Fiji a threat to Australian


Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is worried, according to an Australian media report that Fijian counterpart Voreqe Bainimarama will take centre stage at the upcoming Pacific Island Forum Leaders summit.

According to the Australian, “Bainimarama is looming as the spectre who may seize, even in his absence, centre stage at the Pacific Islands Forum leaders’ summit Kevin Rudd is hosting in Cairns next month.”

It reports that Commodore Bainimarama risks hijacking the most important international meeting Mr Rudd has hosted as Prime Minister.

Commodore Bainimarama intensified his defiance of Mr Rudd in an interview with SBS TV, broadcast last night on Dateline.

“If I have to fight anyone, I will fight anyone,” Commodore Bainimarama said.

“The situation in Fiji is such that a radical change needs to be brought in, and radical change cannot be brought in by some weak organisation. “It has to be a strong entity, and there’s no other strong entity than the military.”

The leaders of the 15 Pacific nations besides Fiji met in Port Moresby in January, and decided then to suspend Fiji if it failed to announce by May 1 a timetable for elections this year.

Instead, the Fiji government installed by the military in December 2006 abrogated the constitution, sacked judges and said no election would be held until 2014. The forum then suspended Fiji.

Commodore Bainimarama told SBS: “I am not going to give in to have an election. We are not going to have an election just to please Australia and New Zealand.

“The international community think we are a failed state, that we are a failed African state, that you see me driving around in a tank. “Everything is working well. There is a government in being. It’s not a failed state.”

He was especially scathing about the European Union, which axed $43m in support for Fiji’s sugar industry for this year. It did so, it said, “in the absence of any indications that a legitimate government will be in place in 2009”.

Commodore Bainimarama said, “People think all you have to do is give them $50m and they have an election. Three years down the line, they have another coup. That’s OK. We have lots of money. That’s what we don’t want here.”


29 responses to “Fiji a threat to Australian

  1. Afghanistan is being told now that a ‘self-determined government’ is what may have to be installed: not ‘a Jeffersonian democracy’. Well that is a most intriguing nuance that was never hinted at previously. Odd how things ‘evolve’ for all kinds of odd reasons?

    And this was a US General and former Head of Nato Forces in Afghanistan speaking in an interview over the weekend. He seemed to know what he was talking about. Interesting choice of words?

  2. Kevin Rudd has better things to do with his time running his own CONTINENT rather then think about little speck of a dot in the map called Fiji. He has already said that Fiji will be discussed but will not dominate discussions. They have other nations and their agendas to think about. He has since moved on from that statement and is very busy running his CONTINENT. It seems some people have too much time in their hands spending that time on history and insignificant issues.

  3. Political evolution at its best!

  4. Noella,

    It might be good for you to know that this little dot called Fiji is contributing $400 million dollars plus to the Australian economy every year. Besides that, this little dot is contributing more manpower to UN peace keeping operations to places that are in turmoil as a result of overt operations by larger democracies like Britain and USA (with the support of Australia and New Zealand).

    So Noella, before you go off blabbing away with your nonsense, check yourself properly in the mirror. Otherwise, just shut the eff up and move on.

  5. Fiji army needs the Un for bread and butter job. That’s where they get the cheap labour. Those bread and butter job boys can’t get a job elsewhere they have no choice but to do the job no decent educated man would do. That $400m you talk about is just peanuts for Australia more for the benefit of Fiji. Fiji needs Australia. Your last sentence, typical mentality of coup coup blood coursing in the veins.

  6. Bainimarama moves from strength to strength.

    In an age where we are bombarded by spineless politicians rattlling off meaningless words like pebbles in a stream it is refereshing to see someone like Bainimarama appear on the scene, backing himself, his simple truths and his vision for a new Fiji free from the shackles of imperialism, racial and religious discrimination.

    It takes someone with a lot of guts and stubbornness to stand up and do what is right in the face of resistance from those who deliberately seek to stunt Fiji’s development as a modern nation.

    Go you good thing!

  7. Noella,

    The uneducated one here is you. Get over yourself.

    Cowards are those who use religion and race to hold onto power like the SDL government who started off by stealing $8million dollars of taxpayer money thru the Agriculture scam to buy votes.

    When are you people going to learn something?

    Day in day out it is becoming so apparent the depth and desperation of those bloggers at Raw Fiji News go on to try and discredit Bainimarama. Yet he keeps rising above all the bullshit, threats and so forth. The reason for that is simple.

