FRANK tells it like it is!

frank B

The government does not have to please anyone as it tries to bring about changes for the betterment of the country regardless of colour, religion or creed says Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama. “what we want right now in Fiji is to bring about radical changes,” he said.

“Strong changes. Make changes to improve the lives of the people of this nation. No-one can bring those changes into being except the military here, now.”

“We are not elected. We don’t have to please the indigenous community. We don’t have to please any chiefs. We don’t have to please any members in the Methodist hierarchy.

“We do what is good for the nation irrespective of your colour, irrespective of your religion, irrespective of your creed.”


38 responses to “FRANK tells it like it is!

  1. DELETED due to lack of interest… sorry mate you bore us stupid..

  2. @Nostradamus

    You are just a plant. Fuck off. Go fish somewhere else.

    Administrator are you behind this?

  3. Nostradamus – i see in your future a lot of censorship on this site. I see you being told to F**^ Off.. I see me deleting your comments.. I see you returning to the filthy RFN site where you belong..

  4. nost-
    VB never said he was going to give land to Indians! That divisive scare tactic is SO TIRED. Exactly the kind of crap VB wants to eradicate.
    Viva la Voreqe!!

  5. Delete! Delete!

    vitivou & Topasi the da heed my comments if you want to change people’s mindset. First and foremost get rid of Frank and get someone with charisma!

    Topasi in another thread you complained about Albert’s comments, but sorry Albert’s comment put good ideas into my head, just like your Frank! Am re posting!

    I loved Albert’s comments! They were good!

    Now Rabuka and George Speight had some charisma, so didn’t have any problems with a certain class of women supporting them.

    Like Albert just trying to give you some advice, bring in another face with charisma and we may just listen to what you are trying to tell us instead of cringing in our seats feeling ashamed that this man hails from our beloved Fiji. At the same time knowning that non Fijians would be poking fun at the way he presents himself.

    Hey for a start tell him not to point his finger at others, it is a rude gesture if you are trying to win support. “Body language” is what he needs to learn if you guys insist on using him, although your best chance is to change the face to a more honest one. Written all over his face is “tamata lasulasu”

    This may also help, get rid of his ugly wife Mary for a beautiful young bimbo, (Aussie ones are beautiful, they have great tans and are very sexy) might make him look good and entice the old men his age that are going through mid-life crisis to support him. It sure will piss Kevin Rudd off, to have an Aussie supporting your Frank so you will be killing 2 birds with one stone.

    Oooooooops I think I am going to be delete! delete!

  6. Rabuka and Speight have the charisma of a thief, conman and failed politician and businessman.

    Who cares about these guys charisma? Frank tells it his way and I don’t give a rats ass whether its diplomatic or not. I just don’t give a damn. Just get the job done and that’s it.

  7. vinaka……topasi/vitivou …. era na oca mai na vosa…. keep the presure on…….au sana wawa tu ga… tabani back up…..

  8. Delete! Delete!


    Tut! Tut! Like your Franky bully boy, the attitude won’t get you to change the mindset of the people of Fiji for the vitivou you want.

    OK change learn to comprehend and listen first before charisma. That may just help you for your vitivou.

  9. hahaha….I just realised the article by delete delete also mentioned Rabuka and Speight’s charisma got them the support of a class of women.

    That’s the problem with Rabuka and Speight’s charisma. It makes them weak in the knees that they submit to the whim and perfume of women. That’s just about make them the weakest leaders we ever had.

    In Frank’s case, he has a strong marriage and he is a great family man. A very good role model for the younger generation of this country.

    Frank tells it like it is to those who use their charisma to deceptively con the people of this country. He is doing this for the people of this country and that’s what I support.

  10. @vitivou

    ‘Rabuka and Speight have the charisma of a thief, conman and failed politician and businessman’…….sounds like most of Great Leaders cabinet, board appointees, military council and the RFMF officer corps.

    No need to criticise Great Leader here, anyone who has seen the SBS interview – copies of which are readily available – would have seen enough to make their own conclusions.

    Isa, poor, poor Fiji – what have you done to deserve this?

  11. In Rabuka’s case, his charisma ended up in a court case with Margaret Wise. Skirt journalism made Margaret pregnant and she had to fight in court for Rabuka to pay maintenance on the poor kid.

    See the difference between those who use charisma to con the people?

    Fiji needs a leader who is loyal to the people of this country immaterial of race, colour or creed.

  12. @Kahukiwa

    Heh. heh.. The Great Leader will be there in 2014 when all the others will be sent to political oblivion…

    Fiji is not poor by any stretch of the imagination. So save your shallow sympathies for yourself, they don’t need it from a smug sarcastic bystander.

  13. @Topasi

    You’re right, time to go….parrots like you give me indigestion. I’ll keep watching though, see if you and vitivou can come up with something original.

    Must be hard though eh Topasi – rolling the same fluffy duck propaganda out day after day – you must be bored of it.

