Ignore Qarase… Well that won’t be hard!

Former PM Qarase makes no sense says PM Voreqe Bainimarama

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has told overseas media that they could not speak to former PM Laisenia Qarase because he does not make sense when making comments

“What we want right now is opportunity for us to move forward and make these reforms,” he said.

When asked about Mr Qarase’s ability to speak freely, Commodore Bainimarama replied, “Well, he can speak to his wife and his family. He can go to his pub and drink beer. There’s nothing to stop him from doing that. Freely in that sense, yes.”

Mr Davis asked Commodore Bainimarama if he could question Mr Qarase.

“No, I don’t want you to speak to him because he doesn’t make sense. I want Qarase and his politics to be irrelevant. I want him out. I want his politics irrelevant from now on, OK? I don’t want any race issue brought back again,” Commodore Bainimarama said


4 responses to “Ignore Qarase… Well that won’t be hard!

  1. I heard that news excerpt on ABC Radio Australia and wonder at the stupidity of the Australian Interviewer. Thank God they kicked him out, that kind of stupidity can be contagious.

    The line of questioning was childish and clearly built for sensation and clearly being provocative. Like :
    ” So can I interview Qarase then?”
    “Why what for?”
    ” To ask him what he thinks of you. ”
    Did he expect “yes please?”
    Frank and Qarase have told us often enuff what they think of each other right thru 2005 to 2006 and afterwards. They have told the world in the court rooms and in the news and countless interviews over the last 5 years.

    Last time he gave Qarase some freedom to visit his grandcildren he did a series of talks rubbishing the government and raised cash around Oz to comeback to court and win that case.

    So was it a good question?
    Hell No!
    Did he deserve to be kicked out?
    Hell yea!

  2. This comment was deleted due to the sheer stupidity of it.. sorry Nostradamus, talk sense and you will be promised a place on these pages..

  3. @Nostradamus

    You and Albert M suffer the same affliction – f#@ked up identities. You feel be-littled by Frank’s lack of elocution. Sorry he does not “behave like a real gentleman”. What are you, f#@king gay? He is not out there to win a beauty or popularity contest.

  4. good work topasi……..keep it up bro… era na soro …… mai…..

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