Ro Teimumu’s Actions Deliberate, Calculated and … Clever


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No matter how much her supporters may protest this is not the way to treat a chief, even if she did break the law; no matter whether she spent the night in police or army custody; whether the Public Emergency Regulations are “right” or “wrong,” or the Bainimarama regime legitimate or otherwise, there can be absolutely no doubt that Ro Teimumu’s action in publishing a public web statement that the Methodist Annual Conference would be held in Rewa (in defiance of the Government ruling that the Conference would not be held) was a very deliberate and calculated decision. There is little doubt either that she expected to be arrested. It would not have served her purpose not to be.



40 responses to “Ro Teimumu’s Actions Deliberate, Calculated and … Clever

  1. She may be a high chief, but her decision to defy the order despite several warnings is a total no brainer.

    Obviously she has not thought this through. If violence and incarerations eventuate on account of this defiance, it will set back the political process but more importantly it will split the population on racial and religious grounds. There will be a wedge between the Methodists and the other denominations who see the actions of the few as politically motivated. Not good. All going backwards.

    Because of her insistance to use the pulpit to forward her dismal political career, this woman will lose the respect of the greater population for her narrow mindedness and poor judgement.

    Predictable, yes. Smart she is not.

  2. Yes, I’d say @ Jokerman has it about right. This is not smart/clever nor is it leadership as we might define it. It is highly irresponsible, narcissistic conduct deliberately orchestrated to lead others astray. Narcissim: “A morbid self-love or self-admiration”. A dangerous and deadly mode of thought which might be said to rule out any form of critical, self-analysis. And ‘predictability’ is hardly strategically adroit.

  3. She stood on her convictions that this regime is illegal. I commend her for that and when this madness going to stop? The Bai regime has done so much damage to our livelihood then good. This should stop now.

  4. Stopping the madness? Or hindering the path to sanity?

    It depends on whether you choose to live in the past, or be part of the future.

    Never before in the history of Fiji will the people experience the freedom to choose their leaders without fear of retribution, without religious influence, without social pressure as when they go to the polls in 2014.

    It is something that is worthy of the risks the IG have taken up until now. It is a new blueprint for the future, not a re-gurgitation of past ideals and values.

    Your livelihood was never gong to improve under SDL or any form of previous governments prior. You present hardship is the result of the global financial crisis, which Fiji has weathered better than most due to its economic islotaion of the the last 6 years. Your lot is so much better than others in the western world at this present time.

    Be thankful for small mercies.

  5. Delete! Delete!

    Frank arrested Ro Teimumu and the Talatalas because he was sooooooooo scared that it would not only be the Methodists rocking up in Rewa but the whole of Fiji.

    This would have been a sure sign that he had only a handful of stupid supporters!

    OK delete because it is spelling the facts out to you bunch of wankers!

  6. @Delete – we will leave this posting on the site as a constant reminder of the idiots that are supporting the rot in the methodist church. You are a shining example of a true ‘wanker’ thank you for this posting… amen!

  7. Hey for a WOMAN or so called CHIEF, if she could have an affair publicly with a man who could be as young as her eldest child, was a no brainer, so how could this be a brainer.

    Basically, she is dancing on Garases(G substituted for Q) commands as are all the chiefs.

    Wow, a conman(rather common) man taking the chiefs for a ride, like Rambuka did.

  8. Whatever her motives, the fact that the Great Leader saw fit to drag her in for questioning, have her charged, and then embark on yet another round of personal vilification shows that she must be doing something right – dictators need to be challenged, wherever they are.

  9. Delete! Delete!

    Hey “wanker” was meant for the likes of you guys who deleted mine and others postings – WHY? BECAUSE YOU ARE OBEYING ORDERS FROM THE DICTATOR AND PEOPLE LIKE DIRITI. It would be a pleasure to re post your hero’s poem. “American Eagle and we think of it.”

    “Lamu ” because it allowed the people to know what exactly is in your corrupt heads!

    OK baci delete! delete!

  10. Delete! Delete!

    darkorider – what’s your problem? Your comments are getting rather stale and boring?

    Why? wishful thinking want to be that toy boy of the classy gutsy lady! In your dreams! She is way tooooooooo classy for a “wanker” like you!

    While you are dreaming of her try wanking yourself – may relieve you of your frustrations! Down boy! Down boy! or should I say delete! delete!

