Times Editor walks out of PINA


Joke of the Day..  and does anyone really care about you Rika? We really don’t think you are qualified to talk about RESPECT… and this staged walk out proves what? Proves what the governmet have been saying all along, the Media in Fiji do not want to engage with the government.

The editor-in-chief of the Fiji Times walked out of the Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) conference in Vanuatu in protest at having to share a panel with the Fiji government’s censor.

The editor, Netani Rika, said he could not sit with the people who were showing the Fiji media “no respect back at home” and excused himself from the panel.


30 responses to “Times Editor walks out of PINA

  1. Who the f@#k cares about Rika? It would really be a bonus for Fiji if the Fiji Times is closed for good.

    Take a good look at which newspaper company have been feeding the destabilizing elements all these years right back to 1987. It’s none other than the Fiji Times.

    Take a good look at all Rupert Murdoch owned media companies all over the world. You’ll be able to see that this guy’s company are the root causes of instability. They do this by manipulating the news and twisting it to suit their own ends.

    RFMF, please close the Fiji Times office. We don’t need them.

  2. What he going on about respect at home?

    Respect is earned – you do not get that by promoting gutter journalism.

    Get REAL or go home.


  3. High and Mighty

    Very little respect has been shown over the years by either the Fiji Times editor, its publishers or many of its journalists/contributors to local opinion in Fiji which happened not to coincide with their own. This….one might add… when the freeing of convicted arsonists/hostage-takers and others responsible for terrorist acts during the 2000/2001 crisis was continuing unabated. What were we expected to make of that? Easy – collusion in terrorism; sympathy for hostage-takers and ‘softly-softly’ with those responsible for economic meltdown and chaos. Some of those responsible are still free, unprosecuted even, because people like Netani Rika think that they should be. Mr Rika should “show some respek” for the honest citizens of this country who disagree with his position and that of all the half-baked hangers on who go along with vandalism and violence and call it ‘democracy’. It is the Netani Rika’s of Fiji who have single-handedly shoved respect for the Courts, respect for decent, ordinary people, into a gutter of impunity which still continues in quarters which he chooses not to visit. Want to hear more?

  4. well said high and mighty.. MORE PLEASE..

  5. This report was on fijilive


    WTF, Australia is not the South Pacific Forum. It’s not even in the South Pacific.

  6. It’s always funny to me that Raw Fiji News is the fastest for all kinds of news yet are always wrong on most of them.

  7. Maybe someone should ask Netani and Sophie Foster, how they had orchestrated the 2000 coup when he was the Sunday Times Editor and along with Margret Wise and all his other cronies who are back with him in the newsroom

  8. Netani can only throw a tantrum outside FIji, So what did he achieve by being a drama queen? To show that he is gutless and does not have the balls to thrash it out there and then in a very good forum and to people in the region whose opinion matter. This was a good time to ask the questions, the hard ones and if he has the intellect and the smarts to hard talk it out. In stead he chose to flee like a churly little headstrong bitch. Na hissy fit ga!!!!!
    It was the same mistake Qarase did to Frank and Military leadng up to Dec 06, refusing to engage and deflecting and avoidance. It did not work for LQ and sure won’t for NRika. Kania tiko. U do a dissevice to your job and your employer by that kind of stunt. I thought you were as interesting as potatoe with eyes on CLose Up years back and I still think that now.

  9. vitivou

    I kinda thought you were stupid and naive but this statement is proof.

    “Take a good look at all Rupert Murdoch owned media companies all over the world. You’ll be able to see that this guy’s company are the root causes of instability. They do this by manipulating the news and twisting it to suit their own ends.

    RFMF, please close the Fiji Times office. We don’t need them.”

    Yes for those of us that do not support Dumbo Frank and his dummies would welcome your statement but we are sensible people and we realize how many people the so called Rupert Murdock actually employs. If not for that reason, doing it the illegal way is not how we do things as it won’t achieve anything in the long run.

    What else do you want, Fiji Times only reports what the dictator wants them to report and still you complain. If they report nothing else but about us bloggers and the sites we use to put our point of view across it will not make any difference to you achieving the numbers to support Frank and makes things legal.

    As a dictator you have the power to carry on and do what you want but it will always be ILLEGAL and will be changed once we achieve a true democracy.

    You know what they say; “you talk too much rubbish.”

    Na bavulu ga na bavulu!

  10. @Dora,

    Who the heck cares about how many people Rupert Murdoch’s news organization employees when most of his companies were the cheerleaders of the invasion of Iraq by the US?

    One only has to retrace the articles published in the Fiji Times prior to coup 2000 to realize that it was at the very top of the media organization at the heart of creating the destabilizing atmosphere that resulted in the chaos of coup 2000.

  11. vitivou that’s right you wouldn’t give a heck about how many in Fiji that has a paid job because of Rupert Murdoch because you have one through illegal means, your hero couped to get you one!

  12. Dora kubuti tamamu.

  13. Qarase’s lowlife mongrels are out in full fighting a cause that’s not worth fighting.

    Fiji is on the move come move with us or you lowlife drongo’s will wallow in your corrupt leader’s fecal matter.

  14. Come lets get jiggy.

  15. Part Time Samurai

    If you don’t care what Netani Rika does, why even report it on this site? Seems like a bit of self flagellation to me……

  16. good job …. ratu sai …..keep this idiots under control please…….. frank and team will prevail…..

  17. Children’s of Satan be silent for the greed has penetrated you very beings, retain your fork tongues behind your distorted teeth’s, you all cry for freedom without morality?

    Your fiendish characters has incised through your natural virtues with twisted lips of contempt, for your masters have inserted deep into your barren minds the hatred of people, have you no shame of your shamelessness for you all lack moral soundness.