    PS You should tell Great Leader to give all his interviews in Fijian, and insist on translations. Its bad enough that the rest of the world thinks he is heading up a Banana Republic – in English, he just adds to the suspicion.

  14. @Kahukiwa

    Do you honestly believe he cares a rats arse about what the rest of the world thinks of him. He is only the caretaker and he knows that. The people in Fiji know that. He has absolutely no delusions of grandeur, contrary to what most westerners think.

    He knows damn well the problem facing Fiji is internal. The solutions must be found internally. Nothing the international community can do will fast track the solution. The best thing the international community can do is to butt out and let Fiji solve its own problems, the Fiji way. Come 2014 Fiji will have a meaningful electoral system in place where true nationhood will be embraced.

    Having the fourth largest military force in the region it is a credit to the man to have come this far with the military intact, the country experiencing stability and the economy plodding along. In any other part of the world under a military government there would have been widespread civil war. A strong leader is better than half a dozen spineless ones.

    So as you crawl back into your cave contemplating the future of Fiji, rest assured that things are evolving as they should, there is method in this madness. It is all about time.

    And if a coke bottle falls from the sky in 2014, it will be the citizens of Fiji celebrating the birth of a new era.

  15. Speight is a product of his mother rooting a old Indian cane cutter in Rakiraki. Speight was a gay when he left school and started working for BP and he made few Indian boys very happy.

  16. Rabuka the church minister having dozens of affairs outside his marriage, fully endorsed by Methodist church and Lasaro.

  17. Please I am an Indian and it seems in here it is Fijians against Fijians, according to VB I should say taukei against taukei because aren’t we all classed as Fijians.

    My point is the VB supporters haven’t convinced anyone that VB had to coup to make a better Fiji. Those that oppose VB, the ones that will not accept any citizen of Fiji breaking the law by staging a coup and then trashing the constitution just want to do what is right over wrong and done the legal way. I am afraid that is me, an Indian, Fiji is my home and I want the constitution to protect me and my family always and not have people like Rabuka, Speight and now Bainimarama over stepping that line. If they do they should be jailed. I have more trust in the constitutional powers than a dictator who cannot do away with Fiji’s military and their guns.

    Like VB his supporters have wasted 2 and 1/2 years trying to justify the wrong that they have done, to change the mindset of people like myself. It will not happen because I am an honest caring person. Become a legal politician and you may have a chance because some of your ideas are good but unfortunately it is all illegal.

  18. Ravi take your “kulina” and shove it up your arse where the sun don’t shine.

  19. Let us not forget that it was VB who saved Fiji form the the empire which Speight was trying to establish. It was VB who saved the constitution and elevated Qarese. If Qarese did not meet the standards, VB has every right to bring him back on the ground. Let us also not forget that before the 2006 coup Qarese did not like the contitution and wanted changes.

  20. @Ravi

    You short sighted little person.

    How can you undo 35 years of discrimination, mismanagement and apathy overnight?

    Are you so selfish to demand immediate results after two years? It will take an entire generation to undo the wrongs of the last two coups and what your fore-fathers failed to nurture by perpetuating a racially segregated society decades before. You say you are a honest caring person. What a load of tati. You only are interested in looking after number one.

    The constitutional powers of the previous constitution did not protect you. in was concocted in the cauldron of the 1987 coup. It was flawed from the very beginning. Trying to right the wrongs of this constitution under the legal framework was always going to be like f*&king for virginity. You get better protection with a busted condom.

    So if you are only interested in enduring little pain for short term gain go live somewhere else. In Fiji it is about give and take.

    If you are not prepared to give, you can just take off.

    PS I don’t buy your story that you are Indian.

  21. Not the response I was hoping for but what did I expect when the coup was illegal from the start so everything is and will be always be illegal.

    Fiji is my home and therefore I am Fijian and want to carry on with my life the legal way. Don’t worry I am prepared to wait. Hilter, didn’t last and the German people have said; “never again!”

    Believe me there are a lot like me but unlike VB they are ashamed of their English to express how much they just want to get on with their lives the legal way.

  22. @Ravi

    Fuck Off. Go fish somewhere else.

  23. I think our own individual lack of understanding and knowledge of what had been happening in Fiji since coup 87 is probably the reason why we view Bainimarama’s action differently.

    As I’ve said before, Fiji was never right from the first coup to date even after a number of general elections and constitutions.

    So for me, it’s only right that the RFMF takeover the leadership of this country again and right the wrong created by one of its predecessors once and for all.

    In order to make Fiji a truly blessed place to live in, I honestly believe that race and religion should be made irrelevant in the political system.

    Let’s have the best brains lead us immaterial of race, colour or creed.

  24. Ravi

    You so true, these people think they can help us but I know VB is only using Indians to help himself so that he can become Prime Minister like Rabuka. Rabuka the illegal coup leader and then legal Prime Minister of our country! That is why VB wants us to support him, we can make things legal for him.