  11. Delete or Diliti, or Adi Liti as you may be finally known, “Truth always hurts”

    Sob sob sob

  12. Delete! Delete!


    Funny I was going to say the same thing!

    Happy wankering!

  13. We have to get Fiji back to the Fijian people because they are the original poeple of Fiji just like keitou Kaidia we are originated from India..
    I tthink that this blog is owned bya a Kaidia yaarh

  14. @kaidia you are as foolish as ‘Delete Delete’ who cares who ownes this blog.. stick to the topic.

    @Delete Delete keep it up we find you extremely amusing. you sound like an expert wanker.. stick to topic like your make Kaidia…

    @ All lets be grateful its Friday .. safe weekend all!

  15. Delete! Delete!

    What topic when everything you say and try and do for our country is illegal. Nobody wants to obey Frank the Dictator’s stupid rules. They are just that stupid rules to benefit no one else except themselves!

    @ Kaidia

    Not all Kaidias are dumb like the ones we have here, just like not all the chiefs are stupid and have no money like the ones supporting Frank.

    We too the Kaivitis want to share Fiji with everyone just like dumbo Frank and his little dummies but the difference we want to do it the right way and legal way by using our constitutional rights which has been trashed.

    Anyone is welcomed in Fiji, we want people that will not coup to get into power and bring it upon themselves to tell us what is right and what is wrong or to change this and change that because it is the best thing for the people of Fiji!

    Hang in there Kaidia it will happen no hates anyone, we only detest Frank and his supporters!

    As for wankering, don’t fancy it because I am not complaining and I am free to get what I want when I want. Something I don’t need Frank the dictator’s go ahead.

    Enjoy another weekend in coup coup land! Monday will be back to see how I can carry on my fight to rid all wankers out of Fiji.

  16. Jokerman Iam talking about the Madness in Bais Leadership that are oppressing to the people of Fiji. I do not want anyone to waste tax payers money whilst learning on the job. why cant we get someone who knows what he is doing? The people of fiji are fed up of his Madness. Fiji needs a leader irrespective of race to take fiji to the 2014 elections. We do not need the barrel of the gun to rule fiji until the next elections.

  17. Use of language betrays you all. “Language matters” and the ‘calibration’ of language matters even more. The folly of thought embedded with utter carelessness is a betrayal of your REAL position:

    “Mad, bad and dangerous to know”.

  18. Careful thinking and foresight is now the ‘matter of the moment’. Cannot say that that is evident in the failed BP Oil fiasco. Who would want a deal like that in his/her portfolio at a time of global economic meltdown? And our portfolio is FIJI INC.

  19. There’s always the up and the down side of any action taken. Obviously she would have weighed it all up and if there is anything positive to come out of this, so be it…good on her. If there are consequences, then she will have to face the music.

  20. The Roko Tui Dreketi was acting in her capacity as a politician when she wrote and publish that letter. She didn’t do it in her capacity as The Roko Tui Dreketi. She misused her position as the supreme leader of the Burebasaga confederacy to drag the people of Burebasaga into a confrontation with the government.

    Hasn’t she realised that Rt Josefa Iloilo is a chief from Burebasaga too? He holds and esteemed position in Fiji’s chiefly system too and I would say more of worthy to Ro Teimumu. The reason being the lifeblood of Fiji’s economy comes from the Western division and not from Rewa where Ro Teimumu resides.

    I will bet anyone that the Chiefs of the Western provinces will not allow anyone to denigrate their Chief Rt Iloilo. You can take that to that to the bank. Some of them are already speaking out. Mark my word.

  21. @ Vitivou

    Tooooo true!

  22. Vitivou

    You are such a fool, she couldn’t have signed that letter if she wasn’t the high chief of Rewa, the Roko Tui Dreketi!

    As a politician she is still a legal member of parliament but that had nothing to do with it!

    lliolo is a brain dead puppet – the whole world knows it except you!

  23. Dora,

    You are talking with your emotion running out of your arse. Think again.

    When you have the Methodist church advisers full of politicians from the SDL government, what else can you deduce out of it? Even Ro Teimumu is part of the advisers.

    What she did was a calculated move by the SDL advisers of the Methodist church. They moreorless used the church and the chiefly system as a conduit to opposing the government of the day. They think that they can influence through that way.

    I tell you now LOUD and CLEAR, IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. The SDL will never return to government. They are DEAD.

    The Methodist leadership will be put in their rightful place because politics is not their business. Their business is to spread the word of God.

