I want Qarase out, says PM


CANBERRA, Australia — Fiji’s military ruler says the prime minister he ousted in a coup three years ago would be returned to power if democratic elections were held tomorrow in the South Pacific island nation.

He said he wanted to first create a new constitution that gave every Fijian an equal vote to replace the system scrapped by the military coup that guaranteed indigenous Fijian candidates a parliamentary majority.

Bainimarama said if an election were held tomorrow under the current electoral system, “he would win it,” referring to deposed prime minister Laisenia Qarase.

“We’re trying to change the mindset of the people from racial issues that developed in the last 10 years to what we want to take Fiji to – equal suffrage,” Bainimarama said in an interview on “Dateline.”

Bainimarama, also an indigenous Fijian, argues that the previous constitution discriminated against Fiji’s large ethnic Indian minority.

He has imposed martial law in Fiji and installed censors in newsrooms to prevent “destabilizing” reports from being published or broadcast.

Bainimarama said “Dateline’s” reporter was not allowed to interview Qarase, who is banned from leaving Fiji, “because he doesn’t make sense.”

He said, “I want Qarase and his politics to be irrelevant – I want him out.”

The military ruler said emergency regulations prevented his predecessor from speaking out against the new regime.

“He can’t go out in the street and say – stand up on the street and walk or march and (say) ‘get rid of this government’ – he can’t do that,” Bainimarama said.

Neither Bainimarama nor Qarase was immediately available for comment on Sunday.


23 responses to “I want Qarase out, says PM

  1. Noella,

    Get over yourself. Who knows you might just be the biggest beneficiary of the changes that will be brought about by the current leadership.

    Move on for god sake. Don’t become a whiner too like the rest of them at Raw Fiji News.

  2. vitivou
    Unlike you, I will never accept any kind of goodies that your illegal govt has to offer. But as I said, the little devils are happy to accept their goodies because they have no conscience. Move along now with your material goods. Good people like me will continue to stand on what is right and what is legal. There is no compromise. Your souls are sold to material goods you could never receive otherwise. So enjoy it while you can.

  3. Noella,

    What is right is that we do not need to discriminate each other because of race, colour, creed, religion etc etc etc.

    What do you know about conscience? What do you know about right?

    I’m sorry to tell you that I do not need favours from the the RFMF or this government to live my life everyday. I’m supporting their vision only because it is just and right.

    Whether there is a change of government again or another coup tomorrow, it does not affect me at all. I live in Fiji alright but I’ve learned not to be dragged back by the political turmoil. I move on like everybody else.

    I don’t stop to whine like you cry babies at Raw Fiji News.

  4. sdl/qarase its time to move on mate, may be next time . kau sara mai na mataiva kei nai sele kava, ka tekevu sara na tei tavioka. time and tide wait for no man……

  5. vitivou
    because you don’t want to be dragged back to the political turmoil of past years doesn’t mean that you have to support something that is illegal and wrong. You support their vision because you think that its right and just. You are absolutely mad. You have no clue about right and wrong. I feel very sorry for you and your children. Taking a govt out by force of guns and harmful weapons is right to you. Murders and false judgements by the courts and the matter of Francis Kean the brother-in-law is right to you? You are one messed up old dude. I feel sorry for the kind of mentality that is infesting in your children. These are future criminals if their is no intervention.

  6. butadroka
    you’ve got the idea why not go back to the village with the wife and children and practice it instead of hiding biting the hands that’s feeding you in your adopted country. You are a perfect example of the “liumuri” in-built Fijian genes. you just as idiot as ever.

  7. noella, o boidada nomu vakamacala ,luveni maina, qalo mai , moce noqulewa, soooo…….fly……….

  8. noella, you know what/im happy to go to the village cause ive got one/ how about you luveni maina. pest of all pests…… no land ,no village ,and no nothing, losser…….

  9. It is amazing when someone takes you on about right over wrong you automatically revert to using foul language!

    Right – elected Qarase Govt

    Wrong – Dopey Frank’s Military Govt – WHY because they couped and snatched the power that legally belonged to Qarase’s Govt.

    We don’t care who governs us – we want the choice to elect them! That simply!

  10. Helping the Indigenous people is a good thing and everyone in Fiji should support this. However discriminating against our Indofijian community is neither Christain or Fijian way. A well qualified Indofijian was not given the top USP job in favour of an expatriate with a dodgey background. Few years ago Air Pacific employed pilots from all over the world except well qualified Indofijian pilots.

  11. Noella,

    I think you just lack a really good grasp of what happened to Fiji since the first military coup of 87. This is probably the difference between our point of views.

    The more I read your comments, the more I realised that you lack some of the hardcore informations for you to understand why the RFMF had to do what they did.