    Young people are learning everyday and they want everything to be legal which means no coup.

    The Indian race was doing very well in business here and everytime there is a coup the Indians that can afford to leave Fiji go and us we have to stay here because we can’t afford to go.

    I am using my Uncle’s computer and my Aunty is typing all this for me. Please excuse my English if it is bad and I feel ashamed.

    If you want to help us Indians, please do everything legal and obey the real laws of the land and all will be happy in Fiji.

    Don’t tell Ravi to Fuck Off, he was only trying to help.

    Topasi you have a bad name because that means that you pick up all the poo poo.

  25. Navin & Ravi – enough of the race card please. your comments are noted. We are not debating the Fijian/Indian thing. Your comments do not come across as genuine.
    Again… How can you undo 35 years of discrimination, mismanagement and apathy overnight?
    Let it rest…

  26. Came back to have sneaky and it was great reading. Same! Same! from the likes of vitivou and the poo poo man and no doubt the Indians are the winners!


    Thank you to our Indian brothers, that is correct we are all Fijians one of VB’s better ideas but he has to make it LEGAL.


    UPDATE.. Navin and Ravi are the same person.. please ignore the posts.. its just RAW trying to cause trouble.. Nice try you idiots..


  28. OK Boss! Will obey your orders because we live in dictatorship land.

    But sorry I am Indian but hang on I am confused I should be saying I am Fijian?

  29. hey Kisi Lusi, big vusi…..lolzzzzz

  30. Ravi's mother

    You just love busting people, makes you look smart but no the boys are not the same people, they are Indians and Navine is Ravi’s friend who is here with his parents to talk about what we can do help to make other Indians understand that in any society what is required is democracy, human rights and constitutional rights.

    The boys were just expressing what they have been reading and their thoughts. I am the Aunty on the keyboard and agree with everything they have said.

    All those of us with computers have notified the others that they are welcomed to use the computer to blog whenever they want to fight for the cause.

    Busted or not we will be around! We are progressing in our fight for what is right and legal.

  31. Ravi's mother

    Oh yes! another thing, us Indians should not be afraid because we have the Dictator on our side and he and his military are too busy catching their own race of people. Nice change for us in coup coup land.

  32. Ravi's Father

    Dear Real News
    My sincere apologies for my mad wife and child. They have no idea what they are talking about and i am surprised that they are allowed internet access at St Giles. Both of them are supporters of the SDL party, in fact they are not Indian but rather Fijians pretending to be indians to cause trouble. I must speak to the nurses and have their medication increased.
    Vinaka to you all for a wonderful site.. keep up the good work ..

  33. Ravi's mother

    @ To the one claiming to be Ravi’s Father.

    That is the problem in Fiji no one wants to believe anyone because the trust is not there anymore. Frank got rid of that trust when he broke all his promises to the world that he was going to do the right legal thing and hold elections in March of this year.

    Whoever you are, Ravi’s father is a very well educated man and is paid a six figure sum with the job he does. He was brought up by principled parents that told him he had to study hard to get anything he wanted in life. Today, he can pass on that legacy to his 3 children. I am very proud of my husband and our children because I know they will not have to coup and use the race issue for their agendas.

    Educated Indians are threat to people like you, because we know if were fortunate enough to be given a good education we can achieve with honesty anything we want in Fiji.

    Yes correct, our race was used as an excuse for Rabuka to stage the first coup and with the help of Ratu Mara and Ratu Penaia he succeeded but that is in the past and today we know that if we want a peaceful Fiji, we need to accept the indigenous people’s culture, traditions and their chiefly system as much as they need to respect ours. Those 2 chiefs have as much to blame as Rabuka but its best left forgotten because they are not with us anymore.

    After the arrest of Adi Teimumu whom we know as a very good teacher, we are beginning to feel that something is very wrong with Frank and his military regime and so there is a need to educate our own race to understand that a society can never run on anything that is illegal.

    Frank’s coup will not help us Indians that are doing very well for ourselves.

    Real Fiji News I hope you will not delete these comments.

  34. dou vei vutu va veitami…..douluveni maina…… kemami vosa tu na lewe ni vanua…. ni bau vosa tu na dau brooom da ………..

  35. Voreqe and you brainwashed idiots..You people think that those indians give a hack about you..You think that they think like you..
    Ever been to India..The racist that VOREQE is talking about is worse in India.Trust me you dont wanna go there…You people dont know these people..Ever asked the question on why majority of them dont wanna learn Fijian and our culture..That is true racism in another form…They are here to conquer this small island nation..Koya tukuna dua na tamata rogo iliu mai India..
    To conquer never adapt or live the lifestyle of the people you are to conquer..

  36. jim, mate if you think your good…….why dont you have go….. laurai sara mada nomu vuku tagane….

  37. ..

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