Bainimarama moves from strength to strength.

In an age where we are bombarded by spineless politicians rattlling off meaningless words like pebbles in a stream it is refereshing to see someone like Bainimarama appear on the scene, backing himself, his simple truths and his vision for a new Fiji free from the shackles of imperialism, racial and religious discrimination.

It takes someone with a lot of guts and stubbornness to stand up and do what is right in the face of resistance from those who deliberately seek to stunt Fiji’s development as a modern nation.

Go you good thing!

From Topasi


39 responses to “Bainimarama moves from strength to strength.

  1. Definitely true. This is why I support his vision for Fiji.

  2. frank and his team will prevail. no matter what…… good on ya mate. god bless…..

  3. Agreed, totally.

    Go on Frank. Never waver one bit. I’m with you guys all the way to a better Fiji tomorrow. That’s the one I dream about everyday. The one I want my children to live in.

    God Bless everyone!!!!

  4. Must be a slow news day……

  5. vitivou
    God is righteous. That means right and legal. Opposition to what you are routing for. Law breaker. Coupster. Oppressor. Enslaver. Murderer. Gun Slingers. Happening in Fiji today. This is the kind of environment you are raising your children. But you are fried in the brains to know that. Old fart like you bring shame to your country. The young don’t need to be forced into your dead beat ideas. You are turning them to vegetables. A nation dependent enslaved mentality.

  6. @kahukiwa

    The day would not be complete without your drop of veiled sarcasm..

  7. Noella,

    Oilei, you are just as narrowminded as everyone else at Raw Fiji News. You people definitely need a complete overhaul. Or maybe, a reborn.

    Fiji was never right after coup 87 until now. The current RFMF leadership should be thanked and supported for having the foresight and courage to righting the wrongs of the past once and for all.

  8. @Topasi

    Hahaha…wherever mediocrity raises its ugly head my friend…….I do manage to drag myself out of the cave every now and then…..

  9. Topasi

    Take someone with guts – what guts? Even before he thought of using guns to grab power the man was a pussy!

    Throw iced water on the pussy and he wouldn’t react because he is so dopey! Just like the rest of you!

    Why are you guys so afraid of elections? Because it will show you up!

  10. Dora,

    Nobody is afraid of election for goodness sake. There are some things that needs to be done right first before we go to election.

    The first thing is to get rid of election based on race because it makes parliament too big for a small country like Fiji to sustain. Secondly, it doesn’t benefit Fiji to have a racially based election and parliament.

    Fiji needs the best brains to take this country forward immaterial of race, colour, creed, religious affiliation etc etc.

    When will you people learn?

    We need a united Fiji where everyone are treated as equal. no special favour to any group or what else.

    I’m a Fijian myself and I understand fully well that we are not going to lose our land because it is covered under an Act. We will only lose our land if we don’t make use of it.

  11. @Topasi

    I think Dora has a point – wait 5 years for elections?

    At the very least organise a referendum and test this mandate that the Great Leader assumes he has for saving Fiji from Qarase, the Methodists, the Chiefs, the media, Kevin Rudd and anyone else with the audacity to challenge his Supreme Beingness.

    Get the UN or EU to supervise it and lets see what happens.

    BUT the problem is this – the regime needs time to work out how to present to the world a constitution and electoral system that appears democratic and transparent but which is rigged to ensure that the Great Leader and co. retain control, which protects them from any legal outcomes AND which denies Qarase , the SDL or the Methodists a vehicle for obtaining political power.

    Given that the Great Leader suffers from an international credibility issue, survives domestically only by the use and threat of force and the generous dispersal to cronies and fellow travellers of taxpayers funds, and despite the money wasted on the Charter hasn’t articulated a credible vision for Fiji going forward, when the Great Leader talks of a new Fiji one is somehow prompted to reach for the remote or pick up a book.

  12. Vitivou

    Agree with everything you say – the Fiji you and Dopey Frank keep telling us is exactly the Fiji we want but we do not want Dopey Frank, you or anyone else doing it for us.

    Get this we want elections, which will allow us to chose who we want to do this for us. You and Dopey have the chance to stand, win you can then take the good ideas into parliament. But before this is to happen you must convince us that your good ideas is worth our vote. I doubt it though anyone will vote Dopey in because he has broken all the promoises he has made to the people.

    This is democracy in the 21st century! The line that must not be crossed is the land’s constitutional powers which Dopey Frank’s crossed when he couped on the 5th of Dec, 2006. Only way you can end the coup culture if no one crosses that line! That is what we are fighting for.

  13. @Vitivou

    I think you will find, and I stand to be corrected, that Fijian land, in the absence of the constitution, is not protected by an Act of Parliament.

    The elephant in the room – Fijian Land. If Great Leader is so convinced that everyone in Fiji must be treated equally, I wonder what he intends doing about land – the one constant that does distinguish Fijians from all others in Fiji.

    That would be an interesting scenario – an Indian Attorney General announcing to Fijians that in order to create a level playing ground they must surrender their monopoly on land.