    Moral soundness Qarase his crooked party, Senior Members of the Methodist Church and the GCC has not, they are the bane of society the destruction of morality do they not recognise their disgrace for these people has systematically skewed the constitution to subjugated the people all the while plundering their wealth.

    You speak of moral soundness you evil ones ought to start looking deep into Qarase’s past along with yours for you all have greed in common you and your ilk’s insatiable appetites for all things not yours has caused deformity within your beings.

  18. Dora:

    You are another of those frickin bleeding hearts that cowers under your mummy’s apron when push comes to shove.

    Frequently people of ilk raise your heads above the nation’s cesspit and cry aloud we want FREEDOM, you lowlife mongrels are egocentric and are conscious of nothing but your very beings.

    Just reading some of your crap it appears you are a recipient of the FAB s grant hence the abject mental faculty.

    Then again I can’t fault you lot only because you’ve grown accustomed to plundering the nation’s wealth along with your daddy, uncles and aunts you all are thieves mongrels.

    Lako lei saveta vaka vinaka mai na gusumu e bona.

  19. There is NO FREEDOM without concomittant duties and responsibilities. There can be no democratic freedom without attention to the following:


    268 “The individual citizen, whose well-being is the purpose of the civic order, owes a general duty of care towards such civic order, the ethical and practical condition of which determines the degree of his safety and of his capacity to realise his purposes as a moral being.
    For such citizen to fulfil the particular duties to which his general duty gives rise, is to give expression to his civic sense and co-responsibility for the condition of the civic order to which he belongs; a responsibility which is not confined to power-holders and officials of the civic order or of its instrument: the state”

    The Principle of Duty – David Selbourne (1994)

    So, now we have it in a nutshell. The baying and the howling for ‘freedom’ has no efficacy until freedom is exercised with proper responsibility and with a deep and abiding understanding of what we are free for.

    There is little evidence of this in most of the postings above. A considerable amount of work remains to be done until freedom in full is restored to persons who fully comprehend what it means to be free: free to do what? Free to rape/assault/rob/take hostage/bribe and corrupt your fellow citizens with impunity?

    Would Netani Rika have a position on this? And if he does, why did he fail to present it in Vanuatu?

  20. Wananavu Netani Rika…Mo a samulaka sara ga dua na kenai vacu na yalewa qori…
    Ni veicai ka veivutu na i lala nei Vorqe..Levu ga na vosa i ra kalamu levu tu..

  21. Vitivou caita ga nomu vakasama…Macawa…
    Vitivou ga i tuba,i loma na benu makawa ga ra tu kina…Bulubulu boro vulavula..

  22. Wow 12/24 comments on the actual topic.
    Na kena vo sa veisamuraki ga vakaveitalia1 Lol Okay I suppose that is how we deal with serious issues turn them into comic relief ecen if at its crudest form.
    That aside the PINA conference had the President of the ABC chair and basically dominating pushing one of the key roles of the media being protection of democracry.
    I thought good journalism meaning oustanding editorship, good, responsble anf fair reporting and relevant content was more important.
    From what I gather oti ga na daily conference na gunu, kuvu and grog at Nakamal, qai vacava na veiyaqavi. Dua ga e yaqavi Netani me manoa kina..

  23. Parting Shot

    If the Chair (from ABC) failed this PINA conference, why was he/she there in the first place? It appears that all the ‘wrong’ people go to these time-wasting conferences, funded out of organisational/institutional pockets. A total waste of taxpayers’ and regional funds. Was anyone there at his/her OWN expenses? Preaching to the converted?

    Why entertain morons, if you could invite self-reliant and intelligent monkeys? Yet we never fail to forget to ask ourselves the ‘right questions’.


  24. Jim,

    E cava drau a coqa tu kei Netani gauna ni vuli mai RKS? Drau yavu qauri.

    Na cava qo lai walkout tu i Vanuatu? O cei via kila nomudrau vakaduduile? Keo via tagane, walkout ga i Viti.

    You favourite newspaper the Fiji Times is becoming irrelevant day by day. Too much propaganda and manipulation of news.

    Sa rauta mada.

  25. Dora:

    No Dora you mouth is riddled with maggots; it’s from that smegma you keep between your teeth’s brush once in a while use engine starter as your mouth wash.

    That’s the joke of the century you lot in employment, the last I heard you all were living on the state benefit.

    Sweat for what, I semi retired and loving it.

  26. With Netani Rika’s childish performance it goes with saying once a lap dog always a lap dog.

  27. saqaniwarrior

    Boys and Girls…

    ISA AU KEREA…Da masu ga vakalevu ka veivosovosti ke sa rawa ni vosoti keda na Turaga Ko Jisu Karisito cava li o keda na tamata eda sega kina ni rawa ni veivosoti?…forgive and reconcile…will bring back the TRUE FIJI…GOD IS STILL WAITING FOR US TO MAKE THIS NATION A PROUD ONE IN HIS EYES…

  28. “saqaniwarrior”….indeed, words of a true warrior….well said with dignity and honour amongst flying spews, unfortunately, has muddied this otherwise once Real clean blog.

    Again, why no we resolve to concentrate or issues that be building blocks to nation building and return to a best democratic style of governance for our beloved Fiji.

    Closing the Fiji Times??…Goodness NO!, NO! many of our families rely on the Gordon Street Company for survival. More so the Fiji Times Press publishers numerous local and overseas print work, and one of the high quality and best printer in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Mr. Rika?…no doubt a hard working jono professional of principle. Would have been interesting and beneficial for the conference had he stayed for a lively professional encounter with the “censors” rep in the presence of other parties, and not prematurely leave as alleged.

    But, Mr. Rika is only an employee of foreign entity.

  29. who did netani walk out on? the PINA meeting or the fiji media censor?

  30. Netani Rika walked out on himself….lolzzzz

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