    A majority of the people in this country knows all too well that what Bainimarama and the RFMF are doing is the right path to lasting peace for Fiji.

  8. @Noella

    You obviously have a vision problem.

    If you put on your glasses and parted the hairy gonads that are obscuring your vision you just might see the person that you and your apathetic ilk feel threatened by because he represents what you fear the most – truth.

  9. Do not respond to Noella we are deleting all their comments.. Noella, go back to RAW and stick with your own kind… this site is about moving the country forward, not dragging it back..

  10. noella kua ni levu na vosavakalialia, de o wele tiko i vavalagi, qalo i wai o tata kei nana mai viti.

  11. butadroka still idiot as ever.

  12. noella,

    If you still don’t know whats going on in Fiji, then you must be blind. Comeon, get on your feet and do something worthwhile, rather than stuck naked on your seat and being controlled by these corrupt SDL politicians. Try to act responsible for our future.

  13. Anonymous
    you mean your hopeless future. You couldn’t make it in previous govts so you want to freeload on this opne. ask butadroka his strategy for that, he’s freeloading in his adopted country wasting somebody’s space while pests grow on his fiji land thathe’s too lazy to make use of planting tapioca for ethanol.

  14. @Noella,

    Just as passionate as you are with your point of view, we are also as passionate too.

    The thing is you need to revisit everything that happened in Fiji right from coup 87 to date. Maybe you’ll understand a little bit.

  15. vitivou
    that coup was wrong and so was all the other coups including this one. The worse thing about this one is that he is a barking mongrel dog.

  16. @Noella, the likes of yourself are the barking dogs, since Dec 2006. What difference have you made? If anything, you morons made it worse for yourselves. The tower has not budged even a millimeter. Keep barking, no one cares any more.

  17. noella dua ga me bark taki iko………caiti ……au……mada….

  18. joe
    another village idiot that doesn’t seem to realise they’ve only got this far because of guns. The time is coming and will soon be here when losers like you will wake up from your delusions.

  19. @joe, trues up.

  20. @Noella
    I have heard that one many times before. Come up with something new. I am not denying that we got this far by guns, however, we got here for all the right reasons. Bitches like you are more suited to brothels, Methodists are more suited to the confines of churches and the military is doing what it is trained to do, ie, defend their country and the well being of its people. Piss off to RAW with your rubbish bitch

  21. vinaka joe………. good on ya mate……

  22. milamila na koli

    you have alot to learn in terms of political, social and economic structure of any government…the lack of knowledge leadth a man astray…so do not worry, help yourself to an internet sight and please do alot of research which will later undermine your stupidity….anyway have a nice day, a blessed evening and a good night sleep.

  23. Viva la revolucion! tell whitey to stick it! we dont need his “aid”.

  24. fiji is always a threat to australia……..even though very tiny………….just like israel…… the middle east…. fiji/israel ….. the same brotherhood god bless….

  25. @Butadroka, Fiji never was a threat to Aust & NZ, but a true friend and ally, however, should the current standoff, isolation, sanction etc. continue, your theory may possibly be a reality. America is responsible for what Israel is today, a mighty nuclear armed nation. China can do exactly the same, if not better, to Fiji. Our neighbours should give this scenario a serious thought before it is too late. SBS TV showed the Russian ambassador waiting to meet FB. The writing is on the wall. Wake up neighbours

  26. vinaka joe…….got ya mate…. sivia tiko na beer…..

  27. fiji always leads the way…….. i will love to see the day when a australian native or new zealand native lead there countrys…………no way husay…….it will never happen…… very .. very … sad…. wake up people … get up stand up for your right…. god bless….

  28. Fiji Is not a threat only to Australia or its inbred neighbour but it is a major and real threat in that it is establishning a new World order in the Pacific region. I dare you to sanction us mada. You all have left us high and dry enough there is nowhere further you can send us too but we survive and we will make new friends and our Pacific cousins will follow us one by one. Check out the China influence in the Melanesian country already for the last 10 years and you will wonder. If you think CHina is making radical headways to our neck of the woods you should also check out the Balance of Payments and reliance of Australia and New Zealand on China. China now makes or breaks them. Latest one to fall is the steel undustry.

  29. vinaka reason….. totoka nomuni cakacaka bro…australia owes 200 billion dollars today in debt…… levu nona dinau o caiti tamana …. levu nona vosa. tamata e dinau tu…. o sona levu…

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