    Whether the current government is legal or illegal, it is beside the point now. We are already governed by decree under the President Rt Iloilo with the backing of the army. Move on for goodsake.

    I just wanna let you know one thing. The Roko Tui Dreketi is just one person and she is not god. There are many other chiefs within the Burebasaga confederacy and they are high chiefs too in their own right that can rival that of the Roko Tui Dreketi.

    The Burebasaga confederacy is a creation of the Colonial government. Even Kubuna and Tovata are all colonial creations. These confederacies are deliberately created in order to make it easy for the colonial government to governed the indigenous Fijians.

    The colonial hangovers has long past their time. Modern indigenous Fijians today (the younger generations) are more concerned with getting a good education, have a job and moving on in life. They don’t give a rats ass who’s the chief or whatnot. They understand Fijian traditions and customs and respect it but are not too hung up on it because it does bring food on their table.

    Only the older Fijian generation are still hung up on traditions and customs because most of them were born during the colonial era. Their mindset is still embedded to the colonial rule and ways of government.

  24. Sorry correction to my comment above on the second last paragraph……..should read…

    They understand Fijian traditions and customs and respect it but are not too hung up on it because it does NOT bring food on their table.

  25. Vitivou didn’t even read it – long windy boi cici comments!

  26. vitivou , did anyone in the army “do you” or doing you. You are full of them.

  27. vitivou
    your arse need to be assimilated with Khaiyum I-Arse to take out the monkey in you.

  28. Noella,

    Let’s just keep chasing each other around this blogsite. When we get exhausted, I’ll give an offer of taking you out for lunch.

  29. Chiefs does not have anything in their possession. Human beings are their most valuable asset. If they think of human being or people, then they wouldn’t have done what they have did. As the result of their action, which cancelled the Annual Conference of the Methodist Church. They does not think of their people, they think about themselves. The people of Rewa has prepared well for the Conference this year. Pigs have been raised. Crops have been planted. Money have been fundraised. But, all is a waste. Comeon the so called CHIEFS….think of your people…


  30. vitivou, kua ni guilecavi au. daru qai lunch taki koya… me dua vua na tamani dairo levu……..mate vaka dua…. ha ha ha.

  31. Noella,

    URO levu. Lako mada mai meu kania nomu pussy…………lolzzzz

  32. vitivou
    ain’t got one. Thought you have one. Can’t show you my “dairo” either. Bugger. butadroka just as idiot as ever. You wankers get turned on in blog? You bloody “kulinas”.

  33. hahahaha……………okay okay let’s get back to debating for the good of Fiji tomorrow…


    For once just try and think outside the box….maybe you’ll see some truths in why we have to get thru this situation in Fiji.

    A general election tomorrow will not solve anything in Fiji. That much is a sure shot that I know.

  34. vitivou
    I’m bored with this

  35. @Noella, then why hang around here? Get lost please.

  36. vitivou kua ni guilecavi au, kerekere. au sa wawa tu e tuba…. mate nikua na gone qo……..oti vakadua nona bored…….baleta daru se canibal tiko vakalailai ……mavoa nona ka ya….

  37. hahahaha….au kaya ni da bored ga qai sara yani i tuba. Cava tale e waraki?

  38. butadroka the village idiot. Wasting space in the country he’s freeloading in.

  39. noella, waraka me oti mada e vica na beer… mavoa nomu pussy…. au sa oca tiko na wawa i tuba….qai winter tu… sa malai mai na soresore……..

  40. Last week ABC ran a piece of the You Tube message from Adi Litia speaking on behalf of the High Chief Ro Teimumu Kepa and her incarceration. A whine about loss of freedom of expression, another dig at the evergrowing deterioration of civil society as she saw it.
    I was amused that ABC even bothered to run the You Tube piece and let alone hear the ramble of the daughter of Great High Chief of Bau Adi Litia do her thing…about Ro Teimumu refusing to touch the food given her while in incarceration.
    Na drama ga. I can imagine the great lady head held high sitting straight and askewed looking to the heavens like Joan of Arc feeling like some royal matyr all haughty and defiant.
    Back to You Tube…
    It was a ramble of an angry alcoholic on You Tube, the electronic freeway of the global commoners. Abit like that pufta Perez Hilton bitching about Miss California who answered his question on Same sex marriage. She said no way. And Perez Tabloid pufta went to You Tube to complain.
    The only winner of course is You Tube.

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