Fiji’s next President will be chosen by the cabinet

Fiji President

The Prime Minister has today stressed that Fiji’s next President will be chosen by the cabinet.

After the abrogation of the constitution by the Outgoing President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo in April this year, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said the procedure is clear under the new decree that the name will be given to the Chief Justice.

Bainimarama said Chief Justice Anthony Gates will then make the official appointment. The Vice President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau will be Fiji’s Acting President for the time being.
President, Ratu Iloilo goes on leave from tomorrow and will retire from his position after he takes all his outstanding leave.

The Vanua of Vuda believes that the Tui Vuda and outgoing President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo has acted faithfully and truthfully while serving the nation during the political uncertainities in Fiji from 2000 and 2006.

Vanua of Vuda spokesman, Ratu Tevita Momoedonu said they were concerned about the criticisms levelled against Ratu Iloilo for his role and the decisions he took in December 2006, but they believe that the Tui Vuda acted for the betterment of Fiji and all the communities.


20 responses to “Fiji’s next President will be chosen by the cabinet

  1. god bless … the tui vuda… vinaka vakalevu tau… vei garavi noqui vakainuinui vinaka vei kemuni…. moce mada tau…. god bless.

  2. RFN

  3. The West is the powerhouse of Fiji’s economy and Rt Iloilo had the foresight to ensure that the groundwork for a truly united and prosperous Fiji is placed in the courageous hands of the current leadership of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces from here on till next election 2014.

    God Bless you Turaga na Tui Vuda.

    The late Turaga na Tui Nayau, Rt Mara, is remembered as the father of modern Fiji in the 20th century but you Sir will be remembered as the father of the United Fiji, in the 21st century.

    The new, prosperous and United Fiji is at hand. Let’s stand and move forward together guys.

    Floreat Viti.

  4. Thinking about cutting corners? (1)
    Set an example…in life 1 TIMOTHY 4:12
    Writer Kathryn Lay learned about honesty when she was on holiday in Texas. She and her husband were having lunch at a little restaurant when a lady walked in, handed her a dollar bill and said, ‘I’m sorry, but I short-changed you earlier.’ Recognising her as a sales assistant from a store she’d been in earlier Lay asked, ‘How’d you know I was here?’ Amazed, she learned that the woman had gone from store to store looking for her. Lay also tells about another man who returned a TV to the store and got his money back. Later, after realising the amount had also been credited to his Visa he did nothing. Lay writes: ‘Does God want us to be just a little honest…or only in certain situations…or only when someone’s looking? How much dishonesty is too much? Sometimes I’m the only person who knows whether I’m being honest or not. Do I keep the extra change, cheat on my expenses, ignore the double credit on my statement? Do I tell my daughter a white lie is still a lie, but later tell the police officer my accelerator stuck? When did honesty become an endangered species? Somewhere out there is a man who’s proud of the 700 pounds he cheated a department store of. He probably laughs about it with everyone, including his daughter. And somewhere in Texas there’s a truly honest woman, whose story I rejoice in sharing with my daughter.’ Dostoyevsky said, ‘When we lie we lose respect for ourselves and for others. And when we’ve no respect for anyone we end up yielding to our impulses and indulging in the lowest forms of pleasure.’ So, ‘…Be an example…in the way you live…’ (1Timothy 4:12 NLT).

  5. RAW wants an indo-fijian prez now. They tried to incite the military, methodists, hindus, muslims, etc, but nothing worked. RAW does not understand that FB govt is not about indians, ethnic fijians, rotumans, banabans, etc. It is about ONE FIJI FOR ALL. We all are Fijians. The prez will be nominated by the parliament after 2014 elections. In the meantime, RAW can manufacture more propaganda material, nothing worked thus far. Keep trying dickheads.

  6. @Joe

    Excellent comment:- re:- we are all FIJIANS!!

    Exactly…one FIJI for all- without exceptions!!!

    This ideal would be excellent,,, but for all the ifs and thieving corrupt idiots who constantly jeopardise this dream!