  14. @Kahukiwa

    Ah Ha ! You are finally beginning to show your colors and spit some venom.

    Totally predictable response from a person who is as useful as the rosella on a packet of Arnotts biscuits – always on the outside looking in.

    You can spend all day theorising and contemplating your navel, smug in your belief that Bainimarama is just another tin pot African despot – hey if it gets your rocks off good luck to you. Just goes to proove your ignorance. In my books this guy IS THE GREAT LEADER, the best thing to happen to Fiji.

    In the sea of mediocrity, in which you choose wallow, this dude stand out like a beacon of hope.

    Time is the great equilizer. Fiji will go to the polls in 2014 in much better shape than it has ever been throughout its history. Bainimarama will not deviate on the elections, not for the EU, nor for ANZ – you can put your house on that.

    The thing that amazes me about people like you who dump shit on Bainimarama is that you guys never stop to ask yourself why? What are his motives? If you think is about holding onto power, accumulating wealth or political grandstanding, you have read the man wrong, all along.

  15. Kahukiwa,

    I don’t know whether you people are living in Fiji or outside of Fiji because it seems to me that most of you guys who are anti-Bainimarama really do not know what happen to Fiji in the last 20 years since the first military coup.

  16. @Dora..

    I think you need to try some of your own medicine and throw ice water on your pussy.

  17. @Topasi

    Griffins biscuits please Topasi!

    You are perfectly entitled to your view that Great Leader is the best thing to happen to Fiji since Lees cabin biscuits – I happen to think he isn’t, and say that without any venom.

    All credit to this site and its moderator for allowing me to visit, as I am inclined to agree with you that RAW gets a bit one eyed at times.


    In the absence of the constitution, what legal protections are in place for Fijian land?

  18. Topasi

    Being there done that but iced hot stuff and had a blast reaction that is why I am trying to blow Dopey Franky into oblivion!

    Pussy is your Frank coz he is too lamu to even stand for elections!

  19. Kahukiwa,

    That is exactly why the NLTB had to be thoroughly reviewed. And its only right that the RFMF conduct this review because it needed to be done by a strong institution.

    The last 20 years after coup 87 saw the manipulation of land laws and everything else important to indigenous Fijians by politicians and conman. And the most painful thing out of this is that it was indigenous politicians who were the main culprit in abusing the trust and support of the indigenous Fijians.

    The time was right to root out all these crooks, deceivers, thieves, corrupt politicians and chiefs.

    This is the direct result of the lies that was made to justify coup 87.

  20. @Kahukiwa

    Lees cabin crackers are ok, but the Naboro jaw-breakers are the best.

    The issue of land has always been linked with the Indian hoodoo – politicians, pimps and pastors have flogged this to death extracting much mileage from this phallacy.

    The fact remains, 84% of the land will always remain in indigenous hands – that has not and will not change.

    Another myth debunked!

  21. I’m not perpetuating any myth at all – Fijian land was protected under the 1970 constitution and subsequent constitutions. In the present situation, where the constitution has been set aside, what protections are then afforded to Fijian land?

    You may very well say that 84% of the land will remain in indigenous hands but what are the current protections? Has a decree been passed continuing the protections stated in the suspended constitution?

  22. @kahukiwa,

    Why don’t you find it out for yourself? Maybe it will stop you from getting all your information from internet blogsites.

    When your only source of information is the internet blogsites, you will definitely have a problem trying to understand what’s being done on the ground in Fiji.

  23. @vitivou

    Funny that – I’ve tried and can’t find one.

    As for the RFMF being the only institution able to reform the NLTB – definitely a soldiers reply there Vitivou.

  24. I’m sorry Kahukiwa I’m not from the military. You can rest assured I’m not one of them but I understand fully what they are trying to do.

  25. @Kahukiwa

    I think you can safely crawl back into the cave whence you came, content in the knowledge that if you do get hit on the head by a plastic bottle falling from the sky, it does not mean that the Coke Gods are angry.

    Furthermore, the fact the the President has abrogated the Constitution does not necessarily mean that Bainimarama will swap his jungle greens for a purple pimp suit and start selling real estate.

    Swap that sarcasm with a little bit of faith and you just might understand the Pacific way.

  26. True Believer

    Like Bainimarama this blog wants to change our mindset! It will never happen because right over wrong will always prevail! That simple!

    If the coup didn’t take place Frank and his men may have had a chance!

  27. Same as Raw Fiji News, coupfourpointfive, and all the others. They will never change our mindset either.

  28. We are not about changing anybody’s mindset. A case of mistaken identity, re: RAW rubbish and coup(poo) 4.5. REFORM IS WHAT WE WANT AND REFORM IS WHAT WE WILL GET, BY WHATEVER MEANS.

  29. @Topasi

    the Pacific Way, as enuniciated by Mara, Somare, and Albert Henry didn’t quite envisage military intervention as an imagined cure all for the Pacifics problems.

