RAW has run out of propaganda (sorry news)


So with nothing left to report on (except the Methodist Church which we are all bloody sick of) RAW has decided to attack the Mara sisters.  The question is WHY? WHAT FOR? TO WHAT PURPOSE?

We  really can’t see any of the Mara girls doing much wrong at the moment, they are simply getting on with their lives.  Nice try RAW but no cigar…  no one is biting and the story is factually incorrect as usual. YAWNNNNNNNNNN.

Stick to supporting the SDL party and the Methodists that’s what you do best.


21 responses to “RAW has run out of propaganda (sorry news)

  1. what a disgrace that they should attack the Mara family, RFN is written by a bunch of mean spirited, badly educated thugs that prey on peoples emotions. Mara sisters you have the support of the country dont worry about the blog sites especailly RFN…

  2. I left a comment on that article in Raw Fiji News but as usual, they never publish my comments.

    Those bloggers who write articles at Raw Fiji News should be ashamed of themselves. They poison people’s mind with all their crap.

  3. This is what I wrote on that article in Raw Fiji News:

    vitivou said
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 25, 2009 at 9:24 pm
    Jesus Christ, when are you people going to leave the Mara family alone? What is happening in the country has nothing to do with restoring the Mara legacy or anybody else related to Rt Mara. The events of Dec 2006 is about restoring the trust between the people and their government. When I say people, I mean everyone immaterial of your race, colour or creed.

    I feel frustrated and disappointed every time I come and read what Raw Fiji News is printing on the blogsite because it has nothing to do with taking this country forward. All it has is about denigrating anyone who agrees to hold a position in government.

    Do you guys at Raw Fiji News understand that people have to work in order to live. Those who have agreed to hold a position in government when offered also have a family to feed.

    I’ve seen time and time again Raw Fiji News print out articles denigrating anyone who agrees to hold a position in government. Some of the people who agrees to hold positions in government are professionals and hold different political points of view from the current leadership. They agree to hold positions in government because they care about this country. Its an honour for them to serve the people of this country no matter what political leanings they have.

    Raw Fiji News is not contributing to anything positive about Fiji. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Raw Fiji News is just a blogsite bent on supporting destructive elements to destabilize Fiji. This is why Raw Fiji News lacks credibility, honour and respect.

  4. duavata kei iko vitivou. keep going bro…..

  5. Now that the Vunivalu of Rewa has spoken, who else is left to go against the decision to arrest the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi?

    The Vunivalu is the last bastion of protection for the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi but even he has recognised that the current leadership of government is making the decision of the day. So he has accepted the decision to arrest the Roko Tui Dreketi.

    Wiser heads must prevail in these kind of times. Subversive elements like Manasa Lasaro and Tomasi Kanailagi must be thrown in jail. They are no longer man of the cloth but have become fully fledged politicians and Waqairatu, whom I used to respect a lot, has also veered away from his true calling.

  6. This is a comment I left on Raw Fiji News article about the rut in Teleocm Fiji. These guys at Raw needs to be put in their place and every article they publish that are full of lies needs to be debunked.

    Read on folks…..

    vitivou said
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 26, 2009 at 8:41 pm
    Raw Fiji News,

    Again you showed your lack of knowledge about what’s happening at TFL or in the telecommunication industry as a whole.

    The layoffs/redundancy at Telecom is nothing new. It was inevitable from the beginning when the telecom industry was deregulated back in 1991.

    The 17th of July this year marked the end of the international gateway monopoly for FINTEL and the company is also entering the local market hence TFL has to reorganise itself for the competition in the local market.

    I’m a former employee of Telecom Fiji and I know exactly what is happening there as I’m still directly involved in this industry to date.

    It’s funny that you people at Raw Fiji News want to blame everything on the current leadership for the layoffs/redundancy at TFL. The redundancy has been happening after every 3 or 4 years at TFL. It started way back in 2004.

    TFL has to undergo these sort of changes to ensure it is still viable as a company. It has lost some of its market to the mobile networks, ITSPs such as Unwired and Kidanet, and international VOIP service providers who do not have an infrastructure in Fiji but feed of the internet services established here in Fiji.

    So Raw Fiji News bloggers, do not waste your time trying to dig the rut at TFL when it is an inevitable move for every industry that undergoes major changes like the telecom industry.

  7. Noella,

    You are the one who should get over yourself.

    Everyone else is moving on yet some people like yourself just can’t get over the fact that the government of the day is here to stay, for your good and mine too.

  8. Time is a great healer.

  9. That’s your excuse

  10. Then what’s your excuse? Were you one of the corrupt ones driven out of a job by this government? If that is so, no wonder you are whining so much.

    Again, for the last time, GET OVER YOUR EFFING SELF. The world is not going to stop for you and me. life must go on. What happened has happened.

  11. Noella,

    You don’t even know me….get lost….you are becoming as irrelevant as the bloggers at Raw Fiji News.

  12. Delete! Delete!


    It looks here you are talking to yourself!

    Ca beka na Ulu!

  13. Like I said
    Ain’t much of an analytical thinker your administrator. vitivou is showing up as someone who is hearing voices and responding to it. Even another bloger has noticed it. Your master FB is very thick, that much was clear on TV last night. vitivou you are naive but your administrator, he/she is a worry. Just like FB.

  14. @vitivou…RFN chief blogger is a former new yorker, of course he will delete anything of substance that anyone writes because nothing he’s done or said is of any substance. Even running his own web development business is a major cockup, so you really shouldn’t expect too much from RFN. What’s say?

  15. @Ratu Raboto,

    Someone was saying it’s Jonathan Seagal. I just do not think so because I happen to know him personally.


    The one who’s hearing voices are people like you . This government is moving on to a new and more truly democratic Fiji whether you like it or not.

  16. Dream on vitivou just don’t get turned on again. Wrong call.

  17. Dream on? Well, what we the voiceless majority had been dreaming of are being realised thru the courageous leadership of Bainimarama.

  18. Yeah, with guns is the only reason he has got that far. You don’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with that.

  19. The soldiers are trained to defend their homeland with guns. What is wrong with that? I can tell you a million things that were wrong with Qarase govt.

  20. Delete! Delete!


    You have heaps of charisma compared to Bully Boy Franky!

    vitivou and co no charisma as well but just day dream to be like their hero!

  21. Ratu Raboto

    Noella – take your other perSONA, Dora and go back to RFN. Your opinions are not worth anything here. Lako sara, gonei…all you do is finger point. Go away.

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