  12. vitivou
    You are condoning WRONG. This is EVIL. No one has any right to carry out a coup on any govt. Full stop.

  13. vitivou
    Whatever the facts as you see it, it still does not justify a coup on an elected govt. I maybe just a little sympathetic if the coupster was a little humble but what i saw on SBS Dateline last night was a barking bulldog that should be on a leash. He was just Grossly Embarrassing to watch. WTF do you see in this donkey?

  14. butadroka
    what the heck you waiting for pack up the wife and kids and get to it to the cassava patch in where the f.. you come from. You are a “liumuri” to the democratic country you live in. Come on off you go.

  15. Noella,

    I just watched that interview online. Again, this is the problem with reporters who interview Bainimarama especially Australian and New Zealand ones because they come in with their mindset already made up. They already have a definition of what democracy should be like in Fiji.

    You need to think outside the box to understand why the RFMF had to take over the SDL government. The SDL was nothing but a hardcore extreme nationalist party that was deceptively formed by Qarase while he was the interim PM after the coup of 2000.

    Qarase very deceptively outmanouvered the RFMF’s mandate given to him as a condition of his leadership during the interim period. The RFMF had no idea he was going to form a political party using government machineries as an interim PM back in 2001.

    When Qarase had the upperhand after the general election, he started to do exactly the opposite of what the RFMF wanted to see happen in Fiji. And Qarase cunningly used that time to build his support base with the Methodist church and the GCC. By doing this, he continued at a much faster pace the politicizing of these sacred institutions in order to maintain his power base. In the end, the military had to do the inevitable and remove him from power.

    What I explained above is as clear as day to anyone who had been following the developments in Fiji after coup 2000. This time, the RFMF will establish its authority once and for all because of Qarase’s arrogance.

  16. vitivou
    the SDL was the govt of the day, that’s a fact. If anyone didn’t like what they were doing, they should have formed a political party and stand for election. A coup is wrong and evil. Full stop.
    What I saw on TV last night was a reporter interviewing someone who has no diplomatic experience whatsoever. Fifth graders here in Sydney can do much better than your donkey of a pm, Did you watch his darting eyes and notice his stammering and parroting when he had no idea what to say? He is an absolute embarrassment. Shiiiittttt!!!!!

  17. Who cares about diplomatic experience? If what Frank is doing is for the good of the country and getting the desired result which the majority of the voiceless wants, I wouldn’t care less whether he swears from the pulpit. This is no time for fancy talking.

  18. True Believer


    Like Noella I watched the interview and for the first I was ashamed to claim the person being interviewed as a citizen of Fiji.

    I later received emails and phone calls and people saying that they could see right through him, the fact he was lying and how could someone be allowed to run a nation like Fiji.

    Total embarrassment!

  19. Embarrassment to you but not to those of us who understand fully well what he is trying to do. Frank doesn’t need to be tact or use diplomatic jargons. He just needs to be himself and say what he thinks he needs to say.

  20. noella; au se qai yadra mai ena moce…..o sa bai bombard taki au…. give me abreak please…. oti mada qo e vica na beer o na qai kila nomu cala……….

  21. Who cares about SBS interview, what matters most is the fact that Frank had the guts to end Qarase’s racist govt for the good of Fiji and its people. Not only that, he stood tall and weathered the storm unleashed on us by our bullying neighbours. We all want democracy, and Frank is in the process of bringing true democracy in Fiji. In fact it was Qarase who said “democracy is a foreign flower.”

  22. Delete! Delete!

    We are only trying to help you guys win support!


    I loved Albert’s comments! They were good!

    Now Rabuka and George Speight had some charisma, so didn’t have any problems with a certain class of women supporting them.

    Like Albert just trying to give you some advice, bring in another face with charisma and we may just listen to what you are trying to tell us instead of cringing in our seats feeling ashamed that this man hails from our beloved Fiji. At the same time knowning that non Fijians would be poking fun at the way he presents himself.

    Hey for a start tell him not to point his finger at others, it is a rude gesture if you are trying to win support. “Body language” is what he needs to learn if you guys insist on using him, although your best chance is to change the face to a more honest one. Written all over his face is “tamata lasulasu”

    This may also help, get rid of his ugly wife Mary for a beautiful young bimbo, (Aussie ones are beautiful, they have great tans and are very sexy) might make him look good and entice the old men his age that are going through mid-life crisis to support him. It sure will piss Kevin Rudd off, to have an Aussie supporting your Frank so you will be killing 2 birds with one stone.

    Oooooooops I think I am going to be delete! delete!

  23. noella , meu caiti iko rawa…. qai au lako… maleka o iko… vutulaki….

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