  7. Great idea Fiji for all and to finish it off, an Indo Fijian President.

  8. @ prem,
    this is another dickhead from RAW. When will they get it right? There is no such thing as indo-fijian, ethnic fijian etc. IT IS “FIJIANS” for God’s sake. What prem is saying is exactly what we are saying good-bye to. Another ‘soresore’ of Qarase, playing the race card

  9. @ joe

    My apologies OK great idea that any FIJIAN can become President.

    Will the indigenous people of the land agree to have President Prem. Look I am with you guys here. Would the former President, Iliolo agree to having people like me take the President’s position.

    I don’t know you guys tell me

  10. @ prem, “I don’t know you guys tell me” We will definitely tell you son, wait for the election of 2014. I dont think Ratu Iloilo, or for that matter, any sane person would ever have a racist dickhead like you as prez. You are better off in the little hole that you have dug for yourself. You smell of racism, like your mum’s boy friend Qarase. Piss off to RAW m***** f****r

  11. @joe

    Why the swearing? I am serious, I used myself as an example. The way in which you are talking, is it possible for me to become Ratu Prem then. What happens to Fiji’s chiefly system, its customs, its traditions if Ratu Prem decides he wants it abolish it.

    I think if that happens it is going to cause a lot of strife.

    Doesn’t it make sense that our leaders strike some kind of a balance so that this is protected and my kind can carry on living in Fiji the way we have been since we arrived here. We have contributed to the development of this country but we cannot take away what belongs to the indigenous. We don’t want to anyway because that is Fiji.

  12. That’s better son. You dont have to be called Ratu Prem. You can retain your name of President Prem Luveiniyali. Nobody ever will eradicate the chiefly system, it’s respect, values, etc. The chiefs will be relieved of the extra burden of political responsibilities in the running of the affairs of state. What have we taken away from the indigenous? We developed the land that always belonged to them. What is your problem? Your kind can carry on living in Fiji once you decide that Fiji is our motherland, and may be you become the prez after embracing your mother Fiji.

  13. @ Prem, taking you back in history, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara was chief minister prior to independence in 1970, who then became PM for the next 20 yrs or so, after which he was Prez till GSP8 coup. Ratu Sir Kamisese and Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna had visions for Fiji that is now taking shape, and yes you can be the prez., if you can get rid of your racist attitude.

  14. @ joe

    That is your problem you have a vision which you say was Ratu Sukuna and Ratu Maras’, you don’t have mandate but devised a charter so what are you waiting for.

    Please get on with it so Fiji can move forward, and who is to say that another Frank Bainimarama will rear its ugly head and stage another coup and do exactly what you guys are doing today.

    I would rather no one cross the line with the land’s constitution and changes made through a parliamentary consensus.

    Think about it and good luck with your visions. I’ll stick to fighting for the law of the land obtained through a true democracy.

  15. prem , just be thankfull , frank is leading the way. can you imagine if george speight was there……you and the rest will be gone……..long gone…. god bless you and your ideas …..ratu luveniyali…….

  16. yeah damn right @ butadroka, imagen if the real Butadroka WAS alive Prem will be begging on the streets of Calcutta, so just be grateful or just varmus!!!

  17. s.raqiqi…. segai kevaka se bula tu o noqu yaca….. cemuri o vutulaki qo i calcutta se o kanada/ kau o tinana kerau qai laki sun tan tu ena rewa river…..ha ha ha……..ciba vakadua…….

  18. ha!!ha!!!! wailei navua! ra via vosa tu, bleary kalavo ni makete!!!!

  19. @butadroka,

    o tinai prem se qai duri saraga yani qo noqu loga……..lolzzzzz

  20. vitivou kei s.raqiqi……. sa dua dina na marama saqamua……kemami vaka con taki koya e ruku ni yavu mai suvavou… kemami dui dro ga…….ha ha ha e maleka vua na kai viti dina…………ia e lasa dina , baleta oti oya sa qai lako yani vei iko o bokola, bleary kalavo ni waluvu………

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