    Part of the problem with the current regime, and it was quite evident from the first week, is that you are still fishing about for legitimacy. You haven’t found it in the alleged rampant corruption of the Qarase government apart from the odd occurrence such as the agricultural scam, you concocted the peoples Charter as an alternative for an alleged deficiency in the national psyche, and now the need is for a non racial constitution that treats all votes as equal when in actual fact the demographics suggest that you are going to have to somehow introduce some form of weighted voting to prevent an SDL type party from taking power.

    I need a coke bottle to fall on my head because at the moment I just can’t make sense of the Great leaders plan.

    And on top of that how can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you need to hide behind guns to achieve this great plan?

    But we live in hope – perhaps a coke bottle will fall on Great Leader.

  30. Hey why don’t one of you with just a little bit of charisma take over from this guy so next you speak on national television we may not be ashamed to say, gross that man is from Fiji. I just finished watching the rare interview!

  31. @Albert

    Did you feel the same shame when your old man spoke in public in his broken English? Did you for one moment doubt his integrity even though he could not communicate as well as others?

    If you are looking for a smooth talking silver tongue devil don’t look at Bainimarama. He is not there to impress you with his articulation and charisma. He is there to do a job, the best way he can. He is no politician.

    He wears his heart on his sleeve. What you see is what you get. No need to be ashamed about that. I see these qualities as admirable. Simple. Honest. No frills.

    Too many people talk the talk. Not many can walk the walk.

  32. Topasi

    Topasi is someone that goes around to collect the da! In the 21st century it seems you are still collecting da, Bainimarama’s big da!

    My comments were merely a suggestion but you need to make up your minds – Bai wanted to change the mindset of the people to think like you & vitivou and charisma would be a good start. At the moment no one listens to what he says, we only watch to see how much further he can make a fool of himself, which is an embarassment to us that love our country. Others watch to poke fun at him! Say ga he is Fiji’s dopey clown and non Fijians may not be ashamed of him but they make a big joke of him. Vakaloloma!

  33. @Albert

    Charisma na sona.

    Adolf Hitler had charisma. Half of Europe listened to him and follwed him to hell.

    If Bainimarama is am embarassment to you because he may appear inarticulate in front of the camera, you should go visit George Speight in Naboro where you can be inspired by his fancy talk and charisma til the cows come in.

    Your loyalty and love of Fiji amounts to da if you cringe at the manner other people poke fun at him, just like they did to your old man.

    Judge him on the content of his motives and the character, not on superficial appearances.

  34. Delete! Delete!


    I loved Albert’s comments! They were good!

    Now Rabuka and George Speight had some charisma, so didn’t have any problems with a certain class of women supporting them.

    Like Albert just trying to give you some advice, bring in another face with charisma and we may just listen to what you are trying to tell us instead of cringing in our seats feeling ashamed that this man hails from our beloved Fiji. At the same time knowning that non Fijians would be poking fun at the way he presents himself.

    Hey for a start tell him not to point his finger at others, it is a rude gesture if you are trying to win support. “Body language” is what he needs to learn if you guys insist on using him, although your best chance is to change the face to a more honest one. Written all over his face is “tamata lasulasu”

    This may also help, get rid of his ugly wife Mary for a beautiful young bimbo, (Aussie ones are beautiful, they have great tans and are very sexy) might make him look good and entice the old men his age that are going through mid-life crisis to support him. It sure will piss Kevin Rudd off, to have an Aussie supporting your Frank so you will be killing 2 birds with one stone.

    Oooooooops I think I am going to be delete! delete!

  35. That certain class of women supporting Rabuka and Speight are the “kalavos” who ended up pregnant and had to fight in court for maintenance.

    Ask Margaret Wise of the Fiji Times office. Skirt journalism gone wrong huh?

    Rabuka and Speight’s charisma ended up making them very weak leaders. It only takes a woman to wreck their marriage and their careers. What an embarrassment.

  36. australia , e matanitu vuku, ka levu nona lawaki ca…..butakoca mai na minerals mai nauru……. oqo bai butakoca tikomai na koula mai papua . e sasaga tikoyani e viti .for one reason……minerals…..and we are to smart for that…god bless fiji and its people… we need frank and crew to piss em off our shores……he understands whats going on…. and australia knows that…. sorry mate….

  37. God bless Frank Bainimarama and the stand he has taken to move Fiji forward.

  38. au kaya mada…. na history ni tamata dau butako. o australia…… era kau mai ke vaka crimnals…… its in the blood….you and me cannot change that. the truth hurts…..fuck ya…

  39. O sobo sobo sa so na gone dau va dre cike, ni yavu ulukau taucoko o kemudou na via utura tiko na buka nei Voreqe.

    Sa levu ga na viavia vuku e tiko vei ira na via mai va dre masela tiko baleta ni tu e ligadra na dakai.

    Sa ra vakaloloma mai na lewe ni vanua.

    Dou lai tavoi taka mada na matamu dou kanikani vaka bibi o iko topasi – yaca rogorogo ca ka vaka sisila.

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