of Lucent/Alcatel, CISCO, 3Com Siemens irrelevant overnight.

    A country like PNG basking in economic sunshine with a population of over 6.4m people is prime target for major IT/Telcos. It is all about population numbers and disposable income.

    Obviously ANZ would dearly love to lock out the Chinese with this PACER agreement giving billion dollar lucrative contracts to their own providers of hardware.You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure that the margins will be grossly inflated.

  15. @Topasi,

    That’s the company I’m talking about. They are already doing business in Fiji through Telecom Fiji, Datec and other IT companies.

    I know some of the guys who came over to Fiji to extend their business interest in the South Pacific region. I met their Director for the Australian/NZ/South Pacific market in 2005.

    I think they are also involved in the eGovernment project for the Fiji government.

    Huawei was the OEM for Cisco before. They now rival Cisco in the world of networking equipment technology.

  16. This is what it is all about….

    Lihir Gold Quarterly Output Jumps 66% on New Mines (Update1)
    Share | Email | Print | A A A

    By Jesse Riseborough

    July 30 (Bloomberg) — Lihir Gold Ltd., the second-largest gold mining company on the Australian Stock Exchange, said second-quarter output rose 66 percent on new mines.

    Production increased to 294,024 ounces in the three months ended June 30, from 177,111 ounces a year earlier, the Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea-based company said today in a statement. That compares with an estimate of 289,000 ounces by RBC Capital Markets.

    Lihir, which bought Equigold NL last year to add mines in Australia and the Ivory Coast, is also expanding its namesake Papua New Guinea mine to boost output after gold prices rose in the past eight years. Full-year output is “on track” to be in the previously forecast range of 1 million to 1.2 million ounces after record production in the first half, the company said.

    Production will be lower this quarter due to plant maintenance at the Lihir Island mine, it said. Gold sales totaled 322,000 ounces in the quarter at an average price of $907 an ounce, up from $876 an ounce in the previous quarter, the company said.

  17. Fiji needs more people like you who are so positive and tell us the real facts about the Bullies of the Pacific! Vinaka vakalevu.

  18. @Vitivou & Topasi, great posts by you both. This brings to mind the Aust Wheat Board deal with Iraq despite sanctions by US. I think the Chinese and Russians are more trustworthy than our “divide and rule” advocates, our neighbours.

  19. totoka na vakamacala lako tu qo….. im proud of you guys…. god bless….. ..

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